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Move Tutor Rating for Generation 5 Pokémon (Part 2)

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Continuing on to the second part, we take a look at more Generation 5 Pokémon. Before moving on, I shall repeat the disclaimer.

The ratings are based on opinion, meaning that whatever additions I find useful may not apply to what others may find useful, although the guesses are generally accurate. Also, the ratings do not reflect a Pokémon’s usefulness, so a high rating doesn’t mean that the Pokémon is highly effective. Likewise, a low rating does not mean the Pokémon is useless or made useless after an upgrade. In three cases (Purrloin, Klink and Beartic), there are new moves other than Move Tutors, which are considered in the ratings as well.

A Bolded move means that the Pokémon couldn’t previously learn this useful move.
An Underlined move means that the Pokémon could learn this useful move earlier in some way.

Sandile, Krokorok & Krookodile

Tutors Learnt: Aqua Tail, Block (Krookodile only), Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse (Krookodile only), Earth Power, Foul Play, Iron Tail, Knock Off (excluding Sandile), Low Kick (excluding Sandile), Outrage (Krookodile only), Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Spite, Stealth Rock, Superpower (Krookodile only), Uproar

Krookodile appreciates having some extra offensive coverage. It won’t be able to take advantage of its Special coverage (which improved), but it notably gains useful Fighting-type coverage, no longer relying on Brick Break. Aqua Tail is a bonus, especially for opposing Ground-types, although it’s not a huge priority since it’s hard to fit this move as it is. There are a lot of additions, that’s for sure, but the improvements, from what I see, are modest.

Benefit Rating: ***

Darumaka & Darmanitan

Tutors Learnt: Endeavor, Fire Punch, Heat Wave, Sleep Talk, Snore, Superpower, Uproar, Zen Headbutt

Unfortunately, the strongest Fire-type (Physically) didn’t quite receive many improvements. Zen Headbutt is a great improvement, because it’s compatible with Sheer Force, providing it with a useful coverage option. Endeavour’s cool too, because Darmanitan’s Speed could allow it to weaken a foe as a last-ditch effort. It would be nice if it got Thunder Punch, although I could understand it if the designers felt this would make Darmanitan too good, but I say the ability to thoroughly shock Politoed is priceless.

Benefit Rating: **


Tutors Learnt: After You, Bounce, Drain Punch, Endeavor, Giga Drain, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Knock Off, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Synthesis, Uproar, Worry Seed

A conventional Grass-type such as Maractus is longing for extra coverage, since it really lacked in this department. Thankfully, it got Drain Punch, which complements Giga Drain for healing on both offensive sides. Maractus’ narrow coverage even makes Hyper Voice an improvement! There are a few moves I thought are useful, because it complements Maractus’ advantage as a Sun supporter, which is why Knock Off is a nice addition. Maractus also gains Helping Hand, which is useful in Doubles if used with Storm Drain, ensuring that those weak to Water by default gets some safety. The additions are not bad, but some Special coverage would be appreciated, like Earth Power.

Benefit Rating: ***

Dwebble & Crustle

Tutors Learnt: Block, Bug Bite, Iron Defense, Knock Off, Sleep Talk, Snore, Stealth Rock

Two of the moves that are learnt have some potential. A support Pokémon appreciates Knock Off, just in case Stealth Rock is already on the field and there’s nothing better to do. As for Sleep Talk, since Curse is one of the moves they could learn, it works well because Shell Armour is one of their abilities, meaning they won’t have to worry about a critical hit, although their subpar Special Defence is a problem. As we have seen so far, insect Pokémon have a sparse Move Tutor learnability, with a few exceptions (like Flygon and Leavanny).

Benefit Rating: **

Scraggy & Scrafty

Tutors Learnt: Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Drain Punch, Dual Chop, Fire Punch, Foul Play, Ice Punch, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Knock Off, Low Kick, Outrage (Scrafty only), Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Spite, Super Fang, ThunderPunch, Zen Headbutt

This family is one who already learns the essentials of every Fighting-type plus Zen Headbutt (all through breeding, making the Move Tutors helpful), so let’s look at some uncommon additions. A bulky attacker like them would prefer to have some form of action while asleep, and so, Sleep Talk is a neat option, despite losing on type coverage since you could only have one attack in that case. I also highlighted Knock Off and Super Fang, because I think both Pokémon has the potential to be a supporter. One oddity in this pool is Iron Defense, which if you think about it, it makes sense, since these Pokémon have a hard head.

