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This is one of the most suggested Christmas articles, so enjoy this one for now! The other one will be uploaded later (not “soon” later), but for now, here’s one to enjoy.

We’re back for another addition to the BW Fan Opinion Chronicles series. Today we cover four (uh, three, according to the opinions) great episodes that convince people to continue on with Ash’s journey through the Unova region. Unfortunately I gathered too many opinions, so I had to put some in the comments section. If you fancy reading the extra stuff, you can read further, but these are the ones I think are more important. Possible predictions, assumptions, observations and strange ideas, here we go!

BW 30

Overall: The episode is alright. While the plot is so-so and formulaic, Cilan's science obsession, some action sequences and Elgyem made it interesting.
● Some: Like how the setting of the episode is American-like and the plot having references to the supernatural and the legend of Area 51.
● Some: The art and animation of the episode is top-notch.
● Few: Have a good impression on the episode's beginning. One thinks the crash at the beginning is awesome.
● Few: Didn't enjoy the original Japanese version due to the dialogue-heavy nature of the episode.
● One: A moustached background character reminds him of Mr. Shellby from "Extreme Pokémon!".
● One: Glad that Ash's journey has slowed down, as he didn't want Unova to be over so soon.

● Some: Ash's cluelessness is met with laughter (thinking that Dark Matter is a Pokémon) or annoyance (not recognising Team Rocket's disguises).
● One: When Ash and friends informed Icarus that they saw the same thing that he saw in the sky long ago, it is adorable.

● Two: Ash's Tranquill is not being used properly because of her lack of screen time and her taking the damage of Shadow Ball attack.
● One: Likes how Tranquill is strong enough to overpower Jessie's Woobat.
● One: Hopes that Tranquill's latest appearance means that she will be seen more often in future episodes.

● Many: Cilan's huge obsession for science is hilarious and enjoyable. Some also rejoice that Cilan is a nerd. As a fan put: "It's incredible how much you can enjoy in a new and refreshing male sidekick and how he can suddenly become the focus of the episode".
● Two: Dislike Cilan's scientific babble about the paranormal for being ridiculous. Another fan thinks that the theory of the paranormal having scientific explanations might hold some weight, which is worth exploring.
● One: Cilan's scepticism is better handled in this episode than in "Night at Nacrene Museum".
● One: Didn't like how Cilan calls Icarus' flying ship a UFO.

● Few: Team Rocket is enjoyable. One especially likes how Team Rocket shot down Icarus' flying ship after they were defeated, which is a true sign of villainy.
● Few: Like Team Rocket's businesspeople disguises. A fan believes that this means there will be a boss fantasy soon.
● Two: Disappointed Team Rocket’s battle was short and anticlimactic. Essentially, nothing new was shown that wasn’t seen in the preview.
● Two: Bothered by how Team Rocket lacks the comedy aspect they used to have.
martianmister: "TR in this episodes = Old TR - Comedy and Personality. They aren't in their "cool" BW personas. Also, they aren't acting like robots, but acting like really bored people".

● Some: The relationship and interaction between Icarus and Elgyem is cute.
● Few: Icarus is an admirable CotD (Character of the Day).
● Few: Like the dub name Icarus, because it is symbolic to the character, who built a spaceship that crashed down in the end.
● Elgyem's Dex entries in relation to its actions are pointed out, like erasing the memory of others, and using the coloured lights on its palm to communicate and how nobody managed to decipher its language. One thought that it's better if Elgyem communicates using basic gestures like other Pokémon.
CommanderPigg: "The relationship between the professor and Elygem is touching beyond belief. I know it seems a bit generic, but to give up your life's research for the happiness of a single pokemon...what a guy. Although, I am wondering how he's going to occupy his time from now on...they never explored that >_>;".

● Many: The Elgyem is very adorable. Those who disliked or didn't care about Elgyem winded up liking it.

BW 31

Overall: This episode is well-received, mainly because Trip's character is likeable and more fleshed out, in addition to some humorous moments. Alder's appearance is a plus. The main criticism is the rushed battles.
● The mention of a Champion League existing in Unova means that there will be another League to overcome after the Unova League, with possibly the Elite 4 to beat before meeting the champion. The emphasis put on the champion relatively early is great, so it will hopefully deliver when the time comes. There are hopes that Ash will win the Unova League because of this knowledge.
Ampharos King: "This episode brought a lot of interesting subplots to the table while at the same time providing a decent battle between Ash and Trip".
● One: The episode should have been more focused on Satoshi [Ash] and Shooti [Trip]'s rivalry.

