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Some Mario Commerials I enjoyed

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by , 28th December 2011 at 08:10 AM (338 Views)
I love Mario commercials. Either it's an old one or a new one, they all have some enjoyable charm to it. Here are just a sample of commercials that I liked about Mario, but these are hardly all the commercials I like about Mario. In fact, only sixteen of these are going to be listed for now. I will be providing some of my opinions on them, just so that you know what I think about them. Here we go!

Donkey Kong (US)

This is an interesting portrayal of Mario, although he probably isn't called Mario, but you just can't help but think he's supposed to be Mario, despite not resembling the character he is now. It's funny how this "Mario" is so addicted to the game he thinks his girlfriend is in the game!

Donkey Kong Jr. (US)

Again, a "Mario" that's not really Mario because that's not really how he's portrayed now, simply because he's not a villain any more. If you're thinking this Mario is the same as the one just now, you are probably right. The strangest thing is not only Jr. getting a voice, but the man in gorilla suit enjoying his prison with the game.

Mario Bros. (US)

Poor Luigi's in a bind. Interesting how Luigi was a cowardice as he is now.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (US)

This looks more like a plan to get aliens from the Mario world to enter the United States. However, the sheer scale of this commercial is very, very impressive, even by today's standards (at least, in my opinion).

Super Mario Land (US)

The greyscale approach this commercial took is very appropriate, considering the Gameboy's colour limitations (4 shades of grey!). Still, the B-movie settings Mario explored at least looks funny because it's combined with stop-motion Mario, kind of like the original Kong Kong. The only pet peeve I have with the commercial is the princess doesn't look Daisy-like.

Super Mario World (US)

The way this commercial makes things sound like it's much grander than the older commercials is great. Besides, Super Mario World is a great game, so who could deny that? Besides, if I were watching this commercial back when it was new, I will be just as amazed.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (JP)

The way this commercial is portrayed is great, because stop-motion animations are the best! The amount of effort put in one often makes them enjoyable, which is why Wallace and Gromit looks very enjoyable to watch (the humour helps). I like the Game Boy-like book.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (US)

Another Super Mario Land commercial? Actually, this one is the US one. This commercial is really funny, I just have to say one thing: "Obey Wario, Destroy Mario!" (not).

Super Donkey Kong 2 (JP)

I like this commercial for one sole reason: the disembodied head of Donkey Kong yelling out the game's title.

Super Mario 64 (Got Milk) (US)

Here's something different: a Super Mario 64 commercial that's not about the game. When this game was popular, one of the things is to use your product to tie in to the game to sell another completely different one! Actually, this one looks quite interesting because Mario is an acrobat who likes milk. I hope that you don't have your Super Mario 64 game running while you have milk in your fridge, because you might just lose your milk to Mario (especially if you are bad at the game)!

Mario Kart 64 (JP)

The anime-like approach of this commercial is awesome. I loved how teary-eyed Mario got.

Mario Party (US)

Most Mario Party commercials are great, but in this blog entry, only two Mario Party commercials will be listed so that they won't overshadow others. I pity Mario because he's taken away to the police while the kids got away with what they are doing.

Super Smash Bros. (US)

This commercial did a great job at showing how awesome the game is, because a fighting game featuring all the Nintendo characters is not only unexpected, but fun. I guess they don't have Kirby, Fox, Samus and Link costumes, because we only see those characters throughout the commercial in costumes.

Mario Party 3 (JP)

This looks like a Christmas commercial, which is understandable, because Mario Party 3 was released in December 2000, the month of Christmas. The game has a millennium theme, so it's definitely why it was the right time to release this game (2000 is the new millennium and December for Christmas). Mario looks like a prophet descending from the sky, and it gives me some Galaxy vibes here. What I loved about this commercial is how every Mario character is grandly introduced (in banners), especially Waluigi.

Paper Mario (US)

You might be wondering why I listed Mario Party 3 before Paper Mario. The answer is quite simple: the Japanese Mario Party 3 is released first, followed by the US version of Paper Mario. Anyway, a papery version of Mario going through thick and thin is very funny, as it is accompanied with strange music. The goat just came out of nowhere, but the fate of the princess is the most priceless part of the commercial!

Mario Kart Advance (JP)

There was a time when I used a "Crazy Mario" avatar. This is where I got it from, because Mario's grinning teeth makes him look fearless and determined despite the damage he took. After all, the retribution to those that hurt Mario might feel sweet, and makes Mario more awesome (because he even dares to do it to Peach, someone who is normally a person Mario won't hurt, I guess).

As I have said about Mario commercials, they are all filled with fun, like the games. The next entry will be the last time I do Pokemon commercials, because at this point, most of the fun Pokemon commercials are toys, so after I found 16 Pokemon commercials I think are great and write about them, then that's it for Pokemon commercials! Another reason I do this is so that by the time there are more fun Pokemon commercials to watch, someone might be commenting on enjoyable Pokemon commercials like me. That way, I can just look forward to Mario commercials.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    The only Mario commercial I remember is that weird Mario Sunshine commercial.
  2. winstein's Avatar
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    @Neodark That was was cheesy, but at the same time very funny! I understand why certain people took a dislike for it, though.

    That's it for now.
  3. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I dont really dislike it, but I will admit it is very stupid. Its funny.


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