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Celebrity Trainers of the Ghost-type

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I have time in my hands, so I might as well get this one over with. This is the final entry for the Ghost-types, really! Until the next generation, that is. However, before moving on to another type, let's check out the celebrity trainers that specialises in the Ghost-type. The good thing is that every generation has them, so it's nice to not only see that Ghost-types are being noticed, but also most of the celebrities that have them are relatively strong trainers too! Now, because Shikimi didn't get a localised name and official art yet, I feel it's fair that every other trainer gets their Japanese names mentioned and use their sprites as images as well, so she won't be left out. Without wasting any more time, let's review them, starting with Agatha!

Agatha (Kikuko)

Of all the celebrity trainers with Ghost-types, Agatha is considered the odd one out. One of the reasons is that she's a senior compared to others, and another reason is that because of the relative scarcity of Ghost-types, she has non-Ghost Pokemon in her team, so she might as well be a Poison-type specialist because of that!

Thanks to the Fame Checker, we get to see some background behind Agatha. It seems that she's a hot-tempered old lady in one entry, and in another, it's said that she's the oldest Elite Four member. It seems that she has a rivalry against Professor Oak, and it was worse when Oak's pursuit for the creation of a compact Pokemon encyclopedia that young trainers can use ridiculed her, because she insisted that Pokemon is for battling, showing that she didn't take a liking for science, I suppose.

Unless my eyes are lying, in FireRed and LeafGreen, Agatha's rematch has an all-male team. Her previous team consists of an all-female team, and only one Pokemon in the rematch is different (Misdreavus). Let me get this straight: Agatha managed to gender-bend four of her Pokemon. Now that's a creepy thought! Of course, she may get new Pokemon, but it doesn't seem likely that she re-trained her entire team because she prefers male Pokemon. Still, you are given time to think what that means.

It is interesting to note that she isn't one of the Elite Four members in Gold and Silver, and by extension, Crystal. However, in the anime, she assumed the role of a (temporary) gym leader after Ash returned from Hoenn, where he lost against her in the rematch. But! What's even stranger is that she didn't make an appearance in the Kanto saga, but she only appeared in the events between Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, making her debut very late.

6 walking sticks out of 10!
(Extra point for the gender change creepiness)


Morty (Matsuba)

Morty is cool. He's the only male Ghost specalist, and the only one that has a relatively normal style of fashion, until HeartGold and SoulSilver made him look snazzy with that awesome scarf. That's a great fit for him, I must admit. With the new dark sweater and headband he has, it made him less bland, which was a problem in Gold and Silver, where he didn't have a lot to differentiate from the normal citizens.

Again, like Agatha, Morty suffers for not having enough Ghost Pokemon in his team, but unlike Agatha, he does have only Ghost Pokemon. Still, it can't be excused that his selection doesn't have Misdreavus, who had been introduced in that generation. In fact, it took a remake and a rematch to fix his inappropriate team! However, because he's a male, all his Pokemon are all male as well. It does seem that every trainer has to have Pokemon that match their gender. Does that mean that they have to prevent any trace of romance between the Pokemon and the trainer?

I remembered his words about him envying the main character for being able to go through all the fun adventures and learning new things. Come to think of it, he really needed all the travelling he can get to get new Ghost Pokemon! Luckily, he did just that, and got himself a brand new team when you had a rematch with him.

In the anime, Morty knows for sure that Ghost Pokemon lacked physical power, but that was only the case at that time, because the Gastly family (plus Misdreavus) indeed have a lesser physical side. The battles for the badge had been in Ash's favour, thanks to his dandy and shiny Noctowl, who happens to know Foresight to give himself the advantage in battle. Beyond the appearance in Johto, his after-appearance is a cameo, which sadly doesn't give him that scarf to improve his appearance. In the manga, he has clairvoyant abilities, like Psychic trainers.

I say it, and I say it again, Morty is very stylish with his new scarf. Oh, there are some interesting comics about Morty. It involves Lyra too, so if you don't like Lyra, don't think of reading it for your sanity. Check the bottom for the comics when you're done with this, alright?

8 scarves out of 10!
(Extra two points for his dark scarf)


Phoebe (Fuyou)

"Foo-yoh!" is one of the famouse exclamations in Malaysia, to exclaim something excellent or wonderful. But that's not related, because it's just a coincidence. However, Fuyou means hibiscus, and that's the national flower of Malaysia (Wait, another Malaysian reference). Anyway...Phoebe looks like a Hawaiian, and my first impression of her was that she has a Hawaiian-based team, with Bellossom in it, but surprisingly, she's the Ghost-type trainer, and Elite Four member as well. Even her name doesn't ring any kind of pun related to Ghosts, so yeah.

