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Unexplored Poison-type Combinations

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Poison-types don’t seem to have that many type combinations compared to many others. In fact, in this Generation, Poison is the only one without a new type combination! Today’s article will be a short one, but because we have 8 different unexplored type combinations that will be looked at today, it may be a little long, but nothing you can’t handle, I’m sure. It's not really a review as much as it is speculation and a wishlist, so keep that in mind.


Let’s start things with a normal type combination. This type combination will be similar to what Flying and Psychic did when paired with the Normal-type: remove the weakness to Fighting while simultaneously earning a Ghost immunity. This trade-off might be great actually, because this Normal-type is now immune to the effects of Poison. Another advantage on pairing with the Normal-type is their relatively diverse movepool.

With the Normal type, the logical thing is to use an ordinary animal (preferably a mammal) for the job, but it also has to possess Poisonous characteristics. For example, male platypus has poison spurs that will be bad for the victim if inflicted, so this could work as a gender difference. On an unrelated note, the females will have Milk Drink because they sweat milk. As for a possible stat spread, a balanced one will do, with 80 HP / 96 Atk / 85 Def / 96 SpAtk / 85 SpDef / 75 Speed, simply because it’s an “average” distribution. It would also be interesting if a pink fairy Pokémon got this typing, like as if they are intoxicated and becomes purple, kind of like how Gengar is seen as a “shadow” to Clefable. Because that brand of Pokémon is normally defensive, maybe this stat spread of 115 HP / 65 Atk / 95 Def / 75 SpAtk / 90 SpDef / 55 Speed would be good.

This may be an ordinary combination, but it’s also the one I am looking forward the most, because there aren’t much frills involved in designs (I hope), seeing as how it’s basically a slightly modified version of the Poison-type. Besides, we don’t have a lot of Normal dual-type combinations! So, about this type combination...

It needs to be done!!!


This type combination has two noteworthy advantages. One is immunity to Burn and the other is immunity to Poison, and both are health-reducing ailments. Another advantage of this type combination is the resistances, which are Fire, Grass (x2), Bug (x2), Fighting, Poison, Ice and Steel. The weaknesses are a disadvantage, as they are common attacking types, which are Water, Rock, Psychic and Ground (x2).

I can see a Pokémon based on nitro-glycerine, which is very combustible. Actually, if the Pokémon is made out of any combustible material like gasoline, kerosene and petroleum, this will be their type combination. In that case, the Pokémon will mainly use combustion and explosion attacks, and Flash Fire and Aftermath will no doubt be some of its abilities. One interesting Fakemon I saw on Deviantart has the idea of a contaminated food Pokémon with a birthday candle above its head, like a birthday cake. That’s an interesting idea, I must admit. An offensive stat spread is the way to go for this one, preferably 100 HP / 65 Atk / 60 Def / 130 SpAtk / 60 SpDef / 105 Speed, due to the fact that Fire is more of an offensive type, so this seems like the best one I can think of. The high HP is mainly for Substitutes and Flare Blitz.

I am sure this new type combination has a lot of potential, so it would be great to see it being used in the next Generation. In fact, it may be a nice type combination for the next starter Pokémon, and based on the zodiac animals, the snake is the most compatible animal with it. About this type combination...

Let’s have it!!


Thankfully this type combination isn’t plentiful when it comes to weaknesses, as they are only Psychic and Ground, so the added resistances are always helpful in this case. Speaking of that, the resistances are quite helpful with this type combination. These resistances are to Electric, Flying, Steel, Grass, Bug, Fighting and Poison. However, one cannot forget that the combination has a compounded Ground weakness.

Since Electric types usually get Magnet Rise (as a Move Tutor), it would be nice to be able to use this move to solve that weakness. What would be a better idea is that instead of that, the Pokémon will come with Levitate, like Eelektross’ family. It reminds me of a Smogon article that states that if Weezing were to be of this type combination, he/she will be immensely useful, since he/she had Levitate, and the extra resistances and Electric STAB will prove useful (Weezing already learns Electric attacks).

