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Mega Evolution Candidates (Part 4) -- Reader's Picks

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Welcome, everybody! After a few days of readers choosing their wanted Mega Evolutions, I present you with my response to the reader's picks! There are some interesting choices here, so that means more ideas! I should tell you about two things before this: One, there are much less type changes in Mega Evolutions than before; Two, there are custom abilities for some of them.

You might be wonder how I pick these. The first thing I would do is to pick one choice from every voter (which, luckily for me, there weren't more than twelve of), followed by filling in the types I am missing after selection, and then it's free game for anyone's picks. If you are ready to see what are picked, see for yourselves below.


Type: Normal/Fairy
Ability: Huge Power
Stat Increases: Atk +10, Def +50, SpAtk +10, SpDef +50, Speed -20
Picked by: @Durbe;

Wigglytuff's Mega Evolution would expand its body to be more balloon-like, due to being able to keep its inflated state that it would normally do when it is annoyed. This causes its defences to increase, as well as its power (thus Huge Power). Unfortunately, balloons are not good at moving, so Wigglytuff's Speed took a hit.

Wigglytuff had always been somewhat inferior to Clefable when it comes to performing in battles. Yes, Wigglytuff has its advantages, but as a while, Clefable is better in almost every way. There are steps to make Wigglytuff more relevant between two, including keeping its Normal-type after gaining a Fairy-type, as well as getting the rare Competitive ability.

With Wigglytuff's low Base Stat Total, Huge Power would be ideal for it. This would give Wigglytuff a painful Play Rough and Double-Edge, with Drain Punch and Knock Off helping along the way. Its Special Attack isn't too shabby, so it would ideally use it to cover Steel-types. The biggest increase are the defences. The increase is approximately 53% for Defence and 50% for Special Defence, which would help Wigglytuff a lot. In exchange, Speed is lowered, but that powers up Gyro Ball (another move Clefable didn't learn).


Type: Fire/Fairy
Ability: Sheer Force
Stat Increases: Atk +40, Def +10, SpAtk +10, SpDef +10, Speed +30
Picked by: @Mako;

Arcanine, known as a "legendary" Pokemon, is as majestic as it looks suggest. It is known for its magnificent fur, and its main talent is its speed, which is why it is a proud owner of Extreme Speed. The speed aspect would be translated to extra Speed, and its Attack would increase further to take the most advantage of it.

A Mega Arcanine would have attained a better body thanks to achieving a certain speed level, which will cause its mane and and fur on its legs to grow longer and gain streaks of orange. Its look would take inspiration from the Chinese guardian lion, with its ornaments, which includes a necklace with a bell and perhaps some leg armour.

Mega Arcanine's ability of choice needs to boost its power somewhat, since the direction is power and Speed for easier attacking. After looking at a few different abilities, the final verdict is Sheer Force. It's not likely that Arcanine would take advantage of the extra effects of its attacks, so let's power up its main move Flare Blitz. It helps that it make Crunch and Iron Head/Iron Tail stronger. If Arcanine needed some coverage, there's Close Combat and Wild Charge.

Type changes is something I promised to be easier on, but I felt that Arcanine would benefit a lot from gaining an extra type. Of the types, I added Fairy, because Arcanine is based on a legendary creature. This type change has the benefit of giving Arcanine three more resistances (Fighting, Dark and Dragon), although it would lose Steel. In that case, it would need Play Rough for Fairy STAB, which is powered up by Sheer Force.


Type: Psychic
Ability: No Guard
Stat Increases: Atk +10, Def +30, SpAtk +50, SpDef +10
Picked by: @kronos;

Hypno's unlocked power made it a lot better at aiming at things it needed to hypnotise, which is why it gained No Guard. One way its powers of guaranteed hits are to gain a pair of eyes on its ears, similar to Meowstic. Its sense of smell would increase, which would be shown by a bigger or longer nose. Its frill could be expanded a bit to make it more like a vest (the frills could be lessened).

As you could guess, No Guard is the ability I decided to give Hypno to help it out. This makes Hypno the fastest No Guard user, and it has the tools to use that ability well. First off is Hypnosis, which will always hit. The other move that Hypno could reliably use is Focus Blast, which is sure to help a lot.

