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Writing a blog for the heck of it

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I realized that I've yet to actually get around to using the blogs so I figured I'd talk about recent Pokemon events. First off, I'm super excited for the next Pokemon mystery dungeon, cause its been a while and its my favorite spin-off! I hope they don't intend to let you pick from only 5 starters, but I can already tell from the Japanese page http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/dungeon_magnagate/ its gonna be epic as usual!

Next, I'm really glad that Pokemon is finally expanding into the realm of social media with their new Twitter and Facebook pages. Ever since stuff like the mail bag on the main site disappeared, they seemed a little distant from their fans. Now I've always believed wholeheartedly that yes, TPCi cares a lot about their fans but in recent times I've heard a few say that they didn't. I think it's definitely important for them to show they want to connect with fans and they're doing just that. Lets not forget about the booming TCG online, which is currently being upgraded and with a new Vbulletin forum coming soon to boot! It's pretty clear that social connection drives the future of entertainment and I welcome TPCi with open arms!

(ps; Sorry for being mostly inactive. I'm going through a bit of a boredom phase but I'm still waiting to return to the anime section :p.)

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