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Monotype Teams Improvements 4

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And now, this is the final part of the Monotype Improvements series. In this part, we cover the remaining four types that weren't covered before. The types that I am about to mention have some fans, so they certain aren't bad just because they are chosen last. Enough talk, let's get this over with!


Notable Members: Gardevoir, Azumarill, Whimsicott, Clefable, Klefki, Mawile, Togekiss, Florges, Sylveon

Due to the introduction of the Fairy-type, this is the first Generation where you get to have a mono-type team with them. As such, this type is the only one without any rising stars. Its resistance table is unique, making it a pretty good type because the two types it is weak to aren't common types, unless the other mono-type team is that advantageous type.

Now where to start... We start with the Steel/Fairy Pokemon Mawile and Klefki. Their type combination meant that they are immune to Poison, which is important. Also important is the neutrality to Steel, since besides them, Azumarill is the only other Pokemon to have this honour, not counting Dedenne. Anyway, Mawile has one of the better Mega Evolutions, turning it into a powerhouse, and from there, you could use Sucker Punch and Play Rough for great coverage, with your Steel STAB doing the rest. Klefki has Prankster and great status moves to annoy, including Spikes, screens and the ever-annoying Swagger + Foul Play combo.

Next up are some other fairies. Clefable's advantage has always been its large movepool, and that huge variety is sure to make it a wildcard of sorts, since you can use it for healing or offence. Togekiss is similar, and its Ground immunity is sure to be a good thing to have. Gardevoir could be use for either like the two, and its advantage lies in its higher Special Attack and Psychic STAB, although its Defence is not as stellar. Sylveon is granted great Special stats, so would work well with Calm Mind and Moonblast/Shadow Ball coverage.

For the rest, we have Azumarill, who is the strongest Physical attacker, and the power to use Belly Drum and Aqua Jet is sure to be a pain for the opponent, provided they don't resist Water. Whimsicott's Grass-type and unique moves to use with Prankster makes it a decent choice to use alongside Klefki. Florges has the highest Special Defence, so if you need a Special wall, Florges is there.

A few honorary mentions are Granbull, Wigglytuff and Carbink. Granbull has Intimidate and a great array of Physical attacks, including Play Rough. Wigglytuff has Ghost immunity and Competitive, as well as the highest HP for Wish. Carbink is a Rock-type with great defences, as well as a good support movepool that includes Stealth Rock.


Notable Introductions: Aurorus, Avalugg
Notable Rising Stars: Weavile, Abomasnow, Lapras

Unfortunately for Ice-types, they didn't get much in the way of type improvements after the type revision. The only noteworthy thing they got is immunity to Freeze, which is a step up from before, where even Tri Attack even freezes them. Fortunately, they got a more powerful Frost Breath, and a brand new move called Freeze Dry that a few Ice-types learn. We also got two new Ice-types this time. While Fairies are better Dragon counters, one can't discount the Ice-types for their great STAB.

The first of these is Aurorus. Its ability Refrigerate makes Normal attacks Ice-type, in addition to boosting it by 30%. This makes Tri Attack (from Nature Power) a decently powerful attack, capable of doing something nasty if you're lucky. Aurorus also has Snow Warning, making Ice-types the first to have dual weather starters (not counting Water because Kyogre is too powerful to be allowed). It helps that Aurorus has Electric coverage, in case some Water-types decided to be cheeky (Freeze Dry works too).

Avalugg is practically a Physical wall of the Ice-types. It has enormous Defence, as well as recovery! Rapid Spin is another of its talents. Not only that, but its Physical attacks are sufficient. Crunch for Ghost-types, Earthquake and Stone Edge for coverage, and Gyro Ball to take advantage of the low Speed (it learns Curse too, by the way). With Sturdy, you are guaranteed to survive a hit, and potentially retaliate with Mirror Coat for those Special attackers attempting to target your lower Specail Defence.

For past Ice-types, we have Weavile, who doesn't need to worry about Steel-types resisting its STABs. Not only that, Knock Off does lots of damage to Pokemon who still have their items (except Mega Stones). If you want a powerful Ice STAB, there's Icicle Crash ready to be bred on Sneasel. Abomasnow is blessed with a Mega Evolution that gives it more power and defences, although Speed is an issue. What about Lapras? It is perhaps the best user of Freeze Dry, since it resists Water's main coverage moves, allowing it to hit them hard.