● Many: Glad the match between Ash and Trip is a tie, because Ash didn't lose to Trip this time and is getting better.
● The rivalry between Ash and Trip isn't firmly developed yet due to its one-sidedness (one fan calls it the "Unknown Rival" type), but interest in the rivalry increased after the events of the episode.
● Ample: Ash is endearing and fun this time, where he apologetically took his hat off in front of Cilan after he and Iris messed up his cooking, being good-willed with his Pokemon and falling on Palpitoad after slipping off a vine.
● Few: It is believed that Ash will win the Unova League, but will end up losing to the Champion in the Champion League. A fan doubts Ash will win the League, based on his history of not reaching first place in them.
● Two: Like how the rivalry between Ash and Trip is fresh and different from Gary's and Paul's because of its approach, where Trip wasn't interested in Ash due to how he failed his expectations, which require Ash to win his respect as a rival by being good enough for him. A fan points out how Trip's commentary shows a "comical contrast between his rigidness and Ash's spontaneousness". He also said how Trip is different from Gary and Paul in that he challenged Ash's “sidekicks” in a battle to fulfill his code of honour by challenging a better opponent, while the two doesn't care about that and simply wanted to defeat Ash to prove their superiority.
● One: Criticises Shooti and Satoshi's rivalry for not being engaging, intense, contrasting, well-developed and feels they should have more interaction. Another argues that the rivalry doesn't need a strong and dramatic drive, as the rivalry between them doesn't need to be as strong as Ash and Paul's.

● Some: Ash's Oshawott's battle against Trip's Timburr is great, because his approach in defeating it is well-presented. One didn't think it was spectacular.
● Two: The smug expression that Oshawott made after knocking out Timburr is amusing.
Ampharos King: "Ash's decision to use Snivy against Trip's evolved Servine, and Trip purposely sending out his Ice-type Vanillite against Ash's Tepig, shows that both of these characters are willing to go the extra step to prove that they are better trainers than the other".
● One: Hopes that Oshawott will evolve all the way to redeem Ash's other water starters who didn't evolve at all.

● One: Reasons Tepig realises battling Trip means more to Ash than battling Emmy the CotD. This was based on Tepig being depressed after his battle with Vanillite, but not after his last battle with Druddigon.

● Few: The battle between Snivy and Trip's Servine is lacklustre. A fan even mentions how it's "a big cop out if I ever saw one", because Snivy's down in one hit and believes the writers want to show Servine as her own personal rival.
● Few: Annoyed at the emphasis put on how Ash's Snivy isn't evolved, as it may insinuate that Snivy will not evolve.
● Few: Predictably, Trip is prepared for Snivy's Attract, showing that he learned from his previous encounter. This is impressive to some.

● Some: Iris' fear of Ice-types is hilarious, especially her reaction (and Axew's) to Vanillite. It is believed that this character trait might possibly lead to interesting plot points later, like in the upcoming episode when she faces a Beartic (BW 33) and possibly a backstory leading to this phobia. To a few, it will be interesting if everyone reached Icirrus City's Gym Battle.
● Due to Iris' fear of Ice-types, there is speculation on how she will react to Kyurem. A fan believes that this will be involved in her overcoming the fear later on.
● One: The interaction between Iris and Trip shows Iris' redeeming qualities and shows what she needs to achieve.

● Many: Cilan is very funny, particularly his priceless overdramatic reaction to his ruined cooking and his facial expressions during Ash and Iris' apology. Burgundy is believed to have a point when she said that Cilan has a psychotic complexion in an earlier episode.
● Few: Cilan being left behind is hilarious and cute, especially in the end.
● Few: Thought that Cilan will go on a murderous rampage because Ash and Iris ruined his cooking.
● One: Likes that Cilan got some "alone time". Another fan jokes that that part is fangirl bait.

