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My thoughts on The Anime Nostalgia Thread

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by , 20th November 2013 at 05:41 PM (892 Views)
The Anime Nostalgia Thread!

First off, a big thank you to all the staff who made this thread. (I only saw it today cause I've been so freaking busy lately! :p). I and many others will greatly enjoy having a one size fits all solution for rewinding and discussing our good memories. That being said, I wanted to blog because I'm still concerned about this whole expectation that members don't compare how the series past affects its ongoing development. Think about this; all the series are connected to each other and the primary participants of the thread are likely to be long term watchers who have much to discuss about all of them. To say there won't be any comparing I think is outright unrealistic. Trouble doesn't start when somebody has a complaint or concern, it happens when another individual decides they cannot accept that position. Its never why we compare, but how that shapes the community. It's a choice between discussing for the sake of intelligence and anticipation of the future, or for the sake of yourself and wanting others to agree with you.

Again, the Pokemon anime, the franchise is all intertwined and so are the respective fandoms. Are we really going to make progress fighting the root of our community's problems, or even more, are we really going to have peaceful and high quality discussions simply by creating little segregated havens for this and that? Are regulations and mod actions enough to actually accomplish this? Until the fruit of the recent efforts to make the anime section better is seen, I can only cautiously continue to enjoy my time here.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    If you want to compare and discuss the development of the series and how it is currently, go to a debate thread for it, or create one if there isn't one already. The nostalgia thread is just to remember and celebrate the past, have fun with their childhood, not to bring up the same debates that tons of people are completely sick of seeing and watching people bash the current sagas. The thread is for simple fun, and we have a section for people who want to have more serious discussions.

    As for the root of the community's problems, I honestly think that, while a lot can be done, we've come a long way. I actually enjoy going into the anime section now, instead of avoiding it.
  2. The Power of Pika's Avatar
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    I agree with contrary. If the thread turns into a talk about comparing then some people who are nostalgic for some of those series aren't going to feel welcome to talk about what they like. I mean many fans consider Sinnoh and battle frontier later series yet they're old enough to have nostalgic fans.

    I haven't posted in that thread because I don't have enough confidence to do so personally. The debates in the past have turned me off and well I don't want to talk just about my nostalgia with season 1-8 only. That's not the full extent of my nostalgia. I want to talk about all the seasons I have nostalgia for, which is season 1 right to season 13.

    The thread is looking decent so far but I'm giving it a bit of time before I get more confident. I don't want to find myself in yet another debate this time round.

    It is true that debates don't happen unless someone suddenly decides that your wrong and start arguing with you. Unfortunately I've struck that in the past.

    Currently I can only talk about what I currently like to everyone with all seasons (eg. favourite season being Kanto and sinnoh). I can also talk about nostalgia with season 1-8 to anyone.
    However while I can talk about later series based on what I like at present. I have no confidence in talking about the later series nostalgia wise outside of telling friends on my friend list even though I have just as much good memories with them as I do season 1-8. Nostalgia wise being talking about good memories about the adverts, the experiences etc. during that time.

    Of course there's nothing wrong with comparing and debates. I just feel one peaceful thread to get away from it all and just talk about the good times would encourage more people to post.
    Updated 20th November 2013 at 09:38 PM by The Power of Pika
  3. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
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    One thing I'd like to mention before we go on: there are people who prefer the older series over the newer ones for reasons BESIDES nostalgia. That being said, this thread is awesome and I look forward to seeing everyone who posts there.
  4. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    ^heh. I'd go a step further and describe nostalgia as a far more complex emotion than simply the "blind love" its made out to be by some. I'm not saying I misunderstand the thread's purpose either ,however I'm not convinced that certain inevitabilities have been handled. I don't think in a forum that is open to all sorts of people, it is realistic to expect threads about complex subject matter to not flow between casual and serious. Our fandom has a wide mix of people who like to talk about both. Its like imagining yourself in a real life conversation; the general topic may remain but the context can and will fluctuate. I'm just stating the inevitable; The past and future are connected, thus people WILL end up talking about and comparing both. So what I'm saying is that we work towards improving the etiquette at the roots of all discussion without needing to make topics so specific as to try and avoid particular arguments, which may find themselves another avenue regardless. Needless to say, Contrary is right that we've made a lot of progress and I'm sorry if I sounded initially harsh as I sometimes do (bad habit of saying something then explaining better the 2nd time). I just hope you see where I'm coming from.


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