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Some Pokémon commercials I enjoyed (Part Three!?)

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by , 15th December 2011 at 03:43 PM (543 Views)
Yes, as I promised in my previous blog, there is another blog entry with Pokémon commercials I enjoy. It's more of a variety this time, so some games-related, and some not. Like the first one, each commercial will be denoted with the region the commercial aired. With the new feature of directly viewing videos in the blogs, you can just watch them here. Now, sit back and enjoy the commercials with some of my commentary to provide a much needed opinion (and possible spoilers) about them.

1) The First Pokemon Commercial (US)

It hearkens back to the days when Pokemon wasn't as widespread as now, but this commercial has a certain charm to it. Firstly, the PokeDex is treated as a character of its own, which you never will see elsewhere. Secondly, I find it very funny that this commercial is pressing for Pikachu to be the mascot. Thirdly, hearing the lady saying the Pokemon website is funny because I kind of think of the internet those days as very limited. Oh, the girl with the beanie toys sounded dull.

2) Pokémon Black and White Battle Pencils (JP)

There's something amusing about seeing children duking out with pencils. I mean, these things are quite ineffectual as battle toys because you will eventually need to be writing with them, and the shorter the pencil, the harder it is to use it for battle. If some children have the thought of shortening the pencil when HP is lowered, then it's going to get expensive and lots of rubbish there will be. Fortunately, no one thought of that for now...

3) Pokemon Gold and Silver (US) (Different from the first one)

The idea that Pokemon is an academy is very amusing, considering how the collection of Pokemon will never end. Also, it's very funny to see Professor Oak as the professor of the academy, like he's way more important than he already is. Seeing Scizor running away from a trainer is also somehow amusing.

4) Pokémon McDonalds Commercial (JP)

Vibrating Pokemon is a subject that never crossed my mind, but still, I find it amusing that children find this type nice. Now, don't get me wrong, some vibration is nice for a massage, but some people can take this word the wrong way. It is also amazing to see children amazed at pumping a Pokemon to move them, especially Wobbuffet. Those who likes comedic Meowth (like Meowth is currently in the anime's dub run) will have some nostalgia, I think.

5) Pokémon McDonald's Pikachu Toy and Happy Set (JP)

The first part of this commercial takes the concept of Pikachu being the mascot of Pokemon and exaggerate it to great levels. Do you know that Pikachu can be a motivator for boxing and makes a great companion to Ronald McDonald? I guess they make a great team. The second part of the commercial shows that Ash/Satoshi is Santa Claus in disguise (or more specifically, Sato-Claus!), because he generously gives out Pokemon to the masses, including Bayleef (if you don't know, Bayleef is one of Ash's Pokemon)!

6) Pokémon Change Stamps JPN Commercial (JP)

These look like it's something I would get if I were a kid, but not something I will go out of the way to get. However, what got me into enjoying this commercial is the "Turkey in the Straw" theme. Lenticular prints will never go out of fashion, because it looks magical. Besides, these makes for good badges.

7) Pokémon Stadium 2 Commercial (US)

Doing everyday actions and calling it a Pokemon move is widespread to Pokemon nerds these days, but this commercial really started this. If you see someone calling a Pokemon attack for the respective mundane action, this has to be their source of inspiration, especially a decade ago.

8) Hey You, Pikachu! JPN Commercial (JP)

The most amazing part of this commercial is the old man taking an interest to this game. Way to tell everyone that this game is fun for all ages!

9) Hey You, Pikachu! JPN Commercial 2 (JP)

Yes, that's right: this commercial has continuity. This is a great follow up from the last one. This man had successfully touched the hearts of many kids by being a spirited gamer in a game normally meant for children, and at the same time being very funny about it! A true Japanese spirited role model...

10) Hey You, Pikachu! JPN Commercial 3 (JP)

Oh, if you think there were only two commercials for this game, you will be pleased to know that there's a third one! A simple summary of the last one, but this game convinces you that you will dedicate more time for this game than work. Not the healthiest habit, but the addiction tells a lot about the game (as in, no matter what kind of gamer you are, you will love it).

11) Pokémon Game Show JPN Commercial (JP)

Youtube commenters have been reported to love this game at first sight. If you too are a Pokemon fan, you too will love it at first sight. By seriously, this thing looks cool, although the language barrier will prevent some people. After all, who wouldn't want a game show at home? If you don't know the Pokemon's Japanese name, you won't get far! I hope you know who's Naetle, Marumine, Denryu, Amemoth or Shubarugo!

12) Pokemon Stadium 2 JPN Commercial (JP)

It's the grownup that loves "Hey You, Pikachu!" again! And he sure loves to use Pikachu, but he's in trouble because he's facing a Bangiras (that's Tyranitar to English speakers)! The move Pikachu just used is DynamicPunch. That random victory dance and old man admiring the Pikachu N64 case are the priceless parts of this promotion.

13) Pokemon Battle Figures JPN Commercial (JP)

Button mashing had never been this intense...

14) Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions USA Commercial (US)

The funny part is the kid running around places. Good for an exercise, though. The best part is "experience Pokemon like never before!" and then the kid screaming with joy (no nurses involved).

15) Pokemon Colosseum USA Commercial (US)

It would be a neat idea if there's a real-time strategy game where players can direct these people to save Pokemon. Anyway, Mudkip lovers will spot an easter egg here, but I prefer the Torchic sign. This commercial should bring Team Plasma into mind, except we don't know if this group is actually evil. The song's funny, though.

16) Pokémon Sleeping Pikachu Plush Japanese Commercial (JP)

I heard of people finding sleeping animals cute, but this one makes it look over the top by making the family going back home just to see the sleeping Pikachu, and this toy sound like a loving pet for the family. I suppose Pikachu looks cuter asleep as well...

If you liked this one, you ought to check out my first entry on Pokémon commercials I liked. That blog's quite old, but the commercials I mentioned should be pleasing to watch. It's too bad we don't have Best Wishes-based product commercials, because those will be wicked. After all, it's awesome to see Iris advertising bread, or Cilan (Dento for those who sees the Japanese anime as the purest form) advertising shampoo. For now, I have no plans to talk about Pokémon commercials I liked (maybe I will come back to do another one day), so I decided to do one with Mario commercials instead! I am going to have fun with this one. There are tons of fun Mario commercials!

Thanks for reading.

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