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The City

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by , 14th August 2011 at 09:33 PM (380 Views)
For abouit 85% of my life I have lived in rural areas and I just feel so trapped. The bus ride to school take about a hour the way there and 45 mins the way back. Biking to my closest friend's house takes about 30-45 mins and in winter about 1 1/2 hours to walk there though the 3 foot deep snow. Going to the clostest store (which is just a very shitty gas station) is about 20 mins on bike. So I stay at home most of the day.

I have always wanted to live in the city my whole life. It just feels so alive there compared to how lifeless the place I live in now feels. I have always loved to explore the city when I'm in it. It is always changing in many ways and there is so much going around you, its just mind blowing for me. Out here nothing ever changes and the whole place seems trapped in time.

Sorry for boring you guys with this, but I just felt like talking about something today =P.

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
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    *glomp* If I didn't know better, I'd say we lived in the same town 0_0... only if your city hall is an outhouse, though. Then I'll know for sure.
  2. tyler212's Avatar
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    I now how you fell. I lived in a city then moved to upstate NY and it's almost exactly the same.


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