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Unexplored Poison-type Beings and Things

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by , 15th May 2012 at 11:32 AM (2975 Views)
This article was actually published on Pokémon Elite 2000, but I decided to post it here again for my celebration, since I don’t think people on Bulbagarden read anything from that site. Therefore, it would still be something fresh, because some of the material here is new, although there are some copied text from another Poison-type article here.

Here we go, in another “Unexplored (insert type here) Beings and Things” article. This time, it would be a Top 10, because there isn’t as many things I could see on a Poison-type compared to the Grass-type. Oh, and some pics will have Fakemons, so don’t mistake them for a real Pokémon! If you are ready, let’s move on to my personal wish list of Poison-types that had not been done before.

- 10 -

(Art by darksilvania)

Even though the fish’s name has the word “lion” in it, it isn’t related to the lion. It is probably called a lionfish because its spiny fin rays give off a resemblance to the lion’s mane. The reason for its Poison-type is easy to explain: its fin rays are poisonous, and they did a good job at keeping the lionfish safe. Oddly, they have tentacles, although it’s not the type of tentacles found on squids and octopi. It’s located above their eye sockets, which is probably for sexual selection or attracting new prey.

We have very few Water/Poison-types, so it would be great to introduce another Pokémon of this type combination. The lionfish’s colourful skin makes it look poisonous, but at the same time doesn’t, since Poison-types are typically depicted as purple colour. It could be defensively-inclined to highlight its defensive nature, and possibly a good array of Status moves, like Toxic and Toxic Spikes. Maybe it could have Leaf Blade too, because of those spines.

There are several other animals that would make good poisonous Water-types, but I like the lionfish better, and there is potential for another Water/Poison-type.

- 9 -

(Art by Max-Nohiro)

Poison-types generally possess disruptive options, while Psychic-types generally possess supportive options. This combination can be interesting, as the Pokémon in question is able to do either one whichever way it sees fit. One of the options that are preferable with this type option is Toxic Spikes, so that the Pokémon can set up either that move or Reflect/Light Screen. As for its weaknesses and resistances, they are not that bad themselves, with only 3 resistances and 3 weaknesses. The Ground weakness is not that hot, but at least the double Fighting resistance comes in handy!

A Pokémon associated to healing would make a great Poison/Psychic Pokémon, because the Pokémon is able to create medicine to heal others with the manipulation of the body’s toxins. It could either be a fairy-like Pokémon in the footsteps of Clefairy and the like, or it can be a human-like Pokémon that looks like a nurse or a doctor. This would be a dashing idea, because we are yet to have female-dominant Poison-types. In this case, some of the things this Pokémon can get from the get-go are Aromatherapy, Recover, Regenerator and Acupressure (for one related to acupuncture).

It would be interesting if this stat spread is geared towards defence, to support the status options that the two types can typically have, like Toxic Spikes, Clear Smog and Light Screen. So, I am thinking a bulky, yet decently powerful stat spread would be alright for the purpose of being defensive while having some power to fight back.

Because the colour of Psychic is pink and Poison is purple, the combination is delicious to try out! (Pardon the craving for strawberries and blackcurrants) Seriously, the prospect of a type combination that is somewhat of polar opposites will be a great thing to see it done.

- 8 -

Of all the poisonous food plants, I chose the rhubarb to be the representative of this category, because it has the most potential. The rhubarb is actually partly edible, as in, the stalks are safe to eat. However, their leaves are not quite so. Eating them could be bad, as symptoms include kidney disorders, convulsions and coma. This sounds like a nice addition to the Grass/Poison-type family.

For a rhubarb Pokémon to be special, it has to have a move that differentiates it from others. Maybe there should be a move that inflicts two different types of status ailments (one volatile and one non-volatile), choosing from Poison, Sleep, Confusion and Torment. Not exactly the best of moves, but it’s something. Other than that, it would possess the standard Grass-type moves, plus Sleep Powder.

The sheer abundance of Grass-types (and more to come each Generation) would mean its chances are higher, but it could mean it’s not going to be high because there are other good candidates for a new Grass-type.

- 7 -

When I mean “mercury”, I mean the chemical element, not the planet! Anyway, mercury is an odd element. Unlike most of the metallic elements, it is in liquid state in room temperature. However, mercury is also a poisonous element, hence the reason I consider it a good basis for a Poison-type. In terms of type combination, it could be part Water-type for its liquid qualities, or Steel-type because mercury is a type of metal (or pure Poison).

I am sure a mercury-based Pokémon would immediately have Acid Armour, a Poison-type move. It should also have a move that burns, like Scald or some other move with the Burn effect, because mercury is very bad to touch, although the Pokémon version might be safer when tamed, like how Rapidash’s fire won’t burn if it likes you. Its ability could be Limber and Water Absorb, because of its viscosity.

