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  1. Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) Journal 4

    by , 14th December 2011 at 02:27 PM (winstein's Blogs)
    Moving on with more Rhythm Tengoku goodness is the fifth column. The games are getting harder, as the remix gave me some trouble. Still, some easier games balanced things out. To see how the minigames go, here's a video recorded by Japancommercials4u2 for reference. With Rhythm Heaven Fever's eventual release, it's something to look forward to (and because I want to see how the songs play out in English, like the Wrestler and See-saw).

    Column 5

  2. Mario's 30th Anniversary (plus Music Video)

    by , 8th December 2011 at 01:16 AM (winstein's Blogs)
    Since 1981, Mario had been in the video games business for 30 years already. That's a very long time for any character! However, it's strange that Mario's long life isn't celebrated. Well, there was the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary last year, but that wasn't really well-deserved for the plumber that lasted very long since the celebration can be boiled down to a CD with ported game and some exclusive material for Mario. Besides, it felt like Mario's career before 1985 is ignored because there ...
  3. winstein's Dark-type Reviews - Generation 3 (Part 1)

    by , 1st December 2011 at 02:52 PM (winstein's Blogs)

    In Generation 3, you will see that Dark-types are already part of the Pokémon ecosystem because they are seemly integrated in Hoenn, which is the player’s first venture into Generation 3. There are more Dark-types to meet, all spread out evenly into Hoenn. From the early patches containing Poochyena to the water-dwelling Carvanha and Sharpedo, Dark-types are more commonplace, compared to Johto where you normally don’t actually meet your first Dark-type ...
  4. Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) Journal 3

    by , 29th November 2011 at 11:42 AM (winstein's Blogs)
    Next on my Rhythm Tengoku dose, I will be playing the fourth column to the end. Looks like things might get hard, so I am going to play these games to test the waters. We start with the seemingly easy Quiz and end with the 4th Remix. If you want to know how the minigames are played, this following video played by Japancommercials4u2 will show you. Even when no one reads this, I will make it presentable anyway, because it will be something great to look back to, since this game is memorable despite ...
  5. Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) Journal 2

    by , 27th November 2011 at 02:41 PM (winstein's Blogs)
    I continue the gameplay through Rhythm Tengoku for the GBA. This time, Column 3 is completed. The following video is from Japancommercials4U2.

    Column 3

    Magician: In this game, you have to press A when the magician is over the seed he planted while circling to turn it into a flower. Get the timing wrong, and a purple plant will eat this plant. This purple plant looks like the blue bacteria in Dr. Bacteria. ...
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