Stats-wise, the main focus is Special Attack, due to the increased focus for Hypno enabling for a great Special offence. Its Defence increased slightly, since a Psychic-type needs Defence to better take Fighting attacks. Both Attack and Special Defence got small boosts, to boost Hypno's best stat and to help make its Physical attacks (it has a lot of them) more useful.


Type: Poison/Electric
Ability: Levitate
Stat Increases: Def +20, SpAtk +40, SpDef +40
Picked by: @Ranger Jack Walker;

Weezing's exposure to extra pollution from the industries charged up its gases, causing Weezing to turn into an electrically charged ball, with static clouds. Its smallest ball will have an electric insignia, similar to Weezing's skull and crossbones insignia. It could also look like an atom where Weezing's body behave like a nucleus, while a spark flies around it like an electron.

Weezing has been a special Poison-type, for it has Levitate, one of the best abilities for anything weak to Ground (as Rotom and Eelektross could attest to). This makes Weezing a good Physical wall due to its Physically-based resistances. Let's expand on this, making Weezing not only more resilient Physically, but able Specially as well.

Weezing's ability is fine for what it is, so that will be left untouched. Its type, however, received a change to accommodate its type of pollution, and to match Garbodor and Muk's extra types. Of the types, I chose Electric, because it gives Mega Weezing more resistances, while not changing its weaknesses. Because two of Electric's resistances are Physical, this suits Weezing's already high Defence.

I focused the boosts on the Special side, because Weezing's attacks are mainly Special. The extra Special Attack allows Weezing to hit much harder with Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. In addition to this, its Special Defence is strengthened to cover its weaker defence, to allow Mega Weezing to take advantage of resisted Special attacks. The rest goes to Defence for the extra resilience.


Type: Grass
Ability: Super Healer*
Stat Increases: Atk +10, Def +30, SpAtk +20, SpDef +40
Picked by: @DasManiac;

*Healing moves recover more HP.

Meganium's Mega Evolution would be similar to how Mega Venusaur is like: give its flower more radiance. The body could have some leaves, particularly its back, like the fins found on some dinosaurs and some reptiles, since the leaves are to gather more sunlight for healing. Its antenna could also become a more plant-like vine, and it would have petal sails, similar to Aurorus. Essentially, the Mega Evolution isn't over complex, to match the simplicity of Johto's starters.

Helping Meganium out is a really tricky task, because there are several reasons Meganium wasn't able to stand up against several other contenders, even its predecessor Venusaur. I guess I could give Meganium another type, but this article seeks to minimise type changes, even if Meganium is still weak to five types. Custom ability time!

Meganium is a lot better at taking the damage with it much-improved defences, in order to differentiate it from Venusaur by a bit. Its attack stats are improved by a little thanks to this. The custom ability that would help Meganium will hopefully help Meganium out. The way it works is that any healing move that Mega Meganium uses recover more damage, both to Meganium and to others. So, a Leech Seed used by Meganium will do the regular 1/8 HP to the opponent, but it will add 50% more to the receiver. To a lesser extent, Aromatherapy recovers 1/16 HP for every party member alive in addition to the healing effect, and Ingrain heals 1/8 HP instead of 1/16 HP.


Type: Steel/Ground
Ability: Bulletproof
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +40, SpDef +40, Speed -10
Picked by: @kronos;

The Mega Evolution would have Steelix's metal exterior becoming harder, with jewels laced around its metal body to emphasise this. Unfortunately, those jewels also hinder Steelix's movement a bit, making it harder to move. Its teeth would be made of gold, because it makes Steelix rich (in minerals).

Steelix's well-known aspect is its titanic Defence, which is currently rivalled with Avalugg and Regirock. Its Steel-type makes it a lot better at taking hits, though it does not have the recovery that Avalugg has. There's also Mega Aggron, another defensive contender. In this case, a Mega Steelix would reclaim the glory as "most Physically Defensive Pokemon".

