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Fear of Necromancy

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I found the "Batman: Brave and the Bold" thread in the Geeks Corner forum, and because that thread was 10 months old, I didn't dare to continue typing what I wanted to post because I don't dare to receive an infraction. Also, I don't think I am worthy to make an new thread of the same title just to get my opinion across. Here's the unfinished post:

Personally, I enjoyed the series because it's a rather lighthearted take on the Batman series. Also, it's a very refreshing thing to see some unfamiliar faces which I never knew existed like the Metal Men, the Outsiders (which I didn't know Metalmorpho belonged to), outdated Batman villains, Haunted Tank and Plastic Man. I am very grateful that this series existed to show us that the DC Universe is larger than I would have thought it was, since I somehow prefer those over Marvel. (Though, I am not a superhero comic book collector)

I personally like some of the characters too. The first one is Plastic Man, who was quite hilarious and fun, since he can distort into shapes and do some impossible stunts (and does some awesome things like shooting money and being patriotic), as if Plastic Man was made to be in-tuned with the light-heartedness of the show. Another character I liked was Aquaman, who was basically very funny too, since he's a rather bold character that makes the series live up to the "Bold" part of the name.
Should I keep writing and then post, or should I abandon hope and cancel the details?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    Ask GrnMarvl. I think it will be okay to revive that thread.
  2. Aladar's Avatar
    Now, I'm not the mod of that section, but generally as long as the post contributes to the thread, you are free to post it.


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