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Poison types of Generation 5 (and an Extra) - winstein's Review

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by , 16th February 2011 at 02:29 AM (6600 Views)
And now, this is it: the last part of the Poison-type Pokémon. Compared to the last generation, I would say that Poison-types are underrepresented, like Generation 2 and 3, due to how few of them have Poison as a primary type. Anyway, this Generation gave us only three different families of Poison-types, and that’s a very small number. Even Ice-types has more families introduced! There will be an extra Pokémon reviewed to make up for the short length, so be sure to read on to find out who! Let’s not waste any more time and explore these families.

Venipede, Whirlipede & Scolipede

“Making yet another Worm-Cocoon-Final Evo is risky buisnees for GameFreak, but they pulled it off
with the newfound creativity of these Poisonous Bugs.” ~ GengarEatBanana

It had been a long time since we have a Generation where we are introduced to a three-staged Poison-type since the first one. Sure, we have some others, but those others were expansions of existing families (Crobat, Budew and Roserade). These Pokémon are no doubt based on centipede, but they have some shared characteristics with millipedes too.

Centipedes are poisonous insects, but compared to scorpions, they aren’t as deadly, since they do not have a sharp stinger, but their bites are to be avoided. Likewise, Venipede has deadly bites, and it’s certainly a much needed defence against predators like birds to prevent being eaten. Real centipedes do not have good eyesight, so they also sense their surroundings with their antennae. Venipede also searches its surroundings with its antennae (and tail).

Centipedes do not have a pupa stage, but Whirlipede looks like a cocoon based on its look as something that is curled up and legless. Whirlipede also looks like a wheelie with an eye on each side, so it probably relies on its antennae for sensing like Venipede. Even in its cocoon stage, Whirlipede is still able to put on a fight by rolling over enemies with a slam. I really like how Whirlipede breaks the tradition of defenceless cocoons by being a cocoon that can fend itself.

Looking at physical records, we can see that Scolipede is a very gigantic insect. We have gigantic insects before, but Scolipede is the biggest and heaviest, who is itself 8 feet long and weighs 200 kilograms! Like the rest of the members, Scolipede is belligerent and is not afraid to pose a threat, so it’s important to watch out for it, as Ash and friends learnt when Iris’ Axew accidentally tempted one to be angry, and it proved to be strong (but nothing Iris’ Excadrill can’t handle). Scolipede’s also a very good sprinter on top of being a wheelie imitator, and its horns and claws hit pain and hard, making it amazingly very dangerous.

In competitive battling, Scolipede is the fastest Pokémon to place Toxic Spikes, so he/she’s quite a decent hazard initiator, with the ability to get both Spikes and the aforementioned move. The easiest way to get this combination is through breeding with Forretress, the most famous entry hazards user. Scolipede isn’t to be taken lightly either, as this Pokémon has decent Attack and some powerful moves like Earthquake and Megahorn. Besides placing Spikes, Scolipede is able to utilise Baton Pass and pass Attack (Swords Dance), Defence (Iron Defence) or Speed (Agility). Still, Scolipede has to watch out for his weaker Special side and Rock weakness regardless.

In terms of new moves, what comes to my mind first is Drill Run, as their spinning routine looks like they can drill holes in the ground (millipedes can dig too), and it’s for the whole family! Hone Claws would be a fun thing to add too (albeit too late), as the ability to make Megahorn and Rollout fully accurate can be threatening, and that can be passed too. Rapid Spin would also be a nice addition for them, since very, very few new Pokémon learnt this move.

Of the poisonous insects, it didn’t occur to me that centipedes weren’t explored until these Pokémon were announced. It’s true that centipedes are poisonous insects, and in my opinion, these Pokémon are threatening because not only do these Pokémon possess poisonous stings, they are also quick and dangerous rollers.

8 toxins out of 10!

Trubbish & Garbodor

“One of the things Yabukuron (Trubbish) does so well is make the poisonous waste Pokemon of this generation
appealing to people. It has an odd kind of cuteness that just draws you in, moreso than its predecessors.
As for Dasutodasu (Garbodor)? He looks like Domo-kun!” ~ Yabukuron

It had been two Generations ago since we have a pure Poison-type, and it’s due time we have another! Unlike other Poison-type families, they are in an Egg Group that no Poison-type was in before: the Mineral Egg Group, because they look inorganic. Their creation is also intentional, because the designers wanted to create a Pokémon that is at home in the city, and what better way to make a Pokémon out of rubbish because the city can be quite littered! Of course, such a simple basis caused mainly older fans to wrongly accuse the designers for running out of ideas.