● Many: Trip is regarded as more interesting and likeable than before, mainly because he's given a backstory and is shown to have feelings and have an amiable side.
● Ample: The interactions between Trip and Iris is interesting, like Trip's interest in Iris, her Dragon Master status, having the initiative to ask her to battle him, taking a picture of her and her Axew and being provoked into battling Ash because she called him a kid. One fan supports this because the interaction expounds their goals and shows Iris and Trip's redeeming qualities. Some think his interaction with Iris is more interesting than his interactions with Ash. A fan suggests a scenario where they end up alone together and they only have one another to interact with.
● Some: Enjoy Trip’s backstory because it shows his motivation and he's seen as a young boy too. The information on his past garners interest in Trip's backstory being expanded upon, like Paul’s, especially on how Trip came to adopt a sulky attitude towards foreigners. From this motivation, one fan gathered that Trip is a trainer who wants to test his limits as a trainer in order to defeat the Champion, and his indifference to Ash is due to him not reaching his expectations. Very few thought it's dull. One thinks it's better if his xenophobic attitude is combined with his motivation.
● Some: Trip helping Ash point out Oshawott's problem with Aqua Jet is surprising and interesting, because he helped Ash despite being his rival, and also because his camera is shown to have a purpose. One finds it contradictory for him to help a rival.
● It is believed the rivalry between Ash and Trip be developed further (and possibly take on a more "mature" turn) when Alder makes his debut. Some predictions on how this will come about are Alder admiring Ash's attitude, Trip being defeated in front of him or Ash defeating him instead of Trip.
● Few: Trip is Cheren's surrogate, because he desires to show his strength by beating the Champion. Because of this, it's believed that Cheren is unlikely to appear in the anime. This thread is made in response to this: Does Trip's goal of beating the Champ mean no Cheren in the anime?
● Few: Trip's younger self (shown in flashback) is cute and cheerful. Two are jealous that he got the young child treatment and not Paul.
● Few: Hope that Trip will battle Iris one day. Trip learning that Iris is a Dragon specialist helps matters, and the battle may be in the form of a Gym Battle.
● Few: Trip will lose in the Unova League. A fan pities him because he will inevitably be dominated by Ash there. However, a select few think that Trip will win due to his desire to battle the Champion.
● Few: In relation to Ash, Trip may become another Zoey, or a friendly rival. One predicts he will beat Ash in the League so that he can battle Alder, and will lose to a trainer that Ash eventually beats.
Ampharos King: "Ash and Trip have very little synergy with one another because Trip's goal would require him to fight a variety of skilled or powerful opponents. Trip has nothing in particular for Ash except for the latter's annoying mannerisms. Ash, on the other hand, seems adamant in wanting to prove himself as a trainer to Trip, who keeps letting him down. This rivalry cannot grow without these external forces pressuring either trainer to battle the other".
Aestivate: "I think where Shinji [Paul] didn't know how to control his emotions and was prone to outbursts or moments of spontaneity that usually spell disaster for him and his team, Shuuti is too in control and too focused to the point where it will probably come bite him in the ass later. And be damned, I'm finally starting to get into this rivalry".

● Ample: Timburr is quite likeable and cute to some. Its battling style of using its plank of wood is impressive and well-executed.

● Ample: Alder's first appearance on-screen (in flashback) is enjoyable to most and surprising to some.
● Some: Hope to see Alder in person soon. One hopes he will be better than Cynthia.
● Two: Believe that Alder will not approve of Trip's sulky attitude. One thinks that this will lead to Alder praising Ash's attitude over Trip, and Trip will not listen and will eventually be defeated in the League in a similar manner as Paul.
● Two: Disappointed to see Alder not using Volcarona, as that's his prime Pokémon.
● One: Adeku [Alder] reminds him of Takeshi [Brock].

● One: Wishes to see Chili and Cress' life outside gym duties, as previous companions' family members were given screen time at some point of time.

● One: Wishes Ash's rival was Cheren instead of Trip.
● One: Anticipates Cheren making a late entrance in the saga with a personality and motivation twist (similar to Barry), in order to distinguish his personality and Trip's.

