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Some Pokémon commercials I enjoyed

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A few days ago, when I was searching in Youtube, I came across old Pokémon commercials I never got to enjoy (because my country never advertised video games), and these are the commercials I enjoyed, along with commentary:

1) Pokémon Red and Blue (US):

This really surprised me as to how accurately the commercial portrayed certain things. For one, the commercial demonstrated the main draw of the Pokémon games: interaction between friends. In this case, only trading is used, and even then, the Pokémon are accurately drawn. The commercial is very charming because of how the Pokémon want to travel along the Link Cable themselves through tightrope balance, and I would be amazed if it happens to me for real. Obviously Link Cables will not actually be that long (unless modded, that is), but the policeman's reaction to this phenomenon is also a very nice touch too, which is a parallel to an average person's reaction to Pokémon's explosion in popularity.

2) Pokémon Yellow (US):

A rather odd commercial, if you ask me. First of all, you see a guy partnering with Pikachu who never actually battled. Secondly, while the guy went by the "Catch 'em all" motto, the way he captures is also very odd, because he catches the Pokémon in non-standard ways (as in, not in Pokéball). Understandable is that there's no Pokéballs in real life. Thirdly, this is a real-life and cartoon mix! Despite this being a US commercial, the Pokémon's names are in French. A rather funny commercial because of the approach on catching the Pokémon, if I say so myself. Oh, and poor Dragonite!

3) Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (US):

As I have observed, the Gamecube-Advance era was when Nintendo still allowed quirky commercial like the Mario Party games, and I am pleased to see that Pokémon is also like that. The commercial is about two rather controversial games among the fans, but I like it because it showcased the new Pokémon as a feature, and you have to actually see this commercial to find out why it's amusing. Maybe some will not like it based on the controversial opinions about the games, but personally, I like it. I would like to see Pokémon Black and White advertised like this, to be honest, with all the quirky new Pokémon we have now. I can see the Mudkip references a mile away...(on the other hand, I am glad Blaziken's one of the represented Pokémon! I knew he's a cool Pokémon)

4) Pokémon Red and Blue (US) (Another commercial):

This is a different commercial, despite the similar label in the title. This is as quirky as the other one, but the message is considerably different. This one is about catching them all, and I will leave you to see how this is portrayed. Personally this is an awesome commercial, and I only saw this the first time a few days ago. (If you don't get what it means, it means that despite its childish nature, I enjoyed it)

5) Pokémon Gold and Silver (US):

This is one I never felt the hype with. Here, we see a kid trying to make Pokémon real but only accepted a Gameboy Colour. Interestingly, those games introduced breeding, with newborns as eggs. All I got to say is that the kid's ungrateful. The commercial itself is fun to watch, still.

6) Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (US):

This is an incredibly stunning commercial, in terms on presentation! They took Team Rocket's motto and made it cool, because the kids are instantly awesome given the way the advertisement is filmed. It's like the directors knew what's cool about the old days and took one of the greatest moments in the early days of the Pokémon franchise, and made it an awesome commercial. ...and the wireless functionality is unimportant details compared to this chilling factor. Would be funny if the kids are Team Rocket's agents, though.

7) Pokémon Stadium (US):

I loved how the commercial makes the simple premise of monsters fighting and make it over-the-top like premium sports entertainment, with cheerleaders, spectators and all. I understand Snorlax's a very good Pokémon in competitive battling, but this is just torturing the tiny Pokémon!

8) Pokémon Snap (JP):

I am not sure about others, but I find the idea of an adult enjoying a simple game pretty awesome, especially because he/she's not imprisoned by inhibitions. It's also funny how this guy is so obsessed with this game that he even acquired stickers, and the children are somehow attracted to him for a weird reason. Do they even have those booths in America? And would the same adult be ridiculed there too if the same thing is done?

9) Pokémon Snap (US):

These Pokémon has got to be the most camera-shy of the lot...for amusing reasons, obviously!

10) Pokémon Puzzle League:

This is what I like about US commercials (which I said before): they are so over-the-top with their presentation it's funny, and in this case, one gladiator is fighting a...I will let you see his opponent.

11) Pokémon Crystal (JP):

Words can't describe as to how amazed I was when I was watching this commercial...despite being ignorant with their conversation. For this one, I would like some assistance with it. From what I can tell, the kid's a heavenly fella that happens to be holy by playing Pokémon.

12) Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (US):

As a DS game, I somehow feel that the commercial lacks the quirky factor, but it's still rather entertaining because which Pokémon fan wouldn't want Pokéballs raining down the sky? Again, the main point of it is the new Pokémon, but it's done in a classier way, but I am a fan of quirky commercials, so this one appealed me the least of the lot.

13) Pokémon Yellow (JP):

I get the feeling that Meowth is the most underappreciated Pokémon in the universe...

14) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky (JP):

This commercial convinced me that the journey in Mystery Dungeon is more than a video game, but also an a grand adventure. Can someone explain the Grovyle and Dusknoir scene?

15) Hey You, Pikachu! (US):

I wondered how the kid would feel when the dog could talk. Perhaps this commercial tells us the playing the game will make us neglect our pets?

16) Pokémon Live:

I laughed and laughed at this one, but this laugh is of a good nature and not ridicule. The reason I laughed is because I took a look at what was fascinating at the past, and thought it's funny as to what those who never saw this one. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed their music, and I respect those actors for putting up those costumes for the entertainment for the kids, but somehow, I find it funny. Sorry to everybody who are offended by this.

That's it for the commercials I enjoyed. I have more of them, but I didn't put them all because I didn't have time to put my opinion. Will I do another one? You bet I would. These commercials are actually very entertaining! So, what do you think of these commercials? Be sure to tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kars's Avatar
  2. ghaskan's Avatar
  3. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Grovyle and Dusknoir scene, first, SPOILER ALERT, it's his sacrifice to get rid of Dusknoir and allow you and your partner to safely travel up the Temproral Tower and face Primal Dialga.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this blog post! It took me way back to days of old! How 'bout 5 more for my friends?

  4. Miar's Avatar
    @ #2: That's the French version of the commercial

    Higher Quality American version with the English names
  5. tyler212's Avatar
    OMG the bus commercial, I remembered that used to be at the on one of my pokemon vhs tapes. It was longer showing him picking up more pokemon but that was the short version.


    Thanks for the memories!
  6. Surferboy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tyler212
    OMG the bus commercial, I remembered that used to be at the on one of my pokemon vhs tapes. It was longer showing him picking up more pokemon but that was the short version.


    Thanks for the memories!
    OMG I have that commercial too! I taped it sometime during cerulean and That beach place :D
  7. Krookodile's Avatar
    Misty looks retarded.

    This makes me feel privileged to have moderately OK ads in Oz.
  8. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    The english Pokemon Dungeon Sky commercial came direct from the japanese commercial. I was very surprised that they kept it here. Much better than the "What Pokemon Are You?" ad they ran during Time and Darkness...

    The team rocket motto commercial shocked me too. Especially considering the fact that the beginning leads you to believe it's a commercial that has nothing to do with pokemon. And yet, sure enough... you start to pick up the familiar words...


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