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  1. Plants vs Zombies Review

    In my first game review here, it is suggested that I should do a game that’s “bigger”. I decided to touch on a more popular game that more people had heard. Popcap is one my favourite game companies, so I decided to review a game by that awesome company. However, their games are not exactly “big”, as in big budget, like what EA (Popcap’s in EA’s hands now) and Konami churn out. There are possible exceptions to the rule, like Bookworm Adventures’ budget of half a million dollars, ...
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  2. Insaniquarium Review

    For my next game review, I decided on another PC casual game. It was suggested that I cover a popular game, but the game that I thought of, which is Plants vs Zombies, reminds me of another game that is made by the same developer (George Fan), so I decided to cover this game too. Initially, I wasn’t sure which of the two should I cover first, but then, I decided that, why not review both games at once? So here it is, this game that I will be reviewing is Insaniquarium.

    The tagline ...
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  3. 100th blog Special! w/ Complementary "Some members in the forum I respect (and why)"

    For my 100th blog, it’s time to show more people appreciation for their time with my blogs! Due to how well-received my last “Some People I Respect (and why)” blog, and a suggestion by a couple of friends, I decided to pick another round of people and tell them how awesome they are. In my opinion, it’s easier to tell how awesome people are than to ask people to tell me how awesome I am, because I felt that asking people to give me their opinions about me is a rather egotistical thing to ...
  4. My First Warstory: Bad News and Good News

    Initially, I wanted to post a warstory in my blog, but there is something that prevented me from posting it here: the character limit! It strikes again, and I am bugged that it happens. I am sorry to all of you who expect something grand for this blog entry, but this limitation is really embarrassing. That's the bad news.

    However, the good news! You can still read our warstory in the Battle Strategy & Tactics forum, because there is fortunately no character limit. If you really ...

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  5. Pac-man Pizza Parlor Review

    There is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but never really did it. It's reviewing games. This time, I decided to take the initiative and review a game that I have played occasionally and come up with something. I chose this game because it is a much-unheard game from a popular franchise. Because this is my first game review, I request that you provide your feedback.


    Pac-man Pizza Parlor


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