BW 32

Overall: The episode is a superb episode, mainly because the featured Pokémon were great, many Pokémon showed personalities, everyone did something, and the unexpected double capture. The breaking news of Cilan catching Stunfisk causes some unrest among the fans. Oshawott is also endearing this time. Some are even convinced that the season is getting better and better.
● Most: The double capture of Palpitoad and Stunfisk is unexpected, but most fans are very excited about this. The capture from Ash was unexpected because he already had a Water-type, although the rumour of the capture made is not as surprising. Fans hope that the Pokémon will develop personalities and interact with the current team members because they are interesting characters.
● Prior to this episode, fans thought that the episode was going to be recycled from the old episode "Stun Spore Detour", where Misty got underwater plants for a paralysed Ash and Tracey with the help of her new Poliwag.
● Few: Glad that Ash and friends' Pokémon are out of their Pokéballs for some playtime. A fan points out how they are fun to look at when they are not battling, using Scraggy as an example.
● Few: Exclaims that "Anything can happen!" in this season of the Pokémon anime.
● Few: The wild Pokémon are evil and antagonistic compared to the past where almost all the Pokémon are good. A fan guesses that without Team Rocket providing the conflict, the wild Pokémon will.
¿Mukuhawku?: "Also, is it me, or are the writers trying to average out the Iris's and Cilan's appearences? Last episode, Cilan was absent throughout most of it. This episode, Iris was absent through most of it. Next ep is centered around Iris. Two episodes later, the episode is centered on Cilan". Another fan believes that this is a step up from the way Misty and Brock were handled.

● Ash’s growing roster of Pokémon is met with mixed opinions. Those who like it like it because there is more Pokémon to use, especially in the League where he can rotate his Unova Pokémon, his team has a tendency to change its members instead of the same team that occurred in previous journeys, and it meant screen time for their favourite Pokémon. Some didn’t like it because it means less screen time among his Pokémon (especially Tranquill, Swadloon and Palpitoad) over the starters' privileged screen time and Pikachu, and they felt that eight Pokémon felt too crowded. This thread is made for further debate: "How do you feel about Ash capturing so many Pokémon?"
● Few: Because Ash has two Water-types and two Grass-types, another Fire-type is to be expected to be added in his collection in the future. Heatmor and Larvesta are guesses.
● CaféMocha Fans: In awe in the scene where Ash admired Cilan's fishing rod. [CaféMocha = Ash x Cilan]
● Two: The capture of a lot of Pokémon may mean Ash will not be importing his old Pokémon for Unova's League.
● Hellion: Fears the extra captures will result in the Pokémon who receive less screentime turning into their Kanto counterparts (e.g. Sewaddle may have little personality and only participate in few battles (like Krabby), Palpitoad will be under Juniper's care and prone to hugging (like Muk).) He hopes this does not mean Ash will catch thirty Bouffalant (like all of his Tauros).
● One: Expects Ash not to catch Roggenrola, otherwise his team will be massive.
● One: Deduces that Ash didn't see Cilan's fishing rod and lure in "A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!" (the episode is supposed to air prior to this one) because he mentioned how he didn't see them before. It is also speculated that Ash's words are rewritten so that the possible scene in said episode never happened before.

● Ample: Happy to see that Oshawott is able to open his eyes underwater, thus mastering Aqua Jet, through some training. One fan recalls when he wasn't able to open his eyes underwater when diving, but felt great when he finally mastered the act. A fan can relate to Oshawott's disdain in opening his eyes in water, since he disliked doing the same.
● Some: Oshawott is very lovable in this episode. Some say that Oshawott's happy face in the end is very cute. One fan thinks it's Piplup-like.
● Few: Oshawott shows no signs of evolving because he is perceived to be marketable and lucrative. One fan says that Palpitoad may be the representative of an evolved Water-type.
● Two: Oshawott's reaction to Ash forcefully opening his eyes underwater is funny, washing Ash away with an attack.
AceTrainer14: "I think that Oshawott is beginning to get a lot of attention lately. I wouldn't want him to turn into another Chimchar: getting all the episodes based around him to the point of annoyance. I think Oshawott should get cut back a bit and give some other Pokémon a chance to shine (e.g. Snivy: explore why she left her old trainer!)". Some other fans have the same sentiment.