As to what kind of Pokémon can be inspired in the making of this combination, one interesting animal (I saw somewhere) that this type combination would fit is the porcupine, because porcupines have quills that are sharp, and the best thing is to make it poisonous for good measure. Make it electrically charged and there you have it. That could possibly be the next electric rodent, and it would be a splendid idea because we should have more variety of electric rodents (so far we have a squirrel, flying squirrel and mice). Another object this combination can be used for the combination is something with conductive acid, so something like a mercury or battery-based Pokémon would work. Sure, mercury isn’t acidic, but it’s still toxic and can conduct electricity. I think a stat spread of 68 HP / 72 Atk / 86 Def / 103 SpAtk / 94 SpDef / 97 Speed would suffice, balancing average defences and good strength.

This type combination has a lot of potential, and this is another combination that needs to be used next time, because of the lack of dual types the Poison-type got this time. The next Poison/Electric (or vice versa) will very likely be something awesome (I believe)! In short...

Let’s have it!!


It has been established and proven that Ice is a cursed defensive type, thanks to many weaknesses for not enough resistances. Combining these two, the Pokémon in question will have a total of 5 weaknesses (Fire, Rock, Ground, Psychic and Steel) and 4 resistances (Bug, Grass, Ice and Poison), which is better than Ice’s initial type matchups. I can see this type combination a benefit to Hail teams, because Ice-types generally dislike Toxic Spikes to limit their staying power like Walrein, and not being damaged by Hail is generally a good thing. Besides, Blizzards with maximum accuracy is always fun!

A smog-based Pokémon would likely be a good choice for an Ice/Poison Pokémon, because clouds can be cold and some of the clouds are smog as well. In this case, the abilities can be Levitate or Magic Guard. Of course, it will have Clear Smog and Haze as default moves. Maybe an ice statue with spikes (and a poisonous inside) can have this combination too, as the spikes around the body can be used for discharged. Since Swalot is able to learn Ice attacks, maybe it can get this combination in evolution that makes it look like an ice cream scoop!

Usually, Ice as a defensive type is not very good, and the Pokémon who are generally defensive is seen as being at a disadvantage, like Regice and Glaceon. But still, this Pokémon could do with a defensive spread, as long as its speed is decent, unlike the two examples I cited. So, something like 120 HP / 55 Atk / 80 Def / 95 SpAtk / 80 SpDef / 90 Speed would probably be workable. If the Pokémon has Toxic Spikes, it would be all the better since it will be able to set them while being threatening with powerful Blizzards.

I would generally like this combination, but only because it’s not that chilly here unlike the countries up North in the Northern hemisphere when it’s wintery, so it would be refreshing to have snow here. That aside, it’s not really something I am eager for (and suggest ideas for), but I don’t mind getting one, because both of these types don’t have any new combinations for now, apart from Kyurem. For this type combination...

I don’t mind having.


Poison-types generally possess disruptive options, while Psychic-types generally possess supportive options. This combination can be interesting, as the Pokémon in question is able to do either one whichever way it sees fit. One of the options that is preferable with this type option is Toxic Spikes, so that the Pokémon can set up either that move or Reflect/Light Screen. As for its weaknesses and resistances, they are not that bad themselves, with only 3 resistances and 3 weaknesses. The Ground weakness is not that hot, but at least the double Fighting resistance comes in handy!

A Pokémon associated to healing would make a great Poison/Psychic Pokémon, because the Pokémon is able to create medicine to heal others with the manipulation of the body’s toxins. It could either be a fairy-like Pokémon in the footsteps of Clefairy and the like, or it can be a human-like Pokémon that looks like a nurse or a doctor. This would be a dashing idea, because we are yet to have female-dominant Poison-types. In this case, some of the things this Pokémon can get from the get-go are Aromatherapy, Recover, Regenerator and Acupressure (for one related to acupuncture). One interesting idea I saw on DeviantArt is basically beings with gas masks or hazardous suits and respirators, where they can emit poisonous gases and use psychic abilities.

