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Unexplored Dark-type Combinations

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Earlier on, I ran a “poll” asking some people whether they want “Unexplored Type Combinations” or “Unexplored Beings and Things”, but it turns out to be a tie, so basically, I decided to give everyone a win, and did both. This one goes first, because of the two, it is easier to cover, not to mention the latter would have been the bigger article of the two since it covers a lot more things. This one is covered before the other part of the Dark-type Pokémon article because I felt that as a minor article, it should be taken care of first.

Now, before we begin, I want to say that initially, I wasn’t sure if I want to cover this, because there are only four different Dark type combinations, which I thought was not a lot, but I guess I should give it a go anyway. Like the previous “Unexplored Type Combinations” articles, this will be a picture-less article, so if you don’t mind that, let’s move on.

Dark + Normal

Because Normal is the first type that usually comes to mind when it comes to a default type, we start things with the Normal-type. The Normal type rarely adds anything special in a type combination, because of its lack of resistances. It also comes with a lack of weaknesses, which is good, although the same can’t be said for the Ice-type. The advantage of an added Normal-type is getting Normal STAB, which is decent because it has a wide neutral coverage. This works well with Return or Frustration (or some niche moves such as Fake Out), because both moves have a high maximum Base Power.

The disadvantage of the Normal-type is the Fighting weakness. Dark happens to be one of the types that is also weak to Fighting (meaning this combinations would have a double weakness to Fighting), and this is not going to be good if faced with something that could threaten with a Fighting attack, especially Mach Punch. It’s a double-edge sword, but the weakness to Fighting is always going to stick out like a sore thumb, due to the usefulness of Fighting as an offensive type.

It is hard to determine a Pokémon who could have this type combination, as with other combinations involving the Normal-type. The scope in which the Normal-type is compatible on a Pokémon is very subjective, as there is no clear rule on what defines a Normal-type. However, there’s one clear rule for this combination: it has to fit the Dark-type in a way.

Because it is established that it is possible for a Dark-types to be an early Pokémon (such as Poochyena and Purrloin), a Pokémon with this type combination could also be the same. Perhaps an ordinary animal could be with this. I think a suitable animal could be a rodent, because certain rodents are known to be quite a thief when it comes to food. Their bites might also hurt, which would fit the strengthening of Bite and Crunch.

A Pokémon with this type combination could also be a “dark fairy”, in an opposite way as what Clefairy or Jigglypuff are. Perhaps it could be purple because it is darker than pink. It should then be a fairy bringing bad luck, so it will be both cute and evil, which some people might like. Perhaps a suggested stat spread of 100 HP / 68 Atk / 76 Def / 98 SpAtk / 81 SpDef / 66 Speed would work, providing all-around stats. If provided with Hyper Voice, it would be great.

If a type combination will end up with a double weakness to Fighting, I won’t be too keen on supporting it, because a Fighting weakness is very bad to have. This is why I wasn’t interested in the Dark/Steel type, which is possessed by Pawniard and Bisharp. However, I think this type combination is not too bad to have, because we don’t have a lot of dual Normal-types. I would say that for this type combination...

“I don’t mind having.”

Dark + Bug

I’ve always find it odd that this type combination hasn’t been explored yet, because Bug is one of the common types, so it would seem that this type combination would be an obvious choice. Oh well, at least there’s next time. Anyway, this type combination renders Fighting attacks neutral, which is a neat thing, due to how good Fighting as an offensive type is. However, all other weaknesses are the same, so there’s still the problem of being weak to Fire, Rock, Flying and Bug. However, resistance to Grass, Ground, Psychic, Ghost and Dark is not too bad. Having STAB on Dark and Bug attacks is also quite a treat, because both of them are decently useful as offensive types. In theory, U-turn is a Bug-type move, meaning that all Bug-types should get it, not every Bug-type learns it (such as Pinsir and Heracross).

Someone once suggested that a mosquito could be a Dark-type insect, but I don’t feel this could be the case. The thing is, mosquitoes don’t actually “bite” its hosts, because they don’t have pincers and their suckers are more like a syringe, wherein it is plugged into its victim so that blood can be taken away. The only thing about a mosquito that fits the Dark-type is their parasitic abilities, contributing to their “evilness”. In that case, their main Dark-type could be Night Slash. This Pokémon could have a stat spread of 50 HP / 102 Atk / 50 Def / 80 SpAtk / 60 SpDef / 128 Speed to emphasise speed and frailty.

