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Poison Entries

These blog posts are related to the Poison-type.

  1. Poison-type Award Ceremony (Full List at PE2K)

    Yesterday, I posted an article at PE2K to close the Poison-type reviews I did there. The difference between that article and the first one was very, very long (the first one was published at 23rd August 2011). I don't want the BMGF guys to miss out on this, so I will put out around half of the list here since there is a 20 image limit in blogs (that would make it less than 20, but I am sure you could check the original article out, right?). If you want to see the full version click this link: Poison-type Award Ceremony. ...
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  2. Unexplored Poison-type Beings and Things

    This article was actually published on Pokémon Elite 2000, but I decided to post it here again for my celebration, since I don’t think people on Bulbagarden read anything from that site. Therefore, it would still be something fresh, because some of the material here is new, although there are some copied text from another Poison-type article here.

    Here we go, in another “Unexplored (insert type here) Beings and Things” article. This time, it would be a Top 10, because there ...
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  3. Celebrity Poison-type Specialists - winstein's Review

    In terms of celebrity trainers, we don’t have many of them. In fact, the only ones that are considered celebrities come from Kanto, and that’s the region where the most Poison-types were introduced! Most of the following trainers are also from the same family, which furthers the rarity of specialised trainers of the Poison-type. Alright, let’s get on with the reviews!

    The Poisonous Ninja Master

    "Fwahahahaha! I am Koga of the Elite Four.

    Updated 30th March 2011 at 03:46 PM by winstein

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  4. Ordinary Trainer Classes that used Poison-types - winstein's Review

    Today, I decided to go back to the basics by doing reviews again! Instead of doing something simple, I will do something very, very simple, because it’s definitely a great change of pace after my very long last article (Fixing the Grass-type). Today, instead of diving into celebrities straight away, I will select a few trainer classes that specialise the Poison-type and see how they fare. This time, the read will be short, because well, change of pace.

    Team Rocket
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  5. Upgrading the Poison-type

    I found writing this article challenging, so if you can, you can post in the comments in what you think can be done to the Poison-type to give them a boost. I also apologise for this article being fully text-based and picture-less. Here's the index of the list for reference:

    • In-game Notability
    • Choice of Pokémon
    • Battle Capability
      • Pokémon
      • Moves
      • Weather Condition
      • Type Chart Change
    • Past Upgrades

    In-game Notability

    One of Poison-type’s ...

    Updated 2nd March 2011 at 05:21 AM by winstein

    Poison Entries
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