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Grass-type Award Ceremony (Full List at PE2K)

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Recently, I posted an article at PE2K to close the Grass-types review I did there. The time this was published and the last article was long, actually, but I think I did a good job, even if I have to remove a couple of awards because I am not sure how to approach them (manga and TCG). I don't want the BMGF guys to miss out on this, so I will put out around half of the list here since there is a 20 image limit in blogs (that would make it less than 20, but I am sure you could check the original article out, right?). If you want to see the full version click this link: Grass-type Award Ceremony.

Best Name

In terms of names, Simisage is up there among the Grass-types. For one, monkeys are intrinsically awesome, and the branch of the word (simi-) is pretty cool-sounding. The second part of its name is also very fitting, because not only is it a type of herb, the second meaning for the word “sage” implies someone wise. Though this monkey may not actually be wise, it is still a cool name for a fittingly cool Pokémon.

Runner-ups: Ludicolo, Abomasnow, Sceptile


The very appearance of Roserade exudes attitude, because it resembles someone in masquerade and there are those calm eyes. This makes Roserade look mysterious. It also has different coloured roses to make it look colourful. Not only that, it has some cool abilities like healing and spiking. The concept of being cool is hard to explain, but I hope I made my point.

Runner-ups: Treecko line, Simisage


There are several definitions for smartness, but in this case, smartness has to do with intelligence. In this category, I think Whimsicott is the first one that comes to mind, because I thought of pranksters as intelligent because they are able to utilise all kinds of tricks to avoid being caught. Whimsicott indeed has several tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to twist dimensions, switching items with the target, being able to ride the wind and squeeze through cracks. Indeed, its wide array of tricks is the reason for it being the smartest Pokémon, in my opinion.

Runner-up: Virizion


Choosing a tough Pokémon among the list is not so tough (heh) because there are only a few choices, but when boiling down to either Abomasnow or Torterra, things get trickier. Both of them possess a stature that makes them look strong, but I chose Torterra because as a tortoise, it has a really tough shell, not to mention its armoured look. It is really powerful also, with the ability to hit with its tree and creating powerful earthquakes. It also provides shelter to all the Pokémon that rides on it, and as a bonus, it can withstand sandstorms. Abomasnow comes second due to its enormous size and ability to withstand hails, even causing one itself. Of course, Abomasnow is powerful too, with the ability to launch powerful blizzards as a plus.

Runner-ups: Abomasnow, Breloom

Most Beautiful

Lilligant is the first of the Grass-types to be exclusively female, if you don’t count Wormadam-Plant. Lilligant is even the choice of Pokémon for celebrities, and she can dance too, possessing some dance attacks like Petal Dance, Teeter Dance and of course, Quiver Dance. The dance style, when combined with Lilligant’s style, must have been graceful. She also performs support quite well too, which is a huge plus. When a Pokémon looks very feminine in appearance, it’s a no-brainer to who the most beautiful Grass-type is. Still, that’s not to say that Lilligant is absolutely the most beautiful, because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Runner-ups: Bellossom, Roserade, Serperior, Meganium


To me, there is no competition here. When I first saw Budew, I thought this is a very cute Pokémon, even if it doesn’t look too much like its evolutions. The fact that it is part-Poison (with the ability Poison Point) makes this more endearing. I thought it’s cute because it looks like a baby, and its eyes look relaxed too. I don’t really have much to like about baby Pokémon, but Budew is one of those exceptions.

Runner-ups: Sewaddle, Shaymin

Most Humorous

The first thing that can be joked about is how Amoonguss has the mark of the PokéBall, like people being sprayed in the face because their disguise is a success. However, one other funny thing is how it dances to try to lure other Pokémon, but that doesn’t work well for this mushroom because very few Pokémon are fooled by this. Its face is funny too, sporting a mouth that looks like a snout. As a plus, its high-pitched cry is not something I expected of Amoonguss, which makes it all the funnier. Of course, Amoonguss is not to be messed with, because it is actually deadly.

Runner-up: Sunkern

Most Approachable

This category belongs to Chikorita’s family. One of their special talents is the ability to release an aromatic smell that influences feelings of anyone for the better, like Bayleef’s energy-perking aroma and Meganium’s ability to calm aggressive feelings. Chikorita is even a generally docile Pokémon, which is why the basic stage one gets chosen. As a plus, this is one docile-looking family!

Runner-up: Bellossom, Shaymin


Now, I don’t feel any kind of fear now, but I am sure there are Grass-types that are scary. For this category, I chose Cacturne because it is based on a scarecrow, and their purpose is to scare crows. One eerie thing about Cacturne is what it does at night. Basically, it stalks on anything in the desert, and wait for them to be weak so that it can dispose of them and eat them. Cacturne’s face is also rather uncanny. It has menacing eyes and a mouth that is composed of a few holes that form a smile. It is also very spiky, and spikes scare me. Hence, I think Cacturne is the scariest Pokémon.

