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Mega Evolution Candidates (Part 1) -- Popularity

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Greetings everybody! Today, I shall start a new series about Mega Evolutions. Instead of rating them like some people would do, I want to create my own. "How will this work?", you might ask. Well, it's quite simple. In an interview regarding the games, this point is mentioned: "The standard selection process for Pokémon to be Mega-Evolvable is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance."

What I am about to do is to list the Pokémon that could feasibly receive a Mega Evolution based on each of the three criteria, each with their own article. I will even add three more sections for good measure, but I will tell you what those are in another time. For now, here are twelve Pokémon that could fit the "popularity" category, so enjoy the read!


Type: Poison/Ground
Ability: Serene Grace (Nidoqueen), Sheer Force (Nidoking)
Stat Increases (Nidoqueen): Atk +10, Def +30, SpAtk +10, SpDef +30, Speed +20
Stat Increases (Nidoking): Atk +40, SpAtk +40, Speed +20

The Nidos are fairly popular Pokemon, especially Nidoking. Their popularity is likely because they are monsters that look intimidating and strong, even if their size doesn't suggest that. However, Mega Evolution makes it possible for them to achieve a bigger size. For variation, both of them will have different stat boosts, as well as differen abilities to differentiate them.

Nidoking will have a more offensive boost, possessing more Speed and a lot more Attack and Special Attack. The Special Attack is now the equivalent of having a Life Orb at Max Special Attack, as with Attack if it is maxed out. It does have the benefit of not being able to be tricked too. The extra Speed makes Nidoking a lot more dangerous. Nidoqueen doesn't have the same power increase as Nidoking, but it has extra defences to make full use of its decent defensive type. Serene Grace allows Nidoqueen to inflict some status more often, including Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam (Freeze is deadly) and Rock Slide, giving it some use.


Type: Fire
Ability: Speed Boost
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +10, SpAtk +20, Speed +40

If you have experienced some of the fan circles of Pokémon, you would know that the Eeveelutions are some of the most popular Pokémon out there. Although I am not a fan of Eeveelutions myself, I think this is a valid suggestion. In honour of this, I will choose only one Eeveelution. Of them all, I chose Flareon because it is popular in an unpopular sort of way. It is considered the worst of the Eeveelutions since its movepool and stats do not complement each other in a meaningful way (it is really slow for an attacker, while its defences doesn't lend to support too well thanks to low HP). Since Eeveelutions are always mono-type, so would Mega Flareon.

To remedy this, Flareon will have acquired Speed Boost to make it faster every time, because it is a "booster" (it's in the name, if you get the reference). The Speed makes it slightly faster than Mega Blaziken, despite having slightly less power due to only Fire STAB and lower Special Attack. It would be another Baton Pass user that's worth consideration, so that's not a bad thing to have. It could perform support too, since that Speed means you can use Will-O-Wisp and Wish more easily.


Type: Normal
Ability: Early Bird
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +30, SpAtk +10, SpDef +30

Snorlax is popular because it is one of the earliest examples of being a road block, as well as being a popular choice for any Kanto trainer (Red, Ash and the Red in the Origins anime are happy Snorlax owners). Currently, only one Normal-type Mega Evolution exists, so another could potentially be interesting.

Snorlax is most known as a Curse set up attacker, so Mega Snorlax needs something to make it easier to set up. After some time, I decided on Early Bird because it makes Rest less of a hassle, taking only one turn of sleep before proceeding to set up further. The extra defences make Sleep Talk not as needed, although it will still be useful. Alternatively, Power-up Punch could be used to boost the Attack. You may be wondering why a bit of stats go into Special Attack. That's because some Mega Evolutions have bonuses in stats they don't need to use, such as Pinsir. I know everyone wants perfection in everything and no wasting is allowed, bu I think Snorlax is already a great Pokemon, so there's no need to make it even more perfect.


Type: Dragon/Fairy
Ability: Multiscale
Stat Increases: Def +40, SpAtk +20, SpDef +40

Dragonite is one of the most popular Pokemon, being a pseudo-legendary and for other reasons I don't quite understand. I guess it's because Dragonite is unique in terms of evolution, having a chubby look and looks mystical (or all of the above). Personally, I dislike Dragons, so it's a bit hard to write this, but as this is speculating likely Mega Evolutions based on this criteria, this is a given. I saw some people wanting Dratini and Dragonair adopt a Fairy-type, so I thought I should add a Fairy-type to Dragonite, since it looks most like a fairy, making it one to be immune to Dragon, which gives it some use.

