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  1. Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) Journal 1

    I read about this game in Hardcore Gaming 101, which is a site with articles on the more obscure scale on gaming, so if you are up for something rarely heard of, this is the website to look at. Things like Ultima, Space Quest and Puyo Puyo can be seen here, and would you know it: one of these franchises is Rhythm Heaven. In this game, players play minigames where they must time their actions so that the rhythm of the song is perfect. Perhaps if you like WarioWare, you will like to give this one ...
  2. First time I made a Club

    I made a club for the first time, and this is a club that I wanted to make for a long time before the English names for the Generation 5 Pokemon were revealed, so that must mean that I took an awfully long time to consider this, but finally I decided that the wait is over. I present you: the Amorphous Egg Group Club! The creation of this club is partly inspired from the Fairy Pokemon Club, which I can't find anymore (perhaps that group had kicked the bucket, scattering its members?). It's also because ...

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  3. Tribulations of Great Pokémon 5

    It’s Generation 5 time, and because it’s the most recent Generation, there’s less to research on compared to the others, making this one a breather. As usual, I shall be looking at what kind of difficulties trainers should face when raising this particular Pokémon, since battle simulators deprive the difficulty of raising a Pokémon (though it helps in planning!). What are the five choices I have chosen for today’s article? Welcome, valued reader: you’re going to find out today by reading ...

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  4. winstein's Dark-type Reviews - Generation 2

    We now begin our expedition on Dark-type Pokémon, and we start from Generation 2! “But wait!” someone new might ask: “Why start from Generation 2?” For those who aren’t clear, Generation 2 is the time when Dark-types started making their appearance. With that said, you can never encounter Dark-types in the initial run for FireRed and LeafGreen, because none of the Kanto Pokémon were Dark-types, although Dark-type moves existed. We have five ...

    Updated 7th November 2011 at 02:29 PM by winstein (Colosseum, not XD)

    Reviews , Ghost and Dark Entries
  5. Big Bad Wolf Exhibition

    There was this event near my house in a University where they have an exhibition of books for sale. The exhibition is called Big Bad Wolf in case you didn't catch on with it yet. So I heard about it when my little sister went there last Sunday to get some books, and one of them is a Rose is Rose comic book. While I wanted to go there, I didn't get to go on Wednesday even though my parents and sister went because I overslept, so I went today instead with my little sister (she wants another trip there) ...
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