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Final Tier Differences between PO and Smogon (before Gen 6)

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It turns out that the final tier shift for PO was on August, meaning nobody's doing tier shifts anymore. That means, we have ourselves the finalised tiers in Generation 5. If you are interested in the online competitive battling scene, there is a chart below that will highlight the differences between, as well as my thoughts on the stark differences. Note that there are certain suspect tests going on, so it's not exactly finalised. Still, the changes won't be as big, so it's no big.

Tier Smogon Pokemon Online
OU Blissey (PO: BL)
Kyurem-B (PO: BL)
Latias (PO: BL)
Haxorus (PO: BL)
Hydreigon (PO: BL)
Dugtrio (PO: UU)
Metagross (PO: UU)
Gastrodon (PO: NU)
Liepard (Sm: NU)
UU Meloetta (PO: BL2)
Tornadus (PO: BL2)
Bisharp (PO: LU)
Claydol (PO: LU)
Dusclops (PO: LU)
Krookodile (PO: LU)
Mismagius (PO: LU)
Zoroark (PO: LU)
Abomasnow (PO: NU)
Houndoom (PO: NU)
Blissey (Sm: OU)
Dugtrio (Sm: OU)
Metagross (Sm: OU)
Amoonguss (Sm: RU)
Smeargle (Sm: RU)
Golurk (Sm: NU)
RU/LU Smeargle (PO: UU)
Amoonguss (PO: UU)
Absol (PO: NU)
Archeops (PO: NU)
Bouffalant (PO: NU)
Crawdaunt (PO: NU)
Drapion (PO: NU)
Dusknoir (PO: NU)
Electivire (PO: NU)
Emboar (PO: NU)
Ferroseed (PO: NU)
Hariyama (PO: NU)
Klinklang (PO: NU)
Mesprit (PO: NU)
Quagsire (PO: NU)
Rhydon (PO: NU)
Snover (PO: NU)
Whimsicott (PO: NU)
Bisharp (Sm: UU)
Krookodile (Sm: UU)
Mismagius (Sm: UU)
Tornadus (Sm: UU)
Zoroark (Sm: UU)
Venomoth (Sm: BL2)
Braviary (Sm: NU)
Scolipede (Sm: NU)
NU Liepard (PO: BL)
Golurk (PO: UU)
Braviary (PO: LU)
Scolipede (PO: LU)
Jynx (PO: BL3)
Gastrodon (Sm: OU)
Abomasnow (Sm: UU)
Claydol (Sm: UU)
Dusclops (Sm: UU)
Houndoom (Sm: UU)
Absol (Sm: RU)
Archeops (Sm: RU)
Bouffalant (Sm: RU)
Crawdaunt (Sm: RU)
Drapion (Sm: RU)
Dusknoir (PO: RU)
Electivire (Sm: RU)
Emboar (Sm: RU)
Ferroseed (Sm: RU)
Hariyama (Sm: RU)
Klinklang (Sm: RU)
Mesprit (Sm: RU)
Quagsire (Sm: RU)
Rhydon (Sm: RU)
Snover (Sm: RU)
Whimsicott (Sm: RU)
Others Drought - BL
Snow Warning - BL2
Snow Warning - BL
Vulpix - BL
Damp Rock - BL4

Things I noticed:

Liepard is BL on Pokemon Online. This is one of the starkest differences between their tier lists. Like Gothitelle, Liepard was immediately brought up to this level from NU because of its Prankster ability. Its main claim to ban is the Assist + Nasty Plot set. Basically, switch the opponent's team around with teammate's moves, and then set up Nasty Plot whenever the opponent has something that can't do something to you. It became a nuisance in the tier, and as such, Liepard was banned in UU and below.

Golurk is UU on Pokemon Online. This is one position I like, because I like Golurk, what else? While it had missed its chance at RU on Smogon, this is something I didn't mind at all. At this point, all Generation 5's Ghosts are in UU and OU, except their younger forms, that is. It goes to show that Ghost-type is a good type, even if the stats are not the best, like Waters and Dragons are given. It gained this position narrowly in PO, unlike on Smogon, where it narrowly missed the RU position. In an ironic twist, Golurk would have became RU if tier changes are accounted in September, making it the only change to happen.

Dusclops and Dusknoir are in NU on Pokemon Online. These two Pokemon are considered as overrated by competitive battlers, mostly because of the low Speed and the inability to stop a setup sweeper from setting up. It might be to their relief that they are in the lowest tier where they could shine. Dusclops is a hard Pokemon to take down, so it might possibly be too good there. For Dusknoir, it has got some use as a Physical Ghost-type attacker since Golurk's not overshadowing it there, so it will fit nicely there. For certain players, Sandslash not being in NU could be a bummer due to its difficulty in fitting in RU or LU.

Claydol is in NU on Pokemon Online. Here's another Pokemon that is infamous, even if it has some good uses, being a Rapid Spinner Pokemon that is unaffected by Spikes. The main problem is its Psychic-type, which is weak to Ghost. Still, it is a good Pokemon in NU since it has great defences and decent type coverage. It might even use Ring Target to trick Ghosts, which is a plus, considering how troublesome Dusclops would be otherwise.

Houndoom is in NU on Pokemon Online. It was a UU Pokemon on Smogon primarily for its ability to counter Chandelure and Victini, extremely power Fire-types that would have been destructive otherwise. It didn't have enough use in LU on PO, probably because other Dark-types are better, such as Zoroark (Speed), Bisharp (resistances) and Krookodile (power and sweeping potential). In NU though, it is a great choice because it has good mixed stats, as well as being a great partner to Fighting-types. It is considered S-Rank in PO, believe it or not.

Jynx is in BL3 on Pokemon Online. It's kind of funny how Jynx is declared hard to handle in PO's NU, even with more options. I would give the benefit of doubt there because I didn't know what they were thinking when they decided to go through with it.

So those are my thoughts on the comparisons. What are your thoughts on how different the tier charts are between the two online battling communities? Do sound them off in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading.

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