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Monotype Teams Improvements

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by , 26th October 2013 at 10:20 AM (2384 Views)
With the new Pokemon being introduced, as well as having some old favourites having some improvements, I shall predict some changes for monotype teams. The basic rule for a monotype team is that their teams can only have one type shared among every member, whether it's a mono-type or a dual-type. We have new Pokemon of every type, as well as old Pokemon who receive new boosts. It's probably not perfect, so if I missed out on some cool things each type gets, please point them out!

With that said, I will be doing four parts, each part covering different types. Let's go!


Notable Introductions: Pyroar, Furfrou, Heliolisk, Diggersby
Notable Rising Stars: Exploud, Chatot, Wigglytuff

One cool thing about Normal-types is that they tend to have a diverse range of Pokemon, but never a diverse type variety, at least until X and Y. In this Generation alone, there are four new types that are combined with the Normal-type. Those Pokemon are in the introductions, except for Furfrou. These extra types are important to provide some type resistance, such as Heliolisk having a Flying resistance and Diggersby having a Rock resistance.

Pyroar might not have some notable characteristics, but its powerful Special prowess would be something to watch out for (this is uncommon among Normal-types). The same goes to Heliolisk, who has good Speed and Special Attack. Diggersby is a powerhouse with Huge Power, which would be handy to have, since it has STAB Ground and Quick Attack, with Rock Slide and Hammer Arm providing some coverage. Furfrou doesn't have the resistances as the others do, but it has Fur Coat, an ability that essentially halves Physical damage, turning it into a decent supporter.

As for rising stars, we have Wigglytuff, who has just recently acquired a Fairy-type. This gives it two immunities to very good offensive types, so there is reason to use it. It also got a Special Attack increase, so that is something to consider. Exploud and Chatot received Boomburst, an extremely powerful Special attack that even goes through Substitutes. The former has Scrappy to bypass Ghost-types, while the latter has Nasty Plot to become stronger.


Notable Introductions: Delphox, Talonflame
Notable Rising Stars: Charizard, Houndoom

There aren't many new Fire-types, but two of them stood out. Delphox is a starter, and what's interesting about it is that it has good Special and Speed stats, which allows it to be a supporter with Wish and Screens, or a set-up attacker with Calm Mind. Its Speed is something to note, because it is rare for Fire-types to go over base 100. I didn't list Pyroar because I felt that its qualities aren't enough to replace existing Fire-types, especially Delphox.

Talonflame is the other notable recruit, for its Speed (the highest among Fire-types!) and Gale Wings ability. This new ability makes its Flying moves go first, making it a viable tactic to sweep after setting up with Swords Dance. Its immunity to burn makes it good to set up Bulk Up and Roost if possible.

Charizard has two new Mega Evolutions, and each have a role to play. Its X form is part-Dragon with high Attack, making a Dragon Dance set lethal. Its Y form provides another form of Drought and Special Attacking, aiding its Fire-type teammates. Houndoom would like to use Solar Power for the Drought Ninetales provide, since Mega Evolutions are one-per-team. Blaziken is another threat, but I didn't list it because it was already a threat, although it has a Speed Boost + Baton Pass trick this time.


Notable Introductions: Greninja, Barbaracle, Clawitzer
Notable Rising Stars: Azumarill, Blastoise

Water has always been one of the better types, so it doesn't seem like they need some more powerful options. In any case, the three Pokemon that are new have useful qualities that make them must-haves. Greninja is a very fast Water-type that is also part-Dark. It has Protean to change type, making an offensive set powerful. It also has Spikes and Toxic Spikes for hazard-setting. The only disadvantage is that its defences are subpar. For Barbaracle, it is a Shell Smash user, which instantly makes it useful, though it could be compared to Cloyster, another Shell Smash user. Clawitzer, along with its ability, makes it powerful since it learns the relevant moves to make use of this ability.

For our rising stars, we have Azumarill, who recently gain a Fairy-type and an attack to go with it. More than that, it could finally have Belly Drum with Aqua Jet, since Egg Moves could now be inherited from mothers now. Blastoise is another Mega Launcher that learns the right moves, and it has Dark Pulse too, making it able to stand up against Ghost-types (to make Rapid Spinning easier).


Notable Introductions: Heliolisk
Notable Rising Stars: Raichu, Galvantula, Ampharos, Manectric

With only three Electric-types introduced this time (two from the same evolution line), new options are dearth. Still, we have Heliolisk, who is currently the only Electric Pokemon to have a Ghost immunity. A Dark resistance could only be found on Dedenne, although its only notable stat is Speed. This is mentioned because now Magnezone doesn't resist Ghost and Dark, making a strong attacker like Krookodile difficult to handle if it gets the ball rolling.

As for new introductions, we have Raichu, who recently get a Speed increase, making it faster than a lot of Pokemon now. Nuzzle is available if it wants to paralyse, with the added benefit of chip damage. Galvantula is great because Sticky Web allows one to slow down the opposing team except for Flying-types, which Electic has an advantage over. Ampharos received a Mega evolution that amplifies its Special Attack, which works great with Agility. Mega Manectric is faster than several others, with the benefit of Intimidate, so it could use Volt Switch for switches or Flamethrower for anything weak to Fire.

Perhaps the best thing about Electric-types now is that they have an immunity to paralysis, meaning that Speed issues from paralysis is a thing in the past.


Notable Introductions: Chesnaught, Gogoat, Trevenant, Gourgeist
Notable Rising Stars: Venusaur, Whimsicott, Serperior

The Grass-types get some nifty upgrades. Energy Ball's power is increased to make it a viable alternative to Giga Drain, and they have an immunity to powder-based moves, which is great because the best Sleep moves are Powder-based. They have the benefit of Grassy Terrain (most learners are Grass-types), which heals them for a bit.

As for our new stars, we have Chesnaught who is a tank, with the ability to use Spikes. Gogoat has good attack stats, as well as Milk Drink for reliable recovery. Its Physical attacks are more plentiful, so it's a good thing it gets Bulk Up. Then, there's Trevenant, who is also a Physical attacker, but it has two great abilities. Gourgeist has four forms with different HP, Attack and Speed, as well as a Fire attacker (though its best attacks are Special-based).

In terms of rising stars, there is Mega Venusaur, who has Thick Fat to mitigate two of its popular weaknesses, which is great for a tank with some healing options. Whimsicott recently gained a Fairy-type, giving it more resistances to take advantage of. If old Pokemon are able to get Hidden Abilities more easily, then Serperior could finally utilise Contrary for increasingly powerful Leaf Storms as soon as it becomes available.

If there is a type that you want me to cover next, please suggest them, preferably in order. You could even point out some new stuff each type gets, so I could cover them as I go through those types. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. jcogginsa's Avatar
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    I'd recommend Covering Flying, Steel, Poison, and Fairy.
  2. Gaga's Avatar
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    Mostly because new Gardevoir is a slayer.
  3. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
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    Oh, you covered Heliolisk! I used one of these in-game, but didn't think it'd be competitively viable (although it does have Sand Veil). Maybe that'll be a Pokémon for me to use in online matches.


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