Another type of insect that could be a Dark-type is army ants. This types of insect are known to be the more aggressive type, although they are capable of performing teamwork, such as forming a bridge of sorts to cross over a large gap or creating a living nest (with their bodies, no less). They are also rather predatory, as they could hunt up to 100,000 prey animals for their consumption, ranging from the simple leaf litter to the larvae of other animals. Their bites might also hurt, as their pincers pack a mean punch. Interestingly, some species of ants (not just army versions, I think) might steal other ant eggs to raise as their own slaves or workers. All of these characteristics make army ants great candidate for Dark-types.

Perhaps there are some more Dark-type insects like one based on an Egyptian scarab or cockroaches, but I think this is enough for the scope of this article. As I have said earlier, I am surprised that this type combination isn’t being used up until now, but I think it might be used in Generation 6. In the end, I would say that, for this type combination...

“Let’s have it!!”

Dark + Electric

As an offensive type combination, this is good, because both are great at hitting certain key types for super effective damage (Water, Flying, Psychic and Ghost), not to mention having nice neutral coverage. One thing some fans suggested is that Luxray could’ve been a part Dark-type, because it does look like a Dark-type in a way. I agree on this, as this Pokémon has a few traits in common with a Dark-type (working as a team), although I am not sure if it has enough of it. Still, if Luxray has this type combination, it would aid its offensive capabilities, as it already learns Crunch, and with Guts, it will pack a punch. Defensively, it does have a few problems, especially weaknesses to Ground, Fighting and Bug, although having a resistance to Electric comes in handy.

Usually, Electricity produces light because it lightning is bright. However, a possible Pokémon with this combination could involve the odd concept of charging to produce darkness. It’s odd because it’s the opposite of what electricity normally does, and that defies the law of physics. As such, this Pokémon would have the ability to produce dark thunder. I guess that, in terms of stat spreads, I would like 81 HP / 85 Atk / 70 Def / 116 SpAtk / 80 SpDef / 86 Speed.

A Dark/Electric type could also go the “electrically-charged animal” route, similar to Zebstrika and Luxray, in which an animal suitable as a Dark-type would be given electrical powers, such as, say, an electrically-inclined wolf.

Not much to say about this one, I am afraid, because I don’t have a lot of ideas with the direction of this combination. However, I can count on the designers of Pokémon to impress me (which won’t be a hard task). I consider my anticipation for this type combination as...

“I don’t mind having.”

Dark + Psychic

Of all the type combinations, I think this is the most interesting. This is because both types are opposite in a way. Psychic could be perceived as a “light” type, while Dark is, well, a “dark” type. The former is also a more supportive type, often having moves that favour support, such as Reflect, Light Screen and Trick Room. The latter, on the other hand, is a chaotic type that favours disrupting the opponent with moves like Taunt and Torment. This type combination would have the best of both worlds. When it comes to type defence, it is interesting to note that most of the types hit it for neutral damage, because most of the weaknesses involved are neutralised, leaving only one immunity (Psychic) and a double weakness to Bug. It’s not as good as Ghost / Dark, but still, a huge range of neutralities is rare for a type combination.

There are a few ideas involving this type combination. The first one is based on a dark sorcerer, which you probably saw coming because it’s one of the most appropriate things to base on with this type combination. Another possible candidate is a jester, mime or clown, as their trickery could be perceived as “evil”, because it’s another common interpretation towards them. As such, a Mr. Mime evolution could have this type combination, as long as it isn’t made scary as a result. Perhaps a Pokémon with the ability to give the “evil eye” to someone might be a good candidate as well, but that would mean they need to be able to learn Hex, because the Japanese name for this move is “Evil Eye”. If there’s a Dark/Psychic-type, a stat spread I would like to see is 92 HP / 55 Atk / 116 Def / 111 SpAtk / 123 SpDef / 36 Speed.

Interestingly, first impression of the Gothitelle’s evolution line is this type combination, and it’s not hard to see why. They look “dark”, yet look like they have psychic powers. Some game mods turn them into said typing, but Smogon recommends the Psychic/Ground-type for trapping Volt Switch Pokémon. Also, Brycen-man of PokéStar fame is of this type combination, but since that is not a Pokémon (he’s an actor), that doesn’t count.

Other than that, there’s nothing much to say for this one, but that’s OK, because of all the unexplored type combinations, this is the one that I want to see the most. As such...

