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Unexplored Ghost-type Combinations

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Before Generation 5, I have 6 wanted type combinations involving the Ghost-type, which are Fire, Water, Grass, Ground, Steel and Normal. The first five are the Chinese elements, and I am a Chinese, so that makes sense. However, Generation 5 came and only half of them came true, and I am satisfied, but not sated. So, I decided to look at the 6 unexplored type combinations involving the Ghost-type!

Keep in mind that this entry is not part of the main series. It is just a little diversion talking about the unexplored type combination, and the next main one will be explained at the end of the entry, if you can reach there. It may not be as interesting, so don't expect anything grandiose, OK?


Let's start with the combination of two of my favourite types. Being a Grass-type means that you almost automatically get Leech Seed, and being a Ghost-type means Curse becomes a potent HP-draining move. Combining Ghost Curse and Leech Seed is a potent combination, but the Pokemon that got that combination are not Ghost-types, so the combination can be passed on. Even the resistances are not really compromised: Grass' resistances are kept, which is always a great thing.

When it comes to what kind of Pokemon can be inspired for this type combination, one that many people expects to see is a Jack-O-Lantern with a pumpkin, because it's a plant and it's ghostly. However, one little known fact is that the first Jack-O-Lanterns are turnips! So it could work as an evolutionary line. In this case, I can see Thick Fat as the ability, because Pumpkins are hard. Flash Fire could work because lanterns light up, and it does seem that Fire is a good way to start the Halloween, huh? As for special moves, I can see this one learning Flamethrower, even though it's not a standard for Grass Pokemon to have a Fire move. Thunderbolt is also an obligatory move as well too. As for stats, I may not be an expert in good recommendations, but I would like the base stat distribution for this one to be 80HP/60Atk/115Def/75SpAtk/130SpDef/65Spd. I expect a defensive spread, because the Grass-type is not going to win offensively, so it's for the best they are defensive, not to mention, it needs to be able to survive the many Dark-types out there.

A Grass/Ghost Pokemon can also be a haunted tree bark, because at night, when wind blows in tree holes, then there will be some sound, and in the dark, I am sure that's eerie, so I guess it fits this type combination. Another interesting way to interpret a Grass/Ghost Pokemon, as I have seen in one of the pictures on Deviantart, is a haunted house. Interestingly, there are some stories about houses eating people, and that one is an overgrown variant, so it might work too.

Still, a Grass/Ghost has many possibilities, and the type combination brings out some interesting move combinations, like the Curse and Leech Seed combination I talked about earlier.

10 hopes out of 10!



Normal and Ghost is called a paradoxical combination, because of their type interaction: one is immune to the other's attacks, and vice versa. Therefore the type combination is seen as blasphemous to some. Defensively, they bring out the best out of each other, contributing their immunities, which makes them immune to the ultimate offensive combination Ghost and Fighting. Thus far, this offensive type combination haven't exist, so it is safe. With Dark being the only weakness, the holder of this typing do hope they have a Pokemon that can take on them.

As for what kind of Pokemon would be suited for this type combination. I am placing my bet on a Banette evolution, because the stuffed doll's considered a "normal", and it's a Ghost too, so having that combination might just be his/her saving grace. In terms of base stats, I am guessing 84HP/120Atk/70Def/93SpAtk/68SpDef/85Spd stats, with a greater boost in HP and Speed, but anybody can dream a good dream, I suppose.

However, beyond that evolution speculation, I am eyeing on a Frankenstein's monster, commonly known as Frankenstein to many people because they forgotten the scientist creator's surname. It is also composed of "Normal" parts and is operated through spectral means like Goruggo the golem, and thus if that happens, it will probably have Thunderbolt, to keep up with that theme. Its stat spread, in my opinion, will probably be 85HP/95Atk/85Def/85SpAtk/82SpDef/68Spd, and Lightning Rod as an ability.

Hopefully GameFreak chooses a Pokemon with this typing in the upcoming generation, even if it's too early to ask. If they can give the green light to a pure Flying Pokemon, this will be a hopeful type combination!

8 hopes out of 10!