The ability remains the same, so Dragonite would still be used as a bulky set-up attacker. For stats, I made Dragonite bulkier by emphasising in bulk even more, because Fairies with high Defence are not a common thing (and Dragonite is a viable supporter too, which helps). Currently, Dragonite doesn't learn Dazzling Gleam, but if Dragonite has this Mega Evolution, it would need to, otherwise the lack of Fairy STAB would be embarrasing. I decided Speed won't increase since bulk is the target for the Mega Evolution, so it would need to watch out for powerful attackers that could set up on it, or worse, status.


Type: Normal/Poison
Ability: Simple
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +30, SpAtk +20, SpDef +20

Dunsparce is not exactly a popular Pokemon, but it is a Pokemon that often comes to mind when the subject is about Pokemon you often forget about. It's like Dunsparce is so rare and unpopular that it becomes popular again due to the reputation it held.

The extra Poison-type on Dunsparce is to give it some defensive type. It's also because Dunsparce is kind of a snake, which has a history of Poison-types variants. For my ability of choice, I decided to go with Simple, due to Dunsparce's access to Coil and Calm Mind. Its offensive moves are quite plentiful, and it has recovery, so there is no shortage of moves you could choose on Dunsparce. The problem is to fit everything you want to do with four moves, but that adds to Dunsparce's unpredictability.

Originally, I wanted a Fur Coat equivalent as an ability, but after some thought, Simple might be the best since Dunsparce is one of the few with Coil, and Calm Mind is there for an alternative set up move. Besides, if I apply the same stat boost on a Pokemon with access to recovery and a wide movepool, I am not sure if that would make Dunsparce too good. The idea was that Dunsparce is already a Pokemon with a low Base Stat total, so there will be an ability that compensates for one of its low stats (that's what Mawile received, just so you know).


Type: Grass/Dragon
Ability: Tough Claws
Stat Increases: Atk +40, Def +10, SpAtk +20, SpDef +10, Speed +20

Starters are mandatory for a list containing fan popularity Pokemon, because they are popular for being the first Pokemon of any new trainer for any region. Why else would Blaziken be popular? Anyway, when it comes to the starters, I opt for Sceptile, because I felt that of all the starters, Sceptile is the next most popular, if you don't take the Kanto starters into account. This would technically leave Swampert out unfortunately, but constraints don't allow for too many to be picked.

The type combination should be what fans believe Sceptile should've been: a part Dragon-type. This new type combination is sure to make Sceptile a lot more powerful, because Dragon STAB is really good. Yes, there are more weaknesses, but it makes Sceptile able to take attacks it resists more easily.

Now for the ability and stats. For this, I chose Tough Claws because Sceptile's Physical movepool is the most desirable one, and many of them are contact attacks. Leaf Blade and Dragon Claw in particular stood out, with Drain Punch and Pursuit being alternatives. Certain coverage moves don't make contact (Rock Slide, Earthquake), but that's OK because you can still use Swords Dance to boost them. A tiny bit of extra Defence doesn't sound like much, but would help take priority attacks a bit better, although Ice Shard will always be a problem.


Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Heavy Metal
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +50, SpAtk +10, SpDef +30, Speed -20

"Such an odd choice for a popular Pokemon!" You might think. What I see as popular might not be popular after all, but I figured that because Wailord is the biggest Pokemon in existence, it had to be popular. Wailord is not that heavy for its size, so I decided that if it were to be big, let's give it more weight, exceeding 1 ton.

You may be wondering why I chose Heave Metal, an ability that doesn't seem to imply usefulness. Well you see, Wailord learns Heavy Slam, and would look to be a fine user of that move if I added Steel-type. It has the side effect of giving it more resistances (and Magnezone bait). If Wailord had 2 tons (extrapolated from Heavy Metal) or more, then it will almost always hit for maximum damage, since the heaviest is Groudon, but if you don't count that, Avalugg and Metagross are the heaviest. Guess what? Both take around 100 BP - 120 BP of damage. It's possible that Wailmer could inherit Heat Crash from Tepig and gang, to make use of a powerful Fire attack that almost always hit for max damage.