Benefit Rating: *****


Tutors Learnt: Dark Pulse, Gravity, Heat Wave, Icy Wind, Magic Coat, Magic Room, Roost, Signal Beam, Skill Swap, Sky Attack, Sleep Talk, Snore, Tailwind, Trick, Zen Headbutt

From this selection, we could see that Sigilyph appreciates most of what it could learn. It receives a fair share of Special attacks to use, it’s got a couple of useful Status moves, and it receives some new ways to support Doubles. Icy Wind is underrated because reducing the opposing team’s Speed is quite useful, although you don’t do this to a Trick Room team. The idea may seem farfetched, but I could see Sigilyph as one of the viable Magic Room users. That’s because Sigilyph could carry an item it doesn’t benefit from, like Flame Orb, and then mess with the opposing team by preventing them from using their items.

Benefit Rating: *****

Yamask & Cofagrigus

Tutors Learnt: After You, Block, Dark Pulse, Iron Defense, Knock Off, Magic Coat, Pain Split, Role Play, Skill Swap, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Spite, Trick, Wonder Room

Initially, they have no other ways to recover, other than Rest. However, as I and many have predicted, Pain Split is part of their movepool now, meaning they could last longer! That’s not the only thing they got, though. With Sleep Talk, it could perform a mono-Attack + Calm Mind combo used by Suicune and Spiritomb before, although Ghost is not exactly an attack you could have alone. Besides that, After You seems weird for them, but as with Musharna, Trick Room is part of their movepool, so they could allow a fast teammate to perform their plan early. It’s too bad they didn’t gain anything notable offensive, though.

Benefit Rating: ****

Tirtouga & Carracosta

Tutors Learnt: Iron Head (Carracosta only), Low Kick (Carracosta only), Block, Earth Power, Iron Defense, Superpower (Carracosta only), Icy Wind, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, Snore, Stealth Rock, Sleep Talk

Tirtouga and Carracosta’s additions are quite modest. Now they could go on full support with Stealth Rock available, but remember that if you want Knock Off, you need to get it through breeding. Yes, that’s right, despite learning Knock Off this way, they can’t learn it by Move Tutor. Go figure. They also gain a couple of neat moves to use with Shell Smash, which are Earth Power and Low Kick.

Benefit Rating: ****

Archen & Archeops

Tutors Learnt: Aqua Tail, Bounce, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Endeavor, Heat Wave, Iron Defense, Iron Tail, Outrage (Archeops only), Roost, Sky Attack (Archeops only), Sleep Talk, Snore, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Uproar

Archen and Archeops’ additions are modest also. The main addition is Roost, which allows them to recover from Defeatist’s negative effect. The other two options serve to further expand their offensive movepool by a bit through type coverage (notably, they can’t learn either-typed attack before). One thing to note is that both Dragon Pulse and Earth Power are Egg Moves, so it's nice to have them available too. Outrage is just a niche, and coming off a Base 140 Attack stat, it could hurt.

Benefit Rating: ****

Trubbish & Garbodor

Tutors Learnt: Dark Pulse, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Gunk Shot, Pain Split, Recycle, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Spite

Garbodor may have its role as a Spiker, but one thing it lacks is Physical moves to use with its moderately good Attack stat. Thankfully, it got Drain Punch and Seed Bomb, which deals with certain enemy types, namely Rock, Ground and Steel. Pain Split works good if its HP stat is not too high. It’s odd to highlight Sleep Talk, but personally I see it as a niche move used in conjunction with Rest, an entry hazard of choice and an attack.