You might be asking: what is Bulletproof for? Well, that's the best part. You see, Bulletproof renders the two best Fighting Special attacks useless, essentially covering one weakness for Steelix. There are other attacks, but they are ultimately not as important, since Steelix is already immune to them (Sludge Bomb, for example). Besides, I wanted a Mega Evolution to be able to have Bulletproof.

Steelix may not have the better type compared to Aggron, whose pure Steel-type gave it more resistances and less weaknesses, but it still carries an Electric immunity, allowing Mega Steelix to threaten Electric-types. In addition to this, Mega Steelix's defences are better than Mega Aggron's, giving one a reason to use this Pokemon. Of course, you mustn't forget the Ground STAB. Mega Steelix's Speed is reduced, however, but this makes it a good to use Gyro Ball since the Speed difference is likely to be big.


Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Prankster
Stat Increases: Def +20, SpDef +80
Picked by: @Dark Kyriaki;

With Mega Mawile taking a more warrior-like role, its counterpart Sableye could take a more knight-ish role. Its constant consumption of gems and jewelry caused it to become a lot more resilient when it comes to taking hits, thanks to its more jewel-like armour. One idea I saw the other day is to include a jacket and a sort of greaser hairstyle, so that could work well in its design too.

When it comes to distributing increases in base stats, one challenge is to ensure that whatever stat put into Sableye is meaningful, since Sableye's Base Stat total is quite low. Mawile doesn't have this problem because it has Huge Power to compensate for this, essentially having an increase of 250 (Huge Power is essentially a +150 boost based on Mawile's Attack).

Sableye's Prankster is very useful, so an ability that boosts its stats doesn't seem to be in the cards. Its type combination, while having a new weakness, is still useful because it still has immunities. The only way to improve Sableye is to put an extreme amount in Special Defence, since it needed a way to take Special hits well (essentially +70%). Defence got a modest boost which, with Will-O-Wisp, would allow it to take Physical hits quite well. As a result, Sableye could continue annoying with Prankster since it can take hits a lot better on both sides.


Type: Poison
Ability: Acid Juices*
Stat Increases: Atk +20, Def +20, SpAtk +40, SpDef +20
Picked by: @Neosquid;

*Makes Poison-type moves hit Steel-type Pokemon.

Unlocking Swalot's power make its acidic juices more deadly that it even affect Steel-types (though not other types that resist Poison). It could take a redder appearance, because using litmus paper to test acid results in turning it red. Perhaps Swalot could have a more pronounced head, longer whiskers and more eloberate diamond patterns to differentiate it from its regular version.

The draw with Mega Swalot is its ability Acid Juices. This allows it to hit Steel-types it wouldn't normally hit, turning them into bait for being poisoned (or corrosion, if you will). Since Steel-types don't have complete immunity to poison, this ability bypasses the immunity. That alone could give Swalot some interesting uses.

For stat gains, Swalot's Special Attack got the biggest boost to take advantage of Acid Spray, now that nothing is immune to it. It has Giga Drain for Rock- and Ground-types and Shadow Ball for Ghost-types, so on the Special side, it is good to go. The Attack increase got a decent increase because there are attacks that could be useful to have, particularly Earthquake (for other Poison-types). Both defences got a bit of increase because extra defence is always good.


Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Strong Jaw
Stat Increases: Atk +55, Def +20, SpAtk +10, SpDef +10, Speed +5
Picked by: @Neosquid;

A Sharpedo Mega Evolution would expand on its torpedo concept by making its body longer. Sharpedo's snout would also be more pronounced, maybe having a bit of spike at the tip. Its back would have a tail resembling a torpedo's tail-end. Adding to this, it could take after the Megalodon's powerful jaws, a prehistoric shark. This torpedo shark would not be able to gather enough momentum, but it would keep the momentum gathered by Speed Boost, so the impact would be as strong as the boost you could gather.

Sharpedo's role as a fast and frail attacker is always a gamble. If you bring Sharpedo in too early, it wouldn't necessarily be able to survive due to its frailty. On the other hand, if you weakened the opponent's team, you could sweep before the opponent could take advantage of your defences. A Mega Evolution would kind of expand on that idea.