I decided to go for Abomasnow's approach for stats, where Speed is reduced while increasing the others. Attack is increased more than Special Attack to make those weight-based attacks hit harder. Wailord's high HP ensures that giving more defences will make it very tough, increasing it to around 50% the original. It makes for a great Rest + Sleep Talk set because Wailord's defences meant that it would be broken too easily. Maybe that's too much, but I am sure there are people who would be able to break through this.


Type: Steel/Psychic
Ability: Iron Fist
Stat Increases: Atk +50, Def +20, SpDef +20, Speed +10

This here is another pseudo-legendary, and it's another popular one because it looks like a robot. It's not all dogs and cats fans, you know. Robots have their fans, as evidenced by Transformers, so there are definitely Pokemon fans who like robots or all sorts of inorganic Pokemon.

Since Metagross already has a set of punching moves, it should get Iron Fist to take advantage of them. If there's one punching attack I would add in Metagross' movepool with this ability being added, it would be Shadow Punch. For stats, I put a substantial amount to Attack because that's what you will be using the most. Defences are raised by a decent amount too, to take more hits.

Metagross should be fine with that ability. I decided not to add Tough Claws even though Metagross has claws and that is a better ability, because I felt that Tough Claws would be too good for a pseudo-legendary, so the next best thing is Iron Fist.


Type: Dragon/Flying
Ability: Filter
Stat Increases: Atk +40, SpAtk +40, Speed +20

Next to Arceus, Rayquaza seems to be one of the most popular legendaries, based on the poll in which legendaries on the game Box could be chosen. There is a precedent in where a strong legendary got a Mega Evolution (Mewtwo), so it's a plausible possibility. I could go with Arceus, but that one would be easy (I would give it +20 in all stats except HP, and give it Protean). As much as I detest Dragon-types and their extreme power, I am going to give this one a try.

Perhaps Rayquaza doesn't need a type change, since its type combination is fine for it. What changed is the ability, which is now Filter. Reducing the impact of certain attacks would help a bit, I am sure, but the biggest changes are the Speed and attacks. I initially wanted to reduce Defences for more Speed, but I decided against it because then, there won't be a point with putting Filter on it, which is supposed to reduce the impact of any weakness.


Type: Electric/Dark
Ability: Strong Jaw
Stat Increases: Atk +30, Def +10, SpAtk +20, SpDef +10, Speed +30

Luxray here is chosen based on the "Favourite Pokemon" thread in the General Pokemon board, in which it has a considerable number of votes. I also noticed that I lacked a Generation 4 Pokemon after making the draft, so it's only appropriate that I added one from that Generation.

The Dark-type is added on Luxray because the dark colouration seemed like Luxray could be a Dark-type. It acquired three new weaknesses, but three new resistances is still pretty good. Remember that Luxray still have Intimidate, which it could use before Mega Evolution.

Luxray seems to have been a bit lacklustre since its Physical attacks aren't quite strong enough, due to the Electric monotype. To remedy this, Strong Jaw is added to Luxray's arsenal of moves. Thanks to Strong Jaw, it can use the elemental Fang moves properly, with the bonus of the Dark-type giving Bite and Crunch STAB for an essential power of 135 and 180 respectively.

Stat gains are similar to Kangaskhan's, where Attack get the biggest upgrade, with Special Attack getting a bit of upgrade. Defences are to make Luxray take hits a bit better, and Speed is another big upgrade to get the jump against several Pokemon. Essentially, the stats are geared to make Luxray a better sweeper that could even attack on the Special side well.


Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Adaptability
Stat Increases: Atk +35, Def +20, SpAtk +25, Speed +20

Zoroark is kind of like Lucario, who was introduced earlier than Generation 5's beginning to promote a movie. While Zoroark won't be as popular as Lucario, there are definitely some fans of Zoroark to make a Mega Evolution plausible.

The type is changed to Dark/Ghost because it was suggested on Smogon that if Zoroark is this type, it would be easier to do its job as a masquerade. Additionally, if the opponent is about to unleash a Fighting attack, one could execute this Mega Evolution to render yourself immune to them. Instead of retaining Illusion (which itself would give the Illusion away), I gave it the next best thing: Adaptability, because keeping illusions require the user to adapt to the foe, but this time you don't get to keep that illusion.

