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Some Pokémon commercials I enjoyed (Part TWO!)

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by , 7th April 2011 at 02:12 PM (702 Views)
And this is the second part of the Pokémon commercials that I enjoyed! What, you missed the first part? If you missed it, here’s the link to see what commercials I enjoyed. Anyway, this time, most of these are non-games Pokémon products, and because of this, most of it are from Japan, so if I didn’t list the origin of the commercial, it’s a Japanese commercial. You know what that means? The Japanese got the cool Pokémon stuff! Anyway, like before, each commercial will have a link directed to it, as well as my commentary on the subject matter.

1) KFC Pokémon Commercial (US)

It seems that Colonel Sanders caught the Pokémon Fever... Oh, and four Pokémon is hardly any collection, but whatever. Although, I am not interested in the Popcorn Chicken. Fortunately, no Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken mention, but that’s to be expected, since they didn’t exist back then.

2) Burger King commercial - Pokémon 2000 (US)

A cartoon character in the real world is always fun to watch. It’s funny to see how it will turn out after what Ash did in there. Anyway, the toys look cool to have...for 15 minutes. Yeah, I missed out on all the Pokémon stuff overseas, so it’s nice to see how these things work.

3) Pokémon Center (US)

Pikachu running in the streets? If that was on my TV, this would be a blast! Looks like a Pokémon haven, but sadly, it seems like it had discontinued, and became ruined. OK, maybe it’s not ruined, but I heard it’s not there anymore.

4) Pokémon Noodles commercial

I chuckled at the thought of Ash and some of the Pokémon drawing an equilateral in thin air and it manifested, because I am sure someone out there will be disappointed that no cup of noodles will appear when they drew the same shape. Anyway, the dumplings looked too colourful to be enjoyable for my tastes. Of course, Meowth had to be the one to suffer. Still, it didn’t look like Meowth was the only one suffering, as Turtwig seemed to be left out when the other two starters got their share! It must be foreshadowing that Turtwig will have some losing record in the future...

5) Pokémon Bread commercial

I would hazard a guess and say this commercial occurred first before the next one because it has Tracey and Misty in it, as well as old faces. Of course, Meowth has the Trix Rabbit curse and wind up losing in a race only because he fell, although he ran the fastest. This reminds me of a “Sonic Sez” where Robotnik and his one-episode rival raced, but both of them had a tie, and Sonic thinks it’s because “cheaters never prosper”. That one was absurd. Anyway, I have to be amazed by Misty's rather high-pitched voice. It's not terrible or anything, but...just wow...

6) Pokémon Bread commercial 2

Keep in mind that this isn't an alternative commercial to the previous one, but a commercial shown at a future period from the last one, as evidenced by the new Pokémon we see. We got some pre-evolution fun here! Of course, they just have to use Pokémon belonging to the main characters in the anime. Of course, where there’s Munchlax... they pinch back.

7) Pokémon Bread commercial 3

Now we get to see Turtwig doing something right, after that debacle that was that noodles commercial I mentioned. Anyway, I am sure the Pokémon would love to live in Bread Land with rainbows and balloons, because they will never be starving again. Oh, and Munchlax is fortunately sleeping, because that would mean no more bread for everyone again!

8) Pokémon Crane Game

This reminds me of the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, except you have no Hippopotases and Hippowdons, and you have all the basic stagers. More evidence that Piplup is a very popular Pokémon in Japan, folks. Anyway, looks pretty interesting, but I would think the claw variation is more fun. Understandably, it’s more dangerous and destructive. In that case, there should be more Pokémon to catch, because what they provide is clearly not enough.

9) Pokémon Mega Bloks

Who would have thought blocks with Pokémon’s faces implanted on each side will be such a absurd idea? Not me. I think it’s crazy enough to be great! There is the standard fare of Croa-brick, Block-doof and Pika-cube, but you know what surprised me? Dialga and Palkia cubes. You have to see to believe what I said. Surprisingly, the starters are not squarely cubic.

10) Pokémon Figure Battlefield Set

Now you can battle with Pokémon in real life! plastic. Looks like this is similar to the sumo game, because ring out and you lose! The Pokémon seems to be the strong type, because I can see some familiar faces that are considered strong, like the legendaries. Well, at least they didn’t put the joke Pokémon as far as I can see, because I bet it will be embarrassing to see your Palkia being beaten by a Mudkip. Still, it looks fun to play with.

11) Pokémon Saikyou! Moncolle Stadium

Alright, contrary from the last one, the basic Pokémon can be seen battling the legendaries, because they are very huge! I am sure it will be embarrassing for Zekrom to be defeated by an Axew, but what happens when Reshiram and Zekrom duked it out? If you remembered one of the comments back when the legendaries were announced, you will probably think of that.

12) Pokémon Para Para

And now for some dancing Pokémon, featuring Pikcahu, Meowth and Wobbuffet! Didn’t care about the snacks and the Celebi movie promotion, but Wobbuffet fans will be happy because he or she does the Para Para! Sonaaasu!!

13) Pokémon Sausage commercial

I have no idea what they are talking about, but who knew Team Rocket make great salespeople? It must be the Generation 1 time because the “collect them all” mantra was still there. Still, I wonder why Team Rocket escaped... but as usual, they leave Meowth behind.

14) Domino’s Pizza commercial

Pizza is served just in time for lunch (because it’s still daytime)! Of course, because this is a Pokémon commercial, what better way to broadcast the Pokémon anime on TV in the show? And of course, because the Rockets are popular characters, what better way to show the TV with them? Do you know what I find funny? If you guessed Team Rocket envying over the pizza the kids are having, you are correct! I like how they ignored the fourth wall after they recited their motto here.

15) Talking Togepi Plush commercial

I find it amazing that Togepi was even more popular than Pikachu. I mean, remember when Togepi was popular? I don’t. Anyway, I am sure Misty fans will adore that faceless obviously-Misty person. I can imagine the reporter asking “How do you feel about getting a lot of screen time yet do almost nothing of substance”, and Togepi responds with the famous “Priii” chirp. of the reasons Pokémon is better than Digimon: they have consistent cries, unlike the more verbose Digimon.

16) Talking Pochama* Plush commercial (*Piplup)

And now, another sign of Piplup love in Japan! Oh boy...this one is very funny. While I can see Piplup being used as a partner toy, it looks like Piplup is suffering because it is tickled and shaken while upside-down. Of course, I am sure everybody will enjoy the talking toy, whether it is making a partner or a victim out of it, depending on how you like Piplup. Seeing as how the west hates Piplup, I am sure they will enjoy torturing the heck out of it, but then I would have pitied the toy if Piplup actually spoke in sorrow and sadness (kind of like the last episode of the Diamond and Pearl anime). You know, I think I appreciate Piplup more after seeing this commercial. ...also, “Tickle me Pochama” much?

OK, like before, sixteen commercials are enough for now, so I hope you enjoyed these commercials as I have, because it allowed me to understand what the people overseas were exposed to when it comes to Pokémon. Will I do more of these? I think I might, if I can gather up another 16 commercials to write about. So, what do you think of them? Be sure to tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
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    I wish my area had the KFC Dragonair plushes
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    ...I wish I had been aware of those KFC plushies, would've bought all 4.

    That Burger King one was like foreshadowing, since it sounds like Kayzie Rogers was voicing Ash. A few years later she ended up doing it again in the Mastermind special.


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