The Pokémon doesn’t need to take on a goo-like form like Muk, and it could be a humanoid as well, somewhat like that shapeshifting villain in Terminator (I forgot what’s she called).

- 6 -
Poisonous Rodents

During the Middle Ages, there was a plague. This plague was believed to be spread by the rats that inhabit the place, but upon further inspection, it was caused by the fleas that lived on the rats. Now, even though this implies that it was the fleas that were supposed to be the Poison-type one, this is just related trivia. Rat bites (from dirty rats mainly) are also considered unhealthy, as they may spread disease, considering how they eat even unhygienic things. There are even some rats that are immune to Poison, thanks to the rat poison, which builds up their immunity to it. The porcupine is a suitable rodent, because its quills could act as a poisonous sting, not unlike those seen on Qwilfish. Also, we don’t have a poisonous rodent yet (the Nidorans don’t count, because they look more like rabbits, which are not rodents), so this one could be an early-game rodent, like Watchog, Bibarel and Raticate.

A Pokémon of this variety might have low stats, as an early-game rodent, with Attack and Defence as its strongest stats. It might have the ability Poison Touch for inflicting poison with every attack and Adaptability for added power for its attacks. In the case of the porcupine example, it will have Poison Point instead of Poison Touch. Oh, and like the other early-game rodents, it will be partially Normal-type.

A Poison-type porcupine sounds about good right now.

- 5 -
Toxic Birds

We don’t have a lot of Poison/Flying-types. In fact, the only one that fits that category is the Crobat family. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have another Pokémon that has the same type combination. While looking for animals that are poisonous, I stumbled across an article about toxic birds, which is interesting because I didn’t think there are poisonous birds.

Some birds possess a poisonous body to discourage predators from eating them or some things from touching them. Not only that, they might also have the means to eat poisonous plants or insects without being poisoned themselves. For example, there is the hooded pitohui, which possesses a neurotoxin that will cause numbness and tingling if their skin and feathers are being consumed.

A Pokémon like this would be cool, as it would be able to consume any poisonous insect Pokémon like Ariados. In terms of abilities, having Poison Point would be a no-brainer, and possibly Poison Touch as well. However, an interesting ability that could be implemented is an Effect Spore clone. Keen Eye and Big Pecks are more likely, though. In terms of stats, I imagine that this Pokémon would have good Speed and defences, and a slightly low Attack and Special Attack. Basically, this Pokémon should be designed as a stall-based Pokémon.

Again, we never really have poisonous birds, so it would be great if one will eventually be introduced.

- 4 -

Even though poisonous mammals are rare, we do in fact have a few examples. The quirky platypus is one such mammal. The reason for their quirks is their appearance. They look like a bird with that duck beak, but their body is explicitably mammal. Not only that, the females lay eggs too, but oddest of all is their milk sweat! Now, platypi aren’t exactly known as being poisonous, as they look cute, and in some cases, heroic (see Phineas and Ferb). The male is the only poisonous one, as it possesses poisonous spurs that could sting on an unfortunate animal. The Poison-type could also work as a natural immunity for them, even though the female doesn’t have those stingers.

Perhaps this type of Pokémon could have gender differences, like having differing abilities. The males could have Poison Point, while the females have Early Bird as a joke that they look like a bird. In terms of moves, the female would have Milk Drink while the male gets Poison Jab and a few other Poison-type attacks like Gunk Shot. The type combination should be a Normal/Poison-type to highlight their mammal side and their poisonous side.

This animal may not be Poison-types by nature, but they could make a decent one.

- 3 -

(Art by darksilvania)

This type combination has two noteworthy advantages. One is immunity to Burn and the other is immunity to Poison. The type combination opens up to some useful resistances, especially Fire, Fighting, Poison and Ice, but there are also some undesirable weaknesses too, especially the double Ground weakness.

I can see a Pokémon based on the combustible nitro-glycerine. Actually, if the Pokémon is made out of any combustible material like gasoline, kerosene and petroleum, this would be their type combination. In that case, the Pokémon will mainly use combustion and explosion attacks, and Flash Fire and Aftermath will no doubt be some of its abilities. One interesting Fakemon I saw on Deviantart has the idea of a contaminated food Pokémon with a birthday candle above its head, like a birthday cake. That’s an interesting idea, I must admit. An offensive stat spread is the way to go for this one, so a high Special Attack and HP would do well, due to the fact that Fire is more of an offensive type, and that high HP is mainly for Substitute and Flare Blitz.

I am sure this new type combination has a lot of potential, so it would be great to see it being used in the next Generation. In fact, it may be a nice type combination for the next starter Pokémon, and based on the zodiac animals, the snake is the most compatible animal with it.