It would be interesting if this stat spread is geared towards defence, to support the status options that the two types can typically have, like Toxic Spikes, Clear Smog and Light Screen. So, I am thinking a stat spread of 102 HP / 80 Atk / 78 Def / 88 SpAtk / 102 SpDef / 60 Speed would be alright for the purpose of being defensive while having some power to fight back (Psychic and Sludge Bomb have a Base Power of 90 each, so that’s good damage, right?).

Because the colour of Psychic is pink and Poison is purple, the combination is delicious to try out! (Pardon the craving for strawberries and blackcurrants) Seriously, the prospect of a type combination that is somewhat of polar opposites will be a great thing to see it done. Therefore, about this combination's possibility...

Sure, why not?


I am a bit iffy about this combination. First of all, this type combination is very risky, because as we know, Rock has a lot of weaknesses. Actually, Poison is one of the better combinations, because it neutralises the impact of Fighting attacks and Grass attacks. The bad thing is that Ground will be a super-super effective attack, which will always be problematic due to the general usefulness and prevalence of Earthquake. Of course, the Special Defence increase in sandstorm will prove beneficial.

Sure, this combination has some defence problems (with four weaknesses), especially against Water and Ground, but I would still like to see a defensive stat spread on this Pokémon, with the Special side being the more defensive since not many Rock-types and Poison-types have this characteristic. Another reason is that since Earthquake is normally a physical move, it’s better to make this one better on the Special Defence side. With a spread similar to 70 HP / 100 Atk / 110 Def / 60 SpAtk / 140 SpDef / 30 Speed, Curse will be a great move to use, as Special Defence is already considered great, sp the Defence can be focused on boosting. Besides, most Rock-types can learn Curse.

As for the Pokémon that can use this combination, I am really not very sure which one, to be honest, but I do remember that there was a fake magazine scan that stated that Gigalith would be of this type, with a mistaken wording of the type, which made it instantly busted as fake, which is probably a good thing, because this is the combination that I am the least excited about. I have seen some interesting ideas like a snail with a set of spikes on its shell and horned reptiles. Perhaps a clay pot with an everlasting incense will be a nice Rock/Poison type. Besides that, not much I can say about it, but...

It can wait...


Generally, a type combination with the Steel-type will be beneficial, because of the amount of resistances that the Steel-type grants. As to what the Poison-type contributes, the best one is the resistance to Fighting, making Fighting attacks less harmful. Because Poison only has two weaknesses, the Steel-type’s resistances are not really compromised. Still, the Ground weakness is a real problem. Both of these types are subpar offensive attacking types, so it’s generally not the best idea to use them for STAB. If the Pokémon in question has useful attacks to use, that’s another story.

I can see this type combination on Garbodor’s evolution if he/she ever gets one, and I think it will be one where Garbodor is in a trash can, similar to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. A possible stat spread would be something like this: 85 HP / 95 Atk / 97 Def / 100 SpAtk / 97 SpDef / 55 Speed. The Speed is lowered because moving around in a can can be slow, and the Special Attack is heightened to be able to make use of the Special Attacks better. Another Pokémon that I can see with this type combination would be something that is made out of plastic, as plastic is considered as “steel” due to how hard it is and its immunity to poison. It can be a shape of an aerosol spray to capitalise on the Poison-type, where it can spray poisonous gases, and it can even absorb Toxic Spikes to power up its supply! Stat spread-wise, a balanced one with some bias towards Defence will be my preference, as I wouldn’t want it to be very overpowering. Maybe something like 89 HP / 80 Atk / 91 Def / 80 SpAtk / 91 SpDef / 70 Speed will do.

The type combination is not that bad, because anything with Steel will definitely be 10 times better than no Steel, because Steel resists so many that it’s an invaluable asset. To me, the combination is OK, seeing as there is a degree of redundancy. Now that I think about it: does this combination absorb Toxic Spikes? This type combination being in the next Generation, I think...

Hopefully it will happen!