Similar to Grimer, Trubbish is said to come to life from something that is not alive. Grimer has the odd revival ritual of exposure of the moon’s x-rays, but at least Trubbish’s is more believable, as he/she would come to life as a result of chemical changes. Trubbish also has a permanent bad breath, and it’s not advisable to inhale it because it puts the unlucky one in a coma. Luckily the anime didn’t showcase this, or else we will have an unconscious Ash in our journey for a while (who would want that?). What looks like garbage knots on Trubbish can actually move like the ears of animals, and I am guessing that the first Trubbish species have knots, but it evolves into a part of its body overtime.

Garbodor looks like an overstuffed garbage dump, and is likely the result of Trubbish consuming too much rubbish. I think it’s because Garbodor is said to have his/her mass increased through garbage consumption. The bag that Trubbish was stuffed in also burst, making it look like a head mask on Garbodor with a cape behind. His/her hands also have tubes protruding from them, which are used for either subduing or poisoning. I am guessing that there are such things as garbage prey, so Garbodor needs to be able to make sure he/she can consume them. For some reason, Garbodor can learn Psychic, a very strange move choice. My theory is that Garbodor can generate stench that has the same effect as psychic like how exposure of some gases can affect the mentality of some. Doesn’t make sense, I know, but how can one make sense out of such an oddity in compatibility?

Both of them have very sharp teeth, which are to chew down all the garbage they will be consuming, and the feature on Garbodor makes him look like a scary monster. They also have the ability to learn Recycle, and while I understand the strangeness of this move choice (Recycling seems to be the antithesis of throwing things away), I think that as walking dumpsters, they are able to reuse whatever they consume. Trubbish’s the only one with Sticky Hold, while Garbodor only have Breakable Armour. To me, both of them look like they can be sticky, but Garbodor does seem to be able to fall apart, especially when the body isn’t really cohesive, though the thought of a speedy landfill is interesting.

In terms of stats, Garbodor seems fast for a garbage dump, and his/her defences aren’t that bad either. Like the centipedes, both of these Pokémon are capable of learning both Spikes and Toxic Spikes, so they can be a “Spiker” too. Their movepool isn’t that bad either. Apart from the aforementioned moves, we can see Amnesia, Gunk Shot, Haze, Stockpile, Acid Bomb, Clear Smog, Rock Polish and Explosion. Garbodor also possess a good Special movepool with Thunderbolt, Psychic, Slime Wave and Focus Blast, but cannot actually use them directly without the aid of Acid Bomb.

For new moves, I would like to see Garbodor learn Superpower to overcome the problem of dealing with Steel-types. Body Purge seems nice, although Garbodor already resist Grass Knot and Low Kick. For some reason, I see Iron Defence as a working move for Garbodor, because of the Broken Armour ability. Both of them getting Minimise will be funny, though.

Trubbish managed to be cute and repulsive at the same time; cute because it’s a sentient non-living thing and repulsive because it’s a garbage bag. Garbodor, on the other hand, is a monstrous abomination, but surprisingly cool because of its abilities. They may not be beautiful or good-looking, but because they are Poison-types, they don’t need to, because they are quite awesome they way they are.

10 toxins out of 10!

Foongus & Amoonguss

“Tamagetake* and Morobareru**, the Pokemon shaped mushrooms: don't let Tamagetake's cute looks
fool you, its poisonous spores pack a punch and Morobareru will try to lure you in if it finds you prey.
Look next time before you pick a Pokeball off the ground.” ~ koolhk

*Foongus **Amoonguss

Remember back in Pokémon Red or Blue, where you saw a Pokéball on the floor and picked up, but were thrown into a battle with either Voltorb or Electrode? This time around, we have a couple of mushrooms who has Pokéball caps instead of electrical spheres which look like Pokéballs.