Notice that the Speed's increase is very little. The idea is that you should use Sharpedo with Speed Boost to gather as many boosts as you could, in order to set up a sweep. After you Mega Evolve, you have a new ability to strengthen your attacks, and if you managed to get enough boosts, you could sweep the opponent a lot more easily. Due to the fact that you can't boost after Mega Evolving, it should be done when the time is right. The extra Defence is for taking the odd priority attack, and the survival could matter.

I would have picked Adaptability as the ability of my choice, but Strong Jaw is not a bad ability, even if it only boost Ice Fang, Bite and Crunch. Still, Ice Fang and Crunch would hurt a lot after the boost.

(EDIT) Changed the boosts a little. The boost I had in mind was when I made the ability Adaptability, because the mixed offences work well with said ability. The change to Strong Jaw meant that more Attack would be more beneficial for Sharpedo instead.


Type: Rock/Steel
Ability: Solid Head*
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +25, Speed +45
Picked by: @Dark Kyriaki;

*Greatly reduces recoil damage. It also powers up head-based attacks (50%).

What would a Mega Rampardos look like? I imagine that its head becomes a lot tougher, shown with a helmet-like design. Its spiky armour would also be more pronounced, with more spikes to demonstrate its boosted Attack. To demonstrate its extra Speed, Rampardos would have feet that looks like it could support its weight and force. Its type changed to add a Steel-type because of the tougher body.

Turning Rampardos into a formidable force is a difficult task, because its Rock type is not the best defensively, while it's slow and relatively frail. The main draw with Rampardos is its huge power, so let's allow Rampardos to unleash that!

In order to rectify Rampardos' frailty, its Defence will increase. For my defence of choice, I chose the Physical side because that's where Rampardos' resistances are most best at. Another thing I would do is to give Rampardos Speed, so that its Speed won't be a problem anymore. This Speed will allow Rampardos to outspeed Garchomp, which is a noteworthy benchmark. The rest goes to Attack to make Rampardos even stronger, making it the Pokemon with the highest Attack.

I decided to go for a custom ability again. While Tough Claws would be the ability to boost such attacks, it doesn't quite fit Rampardos thematically, so I went for something that can be considered an upgrade to an existing ability. This ability allows Rampardos to use Iron Head, Headbutt, Zen Headbutt and Head Smash for extra damage. The boost is the same as Strong Jaw due to having less moves being powered up. The best part is, Head Smash becomes a lethal force, capable of OHKO-ing Skarmory and Gliscor!

(EDIT) A couple of requests means that Mega Rampardos would have a few changes. I changed Rampardos to be part-Steel so that its double weaknesses will balance it out somewhat, though an Iron Head boost is welcomed. I also made the custom ability reduce recoil damage should Rampardos have them. The reduction is 50%, so it would take 1/4 of the damage dealt from Head Smash. Also added Steel-type because Dark Kyriaki requested it.

Throh & Sawk

Type: Fighting (Both)
Ability: Wide Blocker* (Throh), Quick Blocker** (Sawk)
Stat Increases (Throh): Atk +20, Def +40, SpDef +40
Stat Increases (Sawk): Atk +40, Def +20, SpDef +20, Speed +20
Picked by: @Garren;

* Protects the Pokemon from wide-ranging attacks.
** Protects the Pokemon from priority moves.

When coming up with ideas for how to make Mega Throh and Mega Sawk, I remembered one of the moves each learned: Wide Guard and Quick Guard respectively. This gave me an idea: an ability that gives them immunity to a certain range of attacks. Throh will not be affected by Discharge, Earthquake or Blizzard, while Sawk won't be feeling anything from Fake Out, Bullet Punch or Gale Wings Flying attacks (it's important). This ability only works for them, so they still have to use their respective moves to help a team mate dodge a spread move or priority move.

Now for their designs. To demonstrate their more defensive stance, they will have some judo or karate gear to protect themselves. That means a fighting helmet and a vest would be theirs to wear. Perhaps Sawk could wear some gloves to help it. If it's possible, the colours of their uniform would change, so now Throh will have blue and Sawk would have red, to contrast each other.

