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Ghosts of Generation 5 - winstein's Review

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*Sigh* reviews is not destined to be popular, is it? The series is about to finish, and well, I guess that like the Ghost-types, these reviews are bound to be obscured as well. Anyway, finally, Generation 5. This generation introduced the most Ghost-type Pokemon, but it doesn't have as much evolutionary lines as Generation 4. However, that's not to say they are not interesting. Actually, they are all very interesting because all of them are brand new things that had never occured as a Pokemon before.


Desumasu and Desukaan

Desukaan was the first Ghost-type to be announced, but his/her type was never mentioned. Being based on a sarcophagus was already a very brilliant idea, because mummies would always be an awesome thing, even though they aren't actually mummies themselves. However, people hoped that Desukaan was part Rock, or part Ground, or even part Steel, due to that Sarcophagus. It's quite inevitable that Desukaan was a Ghost-type, but Desukaan was actually a pure Ghost-type, which was a disappointment to many fans (me included), because fans generally like dual-types. Still, Desukaan is appropriately in the Mineral Egg Group, which is the Egg Group for types like those. However, that doesn't matter, because Desukaan has an exclusive ability, which probably makes up for his/her lack of secondary type.

The descriptions on the PokeDex is quite interesting, to say the least. It says that Desumasu was a dead spirit with a mask of the face of the deceased, and the fact that he/she was born from the deceased people of an ancient tomb. It does seem that he/she looks like he/she's crying, with that small circle around both eyes. Desukaan, on the other hand, it is either more mischievous or helpful, because either he/she is said to like to turn people into mummies by eating them, or would punish graverobbers for their actions. However, it is agreed that their diet is an expensive one, because their favourite food is gold, which they are also made of. Also, I know people see the white triangles below their eyes as their teeth, but to me, it looks like some necklace, and they actually don't have teeth. Does anybody have the same viewpoint as me?

Mummy is a very funny ability. The reason is that it doesn't do anything on its own, meaning Desukaan isn't going to benefit from this ability. However, if the opponent is "foolish" to use a contact move on Desukaan, he/she/it will be inflicted by the curse, causing them to acquire the ability. This ability will prevent the beneficial abilities the opponent has like Technician on Scizor (lowering damage output), Scrappy from Kanghaskhan (making Desukaan untouchable if she only has Normal and Fighting moves) or No Guard on Machamp (making many of his attacks unreliable). The good thing about this is that Desukaan is a very defensive Ghost, meaning that he/she can survive any hit, which is important for an ability like this. This ability always overrides any ability, meaning that Truant can even be negated, so Slaking can be a great partner to Desukaan. The move even works if the contact move touches the target for the attack, so Slaking just needed to survive a contact move from Desukaan (like Return), or the current opponent in singles got Mummy (hoping they don't switch soonafter) and switching to Slaking and use Pursuit on the opponent, which causes Slaking to lose that curse and become a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Regigigas cannot adopt the same strategy in Singles, simply because Regigigas cannot use Pursuit.

In competitive battling, they do have a sizable support movepool, which is, once again, an important thing for a defensive Ghost. They have Curse, Haze, Trick Room, Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Memento, Disable, Heal Block, Imprison, Destiny Bond, Mean Look, Grudge, Will-o-wisp and Power and Guard Share, which is a lot. The only lacking thing they have is Pain Split, because it would tremendously help them, since they don't have much recovery. Still, they are a Pokemon to watch out for!

7 wisps out of 10!


Pururiru and Burunkeru

(Ladies, first!)

Pururiru and Burunkeru are a special pair of Pokemon. Now, what makes them special, you might ask? First, ask yourself, how many Pokemon has a drastically different appearance for both genders in the same Pokedex entry? I count: Hippowdon family only in previous generations. Second, how many Pokemon this generation has gender differences at all? There are three only, and two of them are these pair of Pokemon. It is a surprise that they have gender differences at all, and they look like royal jellyfish too! Their royal motif is also appropriate for their gender differences to demonstrate the stereotypical characteristics of royalty, which are the crowns, and those collars around their necks. It is lesser known that they are inspired by another Japanese yokai, the Nurarihyon, which is said to be jellyfish in appearance, but to tell you the truth, I don't see the resemblance in any picture I had seen. I may not have seen enough, but if you can demonstrate the Nurarihyon's resemblance to a jellyfish, by all means, please do.