Notable Introductions: Diggersby, Zygarde
Notable Rising Stars: Rhyperior

With only two Ground-types, not much is added. First we have Diggersby, who has Huge Power and Swords Dance for maximum power to use with its great STAB attacks and decent coverage (Wild Charge and Rock Slide). Its decent defences allow it to survive a good deal of attacks, though one still need to watch out for type advantage STABs. If offence isn't your type, Diggersby gets Spikes, making it the first Ground-type with this move. Zygarde is likely to be allowed based on its stats. Still, its set up moves will give it use, since Coil and Dragon Dance are what set it apart from Flygon and Garchomp. Plus, there's always Extreme Speed.

What about rising stars? This is difficult to find, because there aren't many Ground-types that seem to get a noticable upgrade. Garchomp has a Mega Evolution, sure, but it was already pretty good to begin with. Perhaps Rhyperior could be more useful with an Assault Vest, since its Special Defence had always been its weak point. Gliscor has Defog, despite the presence of Rapid Spin on Donphan, Excadrill and Claydol.

There are Ground-types that got a stat boost, so they are somewhat more useful. Krookodile has a Defence boost, making Intimidate a bit more useful for setting up. Seismitoad got an Attack boost, which is great for Earthquake, although Seismitoad is more of a Special attacker. The same applies to the Nidos. Golem has an Attack boost, so its attacks hurt more.


Notable Introductions: Vivillon
Notable Rising Stars: Pinsir, Scolipede

The Bug-type is tied with the Poison-type for least amount of families. Vivillon is the only new Bug-type we have, but its variety of wing patterns is popular among collectors and traders. Beyond that, Vivillon has some interesting tricks that would be useful. It is similar to Butterfree in that they are Bug/Flying with Compound Eyes and Quiver Dance. Compound Eyes allow Vivillon to have an accurate Sleep Powder, and you don't need to worry about Grass-types taking them because of your advantageous STABs. Compound Eyes work well with Hurricane, an attack that Butterfree lacks that make Vivillon a threat. You do need to be wary of Steel-types, in any case. Fire-types, on the other hand, might need to watch out for Powder backfiring their STABs.

For rising stars, we have Pinsir, first of all. It becomes another Bug/Flying-type through Mega Evolution, but don't let that typing discourage you, because it's great for Pinsir, if you take into account Aerialate, the only one with this ability. This will power up your Normal attacks and turn them into Flying, which is a great STAB to have. Thankfully, Pinsir has plenty of options, with Quick Attack, Double-Edge, Thrash and Return as options. You also have coverage such as Earthquake, so you don't need to worry about certain types walling your Flying STAB. Scolipede recently got Speed Boost, so it will provide some Speed for the team with Baton Pass, including Pinsir and Heracross. Of course, regular Spikes work too.

There are some nice things that Bug-types get. Sticky Web is possessed by a few Bug-types, including a mainstay Galvantula. If you don't want to use Galvantula, Leavanny and Shuckle are other choices to consider. Ariados gets Megahorn along with that move, so it could have some use, although it is rather slow. Heracross's Mega Evoltuion take advantage of its newly-acquired multi-hit attacks, though it lost a bit of Speed. Scizor's Mega Evolution is stronger than Scizor, although one may find Pinsir and Heracross' Mega Evolution more useful since Scizor is best used with another item. Finally, Accelgor gets to have Spikes and Encore on the same set this time, which is a useful combination.

This series is complete. Even though I declared completion, I must add that there may be more unrevealed Pokemon that would affect the dynamic of some of these monotype teams. Maybe a Fire-type team would finally have something that takes Water-type attacks better, or a Ghost-type team finally having something with high stats to be something to consider, and sure, Rock-type could do with more Fighting resistors.

I might also miss some Pokemon that got interesting moves this Generation that would give them a place in a monotype team, such as Leavanny getting Sticky Web for a Grass team. This is the time where you can point out things I missed. I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Zeb's Avatar
    Diggersby gets Spikes, making it the first Ground-type with this move
    I find it quite funny that Spikes is a Ground-type move and yet it's taken so long for a Ground-type to actually learn it.

    Scolipede also had its base Attack stat increased by 10, which combined with everything else you mentioned about it, is certainly going to make it better.


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