The player who use Throh or Sawk in Doubles or Triples would have the advantage. Mega Throh's ability is similar to Telepathy, but with the added benefit of tanking some of the opponent's spread moves. Mega Sawk's priority immunity would force the opponent to target the partner in fear of Sawk possibly rendering Fake Out pointless. It's a simple ability, but one that would render the player advantageous. Also, Mega Sawk gets to stomp Mega Kangaskhan, which is a plus in my book.

For stats, I geared Mega Throh to be extra defensive, which it would no doubt appreciate. The defences would be hard to break through, and it would cause the opponent to need to target it specifically just to get rid of it. Still, Mega Throh will be vulnerable to status, which it will need to watch out for. Mega Sawk's increases are simple: more Attack and Speed. Speed is to out-speed Kangaskhan, who is already a threat in Mega form. It would also help it differentiate itself from Heracross further, who became slower after Mega Evolution.


Type: Dragon
Ability: Clear Body
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +40, SpAtk +10, SpDef +20
Picked by: @Durbe;

Mega Haxorus already look like it has armour, so its Mega Evolution will be based around its increased armoury. This means its Defence will increase the most. Haxorus' fighting tendency made it more hardened in battle, making it a lot better at taking Physical attacks thanks to this. Not only that, Clear Body prevents it from potentially getting less powerful by the enemy. Being more hardened, it would have more axes for battling, so it would feasibly have them on its arms, and probably its tail.

Its stats will be based around the Physical side, making it harder to defeat on the Physical side. Its Attack also increase, though not so much that it beats the power of Life Orb or Choice Band. The rest of the stats go to the Special side. These stats ought to make Haxorus scarier because it could more reliably boost its power or both power and speed, due to Clear Body's stat-lowering prevention (it prevents Intimidate and Sticky Web).

(As an extra...)


Type: Dark/Flying
Ability: Thick Fat
Stat Increases: Atk +10, Def +40, SpDef +50
"Suggested" By: Contrary (Don't tell him! Let him discover this himself)

The "suggester" didn't suggest this directly, but I thought of giving one of his selected Mega Evolutions a go. Of course his one is much too good in comparison (did you see how much the defences are increased by?), since he wanted to go all out and have fun, so there's no need to hound him for his extreme decisions. I decided to see the direction I could go with Mega Mandibuzz, to cover a Flying-type.

Mandibuzz, when energy is unleashed, stored them in its body to make itself fatter to be able to withstand through hot and cold, enabling it to take Fire and Ice attacks, as well as Special attacks with more ease. Not only that, the bones on its body are stronger, allowing it to take more hits.

The way to go with Mandibuzz is extra resilience. Thick Fat is a great ability for a defensive Pokemon to use, which makes Mandibuzz take neutral damage from Ice. Now its defences are tough to break if you don't target one of its (now) three weaknesses, and it still gets healing! This would make Mandibuzz a lot better with support, with exciting moves like Knock Off, Defog and Whirlwind.

That's all for the reader's picks. For those who voted, I hope you enjoyed my ideas on your favourites. For those who didn't, maybe you could tell me what you were expecting. It's been fun to come up with these, so at least I got some fulfilment out of this.

Initially, I have six of these articles planned, but I came up with another idea for a Mega Evolution article, which will be the next one. Basically, there was a fake poster with several Pokemon that would receive a Mega Evolution, so what you are tasked to do is to pick up to two Pokemon from each Generation from that list I haven't done before. Here's the list of Pokemon that are not done either because the designers covered them or I did that. List:

Happy voting! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Durbe's Avatar
    Celebi, Wobbuffet, Salamence, Infernape, Gallade, Samurott, and Genesect are my picks.
  2. Neoblade's Avatar
    Mega Rampardos sounds a bit broken, imo. A 225 BP attack (before STAB) coming from a base attack of 195. It's not even slow, especially if you run Rock Polish. And that defense makes it fairly difficult to kill even with Mach Punch and Aqua Jet. I dunno, it just seems too good. The speed boost alone would have made it amazing, I think you need to either nerf or change the ability. I think other people will tell you the same thing.