Luckily, in the 3rd Generation, her team consists of a wider variety of Ghost Pokemon, making her team more varied. However, only Shedinja didn't make it into the team, probably because the immunities would frustrate many players, so it is reasonably left out. Still, the team's not so bad, although a little dull as well. Ghost Pokemon weren't known for their diverse colour schemes at that time, so I believe that's one of the reasons her team was quite dull.

She is also said to have telepathy with Ghost Pokemon, like Psychic trainers having psychic powers. It also seems odd that her speeches were quite informal (she said "Oh, darn. I've gone and lost" when she lost), rather than native-like. I guess I am expecting a little too much from her, but this is a very hilarious combination! In the manga, according to what I read, she has a particular way of calling others, because "dear" was used after their names.

She never made an appearance in the anime, but of course, in the manga, she did. If Agatha can make a re-entry in the anime after her absence in Kanto, I can see her making an appearance if the Hoenn region gets remade.

6 leis out of 10!


Fantina (Melissa)

Unlike the other trainers, Fantina seems foreign. I reckon she's a French because of her refined style, but that's just me. She has an elegant fashion design, and a long dress and opera gloves never fails to impress the guys like me. Perhaps her oddest feature is her hair, because it looks like she made four balloons out of them! It would be funny if they can deflate, because it would make a humorous cartoon visual.

This generation introduced more Ghost Pokemon than the last, and Fantina definitely takes advantage of this fact! Unlike the others, she has two different teams: one in Diamond/Pearl, and one in Platinum. The relative linearity is probably the sole reason for this, but still, she kept Mismagius and one of Gastly's line Pokemon. Actually, she didn't want to challenge the player in Diamond and Pearl until you ran an errand for her. In Platinum, you don't need to perform that fetch quest, so you can got to her during your visit to Hearthome.

Surprisingly, Drifblim is only available in the rematch. Speaking of Drifblim, did I mention that the hot-air balloon's her signature and strongest Pokemon? Yes, Drifblim's even used in contests, and if you do compete with Fantina, expect to see that balloon Pokemon there as well too. Ash had problems with that balloon, until he teaches his Pokemon a new technique that will overcome the sleep problems that the balloon can do.

Unlike the other celebrities, she does more than just do gym battles. Indeed, she is also a practitioner of Contest Battles, and surprisingly, she's a contest battler first, gym leader second, and it shows in the game, because she has a much higher ranking in contests than in the order of the Gym route. The anime also made her a Contest contestant too, of course.

Oh, and I think Melissa's a nice name. Fantina seems like an odd name, but I guess if her hairstyle is very strange, she must have as strange a name as her hair. (Yes, Fantina is from the word phantom, but you get my point.)

8 ribbons out of 10!



Continuing the trend starting from Phoebe, these Ghost-type trainers have a thing for funny and great fashion designs! She's a ghostwriter as well, which is a nice pun, I must admit. I kind of like her because she has short and dark hair, and spectacles as well. Although, her fluff collar is something that makes her stand out from the crowd. Let's not forget that her arena is a writing room, so I guess she writes when she's waiting for her next battle, I guess.

Being an Elite Four member, she has a great selection of Ghost Pokemon, taking every Ghost-type that's been introduced this generation. Her rematch also demonstrated type diversity among Ghost-types. Where every Pokemon in her repertoire have a different type combination. I am glad that this happens, because this meant that I can expect type diversity on future Ghost trainers, since there are many type combinations with the Ghost-type now.

As of now, this ghostwriter doesn't have a lot of history revealed, so I cannot really expand a lot besides her looks and team choice. Because of that, I would like to see more on her in the future, especially the anime.

7 signatures out of 10!
(Lack of character background hurts, for now.)


Now let's have some refreshments with some good old-fashioned comics involving Morty. Note that I didn't draw this. However, TranslatorDrapion did the translations, so props to him/her!

With that done, I officially wrap up my Ghost-type reviews. What type do I do next in my review? Find out...in the future! (*Whew* Used up my 20 image limit!)

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 19th November 2010 at 09:09 AM by winstein

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  1. Kars's Avatar
    poor morty, just...
  2. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    I like ghost types. I'm naming my character in White Light (after Light Yagami) and I'm thinking of doing a dark/ghost run.
  3. Zervah's Avatar
    Hey! Very nice! :B Ghost types are awesome
  4. apenpaap's Avatar
    I think the name Phoebe may be a reference to the word 'phobia', which is of course something many people have for ghosts.


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