Rock/Ghost was one of the type combinations wished for Desukaan reviewed earlier, and it's not hard to see why. What's done is done, so let's move on. This type combination is a very odd combination, if I say so myself. Of course, there are many types that doesn't seem to fit the Ghost-type, but this one is the more notable one. Rock is considered a hard thing, and Ghost is a soft thing, but it depends on which type is first, because, in case you didn't notice, a Pokemon's primary type dictates their main design, and their secondary type dictates their secondary characteristics. We have Electric/Water for Rotom-W, and Water/Electric for Lanturn for example. The former is an electrical appliance, and the latter is an aquatic animal, which does make sense if you think about it. Therefore, in the same vein, a Rock/Ghost would be a heavy and tough one, and a Ghost/Rock will be softer and intangible, like how Goruggo doesn't look intangible (its type is Ground/Ghost, by the way).

Rock gives a Sandstorm immunity as well as a Special Defence boost in it, meaning that the Pokemon is able to become durable in that weather, and that weather is the most worth it to have, especially with two Pokemon who can start it. I can see the Rock/Ghost being a sand golem, which can form itself like Sandman in Spiderman. Perhaps this Pokemon can also be a Sandstorm starter because of that? Another ability I would suggest for this one is Sand Power, because it would look like it can strengthen rocky moves. As for stats, I am hoping for one with 75HP/120Atk/120Def/70SpAtk/90SpDef/45Spd. This one is both physically-inclined and also defensive in Sandstorm, making it a real tank.

As for a Ghost/Rock Pokemon, maybe an amulet that is alive can work. It would then be a small Pokemon because of that, and it can be worn around the neck too! It may have some creepy behaviour as well, like strangling an unsuspecting wearer's neck, or possessing the wearer. Now that would have been a great concept! This one would likely have Mischievous Heart then.

Rock/Ghost has other interesting concepts too, because there are so many ideas for artefacts, and their ancient quality make them Ghost-like as well, so again, you can think up of others that I didn't think of.

7 hopes out of 10!



Ghost and Fighting has always been a very good offensive combination, because of all the types, only Normal/Ghost are immune to this combination. All the others are either weak or are hit neutral, meaning that getting STAB from both types are a blessing. Let's not forget that Dark is weak to Fighting, who would normally be the bane of any Ghost-type, meaning that Dark Pokemon is not safe in front of a Pokemon with this type combination, especially Tyranitar.

One of Smogon's community-made Pokemon had this typing, and some of the Pokemon they came up with are a mummy, a genie, or even a marionette that resembles a Banette evolution. In the end, the mummy wins. One idea, though stereotypical, is a ghostly fighter who wants a challenge, even after death. A stat spread for the Pokemon in mind would be 90HP/105Atk/90Def/60SpAtk/90SpDef/85Spd, for balanced capabilities.

I don't have much to say for this one, because I don't think it needs to be said that a Pokemon with this type combination is immediately blessed. Zuruzukin is certainly blessed with a Dark/Fight combination, even though he/she is very defensive-oriented.

8 hopes out of 10!



Ghost is often a better defensive type than Psychic will ever be when it comes to a secondary type, and this combination is a bright example on this aspect. Even in one of Smogon's articles, the writer (and some others) expressed their preference for Bronzong to be a Steel/Ghost instead of its current typing. Sure, the type combination has a x4 resistance to Psychic, but compared to x4 resistance to Bug and an immunity to Normal and Fighting (everything else is the same except Psychic resistance), you know what type is more useful. All in all, one of the best type combinations that would exist.

Speaking of Steel/Psychic, I have a feeling that all the Steel/Psychic are all great Pokemon is because if they are not, they will be overshadowed by the Steel/Ghost type, due to the latter's superior defensive capabilities. Metagross is a pseudo-legendary with great Attack and Defence, Jirachi is a powerful all-around legendary and Bronzong has two ability that nulls one of its weakness each. Too good for them.

Again, Smogon had this type combination as a proposed type combination. So they have a few ideas on how a Steel/Ghost would be like. Some examples include a mechanical skeleton and a puppet in a box. The winner, in the end, is a kitsune-like Pokemon with a mask. Interestingly, some artists also has made some stories around their creations, which makes the design phase of Create-a-Pokemon the most interesting of them all there.

It's hard not to think of a ghostly knight when it comes to this type combination, because, as usual, stereotypes are the easiest (and laziest) way to create a Pokemon for. Remember some Generation 1 Pokemon? Anyway, it would be a fine idea, although it would not be as creative. However, if there is a stat spread I would like for this type combination, it's 130HP/60Atk/80Def/80SpAtk/65SpDef/65Spd.If there's one type combination I would want next generation, it's Grass/Ghost, but if there are two, Steel/Ghost will be the second one, because it's a very useful type combination.