Of course, like many other Ghost-types so far, they just have to have some behaviour that is considered creepy. In this case, Pururiru is known to drag prey deep underwater, and Burunkeru is known to absorb the life force from the people in an abandoned ship, not to mention that's their favourite food too. Some people said that they don't look like Ghost-types, and one even said that the Water/Ghost type is wasted on these Pokemon! Abundance has always been forgotten, huh? Anyway, I think it's appropriate for them, because real jellyfish look like ghosts in the sea, not to mention they are very soft, and I believe that they are Ghosts for the same reason that Drifloon and Drifblim are, thanks to their bloated bodies. Let's not forget that real jellyfish is more than 90% water.

In competitive battling, they possess not only a useful type combination, but also a useful movepool. Basically, their movepool consists of what you would expect for a Water-type, and a Ghost-type. This combination makes for a very broad movepool. They are clearly made to be defensive, as they are quite Specially Defensive, have the ability to burn (which would reduce Attack), and can Recover. While they would be going on the offense most of the time, they possess useful attacking moves that can provide any team with a need of super effective coverage. Surf, Boiling Water, Hydro Pump and even Water Spout as Water moves, Shadow Ball and Evil Eye as their Ghost attacks, Energy Ball provides a must for hitting other Waters with, Ice Beam and Blizzard are the essential Ice attacks, Psychic because Ghosts learns it, and Slime Wave and Sludge Bomb as Poison attacks. Not bad! In competitive battling, they are also said to be a great partner to Nattorei, because they are able to cover each of their weaknesses very well.

Pururiru is the first Ghost Pokemon this generation to make a debut, making his entrance in the 10th episode, where Shooti uses one against Ash, and this one has Cursed Body, an ability that is great for defensive Pokemon to make sure a threatening attack may not be repeated. Still, as of typing this, the episode isn't aired, so there's no further mention of it.

8 wisps out of 10!


Hitomoshi, Lamplar, Chandelar

Fire-types was very rare in previous generations, but Generation 5 gave an upsurge on Fire-types, and these Pokemon are some of the Pokemon that has this type. On the PokeDex entries, the Pokemon is said to have a tendency to suck souls out from people for their own benefit, which no doubt gives people the creeps, like every Ghost will, but they are the winner in this category, and people still like them, of course! They are indeed cute as live inanimate objects. Their exterior does make some wonder if the fire is the one alive, or the fire-holder, or both. Being a Fire-type, it is indeed appropriate for them to be will-o-wisp holders, because they're on fire and they're Ghosts, of course!

The progression from candle to lamp to chandelier is very interesting. It reminds me of on Hans Christian Anderson story "The Old Street Lamp", which was about an old street lamp, and what happened to the old street lamp in the end was that it was remodelled into a candlestick to watch a poet's works when rust was the status condition. Well, this doesn't seem to be related, but the point is that a fire-holder can be melted into another form of fire-holder. That's why it makes sense they can learn Acid Armour!

Now, in competitive battling, one thing that many people immediately notice is Chandelar's Base 145 Special Attack, which is a very high number for a non-legendary Pokemon, and unlike Rampardos, many of his/her stats aren't compromised, meaning that he/she still has the bulk and speed. That Special Attack can be further boosted by Calm Mind, and they do have some great Special moves to use, particularly Fire Blast, Overheat, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball and Psychic (Too bad they don't have Thunderbolt, though). Being a Fire Pokemon, these Pokemon are indeed entitled to the Speed-boosting Nitro Charge, although their low Attack prevents it from being powerful. However, they are very popular thanks to their Dream World ability Shadow Tag. Possessing those immunities and the high Special Attack, they are able to defeat their opponents while they can't escape, and it's even better if they are locked into a Fighting attack!

All in all, this family is one of the surprises in Generation 5: High Special Attack, 3 stage Ghost evolutionary line, and great Dream World ability...they have it all. And of course, they are appropriately creepy for a Ghost-type, so that's why they are a great representatives to the Ghost-type.

10 wisps out of 10!


Gobitto and Goruggo

Finally, we have Gobitto and Goruggo. These Pokemon are quite strange, because they don't look like Ghost-types! Their robotic exterior suggests they are metallic, but their main type isn't Rock or Steel, but it's Ground. Being a Ghost-type is indeed odd, because they don't look intangible! I send my gratitude to James Turner for making another Ghost Pokemon to enjoy, by the way.

With the exception of Drifblim, Ghost Pokemon that can levitate has the questionable inability to learn the move Fly, but strangely, Goruggo can learn this move, despite its lack of the ability to levitate! Indeed, Goruggo can fly, and can even learn the move Fly, which is both an oddity and not because this Pokemon doesn't have the type or ability to do so, and it's very likely based on those gigantic flying robots that is known in certain anime. Gobitto doesn't have this ability, instead being grounded and isn't a levitator, which makes sense. This makes Gobitto another grounded Ghost (pun [not] intended).

