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Okay, so I was just upstairs in my parent's master room, when I saw my brother playing an MMORPG in their computer. He was level 46 in just 2 weeks, when my friend, who had the game for 2 years is also the same level. I think the difference of 2 months and 2 years is kinda big if you ask me. Andd the best part, my bro has been playing for about 6 hours daily, so that mean he has about an hour to:

A) Eat dinner
B) Eat lunch
C) Take a bath
D) Do homework
E) Socialize

I think that's pretty hard core for a 10-year old kid.

So anyways, have any addicting games in your house? And if so, how addicting are they?

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  1. Kantomasta's Avatar
    wow, im online alot, but, wow. I dont have a cetain mmorpg at the moment, but i play my xbox football alot. What mmorpg was it?
  2. OCDysseus's Avatar
    KM, it's called: Grand Chase


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