Runner-ups: Tangela, Parasect family, Victreebel, Ferrothorn


Some of you may probably be asking: how is Seedot a weird Pokémon? Well, being a seed that walks might be weird, but that’s not really saying much since there are some stranger things out there, like most on the Amorphous Egg Group. Seedot is weird because it possesses traits that its evolutions have (and thus are not weird for them), like knowing how to use attacks that implies swiftness (Quick Attack, Razor Wind), knowing underhanded tricks (Pickpocket, Beat Up and Nasty Plot) and more importantly, the ability to breed with the Field Egg Group. Seedot may not look like it, but this means that it can actually breed with Wailord, the largest Pokémon to exist. In fact, I think the “S” in HSOWA needs to be redefined, because Seedot is smaller than what the current “S” meant. As such, I believe that Seedot is peerless when it comes to the weirdest Grass-type to exist.

Most Useful in Real Life

If you played the games, you will notice that Tropius learns all the non-Water HMs. This should give you an idea on how Tropius is, because it is one of the best ways for transportation due to its ability to fly (something Jumpluff can’t do), despite its size. It also has fruits around its neck, so if you are in need of a banana, you could just take one from it and munch away. Based on the PokéDex entries, it seems to like to eat bananas, because it always harvests bananas. However, I guess it could harvest other types of fruit if you give it more variety. Since they grow back, you may have an endless supply of them, as long as Tropius is healthy.

Runner-ups: Leavanny, Torterra, Pansage

Best Move
Leech Seed

Leech Seed, a Generation 1 move, is very useful. Basically, when it hits, the target will lose some HP per turn while recovering yours. This puts some pressure on your opponent because their survivability is made limited while yours increased. Another great thing about this move is how several Grass-types learn it, meaning that there is no shortage of users, and using this move basically means you need to use a Grass-type, making them attractive choices in a sense because not only can they use it, they are immune to this move.

Runner-ups: Spore, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Petal Dance

Least Original

What I consider the least original in this case is a Grass-type that is simply based on a plant without any additional features. Maybe one could say Oddish fits the category because it is just a piece of grass, but its mandrake origin makes up for it. I think that, Sunflora is not quite an original Grass-type. It is based on a sunflower, and that’s all there is. I picked it over Bellsprout, another one with no particular added features, but the pitcher plant is itself a unique plant. Now, I am not saying something that is the least original is bad, because it’s nice to have something with simplicity in its design once in a while.

Runner-ups: Bellsprout, Foongus

Most Original
Lileep & Cradily

Now this is a really original Grass-type. Conceived as fossil Pokémon, they are based on a prehistoric species. However, their species is aquatic, and are related to anemones and corals. These sea lilies are very fascinating creatures because they look like plants, but are not actually plants. Their abilities are also quite unique. For example, they live in the water, and are fastened on the ground. They may not look like dinosaurs, something that fossils are commonly associated with; therefore they are really original in comparison, because they represent the diversity of the animal world.

Runner-ups: Tangrowth, Serperior, Torterra, Parasect, Ludicolo

Remember, this is not every award I assigned, so if you want to see the whole thing, click the link that is above the article, or if you are lazy to scroll up, here's the link: Grass-type Award Ceremony. Some awards that are not included here include Least Resembled and Best Specialist. I hope you enjoyed the original article (and this too) as much as I made it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    First of all, congratulations for the amazing blog entry.
    Second, I agree about most of your points, specially Sunflora's lack of originality and with Roserade being the coolest.

    Last, you just ruined Amoongus design for me with this sentence:

    Its face is funny too, sporting a mouth that looks like a snout.
    A mouth? D: What has been seen cannot be unseen...
    I could swear its "mouth" was a nose xD
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Why is there a picture of Brendan behind Lileep and Cradily?
  3. winstein's Avatar
    @Ranger Jack Walker; When I was doing Dark-type reviews, I placed a trainer to compare their size with that Pokemon. I started doing this when I realised there's no way to compare the Pokemon this is standalone. During that time, I published Grass-type reviews there, and followed the same standard of graphical change. If a Pokemon is small, like Shaymin and Murkrow, only part of the trainer's body is seen.

    The reason I put that picture is simple: I have this picture made already, so I might as well recycle it.

    Have you seen the full list?

    Thanks for reading.
  4. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Yeah, I read the whole list. Pretty nice.

    Best in the anime was nice. Bulbasaur is a contender for that title but in the end, Sceptile recieved a lot more focus. Bulbasaur seemed to be the only Kanto Pokemon aside from Pikachu who had a personality. Though Pikachu himself lost all personality in the later seasons.
  5. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Nah, Bulbasaur's should be the best starter line. They are cuter and more powerful and probably more popular if you take into take into account all the fans(not just the newer fans, where snivy is clearly popular).
  6. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    The Simi part in Simisage comes from the Latin Simius by the way, which means monkey.
  7. winstein's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; Well, I am aware of that. Pehaps that sentence doesn't have enough clarity to this matter.
    @Lord Clowncrete; You're probably right about this, but I thought this category could go either way, actually.

    Thanks for reading.


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