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Unexplored Dark-type Beings and Things

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by , 22nd December 2012 at 09:59 AM (3977 Views)
The definition of a Dark-type is generally not as specific as other types, so it’s not quite as easy to think of beings and things that would make great Dark-types. I suppose it’s just me, and perhaps other people might have an easier time figuring out stuff that would make great Dark-types. However, this is what I came up with after some deliberate thinking, which was, again, not quite easy. Now, I am also going to tell you now that I am pretty dry on the best pictures to use to represent my ideas, so these are what I came up with. If you are ready, let’s check out what ideas I had in mind.

Misery Eater

(Sorry, I don't have a suitable picture to represent this idea.)

Sometimes not every Dark-type has to be based on something that is evil. Absol is an example. If I were to choose a non-evil Dark-type, I guess I would go for something that snacks on the negative feelings of someone so that the target will be purified of such emotions. Maybe this Pokémon could take the form of a leech, in which it could suck out the misery from its victim, like how leeches are used by doctors to cure the patient by removing some bad blood from them. Maybe it could also be like Munna, in which it sucks in the energy (in Munna’s case, dream energy) from the victim, curing the victim of whatever stress they have, making them great for strenuous tasks. A Pokémon of this might possibly be part-Poison or part-Ghost, its movepool focused towards support, and possess subpar offensive capabilities (or good Attack) along with great defences.

Seven Deadly Sins

(Yes, someone out there actually made a harem out of the Seven Deadly Sins. By Endling)

The seven deadly sins are composed of pride, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, wrath and sloth. There are certainly Pokémon who can represent one of the above, like Slaking for sloth and Munchlax for gluttony, but I am thinking of a series of Pokémon identical thematically, meaning that they don’t look the same, but they bear some resemblance that makes them related in a way, kind of like Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. They could take on the forums of small humanoid creatures like goblins and imps, something like Sableye, taking on the personality of those sins, as well as having abilities associated with the sin (like gluttony having Gluttony and greed having Pickup). The only problem is that seven is too much for a series, because most thematically identical Pokémon didn’t even reach seven, so it’s lower on the list. However, because the Eeveelutions exist (currently having seven members), it certainly is a possibility, although the members are not introduced all at once.

Fear Shapshifter

(I do not know a picture that would properly represent the idea, so I used that Lilo & Stitch character Spooky, because it's the first thing that came to my mind around this concept. If you watched that (Halloween) episode before, you will know what I mean.)

Fear is an emotion that will leave someone hesitant and unable to be confident, like maybe a bad memory or a weakness, and sometimes it is good because safety could be the best way. Fear is also a very good way to display a character’s flaws, so it’s not at all uncommon for stories to show characters fearing over something, and perhaps if they could overcome it, they will experience character development. One of the things that I sometimes see on TV shows is a being that could shape-shift in order to match a character’s fear, which is convenient in showing the audience some more of a character’s traits. What I am suggesting is a Pokémon that is able to transform into whatever the target fears. In a way, Zoroark has explored this concept because its ability Illusion could turn into something the opponent fear, but according to the PokéDex entries, it prefers to use its transformation for the purpose of trickery instead. It’s important to note that any other Pokémon who can learn Transform (Ditto, Mew and Smeargle) does not fit this concept.

Because the Pokémon is able to transform into the target’s deepest fear, it should logically learn Transform, even though the move doesn’t accommodate to their fear. Perhaps something interesting that this Pokémon could have is an ability that causes it to transform its type depending on the opponent’s type. For example, if the opponent is a Fighting-type, it could transform into a Psychic-type, which is something they don’t like facing. Another example would be to transform into a Fire-type when faced with a Bug/Steel-type. However, in order for this to work, it has to have broad offensive coverage to cause the target to fear, or perhaps an attack that matches the type it is now, like Judgement, except it’s not as strong (in the same way Psyshock is not as strong as Psystrike). I guess the stats could be made so that it has the defences is able to support resisted hits well, as well as having good offensive stats.

Perhaps this idea is a bit hard to explain or execute well, since there’s no way the opponent would fear bits of data, but I think the results could be great if it execute well. Besides, it lets one know what their friends or foes are scared of, allowing you to know something secretive about them.


A Cerberus is a Greek mythical creature that looks like a dog with three heads. It’s important to note that both this creature and the hellhound are not the same, because the former is a guard dog (a good one at that, because three heads is better than two, which in turn is better than one) which prevents those that reached the Underworld (through the river Styx) from escaping, while the latter is mostly associated with hell and can breathe fire (essentially like Houndoom). Of course, the Cerberus is a Dark-type because it is associated with death, and unlike Duskull’s family, they are corporeal. There are two ways to approach this: one is to make an evolutionary line with an increasing number of heads, not unlike Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon, and two is to provide Houndoom an evolution based on this, merging the concepts of the hellhound and this creature.


