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Twitch plays Pokemon; Democracy is so underrated

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Ok, so I was playing Pokemon with the folks at, and we were in victory road. For those of you who don't know, there are 2 modes used to control the game. Anarchy means all inputs will be registered and democracy means that inputs will be voted on. In addition to this, combos can be done in democracy mode.

Our current goal was to push the 1st boulder in the cave to the button. So we got it to democracy after anarchy inevitably failed and man we were bustin' some sick combos! People were pulling crazy stuff to navigate the boulder efficiently enough to fight the 20 second lag between inputs. For example, starting above the boulder; down2leftdownright to get it moving the right way, then downrightup near the door to turn it north and keep red from walking outside, and so on.

Typically a good way to get a combo going is to introduce it early so it shows up in the list of popular commands as they are voted on, and hope people will catch on. dont involve more than 3 separate buttons in the string or people cant remember. 9's are used to indicate walking all the way towards the wall in a direction, plus it sets a bit of lag for the next vote. In short, democracy turns Pokemon into a mass multiplayer game of timing and voting strategy.

In the end, we wound up leaving the cave once due to repeating a combo and we also pushed the boulder too far up another time, but people are getting better and it was the most fun I've had on TPP. People who claim democracy is too slow haven't experienced the satisfaction of pulling off complex command strings. Or they're just blind to the idea that supposedly anarchy is "good" and democracy is "evil".

Seriously anarchists and newcomers, go try democracy and lets beat this game!

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  1. Snugglefox's Avatar
    Democracy makes me not feel right inside. :(
  2. Soulweaver's Avatar
    1) Long commands only work if everyone is using them. Otherwise you're just wasting your vote.
    2) Democracy should only be used on parts which require too much dexterity, and boulder puzzles are one of the few examples of that. The major part of the chat knows this and only lets democracy take over when it's obvious anarchy doesn't work, which is as it should be.
  3. Team Gaara's Avatar
    Though I haven't personally played the game, whenever I watch it, it's obvious that they can only ever get anything done in Democracy mode. Anarchy mode just frustrates me most of the time. It's just a bunch of spazzing.
  4. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Yes, we know that democracy is more efficient. Do you know what would be even more efficient than democracy? If only one person played the game. I don't understand why people think that beating the game as soon as possible is the point of TPP. It's not a fucking speed run, it's an experiment to see what happens when anyone can input commands to a pokemon game.
  5. Flannery's Avatar
    We've reached the E4 and now Anarchy will reign once more.



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