● Some: Snivy and Emolga had a brief but sweet moment that displays their friendship and rivalry. One finds them playing volleyball together shocking.

● One: Mentions how Iris is the new Brock for the reason that she is the team's medic. Another responds that he sees Brock in both Iris and Cilan: Iris is the healer, while Cilan is the chef and mature one of the trio.

● Ample: Cilan's “fabulous” antics are priceless, especially the scene when he spun around a few times and then said "It's Lunch Time!". Fortunately, the dub handled that line perfectly. Excessive, abundant and lustrous praise are given to Cilan by fans, which a few find unhealthy (a fan warned not to go to Gaia if the behaviour exhibited by them is too much).
● Some: Cilan's fishing abilities are admirably exciting. It helps that the postponed episode is supposed to be the first glimpse on Cilan's go at fishing, raising interest in that. Him spinning Stunfisk with his rod in the air is a really memorable part. Because Cilan singlehandedly caught Stunfisk, he's considered formidable. A fan recommends him to be on "Deadliest Catch". Another fan jokes that he "just has plenty of experience with rods".
● Some: Because of how impressive Cilan's fishing skills were, they wish to see more of his fishing abilities, especially in the skipped fishing episode.
● Few: Cilan capturing Stunfisk is impressive, especially because he hadn't caught any Pokémon since Dwebble. It is believed that Stunfisk suits Cilan very well, and they form a formidable team. Still, few consider Stunfisk's capture dubious.
● Few: Observe that Cilan's Pokémon are food themed, where Pansage is broccoli or salad, Dwebble is crab or appetiser and Stunfisk is fish or main course. That leaves a dessert-like Pokémon to fit in with the theme, leading to the speculation that Vanillite and its evolutions will be his next capture.

● Few: Dwebble is praised for showing personality (being apologetic for popping the ball the Pokémon are playing with) and showing off more of its strength.

● Some: Glad that Palpitoad joined the main cast because it proved to be cool. A fan thinks it's for the greater good since it will "help the other Pokémon". It is hoped that Palpitoad retains its mischief longer.
● Few: Palpitoad's capture means that it will be used in the upcoming Electric-type Gym (a fan adds that Snivy will also be used). One fan believes that it will be used in the Ground-type Gym.
● Few: The Palpitoad and Stunfisk team is lovable and hilarious.
● Few: Look forward to Palpitoad and Stunfisk's teamwork in a double battle.
● One: Senses a Pinky and the Brain relationship between Palpitoad and Stunfisk.
● One: Has a feeling that Palpitoad will be disobedient because it looks like a Pokémon that prefers giving orders over receiving them, so it's not hard to imagine "Ash telling Palpitoad to use Mud Shot and Palpitoad responding with a Hydro Pump to the face".
● One: There is a possibility that Palpitoad and Stunfisk will conspire against their trainers in an episode.

● Ample: The sight of Stunfisk entices excitement and is well-liked, made even better because Cilan was the one who captured it. The main reason is that it showcased the nature of its species and its faces. That capture is electrifying (some say they're shocked), but it's agreed that the capture is great. A fan said that it would be a pity if Stunfisk only got this episode to showcase the nature of its species, since it didn't do a lot in it.
● Few: Hope Stunfisk is female, despite its deep voice (Jessie's Yanmega is brought up, as it had a deep voice but turned out to be female).
● Few: Enjoy Stunfisk's dub voice and laugh (one likes it because it sounded like Croagunk's).
● One: Hopes to see more Stunfisk action. Another looks forward to its interaction with Pansage and Dwebble.
● One: Believes that Stunfisk will shine in the episode "Where Did You Go, Audino?" as a trapper to aid in Cilan's detective work.

BW 33

Overall: This episode is great, and helps make Iris a more favourable character thanks to her backstory with Excadrill and some moments of character development. Georgia, however, is not so lucky, although she has some fans. Still, fans take this episode as a sign that this season keeps getting better and better. The dub is considered to be well-translated.
● Few: The episode felt too fast-paced, as things happened without much waiting or build up to them. Some like how the action started straight away.
● Dogasu: The episode would work better as an earlier episode (fifteenth), because the gap between Doryuuzu [Excadrill]'s problem and the explanation took way too long.