(It's Pennywise the Clown from the movie "It". Personally, I didn't see this move, but I knew it through Nostalgia Critic)

While clowns are known for their thought to entertain, some people don’t see them that way. Instead, they see them as something to be afraid of due to not looking like an ordinary human, not to mention that they do outlandish things even though it’s for entertainment. To take this concept of scary clowns further, some stories portray them as deliberately inhumane and horrific. That’s why we have stuff like the clown from “It” the movie and the famous Joker from Batman, especially his recent portrayal. I think that this idea could be implemented in Pokémon. Although Mr. Mime is arguably a clown, it’s more of a mime because it behaves like one, like when it generates screens by placing its hands like as if it touches a wall (on the other hand, Mime Jr. Looks more like a clown).

The reason I came up with a clown as a Dark-type is that several of their tricks are Dark-type in nature. For example, they might pull off some trickery and swap items with you (Switcheroo), their tricks might be tormenting (Torment) and they might have something nasty in mind (Nasty Plot). Do note that Mr. Mime also learns some Dark-type moves, including those I listed. However, this clown should have a good blend of scariness and humour, because of the dual interpretation of clowns. After all, not every Dark-type has to look purposefully evil.

In terms of moves, this Pokémon needs more Dark-type moves compared to Mr. Mime, so something like Sucker Punch and Memento would differentiate between the two. In terms of stats, I could see this one being slow and bulky, while packing a punch on the Physical side, because Dark is mostly a Physical offensive type. As a secondary type, the three candidates are Normal, Psychic and Fighting. For Psychic, perhaps it would be nice if it’s Mr. Mime’s evolution, where it would gain a Dark-type. Fighting, on the other hand, would be very interesting because clowns knowing martial arts is naturally awesome.

A Pokémon with elements of horror and comedy is something I would like to see more, like Cofagrigus. To a lesser extent, I would like to see a Pokémon based on a jack-in-a-box. Now that’s more nightmare-inducing than a clown.


In Greek mythology, a gorgon is a humanoid mythological creature with snake hair that is capable of turning anyone to stone with its gaze. Medusa is the most popular gorgon known. Although we have Pokémon who can stare the opposition to paralysis thanks to the move Glare, there isn’t a gorgon-like Pokémon yet. This Pokémon would obviously have the move Glare, and it would have a move that purposefully freeze the opponent, even if they’re not going to be encased in ice. Maybe the move could be called Petrify, although it would not make sense for a Pokémon with Magma Armour to be immune. This type of Pokémon probably doesn’t need to look like a humanoid gorgon, and could be on an animal as well, usually a snake with many heads to mimic the gorgon’s snake hair. Usually the gorgon is a female, but there are rare cases in which the gorgon is male, like one of the main characters of Monster High. However, if this idea is executed, it will likely be a completely female species.


(A shot from Night of the Living Dead)

Zombies is one of those famous trends in games, besides shooters (don’t quote me on that), so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the designers of Pokémon to have a Pokémon based on one of the most famous undead species. While being an undead usually classifies something as a Ghost-type, I think they don’t need to be, simply because they are tangible, unlike ghosts. They will probably be part-Poison to show that they are immune to being poisoned, due to them being technically “dead”. As far as abilities go, they would probably have the ability “Zombie” or “Undead”, which like the Final Fantasy games, will make the target hurt if they heal themselves (excluding Leftovers) and heal if inflicted with Ghost Curse. It can spread to other Pokémon through a move or attacking the target on contact, so inflicting it on a Blissey would be great to limit her actions. A Dark/Poison-type zombie Pokémon would likely give rise to some zombie apocalypse parodies, which is OK, because the more parodies with Pokémon, the better.

Dark Wizard

(By Masterthecreater, aka Linkara's title card artist. Click picture to view it on Deviantart.)

I covered this one in the past article, but I feel the need to mention it again, because it’s one of the best things to base a Dark-type on. Essentially, this Pokémon would take on a dark wizard stereotype common in games, with magic and so on, so it will be a Psychic-type. It will have a great range of Special Attacks, like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Earth Power and lack of Physical attacks. Like the common mage in other RPGs, they will have low Attack and Defence, but high Special Attack and Special Defence. In addition to this, it would have a wide range of Support moves like Psychic-types are usually blessed with, making it a flexible Pokémon to use.