The stat increases are similar to Lucario, where it received substantial upgrades in Attack and Special Attack, a bit of Defence and some Speed. This would help Zoroark set up Swords Dance or Nasty Plot more easily. If the opponent doesn't resist Dark, then Sucker Punch will keep them on their toes. Its newfound Ghost STAB give it another option for STAB, meaning it doesn't need to use its Dark STAB if it doesn't want it. Rounding things up are Focus Blast and Low Kick, so coverage is covered. Since Zoroark is still somewhat frail, it will need to watch out for priority it isn't immune to.


Type: Ghost/Fire
Ability: Magic Guard
Stat Increases: Def +20, SpAtk +30, SpDef +20, Speed +30

Chandelure is mentioned due to a poll in a reliable magazine Corocoro ranking Chandelure as the most popular of Generation 5 (I think). Because of this, a Mega Evolution for Chandelure isn't such a bad idea. As most of the Mega Evolutions retain the same type of the original, Chandelure would be the same.

The ability is a tricky one to decide. I had three choices, which are Shadow Tag, Infiltrator and Magic Guard. Shadow Tag isn't chosen because Gengar already has it, while Infiltrator isn't chosen since it would be at odds with its normal form. Besides, it isn't as useful as the next best thing. Magic Guard could be useful for Chandelure since it will negate Stealth Rock damage, making it able to set up on several walls.

Stat increases is another tricky thing. Chandelure already has a nice stat distribution, which could use some improvements. In the end, I decided to increase the defences by a modest amount, with Speed and Special Attack having the most increase since Mega Evolutions tend to have the best stat increase the most, while some have stats that caught up with their best stat (Venusaur's Defence). I am not entirely sure about the perfect Speed, but for now, I put it to 110 to make it decently fast, while not being too troublesome to outspeed.

Essentially, the role of Mega Chandelure is to take advantage of Fire being a defensive type (with its nine resistances) while mainting the offensive pressure Fire-types are known for.

That's all for the Pokémon that could get a Mega Evolution due to popularity. Perhaps my perspective on what's popular may not line up with what's actually popular, or that if they are popular, they didn't get mentioned for some reason (starters would dominate this list otherwise!). You could list down in the comments on what is popular.

Next time, I will be looking another batch of Pokémon that could receive a Mega Evolution based on the criteria of "visual looks". If you have an idea on what would best fit that criteria, I am open. Do keep in mind that I had the list planned, so you might need to convince me. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I think Metagross and Dragonite are top contenders for Mega Evolutions. I was sure Dragonite at least wouldve had one and actually was surprised it didnt. They're both psuedos and Game Freak's given others such as Garchomp megas, so there's a fair chance we might see these in the next game, where I think there's a good chance more megas will be added.

    As for what Id like, Mega Chandelure. Id like to see it get better and maybe even get an even cooler design. Id also like Mega Luxray and Mega Sceptile because I like them.
  2. Garren's Avatar
    A lot of people think if RSRemakes happen, Steven will use Mega Metagross...

    Which actually really, really works, since he's a Stone Maniac it makes sense he'd find a Mega Stone.
  3. Norzan's Avatar
    I was also thinking about Mega Golurk, it's the type of pokemon if you boost certain stats it becomes a beast. Like +30 Attack, +20 Defense, +10 Special Defense and +40 Speed, Mega Golurk would be a monster.
  4. winstein's Avatar
    @Norzan; That's a nice idea, increasing some relevant stats for Golurk. I actually have Mega Golurk written already. Let's just say that my idea is to have a high risk-high reward Mega.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. FireBlader15's Avatar
    I agree with all of these except for Rayquaza because I think the Legendarys with least stats should get Mega evos like Mew,Celebi and Jirachi
  6. winstein's Avatar
    @FireBlader15; Personally, I don't necessarily agree with Rayquaza's inclusion, but I am basing my choice on a past poll among the box mascots, as in, between the Kanto starters, Pikachu, Kyogre and so on. Also, Rayquaza got to be a boss in Smash Bros. Brawl. So I would say that in terms of popularity, Rayquaza is squarely one. Remember that Mewtwo got two Mega Evolutions, so it's possible that something as strong as Rayquaza could get one too. If Game Freak wants to add a Mega Evolution on a legendary, Rayquaza has the best chance.

    An idea I used to have was to put Mew there, but after some thinking, it probably doesn't fit Event legendaries because they are already hard to get, so their Mega stones would likely be difficult to get as well.

