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Some Pokémon commercials I enjoyed (Part Four...)

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by , 17th May 2012 at 06:31 AM (463 Views)
This is my last blog regarding Pokémon commercials. The reason is that there isn’t the same abundance of fun commercials now compared to the past, so it gets harder and harder to find a batch of them. This is my last attempt at compiling the Pokémon commercials I enjoyed, before retiring from this. For reference, here are the past blogs relating to the commercials:

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With that, let’s move on!

1) Pokémon Figures (US)

They made Pokémon sound like they’re scary monsters, which would be true if they were real. Still, being scared of toys is some sort of exaggeration. I like the bouncy glass balls those figures they’re encapsulated in, though. Other cool things include Meowth inside the pizza and that Gameboy-shaped pop-gun (Ball Blaster). Near the end, the commercial’s supposed to emphasize that they’re “pocket” monsters, but perhaps the interpretation went beyond that for some people (thus they would find that part funny).

2) WB Kids Pokémon and Batman Crossover (US)

It’s funny to see Batman doing things he don’t normally do, and Robin’s surprisingly in the Pokémon craze as well. However, what made this commercial for me is seeing the Joker alongside Brock and Misty. Classic!

3) Pokemon Trading Card League (US)

While it’s true that the Pokémon Trading Card game is still popular, it’s amazing to watch this commercial knowing how far the Pokémon TCG had gone. There’s a ton of energy to be had when promoting the competition. Also, that boy in the beginning and the end is funny, because his movement is unnatural (“Yes, I think I am!”), from his moving mouth plus unmoving body, and his various poses in the end.

4) Burger King Big Kids Meal/Pokémon Toys (US)

The commercial isn’t enjoyable to me for the content, but rather, it is enjoyable for showing an impressive collection of toys that I will never have. Not only that, Burger King looks about delicious now.

5) Pokemon Red and Green (JP)

As a commenter of this video said, this video is great because Pokémon isn’t limited to children; anyone from any age group could enjoy this game. This is enjoyable precisely for that reason. The lady in the beginning has her own unique form of cuteness, and it’s interesting that Psyduck’s the first Pokémon to be shown (after that lady’s squeal), instead of Pikachu.

6) Pokémon Unova Region Starter Plushies (JP)

I enjoyed this commercial for the same reason I enjoyed the Piplup one: the toys are very cute. Oshawott [Mijumaru] is my favourite, because it is shown to be very cute. Close second is Snivy [Tsutarja], because its voice is cute. Not much interest in both Pikachu and Tepig [Pokabu], since neither showed off what they’ve got.

7) Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (EU)

The kids must be very audacious to simply be visiting the legendaries without outside help. Still, seeing a legendary Pokémon for real is not such a bad idea, considering how elusive they are…

8) Pokémon Stadium 2 (US)

Note that this is a different commercial of the same game from the last part. This shows how impatient and eager some fans could be, but this is a pretty creative way to show that you get a bonus for pre-ordering a game. I pity those shopkeepers who had to deal with such customers, though.

9) Pokémon Ranger Guardian Sings (JP)

I enjoyed it if commercials show original animated footage, as it gives the commercial more personality. Fortunately, this game has such commercial. I’ll be honest with you: this commercial got me excited for the game. It’s fun to see that girl character too.

10) Pokémon Channel (JP)

Despite the lukewarm reception for the games, this is a pretty snazzy commercial that makes it look like this game plays like “Hey You, Pikachu!” without the mike. It shows how playing the game attracts the family together, and how this game is attractive for all ages. I laughed when the son moves uncontrollably on the floor, but the dad falling from his chair is hilarious too.

11) Pokémon Crystal (US)

This commercial went for the “Indiana Jones parody” route, so it’s already enjoyable. It’s funny how the Unown is a promoted Pokémon within the commercial, which I guess could be attributed to their “legendary” status. The fun part of this commercial is actually the ending. See for yourselves to find out what I mean!

12) Pokemon Toy Playhouse (JP)

I have only one word to describe this commercial: “GOOD!”

13) PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (US)

This actually isn’t the only PokéPark 2 commercial I enjoyed; there are different variations of this commercial. Anyway, I enjoyed them because for a video game commercial, it has vocal songs (each commercial has a different song) and subtitles are available for them! I chose this one to represent them all because I like it when the talents of the Unova starters are showcased. Interesting how Snivy is referred to as a “her”...

14) Bandai Namco Pokémon Contest (JP)

It’s a trailer, sure, but it qualifies as a commercial because it is a kind of advertisement. I mean, look at all that Pokémon merchandise! This includes Pikachu and Pichu slippers, but more importantly, this includes a 60cm (about 2 feet) tall of Ho-oh and Lugia! Fans would be pleased to know they exist, but this is a contest, so chances are it’s limited, but worse: you can’t get them anymore!

15) Pokémon Platinum (US)

We’re almost there! This is one of the commercials that I would like to mention as we’re nearing the end, because this commercial presents its features greatly. It may not be as exciting now, but back then, Distortion World was a marvellous feat, and the animated trainers help (yes, Platinum introduces this titbit).

16) Pokémon Conquest (JP)

To end this, this is the commercial I would like to mention. The reason is simple: it’s a crossover. That itself had already made this game a selling point, and it’s interesting to see a batch of new characters with new teams. The way it’s presented is also very cool, with that awesome tune making it a majestic game. I am definitely interested, and it’s cool that it’s in the process of being translated.

Even though there may be a growing number of enjoyable Pokémon commercials in the future, I am really not going to compile those commercials. Hopefully someone else could do what I did now at one point of time in the future, so that I could see what some of those enjoyable commercials are. If I were to compile commercials I enjoyed next time, I would be doing Mario-related ones, since they have a treasure trove of awesome commercials. I hope you enjoyed these commercials as much as I have.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Pokemon has some freaking wierd commercials.

    Especially the RS commercial in EU. Pakeman. LOL
  2. Iteru's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I really wish someone uploaded some of the UK ones. They're cringy as hell.
  3. Joltik's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I enjoyed every one of the them.


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