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Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) Journal 5

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by , 19th June 2012 at 03:19 AM (1152 Views)
It's been a long time since I posted my Rhythm Tengoku journal entries, so here's another one! I don't know who read them in the first place, but if you followed it, I apologise for this coming out late. To see how the minigames go, here's a video recorded by Japancommercials4u2 for reference, and another video about the 6th Remix that will be linked at its respective section, since blogs now only accommodate one video per post. If you ask me about Rhythm Heaven Fever, I enjoyed it for what it is, because the English treatment sounds quite nice, like Ringside and Karate Man.

Column 6

Crunchy Trio

Difficulty (to me): ****
Mastery difficulty (to me): **
Catchiness: ***

Like Clappy Trio in the 1st Column's minigame, you need to time your claps with the other two monkeys with the A button (you're the far-right one) so that the rhythm is consistent between them. It's basically a faster version than the first one.

This minigame went against my expectations for a hard experience, because for some reason, it is easier than my time with the first column's minigame. I managed to get Superb in a few tries, which makes it surprising because I had trouble with the first one. It's probably because I got my practice right, or that the rhythm is easy for me to catch. There's one part where you probably won't expect, because the game expects you to have quick reflexes. Fortunately, it's easy to play around the second time.

Bon Dance

Difficulty (to me): *****
Mastery difficulty (to me): ***** + *
Catchiness: ****

Like the first Bon Odori minigame in the 2nd Column, you need to time with the A button so that it coincides with the yellow text that means "clap" in Japanese. As before, the player controls the bespectacled girl, who is the far right one (no, those are not her eyebrows). This time, there are areas where you need to be quick with your clapping.

As if I didn't already have enough trouble with the first Bon Odori, and this time they have a second version of this game! As expected, I had to Try Again the first time playing through, which makes my timing off once again. A lot of tries had went to even getting an OK rating in the game, and thus, like this minigame's predecessor, I decided to skip this one after OK-ing it. After I got a Superb on Super Tap later (which was a feat itself), I decided to go back to this game and go for the Superb, and amazingly, I got it! The practice on Super Tap must have paid off.

Cosmo Dance

Difficulty (to me): **
Mastery difficulty (to me): ****
Catchiness: ****

Like the Space Dance minigame in Column 3, you are the guy on the far right. Based on the actions of the others, you need to react. When everyone raise their arms, press right. When everyone lifts their legs, you need to press down. Press A when they are preparing a punch.

Fortunately, this is a breather compared to Bon Dance. While I didn't get Superb a few times playing this, at least it is easier to accomplish the rating than the last one! Even Space Dance before this was quite easy to score.

Rap Women

Difficulty (to me): **
Mastery difficulty (to me): ***
Catchiness: *****

Like Rap Men in Column 4, you need to press A based on what the other said. This time, you are the women on the right with blue hair, and you are supposed to press A based on what the redheaded lady said. What she says depends on the text below. Blue text means you press once, red text means you press twice in succession (rhymatically) and yellow text means you press twice quickly. You are to press only when the bigger woman's hands are across her body, or else the smoke and the corresponding sound won't come from her. Press at the wrong time and the woman will choke for a while.

I actually went back to the Rap Men stage to practice for this because I may not be familiar with how to play it. When I retried that game, I found myself making more mistakes than before, so it's a good thing I decided on a few rounds of practice. It did take me a few tries to get Superb, though.

Super Tap

Difficulty (to me): *****
Mastery difficulty (to me): *****
Catchiness: *****

As with Tap Trial in Column 5, monkey see, monkey do. Press A once when the monkeys let out a cry and lift their right legs. Press A twice when they let out two cries and lift their left legs. If the monkeys put their hands in the air and shrieks, press A thrice. Remember that sometimes you will jump in the air, so press A at the ground with good timing so that you will keep your balance. No giraffe this time, but the rhythm of this game is faster than Super Tap.

This game is naturally harder than Tap Trial, as I have found out when I did not get the timing right since this is a faster game. The first time through this game was OK, because I got an OK rating. Still, a few subsequent attempts got me the Try Again rating, which was not good, but as I kept playing it, I improved and improved until I got a Superb. It's funny how the monkeys used here are very popular, because they made another appearance in Rhythm Heaven Fever. There must be something cool about purple monkeys wearing shades and have a goatee.

6th Remix

Difficulty (to me): *****
Mastery difficulty (to me): *****
Catchiness: ***** + **
Video Link: Rhythm Tengoku Perfect Play : Stage 6-6 - 6th Remix - YouTube

This is the Remix I had been waiting for all this while. Why? Because this is a medley, my favourite type of remix in the Rhythm Heaven series. As such, you will play a bit of each different minigame you have been through (rehashes don't count), so it's important to know the basics for every minigame played! Minigame order: Space Dance, Hopping Road, Stealth Rat (w/ traffic lights), Clappy Trio, Quiz, Polyrhythm, Ninja, Rhythm Calligraphy, Tap Trial, Dr. Bacteria, Toss Boys, Magician, Night Walk, Karate Man, Rabbit Jump, Rap Men, Showtime, Sneaky Spirits, Bon Odori, Fireworks, Tram & Poline, Air Batter, Samurai Slice, Rhythm Epilation, Marchers, Space Dance.

However, with this variety, it is quite hard to get it right. The first time playing through this, I got a Try Again even when I got half of the minigames right. This game demands a lot of perfection, so if you are great with the majority of minigame, you will be good, which I am unfortunately not. Unfortunately, I got an OK the second round (not counting restarts), so that means I have to sit through the credits without the joy of getting both the Superb rating and enjoying the credits in the same sitting. Still, the credits showcased all the different characters you seen in the minigames, which is a nice touch after going through every minigame here. That doesn't mean I won't go back to Superb this, because that's what I did. Although I did terrible at the Rap Men minigame, I managed to do well with the others. After this game, I watched the credits again for the sake of gratification.

This is it for Column 6 for Rhythm Tengoku. At this rate, I will complete the game in a few more entries, and we shall see what other rehashed minigames come next. The next of the group is a harder version of Karate Man, but what's the catch for this one? Find that out next time (or search elsewhere too, whichever way works for you).

Thanks for reading.

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