    Thanks for reading.
  7. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I LOVE the idea of Mega Metagross - because then Steven will have one in his team in RSE remakes. Also, since he leaves a Beldum as a gift in the post-game, why not also leave a Mega Stone for us along with the Beldum? He probably has stacks of Mega Stones in his collection, so wynaut XD
  8. BigBadBatter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kyriaki
    I LOVE the idea of Mega Metagross - because then Steven will have one in his team in RSE remakes. Also, since he leaves a Beldum as a gift in the post-game, why not also leave a Mega Stone for us along with the Beldum? He probably has stacks of Mega Stones in his collection, so wynaut XD
    So it'd sort of be like Diantha trading the Ralts with gardevoirite? That's pretty cool!
  9. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kyriaki
    I LOVE the idea of Mega Metagross - because then Steven will have one in his team in RSE remakes. Also, since he leaves a Beldum as a gift in the post-game, why not also leave a Mega Stone for us along with the Beldum? He probably has stacks of Mega Stones in his collection, so wynaut XD
    On Steven's team, he has Aggron, who has a Mega Evolution. I can see the designers taking an existing Mega Evolution and putting it on his team. I am not denying that Metagross does not getting a Mega Evolution (that is his main Pokemon after all), as it is possible that it could be added into the remakes in the future.

    Thanks for reading.
  10. DasManiac's Avatar
    I don't understand how popularity is a decision in making Mega Evolutions. Manectric, Banette, Gardevoir, Pinsir, and Ampharos aren't very popular at all. Neither is Medicham for that matter. Manectric is considered one of the worst electric types, Banette is considered one of the worst Ghost types, Gardevoir is overshadowed by Gallade, nobody really uses Pinsir much, and Ampharos is a great Pokemon that nobody really uses for some reason. Why not give Mega Evos to the Kalos starters or the Johto starters?
  11. Oswin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DasManiac
    Manectric is considered one of the worst electric types
    Shut your filthy mouth
  12. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DasManiac
    I don't understand how popularity is a decision in making Mega Evolutions. Manectric, Banette, Gardevoir, Pinsir, and Ampharos aren't very popular at all. Neither is Medicham for that matter. Manectric is considered one of the worst electric types, Banette is considered one of the worst Ghost types, Gardevoir is overshadowed by Gallade, nobody really uses Pinsir much, and Ampharos is a great Pokemon that nobody really uses for some reason. Why not give Mega Evos to the Kalos starters or the Johto starters?
    Remember that Mega Evolutions are given to certain Pokemon not on just the criteria of popularity alone. You need to consider two more: Visual looks and Balance. I'd say that Banette and Ampharos are likely for the visual looks, while Manectric and Pinsir (and Abomasnow) are likely for the Balance.

    I don't quite see usage as a criteria as a source of popularity. You may think that Gardevoir is overshadowed by Gallade, but you might notice that Gardevoir has a strong fan art presence, which is a factor for that popularity criteria if you ask me. I would also disagree about your Manectric comment. It may not be up to your snuff, but it has some nice qualities even among Electric-types, namely Speed and Special Attack.

    Thanks for reading.
  13. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @BigBadBatter; Steven had already traded with us before in HGSS, and his Beldum was holding a Dawn Stone iirc. So he's already given us a pokemon AND an item at the same time before, so there's no reason why he can't give us such gifts. I sure am excited at the prospect :D
    @winstein; yes, Steven has Aggron, and to be fair, both Metagross AND Aggron are trouble enough in the games both offense AND defense wise. However Metagross' typing makes it more formidable since unlike Aggron, it doesn't has 4x weakness to anything. So if he were to have a Mega-evo on his team, I'd say Metagross is more likely since it has less weakness, and will prove to be more difficult to bring down. Besides, like you mentioned, it IS his signature pokemon.
  14. winstein's Avatar
    @Dark Kyriaki; If we're going by weaknesses, then Aggron would have less currently, because now Metagross has four (Ghost and Dark are new) but Aggron has three, which made less impact (as in no x4) after Mega Evolution due to losing Rock and having Filter. I can imagine Mega Aggron being a bigger trouble than Metagross because of that extra resilience, and if Aggron Mega Evolve immediately, then you won't be taking advantage of those double weaknesses.

    Then again, we'll never know until then. Perhaps Hoenn will give us new Mega Evolutions, perhaps they will reuse Aggron just because he's already designed.

    Thanks for reading.
  15. BlackButterfree's Avatar
    Luxray, Chandelure and Zoroark are must haves! And I'm finally not the only one who thinks Mega Luxray should be Electric/Dark! YAY!


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