Benefit Rating: ***

Zorua & Zoroark

Tutors Learnt: Covet, Bounce, Low Kick (Zoroark only), Uproar, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Hyper Voice, Snore, Knock Off, Spite, Trick, Snatch, Sleep Talk

Nothing notable had been gained, except for Low Kick, which would be a nasty surprise for any heavyweight. Trick is another neat move in their arsenal, which is capable of baiting something who doesn’t appreciate a Choice item. As for Snatch, the way I see it, if the opponent thought they could set up, you could surprise them by stealing their boosts. Don’t take my word for it though; I am just guessing it’s viable.

Benefit Rating: ***

Minccino & Cinccino

Tutors Learnt: After You, Aqua Tail, Covet, Gunk Shot, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail, Knock Off, Last Resort, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Uproar

Cinccino’s main niche is the ability to use Skill Link and do lots of damage with its three multi-hit attacks (Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast). However, Technician is still a decent ability, because those multi-hit attacks have the potential to connect and deal massive amounts of damage. As such, Cinccino doesn’t need help from Move Tutors. Minccino, however, doesn’t have those fancy multi-hit moves that Cinccino could learn, which is why Seed Bomb is an option if you are looking to get past those Rock-types. It’s only one move, sure, but it’s still something. If you are feeling lucky, you could have Gunk Shot, although it’s redundant in terms of type coverage.

Benefit Rating: *

Gothita, Gothorita & Gothitelle

Tutors Learnt: Covet, Foul Play, Gravity, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Magic Coat, Magic Room, Recycle, Role Play, Signal Beam, Skill Swap, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Trick, Uproar, Zen Headbutt

Some of the moves mentioned here are useful when paired with Shadow Tag, especially Magic Coat and Snatch, just in case you suspect your opponent using a non-attacking move. For Foul Play, it’s mainly used if you are facing a high Attack opponent like Slaking, because it will do major damage to them. As a whole, the number of good moves this family gains is substantial. Similar to the Tirtouga example, Gothita is only able to learn Dark Pulse through breeding, but not through Move Tutor.

Benefit Rating: *****

Solosis, Duosion & Reuniclus

Tutors Learnt: After You, Drain Punch (Reuniclus only), Endeavor, Fire Punch (Reuniclus only), Gravity, Helping Hand (Reuniclus only), Ice Punch (Reuniclus only), Knock Off (Reuniclus only), Magic Coat, Pain Split, Role Play, Signal Beam, Skill Swap, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Superpower (Reuniclus only), ThunderPunch (Reuniclus only), Trick, Wonder Room, Zen Headbutt

Since Reuniclus is a great Pokémon to use Trick Room with, After You is nice if you need your partner to move first, Helping Hand for a power boost if you need it and Magic Coat for a rude surprise to a Taunt user. Gravity is useful if you don’t want to miss your Focus Blast or hit better with Thunder, although Reuniclus’ Speed is an issue (perhaps you could have a partner set up Trick Room?). If you noticed, Reuniclus learns a slew of Physical attacks that it would never use, ‘cause its Attack stat isn’t its strong point.

Benefit Rating: ***

Ducklett & Swanna

Tutors Learnt: Endeavor, Icy Wind, Roost, Sky Attack (Swanna only), Sleep Talk, Snore, Tailwind, Uproar

Unfortunately, there is nothing noteworthy for this family, save for Endeavour, which may probably not be used since the type coverage this family gets is already great, and even as a third move, it could use a good support move like Roost or Rain Dance.

Benefit Rating: *

Vanillite, Vanillish & Vanilluxe

Tutors Learnt: Icy Wind, Iron Defense, Magic Coat, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Snore, Uproar

Unfortunately, there is nothing noteworthy for this family also. While there is an appeal to this family, I don’t quite see it in terms of competitive battling, considering their limited offensive movepool (making Signal Beam considered an improvement). Magic Coat is also the other notable one, just in case a Spiker thinks they can take advantage of you. Really, this family needs a better boost than this!

Benefit Rating: *

Deerling & Sawsbuck

Tutors Learnt: Bounce, Giga Drain, Last Resort, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Synthesis, Worry Seed

Sawsbuck doesn’t quite have any improvements, as Horn Leech already covers the Physical Grass STAB requirement. However, Deerling doesn’t have a Physical Grass STAB, which makes Seed Bomb an improvement for it.