● Few: Glad that Ash took a back seat in terms of focus this time. A fan believes that Ash could have provided his perspective to help Iris' situation.

● Ample: Iris' and Excadrill's backstory is great. It's cute, emotional and interesting, and provides her character with a much-needed background, especially Iris' meeting with Drilbur and the difficulties surrounding it. Some thought little Iris was cute.
● Some: The moments between Iris and Excadrill are cute and touching, as it showed their bond was still strong after all the times they’ve been through. One notable moment is their hug. A fan thought it's sad that their friendship dwindled over something like losing a battle, but is happy that everything turned out fine.
● Some: Had a tear-jerking reaction to Iris' moments with Excadrill, especially the sad part.
● There is a debate on whether Iris received character development, and whether Excadrill and Iris had a conflict in the first place. As one fan points out, Iris didn't have any problems since Excadrill's issue is in his own mind and she isn't forced to evaluate her character, stunting her character growth, making it seem like she's too perfect a character. There are others who see the conflict in the form of a misunderstanding between both parties, and point out that she receives some character development, like her understanding of the situation.
● Few: Predict a solid battle between Iris and Georgia in the future.
● Few: Iris not acting stuck-up is a nice change of pace.
● Two: Iris is a Mary Sue in the making. Some disagree with this statement.
● Two: More time should be spent on Iris resolving the issue with Excadrill.
Ash6K: "I think this was a good episode to indicate Iris' change of character and I definitely feel that after this, she'll take her training more seriously and build up more confidence in her skills. I'm totally looking forward to what she'll do next in the future".
Zidane: "In my honest opinion it would have been better to debut her with a Drilbur when she joined Ash, and see her grow alongside it through trainer battles. Rather than just see it beat up on fodder 99 times, OHKO a Druddigon, then get smashed by the last gym leaders Pokémon...all while she was like 8 years old".
● Musashi: Iris' English voice actor didn't do a good job with the flashback scenes or the crying scene, taking a lot of emotion away from the episode.
● One: Iris doesn't seem to have room for improvement battling-wise (besides Axew), considering how she has Excadrill, a powerhouse, early on in the series.
● One: If Iris had told Cilan or Ash about her problem earlier, her issue with Excadrill would have been solved earlier. He guesses that she did it now because she just warmed up to them.

● Some: Excadrill's disobedience stemming from his insecurity as Iris' Pokémon rather than because he felt superior to her (like Charizard and Mamoswine initially felt towards Ash and Dawn respectively upon evolution) is a refreshing twist.
● Few: Excadrill's Drill Run and Focus Blast have great animation.
● Few: The second battle between Excadrill and Beartic is good, despite being an all-out offence.
● Two: Excadrill's low self esteem issue that happen for years seemed unrealistic, even more so because Iris didn't do anything about it all this while. That he didn't overcome this issue when battling with other strong Pokémon in the past is perplexing.
● Two: Excadrill having Focus Blast is a questionable decision, considering how it's a Special attack and his Special Attack is much lower than his Attack (games-wise). One possible explanation is that Excadrill required a ranged attack.
● One: It would be better if Drilbur's evolution had taken place during Iris' battle with Haxorus, as it would have had a more demoralising effect on his loss, since even with his new found strength from evolution it still wouldn't have been enough to win the match.

● Georgia is considered an unimpressive character to many. This is because her attitude is purely jerkish and she doesn't display any redeeming qualities, unlike past jerk rivals (Gary, Ursula, Harley and Burgundy). There are a few that likes the character for that very reason and also because she's not feminine, as it makes the series' cast of characters diverse (a fan thinks her personality is perfect for a rival). For one fan, it would make her defeat at the hands of Iris all the sweeter.
● Georgia's sudden appearance garnered some mixed opinions. Some welcome it, but others find it questionable.
● Georgia's English voice receives mixed opinions. One thought the voice actor tried too hard to be snarky but sounded more stilt-sounding. Another thought she sounded natural like the dub in the 90's.
● Few: Georgia will reappear in another episode as Iris' rival. Another episode involving her could possibly redeem her character by having her have more importance in a greater plot and by giving her character development.
● Few: Prefer the name Langley over Georgia.
● One: Has a feeling that Georgia has more in common with Iris than meets the eye.
● One: The part where Georgia ate all of Cilan's food and told him to make better food as she leaves is funny.