- 2 -
Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon is a reptile found mainly in Indonesia, which is near where I live. They are 3 metres long and could weigh 70kg, which is attributed to their island gigantism, in which an animal becomes bigger than the norm thanks to the lack of predators in where they live, meaning they were allowed to have a higher chance of survival, and thus a healthier growth rate. One aspect that is poisonous about them is their venomous bite, thanks to their saliva. You know where this is going, don’t you?

A Pokémon based on this anime could be part-Dragon, because its name has the word “dragon” in it, although you could argue that it doesn’t need to be part-Dragon (Ground is OK). It would be a slow, yet offensive Pokémon, with the ability to learn Quick Attack despite this, because Komodo dragons can run in short sprints. Other than that, they should learn all sorts of attacks, like most Monster-based Pokémon would.

Another related animal in the same vein as the Komodo dragon is the Gila monster. They are also to be avoided, because of their venomous bites, but the difference between the two animals is the habitat. They are sluggish, though, so it’s easier to avoid. Still, it’s better to be well-informed about them!

- 1 -

(Art by darksilvania)

This is one of those mythical animals that originated from Greece mythology, and as far as mythologies go, the Greek is my favourite. The basilisk is a very venomous reptile that is said to be so venomous it could excrete its venom as a trail, and its gaze is equally lethal. It is said to have a resemblance to a serpent and a dragon, so you know where this is going? Yep, the basilisk’s default type combination is Poison/Dragon! There’s even an animal that’s named after the basilisk, similar to other animals named after mythical creatures like the salamander and harpy (eagle).

Its snake appearance makes it a great idea for an Arbok evolution, even! That’s because Arbok already have the tools for a basilisk. It learns Glare, a really accurate paralysis move that even hits anything immune to Electric, like Stunfisk (unless it has Limber). It looks like a snake, and it could learn a powerful Poison-type attack Gunk Shot, making it an ideal host for a basilisk-inspired Pokémon.

Of course, it could be an original Pokémon as well, in which case, it should be a proper legendary Pokémon, since there isn’t a Poison-type legendary Pokémon yet.

That’s it for this one! While the Poison-type reviews were finished long ago, this original article would hopefully give you some ideas on what could be expected for the Poison-type. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    I really like to see a Komodo Dragon, though I originally thought of it as a pure Dragon type. I almost forgot about the Lionfish, but I'd like to save it for another gen (we don't want too many water types). The Psyduck family is based off of a platypus, yet they aren't poison types. Rabbits do count as rodents because of their buck teeth. I can't believe you've left out radioactive waste.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    The first thing that comes to mind after seeing liquid mercury is the T-1000.


    Oh and the one you're thinking of is the T-X but its different in its shapeshifting. It would mostly make make shift superweapons.
    Updated 15th May 2012 at 02:59 PM by Ranger Jack Walker
  3. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    A sea urchin is also a possibility, while not necessarily being poisonous, it would fit.

    A Komodo Dragon would be slick~
  4. winstein's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghetsis-Dennis
    I really like to see a Komodo Dragon, though I originally thought of it as a pure Dragon type. I almost forgot about the Lionfish, but I'd like to save it for another gen (we don't want too many water types). The Psyduck family is based off of a platypus, yet they aren't poison types. Rabbits do count as rodents because of their buck teeth. I can't believe you've left out radioactive waste.
    In a bid to make the list interesting, I would need to come up with a variety of ideas so that each choice would be different. If you ask me, I don't quite see Psyduck and Golduck as platypi, mainly because their tails are not like them.

    About your claim that rabbits are rodents, they are not. I thought so too, so you are not alone with the confusion. Rabbits are part of the Lagomorpha group (which also include hares and pikas), and one thing they share with rodents are indeed their buck teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives. However, there are a few things they are different from the rodent group. One of them is that they have four incisors instead of two on the upper jaw instead of the rodent's two.

    So, about the radioactive waste, while it's a decent idea (I would put it together with the Poison/Psychic-type category), I just felt that it would likely be too similar to Grimer and Muk because they are also made of waste.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The Lionfish would certainly be a wonderful variation of the "mandatory generic fish". I see it as in fact the first of such becoming notable in itself (and basically something they could make better than what they did with Quilfish)

    For a representative on poisonous plants, I'd rather choose the Lily of the valley. Roserade kinda takes some of it, but nowhere to the absurdly toxic level of this plant, and it has some mythology attributed to itself.

    Mercury itself would be neat for a Poison/Steel... but really, I'm absolutely digging to see a pokémon based on a concept not just like it, but even bacteria or virus.
    Similarly, something based on a combustible (your idea of a fire/poison) would fit in this concept.

    The basilisk... it is a prominent legendary creature, but Pokémon's style of dealing with these seems to not take direct inspiration from there, instead of tangential concepts to create their own original creature under the myths.
    I could see combining the Basilisk myths, and the characteristics of the Komodo Dragon, into some other idea though.


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