Perhaps this type of Pokémon doesn’t need to take on a humanoid appearance, even though we normally associate wizards with humans. It could take on a more anthropomorphic appearance like Infernape and Toxicroak, and black cats could be part of the inspiration because of their association with witches. A reptile-like animal could also be used to easily look more evil. Or take an animal that nobody expects at all on a dark wizard, because I love surprises.


(Using Dracula here because he's iconic)

If there’s one thing that Pokémon haven’t really have, it’s something based on a vampire, as in the type that suck out blood. When I am talking about vampires, I am not referring to bats like Zubat and Golbat (and to a lesser extent, Gliscor). What I am envisioning is the type of vampires that originated from Dracula. Essentially they suck out blood and can transform into bats, and are rather susceptible to light. Perhaps if they come with some traditional vampire clothes they would look rather smashing. It might be a risk, considering how the image of a typical vampire has changed in modern times (Twilight has something to do with this). As a Pokémon based on a vampire, it comes with all the “Fang” moves. All in all, a vampire would make for a brilliant Dark-type.

The way this transformation works is if it uses a relevant move to turn into another form, and both the human form and the bat form have different stats and type, so the human would probably be pure Dark-type and focused more on both Attack and Defence stats, while the bat would be Dark/Flying with Speed as the main focus. In terms of ability, I think this Pokémon would have a new signature ability called “Vampire”. It’s kind of like Cofagrigus’ Mummy, in which you are able to inflict the target with the same ability. Triggering it would be different, as this Pokémon needs to use Bite, Crunch or the Fang moves on another Pokémon, giving them this ability. This ability will make the target able to absorb more HP from the target, but if Sun is up, they lose HP every turn. Because it is triggered by the player, it could prove useful on a Sun team or a Pokémon looking to remove a vital ability from the opponent.

Maybe the Pokémon doesn’t need to be based on that kind of vampire, but rather, the Chinese vampire (Jiang Shi), as could be seen in Super Mario Land and one of those Darkstalker fighters.


(Demon Kawashima may not be a good representation, but he's too funny not to be chosen.)

I think this should be the obvious choice for a Dark-type, but unless you count Houndoom (which is based on a hellhound), we don’t have a Pokémon based on a real devil-based demon yet. It’s very risky to suggest a demon Pokémon, considering how some people have a religious sensitivity (or probably superstition). However, the demon is such a popular figure that introducing it now won’t be as bad as the first Generation (because there were people claiming that Pokémon is the work of the devil, or something like that), considering that demons are also quite popular, like vampires and zombies. It’s interesting to note that because the next Generation of Pokémon will have the number 666 on the PokéDex, some people speculate that that spot will be taken over by something related to the devil.

That aside, this Pokémon could possess fiery powers, because they are associated with hell, which is commonly depicted as fiery. If possible, it shouldn’t possess a fork as a weapon, because that would make it too stereotypical. It would be able to learn every Dark-type move in the book as a bonus, and that includes Bite, Crunch, Quash and Switcheroo, making it somewhat flexible. It could have Prankster to utilise its abilities very well, especially Quash in Doubles. In terms of stats, it should have high Attack, Special Attack and Speed, like any sweeper Pokémon.

I guess I don’t have much else to say, but a Dark-type Pokémon based on a demon is something I would love to see. Maybe they could introduce an angel-based Pokémon to go along with it to create version exclusive counterparts.

Admittedly, I felt that some of the concepts I explained may be a trifle complicated to be understood. So, I apologise if these ideas or concepts are very difficult to understand. Well, I did my best with this, so I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Grass Type Warrior's Avatar
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    Not so interested in the demon or the vampire, but I do like the Gorgon idea. Make it part Poison (because of snakes) or part Rock (because of petrification) and we're good.

    Also, sign me up for Cerberus as a Houndoom evo. Taking one of my favorite Pokemon of all time and making it even more bad ass? Hell yes! (pun intended.)
  2. Murkmire's Avatar
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    I personally like the clown idea. You DO point out a good idea for a Clowny Dark-type, and I even had an idea for one in mind. Even a demonic Pokemon would be a great idea. The question is will Nintendo put thought like this into their next generation.
    winstein likes this.
  3. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
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    I lost it when I saw the Demon Doc. The rest of the article was quite good, too. I think the Fear Shapeshifter, especially is a brilliant idea.
    winstein likes this.
  4. Yato's Avatar
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    This type of Pokémon probably doesn’t need to look like a humanoid gorgon, and could be on an animal as well, usually a snake with many heads to mimic the gorgon’s snake hair.
    Wouldn't that be more of a Hydra than a Gorgon, though? I love the idea, nonetheless.
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  5. Owain's Avatar
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    Another one could be the Manticore, or even a Sphinx.


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