Mushrooms can be poisonous, which means it’s not good food to consume, so I can see why they are part-Poison: it’s because they are poisonous mushrooms. Some of those mushrooms can even be colourful, so it looks unhealthy, seeing as artificial flavouring isn’t healthy either. Their poisonous nature isn’t limited to their bodies, as they are able to spew spores out of their pink mouths that looks like pig snouts.

Some Pokéballs will actually be a Foongus in disguise, but you won’t meet Amoonguss instead of a Pokéball, unlike Electrode. This sounds odd, I am sure, but Foongus’ cap actually looks like a Pokéball, while Amoonguss doesn’t have the best disguise as a mushroom due to it being slightly warty. In the PokéDex entry of Amoonguss, it’s even stated that no Pokémon will fall for Amoonguss’ disguise. Amusingly, Amoonguss also dances to attract prey with its Pokéball hands, which will be an amusing thing to watch, I am sure.

Foongus is a mushroom you wouldn’t want to go near without protection, for it can launch a spore attack without notice, and it will attempt to get you if you try to pick it up (like initiating a battle with it). Amoonguss isn’t as successful, even though it tries to dance and disguise itself to fool the enemies. I actually wonder why a Pokémon would want to approach a Pokéball, seeing as fiddling with one that is empty will result in capture, which is generally not a good thing to them. For the humans, however...any Pokéball means extra treasure, so they will definitely want to grab these tiny things and the disguise will be far more successful. As such, their surprise will be more successful, and they will then proceed to throw a poison smog on the unlucky victim. I say it's a "Sporeprise", huh?

From what I see, Amoonguss is an underrated competitive battler. One thing about Amoonguss is that he/she has good Defences with great HP and decent Defences. Like every mushroom Pokémon, Amoonguss got the prized Spore, which makes Amoonguss all the better. Not only is Amoonguss able to put something to sleep, he/she is able to prevent the opponent from getting away with stat boosts, because Amoonguss learns Clear Smog and is bulky to prevent those boosts, which is very handy against Conkeldurr. Amoonguss makes a great partner on a Trick Room team, due to his/her ability to use Anger Powder, and due to bulk, is not easily defeated while the partner is given time to set up the field, which is mutual as Amoonguss is so slow that Trick Room helps him/her launch powerful Spore effects.

For new moves, Amoonguss should get Stockpile for the defence boosts. Also, due to its tendency to make a disguise out of itself, Mimic will be a fun move to add. The addition of Knock Off will be really helpful to ensure bulky attackers will be further weakened.

To me, one of the most memorable traits of these Pokémon is their cries, which sounds high-pitched and funny. I also think Amoonguss is one comedic Pokémon based on its behaviour, and not to mention it even looks serious too! Of course, the Pokémon is still not to be underestimated even then. So, dangerous as these mushrooms can be, they are still humorous from their appearance to their behaviour.

7 toxins out of 10!

(Who's that Pokémon?)

It’s been a fun ride, after reviewing all of the Poison-type Pokémon; 3 months of reviewing is a really long time! However, we are not done yet, as we will look at the unexplored type combinations involving the Poison-type next time. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 17th March 2012 at 02:59 AM by winstein

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  1. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    Great review! sad to see it finished =(
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    • permalink
    ^Its not finished yet though. Like he siad, he will be doing one article on unexplored type combos regarding Poison types and another reviewing Poison Type Trainers.
  3. Jabberwocky's Avatar
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    but their bites are to be avoided
    Centipedes don't bite. Their "fangs" are actually stinging claws.
  4. winstein's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Wolf
    Centipedes don't bite. Their "fangs" are actually stinging claws.
    I kind of forgotten to modify that when I read the fact (on Wikipedia), but still, thanks for telling.
  5. Noctis's Avatar
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    Your reviews are great! I always enjoy reading them. I'm looking forward to your next article.
  6. Owain's Avatar
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    i loved them~!
    but you made a mistake Winstein, you CAN find Amoongus in a Pokéball disguise, they are in the dark grass patches of Route 10
  7. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    That coccoon-ish pokémon, I've had an obsession with it since I first saw it. I don't know, it's just so, interesting.
  8. winstein's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serperior
    i loved them~!
    but you made a mistake Winstein, you CAN find Amoongus in a Pokéball disguise, they are in the dark grass patches of Route 10
    Really? If you can see the Pokéball on the overworld, does that mean the Pokéball will respawn if you re-enter the area?

    Thanks for reading.


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