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  1. Single-Type Advantage Bonus

    (Yes, the title could be abbreviated as STAB, which is the idea: a secondary "STAB" for single-type Pokemon)

    When it comes to battling, having two types is beneficial more often than not. Some would argue that double types pave the way for more weaknesses or even a double weakness, but they have enough advantages worth considering. For example, they have unique type resistance combinations such as Grass/Fighting's Rock + Ground resistance, or mitigated weaknesses (which ...

    Updated 22nd September 2014 at 11:19 PM by winstein

  2. Improving the Ice-type

    This is an article from my Ice-type Review series. For your information, I finished this series, which is going to be on Pokémon Crossroads, and the series will be unfolded every Tuesday and Friday. As of now, three of the articles had been up. If you'd like, I could put the rest of series here as well (ones that are published don't count: please go to that site and check).

    Reason I specially picked this one? Well, there's a user who wanted ...

    Updated 13th February 2015 at 09:43 AM by winstein

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  3. Do you still use shortened Pokemon move/ability names?

    Just a bit of context, before Generation 6, some move names were shortened so that they fit the 12-character limit. For example, these moves/abilities used to be known as the following: SmellingSalt, Hi Jump Kick, ThunderPunch, Lightningrod. In the advent of Generation 6, move names were revised to take advantage of the extra room the extended character limit provides. Therefore, we now know these moves as Smelling Salts, High Jump Kick, Thunder Punch and Lightning Rod.

    Even though ...
  4. What if Ghost-types were immune to entry hazards?

    This is something I wondered for some time, since I thought it made sense. After all, ghosts are known to be able to achieve intangibility to phase through things. It's true that they already have one effect immunity (trapping), and while its effect is quite good, there aren't too many Ghost-types that appreciate the immunity to trapping. The one that benefits most from this immunity is Aegislash, since it could've been vulnerable to Magnet Pull and Arena Trap, but it isn't.

    Entry ...
  5. Why is the Anime more Popular than the Manga?

    First off, I need to clarify that this is an observation of mine, and not an absolute truth. This is so that you keep this in mind when I reasoned some things, and if you object to these, please do so in a sincere manner.

    So, this is probably one thing I do notice: when it comes to talking about a Japanese story of any sort, it will be the anime that will be the focus. Take Yu-gi-oh, for example. It started as a manga, but the anime is more popular. Interestingly, the sequel series ...
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