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  1. Tribulations of Great Pokémon 2

    And we're back for the next series on "Tribulations of Great Pokémon"! Based on suggestion, it is decided that I should go and see the Pokémon in Generation 2! The gist is that in every article, I will take five Pokémon that are great in competitive battling and explain why they are great, along with the challenges in raising them, especially because if you play on a simulator, you won’t experience any of the hardships in raising them. Well, it seems to have got a good start, so I ...
  2. I feel the need to chronicle fan opinions on every episode...

    I feel really sad and disappointed about the recently-aired Japanese episode of Pokemon Black and White. Just in case you don't know what it's about, it's about a herd of Roggenrola being captured and used for a giant cannon, and one of them left to get help, which also happens to be the one Ash will wind up getting. The sad part is the fact that a lot (from what I see) are, to put in exaggeration: "outrage". They didn't like Roggenrola, so I feel sad, because I like Roggenrola, and that ...

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  3. Going to be away for a while...

    Taking up the idea that a lot of you here post blogs about trivial things, I decided to make one as well. I feel if I don't tell this, I will be anxious about my absence that I will always come back here and nobody will question my inactivity. Anyway, I decided to be leaving this place for a while, but by a while, I mean a time period of about 1 month and a half, because I feel that I don't have the capacity to pay attention to some of the updates here in favour of the more important stuff in real ...
  4. Tribulations of Great Pokémon 1

    And now I am going to start a series of articles dedicated to seeing the competitively-lauded Pokémon of any drawbacks they have that makes them hard to find or raise with the prospect that you have a rewarding Pokémon to battle with. Basically, if you use simulators for your battling needs, you will never have experienced the hardships of getting a certain strong Pokémon, as the simulator basically generates the Pokémon you needed. In light of this, some would scoff at certain players for getting ...

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  5. The results are in for the Next Type! ...and some Questions to be Answered

    Before I continue, thanks to the 36 people who voted in a past blog entry! How had the results been? Let's take a look and see how many points each of the vote-able types garnered:

    Dark - 27
    Normal - 20
    Ice - 17
    Fire - 12
    Electric - 11
    Steel - 9
    Psychic - 6
    Rock - 4
    Ground - 2

    And so...Dark and Normal will be the next type reviews! Because Dark has a small Pokémon database compared to Normal, that one will be ...

    Updated 21st April 2011 at 04:51 AM by winstein (New Question! (No. 5))

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