Finally we reach this type combination. This will probably be the coolest type combination of them all, because Dragons are naturally awesome. With this combination, this Pokémon will have 7 resistances and 4 weaknesses. Unfortunately, this combination needs to watch out for all the attacks from those weaknesses, because they are all powerful attacking types.

One dragon I can see with this type combination is the basilisk. Basilisks don’t look like the conventional dragons we have now, as they are generally snake-like, but they do have the legendary feel on them. Because of their snake-like basis, it could perhaps be the evolution of Arbok. After all, Arbok falls under the Egg Group of Dragon and has the ability to Glare (and petrify). Komodo dragons can also possess this combination. They are reptiles, but more important, they are dangerous animals with their poisonous bites and saliva. The mythical creature hydra (not the mini-organism) from Greek mythology would be a reasonable Pokémon with this type combination, as they are said to be incredibly poisonous. Interestingly, Hydreigon’s family was said by some fans to be best with that combination, because it is an overall improvement over his/her current type combination (remember Hydreigon is a levitator, and thus immune to Ground attacks).

In terms of stat spreads, it would be nice to have another defensive Dragon. Sure, we have some like Giratina and Altaria, but since Poison is more of a defensive type, why not purposefully make one that’s defensive? My suggestion is a spread of 100 HP/ 70 Atk / 103 Def / 75 SpAtk / 107 SpDef / 55 Spd. Basically it makes that Pokémon very defensive while having some offensive potential, with the drawback of Speed. As for the Arbok evolution, these stats might work: 70 HP/ 110 Atk / 74 Def / 90 SpAtk / 86 SpDef / 103 Spd, focusing more on the offensive nature of said evolution, which is basically a major boost in Attack, Special Attack and Speed to be more offensive and dangerous.

Basically, this type combination is a very potential one, and I am sure that this will be one of the most wanted combinations involving the Poison-type because Poison-types are themselves rare, so why not give a type combination that combines another rare type? To tell you the truth, I am not hyped for this combination, because I don’t have the same level of interest in dragons as a lot of people, except Giratina, but only because it’s a Ghost-type. Still...

Let’s have it!!

And that’s it for this one (*Whew* that was over). Like the Ghost counterpart, I am not really sure if this entry is interesting, because it’s not talking about a specific Pokémon in particular, not to mention I cannot come up with all the interesting ideas! So as a request, I would like to ask you viewers on how I can improve this unexplored type combinations section, because I am not sure where to improve. Next time, I shall look at ways to upgrade the Poison-type to make them better. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing them!

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 22nd February 2011 at 01:00 PM by winstein

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    okay nice read the but what I would like to see is more combinations with fire but poison is also really neglected.
  2. Sublime's Avatar
    Poison/Steel would get owned so bad. Every team imo has at least one EQ user.
  3. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    You didn't tell me about this one. If I didn't read all the blogs, I wouldn't have found it.

    Poison/Dragon is an awesome typing.
  4. Noctis's Avatar
    Great review, as always!

    Poison/Fire is an obvious type combination. There are a lot of explosive and poisonous things like oil and toxic waste.
  5. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Good job. Poison/Dragon with Levitate would be awesome
  6. Owain's Avatar
    Poison/Dragon reminds me of Cobra from Fairy Tail, he was kickass, and if it happens i want it to be an Arbok evo, or a Pseudo-Legend XD
  7. Eye_Kan_Fly's Avatar
    I had an idea about Arbok and Sandslash both getting evolutions which were part dragon. I think that would be really cool, a poison/dragon type basilisk Pokemon. Poison/electric could potentially be a better eel, the 5th gen eels are really lame IMO. Poison normal seems unnecessary to me, I guess we just plain disagree there. Poison/fire and poison/ice I don't really see as necessary, and since I can't think of something which would be either of those types, I don't mind not having them. I agree with you on poison/psychic and poison/rock. They wouldn't be as cool as fire or ice, and they don't have anything which would work well with both types that I know of. They'd be fine, but we don't really need them. As far as poison/steel goes, I definitely think Garbodor could have been part steel type, but there's always room for something similar which could work.


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