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  1. Fixing the Grass-type (Part 2)

    So this is the second part of what is my biggest article yet that deserved splitting. I guess it does feel awkward to come up with interesting things to say in the middle parts, as they do not represent any significant event, huh? Anyway, not much to say here, but enjoy the read!

    Part 1
    • Problems
    • Pokémon
      • New types of Pokémon
      • Type Coverage
      • Synergy
      • Attack Distribution

    Part 2
    • Moves
      • New Moves
      • Modification

    Updated 19th March 2011 at 08:29 AM by winstein

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  2. Fixing the Grass-type (Part 1)

    And this is it: the topic of today’s article is about fixing the Grass-types. You know, it kind of baffles me as to how the Grass-type is less privileged in terms of competitive battling, and we will see why later. But first, I would like to bring up two different games that gave plants an edge. The first is the Yugioh Card Game. In that game, the Plant-type was nothing to talk about in the past, but it slowly became one of the better types to use, thanks to certain cards (like “Gigaplant”, ...

    Updated 19th March 2011 at 08:30 AM by winstein

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  3. Upgrading the Poison-type

    I found writing this article challenging, so if you can, you can post in the comments in what you think can be done to the Poison-type to give them a boost. I also apologise for this article being fully text-based and picture-less. Here's the index of the list for reference:

    • In-game Notability
    • Choice of Pokémon
    • Battle Capability
      • Pokémon
      • Moves
      • Weather Condition
      • Type Chart Change
    • Past Upgrades

    In-game Notability

    One of Poison-type’s ...

    Updated 2nd March 2011 at 05:21 AM by winstein

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  4. I've got a Prrromotion!!

    That was unexpected.

    One day, there was a staff member from Pokémon Elite 2000 and he asked me to talk to him about my reviews. The next thing before I know it, I was asked to put my reviews on their site! It didn't occur to me that my reviews can be so good that others want a share of it. I guess if it stays in the blogs, not many will notice it anyway, so it's for the best.

    So, what happens is that I was instantly promoted to the rank of "PE2K Website Staff" ...
  5. Unexplored Grass-type Beings and Things

    This is different from the last Poison-type feature, so let me explain. Because there are only three unexplored Grass-type combinations, I decided to do something a little different and make a list of unexplored things that can be Grass-types, because I believe a list this will be more interesting than that one. At first, it was a Top 10, but it ended up becoming a Top 16 because I have many ideas to what kind of Grass-types there should be. Let’s read on!

    - 16 -
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