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Pokemon anime- ask me anything blog

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by , 29th December 2013 at 04:51 PM (2137 Views)
Typically I do blogs rarely and usually about deeper topics but today I am bored and decided to do something fun for friends and people generally interested in my opinions. Its quite simple, ask me anything regarding the Pokemon anime, preferably older seasons and films since those are by far my favorite. I watch the dub too, so I'll have little to say about Japanese content besides maybe music.


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  1. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
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    What are your favorite openings in order from best to worst?
  2. Kalos Adventurer's Avatar
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    Which version of The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye) do you like the best?
    TV version or the extended version on 2.B.A Master?
  3. MizuTaipu's Avatar
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    Have you seen any Kanto episodes in Japanese (besides the banned episodes)?
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Who do you think would win in a fistfight, Dawn or Iris?
  5. 8ther's Avatar
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    What's your thoughts on Bill Rogers?
  6. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    @Misty Calls Masquerain; too many songs so I'll list the top 5

    1: season one. because my gosh its the most iconic tv opening of our time. Its corny but it grew on me, so it gets the prize. Gotta Catch em all!

    2: Believe in me (season 5). Another song with a good vibe. I enjoyed the animation on this one quite a bit too.

    3: Pokemon Johto (season 3) ; again, catchy = winning. I got soooo excited about gen 2 and all these new adventures when I was a kid. "ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLD WE LIVE IN, POKEMON JOHTO!" yeeeeaah ^_^

    4: I wanna be a hero/ this dream (season 6 and 7). What can I say? Go follow your dreams, cause thats what Pokemons about :D

    5: Pokemon world/ we will carry on (season 2 and 13). another tie, but I like them both for different reasons. one is juts too catchy to leave off, and the other had a really great message, though is way too short.

    @Kalos Adventurer; actually both. I like the extended song, but also the emotional animation in the actual episode. If I could only do one, then anime wins.

    @MizuTaipu; not on a regular basis. I've seen a few movies and episodes from past seasons but thats about it. I dont like spoilers until it airs in America, and I'm not committed enough to watch both. however if you know where I can find all the movies subbed pm me please!

    @Contrary; Iris spends a lot of free time in a very active lifestyle. she proven she can expertly climb/swing on trees and climb tall buildings. based on physical condition alone she would be the likely victor, but with proper strategy and technique either of them could win.

    @8ther; Not a fan of Bill at all really. I don't see anything outstanding in his human performances, I'm ok with a handful of Pokemon like Stunfisk and Seviper. Eric Stuart please and thank you.
  7. Please Understand's Avatar
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    Favorite anime episode?
  8. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    I have many favorites and for many reasons, but if I had to single one out then it would have to be "Snow way out!". It is in this episode we reach into the depths of the Pokemon world and find the centerpiece of their society; The unbreakable love and trust between humans and Pokemon.

    Other favorites include Pokemon- I choose you, The tower of terror, the Ritchie arc at the end of indigo league, Bye bye Butterfree (duh!), Pikachu's goodbye, Island of the giant Pokemon, Bulbasaur's mysterious garden, Go west young Meowth, Volcanic panic, Orange League's Drake match, and Johto league finals (includes both Gary and Harrison matches). The list is bigger than this, Im gonna have to have one for every region up through Hoenn I think.


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