“It needs to be done!!!”

Our next entry will be the final part of the Dark-type Pokémon before we delve into the “Unexplored Beings and Things” article, and if you have an idea on what Dark-type isn’t explored yet, you can submit some ideas here, and I will see if it’s worthy of an entry. If your idea is worthy of mention, you will be credited, but if you are not credited for the idea, it means that it’s already in the article before you suggested it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    Dark/Elec could be like a thundercloud or something. Maybe a fast special sweeper.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Dark/Electric would be cool, also Dark/Psychic. I think Dark/Bug would be interesting.
    Updated 9th December 2012 at 01:01 PM by Shiny Celebi
  3. Baf's Avatar
    @Aquanova; Houndoom and Cacturne say hello. :p

    I hope Gamefreak use more rare combos and unused combos in gen 6.
  4. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    When you do this, make sure you don't repeat type combinations from another side of the list. Either that or make some distinction between something like Dark/Normal and Normal/Dark
  5. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    In all honesty I think every type combination needs to done.
  6. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    Regarding Dark/Bug (or perhaps saying Bug/Dark in my case would be more appropiate?), I always found it's lack of existence very odd. There are many bugs that are active in the darkness, and while "darkness" isn't necessarialy the idea of the Dark type, lurking in the shadows as many of these bugs do or hunting at night certainly is.

    I like having Dark/Normal as a more "magical" kind of concept like an evil fairy instead of just a common animal, but that applies to all Normal types really. The concept of dark+magical fits Dark/Psychic greatly too.

    And that's the kind of concept I'd be interested in seeing for a Dark type: A dark magician of sorts. Now, traditional black magic like hexes and spiritism and such generally is the place of Ghost types... But what I have in mind is more of an stage magician, that they use mental tricks, but with shady methods. Like unwillful hypnotism or mind-reading.
    That's not to say, they wouldn't have a plethora of black-magic Ghost moves to their disposal too, like Hex.
  7. Winterdaze's Avatar
    I think a Dark/Bug Pokemon based on Calyptra moths would be great, as a blood-drinking moth fits the Dark type perfectly. The Mothman would also be a good inspiration for that typing, as we don't have that many anthropomorphic bug types.
  8. winstein's Avatar
    @33Whimsicott33; I don't quite understand what you mean. Could you elaborate?

    Thanks for reading.
  9. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    For example, when you get to Normal type combinations, note that Normal/Dark should not be covered again because you covered it already, unless there's some distinction you want to make between the orderings.
  10. winstein's Avatar
    @33Whimsicott33; While you made a good point, I am not certain if everybody in the future who will read the future article would remember the old ones. The timeframe between articles are not necessarily short enough for everyone to remember both of them. Even then, I would attempt to modify the content when the time comes, to mix things up.

    Thanks for reading.
  11. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Dark/Psychic is probably going to be overpowered. Oh wait... it has double weakness to Bug. Meh, it should be okay.

    Dark/Electric would be certainly an awesome pokemon. I would love to see one. Personally, Luxray should've been Dark/Electric cuz the color theme fits him. Also, something like a light bulb or a computer mouse could take the design as well (we've had a lamp pokemon, so why not other everyday objects?)
  12. Owain's Avatar
    IMO Dark/Electric could be a lizard or a tiger, but wolf is also cool.
    Bug/Dark coulb be based on the cryptid known as the mothman, a spider or a parasitic larva
    Psychic/Dark could be a clown, as coulrophobia is the most common phobia.
  13. Silverwynde's Avatar
    I always thought that Galvantula could have been a good Dark/Bug type: so many people are frightened of spiders that it might have worked.

    As for Dark/Electric: a computer virus, similar to Rotom could be a good choice. Instead of simply wrecking havoc inside of a machine like Rotom, the Dark type could either corrupt the OS or destroy data entirely. Or, we could go another route that has a lot of people nervous:

    Make the Dark/Electric type a robot. It may sound crazy, but it could work.

    I know a lot of people who are outright terrified of the idea of building a sentient robot simply for the idea that it could rebel and wipe out most humans on the planet, similar to the Terminator series. There's almost a primal fear that surrounds certain people when they think of the idea of a sapient machine and a Dark/Electric type could build upon that. Game Freak could even make it a split evolution--the Dark form of this Pokemon comes about by the base form being exposed to a Dusk Stone, wiping out the original programming and creating something far more sinister. It's a thought.


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