9 hopes out of 10!



Of all the types, only Psychic and Ghost combined will give the Ghost-type x4 weaknesses. Any x4 weaknesses are never a good thing, but luckily, that's all they have. In terms of type privileges, Psychic and Ghost are different, because they each have different support moves. Psychic usually has access to Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard and Calm Mind, while Ghosts usually have access to Will-o-wisp and Curse. This type combination brings out the best support from both types, which is a great thing. Because of this, a Pokemon of this type combination is required to have great Speed so that the supporting role could be done better. Usually Ghost Pokemon, like Dragons, doesn't have a base Speed of over 110, but for this one, I would make an exception and suggest 80HP/110Atk/57Def/110SpAtk/57SpDef/116Spd, which is a little faster than Starmie, and still very strong. The lesser defences is due to the Pokemon not having a long life due to that 4x weaknesses, which the opponent will no doubt take advantage of.

One of the Smogon writers said that Alakazam should have the Psychic/Ghost type because he has immunities, and his frailty meant that the weaknesses doesn't matter. However, Alakazam got a buff anyway, in the form of Magic Guard.

I am guessing a Psychic/Ghost type will be a shaman or a witch doctor, for their overall mystical powers. Again, I don't have much to say about this type combination, so I will end here.

5 hopes out of 10!


I know I have been expressing my hope for Banette getting an evolution again and again, but only because I want the best for that Ghost! However, I am not sure if this entry will be interesting (I will leave it to you to comment on that), but I am sure the next one will be more interesting, because it involves something new: important trainers that specialises on Ghost-type Pokemon! Every generation has them. Are you excited?

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 5th December 2010 at 10:30 AM by winstein

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  1. Ghost's Avatar
    I support Ghost/Psychic, Ghost/Steel, and Ghost/Grass.
  2. ghaskan's Avatar
    Really nice. I support a Bannette evolution as the Ghost/Normal (or vice-versa) Pokémon!
  3. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    I want a ghost steel and a ghost fighting. Ghost fighting reminds me of the ghost of the famous fighter from Dragon Warrior 3, who wrestled bears with his bare hands.
  4. Garren's Avatar
    Always thought an opossum should be the Normal/Ghost.
  5. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Shackleford
    Always thought an opossum should be the Normal/Ghost.
    I would like to hear your thoughts on that one.
  6. Kars's Avatar
    those are good ideas
  7. Garren's Avatar
    Well, you know, they play dead and all, so it's the first thing that popped to my mind...it's dead, yet it ain't really dead I guess.

    That's pretty much it...:0

    Also, I think I may do this for Fighting-types after I get through my review. Let's see...Fighting/Ice, Fighting/Electric, Fighting/Ground, Fighting/Ghost, Fighting/Flying, and Fighting/Dragon are what's left, right?
  8. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Shackleford
    Well, you know, they play dead and all, so it's the first thing that popped to my mind...it's dead, yet it ain't really dead I guess.

    That's pretty much it...:0

    Also, I think I may do this for Fighting-types after I get through my review. Let's see...Fighting/Ice, Fighting/Electric, Fighting/Ground, Fighting/Ghost, Fighting/Flying, and Fighting/Dragon are what's left, right?
    I didn't know about that behaviour, because I never encountered an opossum before. About unexplored dual types? I think that's all the ones that are unexplored, and yeah, you can give it a go, as well as what I am about to do next: celebrity trainers specialising in a certain type.

    Thanks for reading.
  9. Super Seaking's Avatar
    Another Normal/Ghost idea could be a half-dead cat. Theres this thing about a cat in a box being half dead and half alive until you open the box. Perhaps you know what Im talking about, because I dont.

    Ghost/Steel would be cool.
  10. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSeaking
    Another Normal/Ghost idea could be a half-dead cat. Theres this thing about a cat in a box being half dead and half alive until you open the box. Perhaps you know what Im talking about, because I dont.

    Ghost/Steel would be cool.
  11. Super Seaking's Avatar
    Its called Schrödinger's cat? Thank you.
  12. PickleMendip's Avatar
    I decided to look over your past reviews because i adore the ghost type, and i find it scary how accurately you predicted Pumkaboo and Trevenant like 4 years before they existed.
  13. Norzan's Avatar
    And 3 years later we got two Grass/Ghost mons, a Steel/Ghost sword and shield and a Psychic/Ghost event legendary.

    Still waiting on a Fighting/Ghost.


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