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  1. Gen 6: A 'round-the-world' exposition of Isshu's worldwide influences?

    I've been thinking about the new region(s) endlessly, and something did come to my mind--what if the reason why the region is evidently in France as opposed to Japan is that GF has opted to do a sort of round-the-world 360 back to Japan, all in one generation? Assuming that this could be a contributing factor, could the reason that they chose France 'first' have to do with Tsutarja? As in, perhaps they intend to really show how Isshu's influences, like NYC, can be found the world over, and how some ...
  2. Gen 6 Starter Nicknames

    Nickname time. Here's some Gen 6 starter nicknames I came up with.

    Harimaron 「ハリマロン」
    マーロン Marlon
    バーリー Barley
    バロウィン Burrowin'
    マーリィ Marley
    マロンパン Malon Pan (Malon Pan, like Melon Bread)
    ハンマリン Hammerin'

    Keromatsu 「ケロマツ」
    フロケッツ Frockets
    ケロマッヅ Keromuds
    マッヅマロー Mudsmellow (Like mud and marshmellow, because it looks like one)

    Fokko 「フォッコ」
    フォッコフ I'm not crazy about Fokko
  3. A request for Challenge Mode distribution

    Without elaborating, I will simply state that White 2 is my intended 'main' version and that I don't feel up to playing through Black 2 before White 2, as it will be a far better experience for me. So, without further ado, to whoever has a copy of the Japanese Black 2 and has obtained Challenge Mode, could you be so kind as to be willing to distribute Challenge Mode to my White 2? I will give you my friend code once I have someone willing to do so. And please, respond within the next day or two. ...

    Updated 11th August 2012 at 03:25 AM by ArginX (Never mind, cannot be distributed via Wifi it turns out)

  4. Wanted: Japanese Movie 13 Crown Beasts, Eigakan Celebi

    Quote Originally Posted by ArginX View Post
    I am looking for two sets of legit Japanese Movie 13 event Pokemon: Crown 「クラウン」 Entei, Raikou, and/or Suicune (preferably Entei if I had to pick) and Eigakan 「えいがかん」 Celebi. Although I always prefer the best natures, in the end I will not be too picky when it comes down to it. Although I labeled this thread as pertaining to Gen V, I would actually prefer receiving them in a Gen IV game, as that would allow me to clone them before transferring them to Gen V.

    If anyone still has them