● Some: Beartic is awesome, because of its mannerisms (like when it taunted Kibago [Axew] before battle) and its movements felt very dynamic and interesting (when it moved on four legs).

● Few: Find the relationship between Drayden and the village elder mysterious, because they nodded to each other. It can either be the elder convincing Drayden that Iris has the potential to be a Dragon Master, or it is a test. A fan jokes that they are secretly dating.
● Few: Impressed with Mike Pollock's performance as Drayden in the dub.
● One: Speculates that Drayden and the elder planned to humble Iris by defeating her with his best dragon.

This one is finally done! The next batch will mostly be filler episodes, so I should be able to fit five episodes next time. Do you know why I want to get all five of them done? Answer in the comments. Got feedback? Voice it in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas

Special thanks to: @Tsutarja, @Meron, @Kakuna Matata and (Screenshots)

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    Hey, winstein. You know, I have always found the Fan Opinion Chronicles a great read. Do you think you'll be doing it permanently, to the end? I personally am looking forward to the next batch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plushie
    Hey, winstein. You know, I have always found the Fan Opinion Chronicles a great read. Do you think you'll be doing it permanently, to the end? I personally am looking forward to the next batch!

    And, yes, extra comments and images are good like that, because there has to be a way to cram that information in without creating a separate blog entry, huh?
    It's great that you enjoyed it. It's funny, because sometimes I felt struggled when I see a negative opinion (especially on Iris) that I don't know if I am up for the job, but I normally need to convince myself that I am because I started this, so finishing it is necessary.

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    It's great that you enjoyed it. It's funny, because sometimes I felt struggled when I see a negative opinion (especially on Iris) that I don't know if I am up for the job, but I normally need to convince myself that I am because I started this, so finishing it is necessary.

    Yeah, the "Extra Comments" idea was just thought up when I was almost done with the last one, so expect to see the first comments of every blog being occupied with this. Glad you love that idea.

    Thanks for reading.
    You know what? You have always been doing a great job from the beginning. I am sure that you'll be able to handle everything thrown towards you when it comes to things like this. Persevere, and things just might look better, huh? Sometimes things work in a strange way, but after you complete it, in hindsight, everything fits in perfectly.

    Negative or positive, it doesn't matter - after all, it's all about opinions, and opinions can vary wildly between persons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plushie
    Do you think you might want a blog size limit extension of sorts?
    Months ago, I suggested extending the blog size limit when it was only 25000 characters long, because I may be one of the few people who prefers long blogs (I suggested 32000, which was a bit over 25% bigger). I don't feel like asking to extend further because I am afraid I might be perceived as greedy.

    Thanks for reading.
  6. Noivern's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by winstein
    Months ago, I suggested extending the blog size limit when it was only 25000 characters long, because I may be one of the few people who prefers long blogs (I suggested 32000, which was a bit over 25% bigger). I don't feel like asking to extend further because I am afraid I might be perceived as greedy.

    Thanks for reading.
    Then I guess it can be summed up as follows...

    It's Workaround Time!

    It's a bit inelegant, but it gets the job done, so mission accomplished. :P

    Next up, forum users, right?
  7. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Great work as always! And yes, I know why you want to get all five of them done. :/
  8. Noivern's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsutarja
    Great work as always! And yes, I know why you want to get all five of them done. :/
    ...Wait, which five? Then again, one does not need a reason to get them done. It's good to have a reason to do it, but sometimes, it's not that necessary.
  9. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Plushie
    ...Wait, which five? Then again, one does not need a reason to get them done. It's good to have a reason to do it, but sometimes, it's not that necessary.
    He's referring to the conclusion paragraph, where I mention I will be doing five episodes. He knows the reason, partly because he proofread the material (yes, I am done with the next article, but it needs to go through proofreading too). By the way, this article is not fully completed because I have another proofreader who's not done yet. If she is done, the whole thing will change to accommodate her suggestions, because I promised to publish this one on Christmas.

    Thanks for reading.
  10. Noivern's Avatar
    OK then. Looking forward to the next update of sorts. XD
  11. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    This was a great read, it's interesting to see how things have changed.


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