    Your concept for Mega Sharpedo is basically the same as mine. I wouldn't have added anything to Sp. attack, personally, but it's damn well an improvement regardless. And the defense actually helps a lot with tanking priority. Believe it or not, despite its bulk, even regular Sharpedo isn't bothered too much by priority outside of Mach Punch and Extremespeed (and Sucker Punch if you don't run Destiny Bond) thanks to its typing, which allows it to resist most priority moves. Granted, they would bring it closer to dying from Life Orb, which isn't a problem since it no longer needs it to hit as hard as possible.

    And Adaptability would have been more useful, probably, but Crawdaunt is another Water/Dark type and it also has Adaptability. Besides, Strong Jaw fits it too well to pass up.

    Interesting ability concept for Mega Swalot. Sorry if I misread something, but does it hit steels super effectively, neutrally, or not very effectively? With poison attacks, I mean.
    Updated 23rd November 2013 at 02:44 PM by Neoblade
  3. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
    Could you do Porygon-Z? I love its design and a Mega Evolution would be interesting. Great article, too.
  4. Neoblade's Avatar

    Sudowoodo, Wobbuffet, Tropius, Drifblim, Porygon-Z, Serperior, Druddigon.

    It's in my opinion that Drifblim should keep Flare Boost, since it's a signature ability and all. Not like you can use Unburden (which it usually prefers) with a Mega Stone anyway. You're welcome to do whatever you want, naturally, I'm merely putting in my thoughts.
  5. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Poison/ELectric for Weezing sounds even better.
  6. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Cool ideas over there! The Sharpedo thing is a bit weird, because most Mega Evolutions are to be spammed right away. Still a great read!

    Typhlosion Feraligatr
    Drapion Gallade
    Serperior Volcarona
  7. Yadon's Avatar
    I love your ideas with Hypno and Weezing. (I'm probably one of the few people that like Hypno.) Also the Swalot too, because an ability that does that needs to happen. Spamming Acid Spray would certainly be fun.
  8. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Thank you for covering both Sableye and Rampardos!! I agree that Sableye could use some good defense, since Prankster will cover priority. As for Rampardos, I like how it will always be the top attacker of all, but maybe, maybe add a Steel-typing? It would gain 4x weaknesses, but it would still be formidable as it would gain STAB to Iron Head and such. Also, along with the enhanced design, the Rock/Steel typing will reflect the (spiked) Spear vs Shield theme with Bastiodon better.

    I'd definitely love to see Mega Gallade, Mega Empoleon and Mega Volcarona :D. Mega Typhlosion as well XD
    Updated 23rd November 2013 at 09:02 PM by Kyriaki
  9. winstein's Avatar
    @Neosquid; @Dark Kyriaki; I guess I might have gone overboard with Rampardos, so I made a few changes and made it take less recoil damage instead of straight up being immune to it. Still an improvement over what Rampardos have, but not enough to make it overbearing (no recovery), I hope.

    @Neosquid; I gave Sharpedo more Attack and lessened Special Attack's increase because the stat changes were made when I used Adaptability.

    For the Swalot question, I was actually thinking neutral damage, because it is a Scrappy clone with the extra ability to "poison" Steel-types. Would you say it's more balanced if it's super-effective instead?

    Thanks for reading.
    Updated 24th November 2013 at 05:04 AM by winstein
  10. Neoblade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by winstein
    @Neosquid; I gave Sharpedo more Attack and lessened Special Attack's increase because the stat changes were made when I used Adaptability.

    For the Swalot question, I was actually thinking neutral damage, because it is a Scrappy clone with the extra ability to "poison" Steel-types. Would you say it's more balanced if it's super-effective instead?

    Thanks for reading.
    It's actually good for Sharpedo's versatility. I personally prefer pure physical sets, but while your stats subtract a bit from its pure physical potential, it makes mixed sets all the more viable. It can still go all physical really well, of course.

    Edit: Ah, you changed them. It works well either way, as stated.

    I dunno. It would work either way (for Swalot).
    Updated 24th November 2013 at 07:12 PM by Neoblade
  11. kronos's Avatar
    some very interesting ideas. I love the idea of hypno wih no guard.


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