It's interesting to note that both Gobitto and Goruggo are benevolent Ghosts. While this doesn't make them the first of the kind, in which there was a benevolent Dusknoir in the anime for instance, they are notable for being ones that are inherently benevolent. They are said to protect civilisations, and were also said to be Pokemon constructed by said ancient civilisations. Thus, they also look like heroes, like their counterparts Komatana and Kirikizan. However, to some the typing doesn't suit them because of their robotic exterior. But! As the Rotom Formes has shown, the Ghost-type is always very beneficial.

These Pokemon are one of the few Ghosts that are Physically inclined, and are very powerful, possessing a high attack stat and high Base Powered physical attacks like Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Stone Edge and DynamicPunch. If the Pokemon is slow, it can always use Rock Polish to remedy this (the first Ghost Pokemon to have the ability to double Speed). Iron Fist is a helpful ability as a result, to improve the power of the punches it has, particularly Shadow Punch, which becomes a more reliable attack than Dusknoir and Banette could ever wish to have. Even the Dream World No Guard is nice, because it can then abuse Stone Edge and DynamicPunch to great effect. If it does get hold of the elemental punches, it would be even better for them! However, it's odd that they have a great special movepool, yet has little power to abuse those moves.

It's very refreshing to have a good Ghost for a change, and having a robot for a ghost does makes sense once you think about it, because if electric is not being used as power, then it's obvious that something mystical is operating them, and fortunately, they are Ghost-types instead of Psychic-types!

8 fists out of 10! (Gobitto and Goruggo can't learn Will-O-Wisp. Sorry Rusty!)


So there you have it, it's the end. I was hoping to get English names for the Pokemon, but they are not so quick to arrive, so in the mean time, the Japanese romanisations are used. I actually have a follow up on unexplored type combinations for the Ghost-types, so expect that one in the future! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had writing them.

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 19th November 2010 at 09:10 AM by winstein (Lamplar is animated now!)

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  1. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    Actually, to be honest, I've really enjoyed your reviews. Keep it up. I'm impressed.
  2. はりそん's Avatar
    These blog entries were great, I too love ghost Pokemon^_^
    Keep up the good work in your future blog entries whatever they may be about.
  3. DCM's Avatar
    These entries were great! Thanks for writing them!
  4. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    Also, the artwork pretty much shows those are teeth on Desukan.
  5. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Take up another type to review. I liked these reviews.
  6. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Jack Walker
    Take up another type to review. I liked these reviews.
    I am considering Grass, but don't expect that one soon: I am not through with this. If you had seen, I decided to dive into Ghost type combinations that are not explored, and another topic (it's a secret for now).
  7. ghaskan's Avatar
    Like the others, this was a very good read, and a nice break from the bandwagons and short, joke based blogs.
  8. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkfire
    Also, the artwork pretty much shows those are teeth on Desukan.
    The "beard" on the sarcophagus makes it seems like this, but there may be a possibility that they are some sort of necklace. Now, I am not ruling out the possibility of that being the teeth, but it's something to watch out for.

    Thanks for reading.
  9. Articwolf10's Avatar
    That;s cool.. Ghost Types are pretty amazing. (In my Second Playthrough of SS I've got a Haunter on my Team and he's been serving me well...)

    And Hitomoshi is definitly going to be on my Team (I hate tht I have to wait so long to get it though XD)

    I'm doing one for Fire right now... DO you think you can read it?
  10. Zervah's Avatar
    WOW. Excelent! :D I loved your reviews.
  11. Angad's Avatar
    Very sexy, you do good with these.
  12. Neon_Seadra No. 10's Avatar
    Your reviews are wonderful! This only makes me want Chandelar more!
  13. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    I seriously liked your reviews.
    You seem to be doing 'dark' pokemon (Poison = corruption, Ghost = mischevious) so maybe you should do the Dark type next...
    Anyway don't give up, these reviews are really good.
    Also can you review my review of the Bug type?
    Updated 14th December 2010 at 07:50 AM by GengarEatBanana
  14. Silverwynde's Avatar
    After reading your review, I must say: I want Gobitto now. Seriously. I've never been into Ghost types until I laid eyes on the Gobitto line. A cute little robot whose sole purpose is to protect.... most non-creepy Ghost ever! It's too bad I have to wait until the seventh Gym to get my chance to nab one. (When the third installment is released, I'm sending over a Gobitto egg immediately. I want my little Ghost ASAP.)


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