Benefit Rating: *


Tutors Learnt: Covet, Helping Hand, Iron Tail, Knock Off, Last Resort, Roost, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Snore, Tailwind

Emolga’s got some OK improvements, mainly on the support side, because its Speed is its main advantage. Nothing else noteworthy to mention about Emolga, though, even though Emolga is interesting in some ways (like being the second Electric/Flying-type).

Benefit Rating: **

Karrablast & Escavalier

Tutors Learnt: Bug Bite, Giga Drain, Iron Defense, Iron Head (Escavalier only), Knock Off, Sleep Talk, Snore

We have here another Pokémon who doesn’t really gain anything from Move Tutors. In their case, they gain nothing of note! They would’ve love Drill Run, but nope, not this time. Perhaps there is an oversight on the designer’s part? (Note: Karrablast can learn Iron Defence too, but it’s not a suitable move for Karrablast.)

Benefit Rating: *

Foongus & Amoonguss

Tutors Learnt: After You, Foul Play, Gastro Acid, Giga Drain, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Synthesis, Worry Seed

Well, at least Foongus Amoonguss is better treated. Foul Play is good for the occasional Physical attacker, and Seed Bomb is Physical Grass STAB Amoonguss lacked. Decent additions, but nothing notable for Doubles (Helping Hand would have helped).

Benefit Rating: **

Frillish & Jellicent

Tutors Learnt: Bind, Dark Pulse, Giga Drain, Icy Wind, Magic Coat, Pain Split, Sleep Talk, Snore, Spite, Trick

I mentioned once last time that these Pokémon have a movepool of a conventional Water-type and a conventional Ghost-type, and the move tutors here accentuates this. Giga Drain is a good alternative to Energy Ball, and Trick is if you want to use it with a Choice item. They’re good.

Benefit Rating: ***


Tutors Learnt: Bounce, Helping Hand, Icy Wind, Knock Off, Magic Coat, Pain Split, Sleep Talk, Snore

As a support Pokémon, the moves that Alomomola obtains are quite good. Bounce looks like an odd choice, but it’s highlighted because it’s Alomomola’s only attack that gets Grass-types (no, Ice Beam is terribly weak with Alomomola), and it passes another turn if you want to be invulnerable during the Wish period or stall with Toxic. Otherwise, it’s a move that gives the opponent a bigger advantage.

Benefit Rating: ***

Joltik & Galvantula

Tutors Learnt: Bounce, Bug Bite, Electroweb, Gastro Acid, Giga Drain, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Snore

Well, there’s not much for Galvantula, but Giga Drain is still a great upgrade. That’s because it won’t have recovery otherwise, considering how weak Leech Life is. Plus, it is still great coverage for those Rock-types and the occasional Ground-type.

Benefit Rating: **

Ferroseed & Ferrothorn

Tutors Learnt: Endeavor, Giga Drain, Gravity, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Knock Off (Ferrothorn only), Magnet Rise, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Stealth Rock, Worry Seed

Aw... Ferroseed doesn’t have Synthesis... Anyway, the new moves that benefit them are not that many sadly. Actually, Ferroseed would love to have Knock Off, because it would appreciate another option to cripple opponents. One of the problems with both these Pokémon is the somewhat complex Egg Move combos, and with Gravity and Stealth Rock here, a lot more combinations are possible, namely the Spikes + Stealth Rock + Leech Seed and Spikes + Gravity combos, which improves the rating.

Benefit Rating: ***

Klink, Klang & Klinklang

Tutors Learnt: Bind, Gravity, Iron Defense, Magic Coat, Magnet Rise, Recycle, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Snore, Uproar
Extra Move Learnt: Wild Charge (TM)

This family always has the problem of having a very limited movepool, which doesn’t quite complement their nice stat distribution. However, they gained Wild Charge, which is a needed improvement to their limited Physical movepool consisting of essentially Gear Grind and Return (and to a lesser extent, Rock Smash), since it hits most Steel-types for neutral damage. Magnet Rise could be used as a deterrent for Ground attackers to hurt it while it sets up with Shift Gear, making it a niche defensive move. Other than those two moves I mentioned, nothing notable is gained.

