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Red G

Hoenn In-Game pokemon rating pt.1

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Welcome to Red G's first blog post! Hope you like it, or at least don't terribly hate it with a fiery passion.

I am going to rate pokemon to use in-game in Hoenn. I speak from experience on only the pokemon I myself have used, so that I can truly rate them. Therefore, these are mainly my opinion. If I get enough feedback, I might do ones for Sinnoh and Johto. So, enough talking, I'll begin.

Poochyena- Poochyena is a very early game pokemon, but sadly one of the weakest. Mightyena has great stats for his level 18 evolution, but in the late game he will be a burden. Having STAB that is for his weaker attacking stat is not good either. His level up movepool consists of only normal and dark moves, while its tm capabilities are lackluster. Iron Tail, Dig, and Shadow ball or its ONLY options. However, Mightyena can be helpful to beat the infamous Tate&Liza, but unfortunately his shallow movepool slows this wolf down.

Lotad- Lotad is another early game pokemon with a nice typing, and nice early evolutions. However, this thing is a complete nightmare to train. Until you get surf, expect to use absorb as your main STAB. You are forced to put strength on lombre, because there are simply no good moves this family leans at low levels. However, if you stick it out and wait for giga drain, surf, ice beam, and strength, Ludicolo is a very helpful addition to your team. Just don't repeat my mistake and train it from a low leveled lotad at the start of the game.

Wingull- Wingull is, once again, an early game pokemon. It has a good early game movepool too, with water gun and wing attack able to beat Brawly and Roxanne. Good tm capability helps the bird out too, with ice beam and shock wave helping in the later game. While pelipper's stats may be less than satisfactory in Sinnoh or Unova, they are enough to carry it through the game in Hoenn. I strongly recommend Wingull as a member of your team.

Ralts- Gardevoir is one of my favorite pokemon, so I may be biased on this entry. However, its stats speak for itself. 125 special attack is devastating in Hoenn's weaker in-game selection. 80 speed and 115 special defense is fantastic too. In addition, the psychic type is not so weak in game as it is competitively, simply because no one uses pursuit in game. You can catch ralts right outside of Norman's gym, and use the switch method to level it up to 6 fairly quickly, when it learns confusion. Confusion takes you right through the first 2 gyms, right when you could be getting magical leaf on kirlia. After that, early calm mind and even psychic make gardevoir hard to beat. Shock Wave and Thunderbolt make good tms for gardevoir, and it can learn the screens too, for support reasons. Overall, Gardevoir is my favorite pokemon to use in Hoenn, just because she is so powerful, as an attacker, a defender, and a supporter.

This ends this section of Hoenn's in-game pokemon. I'll review more in the next installment if people actually read this and enjoy it :) Feedback is much appreciated, so please leave me a reply!

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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    No mention of zigzagoon/Linoone? With early headbutt and access to shadow ball it's actually a pretty usefull pokémon during the game. You can actually use it to beat the first 2 elite four members with ease (like I did).
  2. Red G's Avatar
    I'll write that in the next update, along with manetric, sableye, crobat, and a few others.


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