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Gen 6: A 'round-the-world' exposition of Isshu's worldwide influences?

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I've been thinking about the new region(s) endlessly, and something did come to my mind--what if the reason why the region is evidently in France as opposed to Japan is that GF has opted to do a sort of round-the-world 360 back to Japan, all in one generation? Assuming that this could be a contributing factor, could the reason that they chose France 'first' have to do with Tsutarja? As in, perhaps they intend to really show how Isshu's influences, like NYC, can be found the world over, and how some Pokemon were brought to Isshu from another region? This could be a way to still make Gen 6 a sort of 'expansion' to the previous generation, following in the tradition of all past even-numbered generations.

The fact that GF made the Isshu starters represent Europe, China, and Japan seemed very odd to me, but perhaps this is the reason? Should this turn out to be true, we would logically see two more new regions that showcase Isshu's world influences--a China one, for Pokabu, and, finally, a return to ground zero--most likely Tohoku considering that otters would be more likely to be found there than Chugoku--for Mijumaru. Is this not the logical continuation of what Gen 6 should be, going by past generations?

One reason why this theory also makes so much sense to me is that I simply cannot imagine Gen 6 going from France to Japan for their third version--it would just seem utterly nonsequitorial and disjointed. While China is seen, as far as I am aware, as some sort of 'epicenter of the world' in accordance with Chinese clerical-traditionalism, as far as I know France was not historically considered to be any sort of 'global epicenter'. Indeed, I even considered for a while that perhaps France was in fact antipodes with Japan, but after testing this on Google Earth, this was revealed to be completely false. Since they chose France instead of China--and since a Chinese region according to this theory would be the 'center' of the generation--this would make sense the most to me.

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar
    Interesting train of thought. The main issue I have with it however is that New York, in fact, is heavily influenced by many places around the world (the famous gridiron street system for example was borrowed from the layout of Glasgow, Scotland - my hometown) and very rarely is it the other way around. I can think of no places whatsoever in Europe that have been influenced in any way by New York, as Europe's collective history is far, far greater than that of North America (North Americans, I mean absolutely no disrespect. I mean 'greater' purely in terms of how much further back European civilizations history stretches).

    I do agree that it would make sense for Game Freak to imply that a large number of Unova Pokemon were in fact introduced to Unova from other regions - such is the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural real world New York. However, I don't think too much should be looked into about the starters representing Europe, China and Japan. If it was truly an attempt to mirror the cultures that influence real world New York, it would be difficult to justify having China and Japan represented and not, say, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the literally dozens of other countries/nationalities that have helped shape the modern day United States.

    Lastly, let's not get into a habit of bunching many extremely diverse, individual countries together and calling them 'Europe' when it is listed alongside 'Japan' and 'China' instead of 'Asia.'


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