Benefit Rating: **

Eelektrik & Eelektross

Tutors Learnt: Super Fang, Signal Beam, Bounce, Thunderpunch (Eelektross only), Fire Punch (Eelektross only), Magnet Rise (Tynamo learns this too), Superpower (Eelektross only), Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, Bind, Snore, Knock Off, Giga Drain, Drain Punch (Eelektross only), Gastro Acid, Sleep Talk

You may be wondering why Tynamo’s not mentioned. That’s because Magnet Rise is the only Move Tutor it gained, which is drastically redundant. Since this family is incapable of gaining Egg Moves, and Eelektross can’t learn many level-up moves, you can bet they greatly appreciate Move Tutors. The main additions are offensive moves, and for good reason: Eelektross’ attack stats are great, especially Attack. It may not have any weaknesses to exploit the opponent’s exploitation, but the fact that it gains moves to mess with Mold Breaker Pokémon is nice.

Benefit Rating: *****

Elgyem & Beheeyem

Tutors Learnt: After You, Dark Pulse, Gravity, Magic Coat, Pain Split, Recycle, Role Play, Signal Beam, Skill Swap, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Trick, Uproar, Wonder Room, Zen Headbutt

Like any Psychic-type that’s been reviewed, they sure have a lot to learn, but there are only a handful of useful moves here. First and foremost are Dark Pulse and Signal Beam, which are useful coverage options. Like most Psychic-types, they appreciate Magic Coat and Trick. As with Musharna, because Trick Room is part of their movepool in addition to their ability Telepathy, they are able to take advantage of After You to speed up a teammate’s attack. Besides that, nothing much to say here.

Benefit Rating: ****

Litwick, Lampent & Chandelure

Tutors Learnt: Dark Pulse, Heat Wave, Pain Split, Sleep Talk, Snore, Spite, Trick

Here, we have another Pokémon family with a very limited selection, but within this selection is a new “trick”! With Trick, Chandelure makes use of its Choice item a lot more effectively, providing it a weapon to cripple its counters, like Snorlax. It could even hold a Flame Orb for a nasty surprise for an opponent expecting a Choice item! Too bad that’s the only notable thing it got, although if you don’t want to breed Heat Wave on Litwick, a more convenient’s option is available.

Benefit Rating: ***

Like before, we have some that greatly benefit from the Move Tutors, and some that doesn't gain anything. The next and last part will deal with the last third of the list, so please look forward to the last entry, because we are almost there. I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Neoblade's Avatar
    I think Wild Charge is a big deal for Klinglang, actually.

    I'm certainly happy to see that Eelektross and Galventula got some improvements. Even if the later only got Giga Drain, that still helps with Ground types.
  2. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Exor
    I think Wild Charge is a big deal for Klinglang, actually.

    I'm certainly happy to see that Eelektross and Galventula got some improvements. Even if the later only got Giga Drain, that still helps with Ground types.
    Actually, Galvantula already learns Energy Ball, meaning that it already got Grass coverage. It's just that Giga Drain is overall a better choice if the learner has both moves.

    Also, about Swoobat, I am not certain if it would be useful in Doubles, but it's at least got some function there.

    That's it for now.
  3. Neoblade's Avatar
    @winstein; Considering that my Galvantula knows Energy Ball, you'd think I'd have remembered that... ._.
  4. Winterdaze's Avatar
    So it's not just me who thought that Psychic types seem to have gotten the lion's share of tutored moves. Fighting types too, now that I think about it.
  5. Baron Dante's Avatar
    I liked that Galvantula got Giga Drain. I'd take it over Energy Ball any day even for a Pokemon that really has no survivability. :3
  6. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    With Eelektross obtaining so many useful moves, including a long-waited water move, it'll be now difficult to determine which moveset willl you be using.


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