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Today at a Book Fair

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by , 1st June 2012 at 12:34 PM (1702 Views)
Today, I went to a book fair with my mother and sister. This book fair is mainly a Chinese book fair, because most of the books are Chinese language. However, even though it's a book fair, that's not all they have. There are also booths with electronics, clothes and so on. So, the books are in Chinese, meaning that most of the people there are Chinese.

I like comics and illustrations, so I am more drawn towards those particular sections. However, none of the comics are the superhero type of comics, so that's nice. The comics that I saw include some of the Tom and Jerry ones (I am surprised they have comics too!), some of the Duck comics (mainly, it has Huey, Dewey and Louie) and a couple books about a wandering rabbit. I also saw a paper model pack of the birds from "Third and Bird", which was new to me (I was surprised a Chinese dub existed, last I checked).

One particular set of books I really loved are Jimmy Liao's books. He's a Taiwanese, which is even more impressive. I particularly liked "When the Moon Forgot" and "The Blue Stone", among others. They also have other assorted comics like those that involve Chinese culture and some of the stuff that teaches Maths.

I remembered that when I went to a previous book fair in the same place, there was a "How to Draw Manga" book there, which I got two of, and the thing is, they are quite cheap! Certainly cheaper than when I were to by an English one. That's to say, it pays to understand Chinese, because you can get your material for a cheaper price (I paid the English one for RM80 (US$25), but the Chinese one was around RM28 (US$8.76)). I mentioned this, because I saw a book about fairy tales, and despite its size, it cost around RM28, since it used a thinner paper. If you take great care of books, it's a bargain.

One thing I stumbled while I was there are Pokemon figurines. There are assorted Pokemon there, up to Generation 5. Some of them were broken (like Bayleef, who lost its head and neck). I was pleased to see some new faces like Pignite and Glameow. Amongst them, I saw a PokeBall, which was strange because it's a Pokemon figurines pile, but to my surprise, it's actually a Foongus. This means that its disguise is actually effective!

There are some more things that I could go on, but I think I will stop here. It's a fun book fair, but sadly, I didn't get anything because I am afraid I won't get into the books, since I don't regularly speak Chinese, despite being one myself. Still, the aura there made enjoying the books there great. In fact, I feel that reading books beat reading their equivalent ones online, since you won't get red eyes (and insomnia) when reading real books.

Before I am done, here are some pictures of Jimmy Liao's talent:

Thanks for reading.

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