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BW Fan Opinion Chronicles: BW 020 - BW 024

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It's been a long time since I have compiled these, so I've got a lot of catching up to do! I hope your patience is rewarded for what I am about to present. This time, I took the dub comments into account, and I am going to do fewer episodes per entry, since each episode's content became longer than expected. Moreover, I am using a new format for my lists as well, so tell me what you think of it. Let's look at some possible predictions, assumptions and strange ideas the fandom had about the episodes back then! (Note: PO = Popular Opinion)

BW 20

Overall: The episode is hilarious, thanks to the Ducklett and the overall comedic tone of the episode.
● PO: Generally like the remixed game music in this episode. One fan hopes the dub will keep the music.
● PO: New evolution scene is epic. Some find it disappointing that a wild Pokémon got the first evolution and not one of Ash's Pokémon.
● Some: Thought that Unova Pokémon are more violent in general.
● Some: Disliked Dig for being an overused move.
● Few: Compared what was aired to the early leaked sketches of the episode, like when Iris was being hit by Scald. When they were leaked, there were arguments on who Scraggy will belong to.
● One: Compared it to Johto’s Murkrow episode and found this one to be more hilarious.

● Some: Ash used an Electric attack on Sandile and, while not being effective, they forgive him for he may not have known or had forgotten Sandile's type.
● Some: Didn’t like how Iris and Cilan didn’t do much in this episode.
● Two: Did not like how Sandile/Krokorok is given more personality than half of Ash's team.
● Dogasu: Did not like how Satoshi (Ash) dealt with the problem on his own while Iris and Dent (Cilan) went to search for him to see whether he's was alright.

● PO: Opinions are mixed about Pikachu forgetting Volt Tackle in favour of Electro Ball. This change is predicted correctly by some. Those who support the change find it refreshing to see Pikachu get a new move because Volt Tackle did more harm than good, and it balances the moveset of two close-ranged moves and two distant moves. Also, some feel that Volt Tackle had outstayed its welcome. Those who oppose the change hate it, because they felt that replacing his signature move isn't a good decision, considering how powerful the move is and the fact that the new move gives Pikachu two Special Electric attacks rather than one Physical and one Special.
● PO: Opinions on which of Pikachu's existing move should be forgotten instead is discussed. Quick Attack is the most suggested one.
● One: Has a respected view of Pikachu because he was the focus of the episode and got a new attack, along with a new rival.
● One: Pikachu using Electro Ball in conjunction with Quick Attack is a nice idea.

● Some: Enjoy Oshawott's "hot-headed" scene, but few feel his appearance unnecessary. One fan "shouts out" to writers to not use him as a "Surrogate Piplup".
● Some: Like the part when Scraggy tried to headbutt Sandile but Oshawott pushed it away.

● PO: The battle between Scraggy and Axew is great for being there and it was funny.
● PO: Scraggy is adorable in its battle and when returning Ash's hat (one fan interprets this as Scraggy warming up to Ash).

● Some: Like that Iris did some training in the beginning.
● One: Disappointed at Iris for not doing anything significant up to now.

● Some: Feels that Excadrill appearing on-screen for a short time and being dormant is a letdown. A few think it is better than nothing.
● One: Predicts that in a future episode focusing on Iris and Excadrill, Iris will get fed up of Excadrill disobeying her and kicks it, causing it to rage. Then, the same Scolipede from BW009 comes seeking revenge on Excadrill. Somehow Iris gets caught in a jam, and Excadrill swoops in to save its trainer. After this they reach and understanding and Excadrill starts to listen to Iris again.

● One: Likes how Cilan was on top of things by covering the food when Axew attempted to use Dragon Rage.

● Dogasu: The inclusion of the comedic Rocket-dan would make the episode more entertaining.
● One: The episode flows better without Team Rocket's involvement.
● One: The episode feels like a Rocket Trio episode without the Rocket Trio.

● PO: Sunglasses Sandile/Krokorok is great this time because it showed a lot of personality, and acts as a rival to Pikachu. Some fans like Sandile/Krokorok's interaction with Ash.
● PO: Disappointed that Sandile/Krokorok wasn't captured by Ash as some had predicted based on the events of the episode, such as Ash commanding Sandile. Some are relieved that it didn't happen. Some are still holding on to the possibility of Ash capturing it.
● PO: Krokorok will recur. Some fans predict that Krokorok will evolve into Krookodile in the future. One fan points out that Krokorok will be an interesting Pokémon to reappear as it functions like a human rival.
● Some: When Krokorok blasted off, they feel sorry for it, as it left in an unceremonious manner after evolution. Some find that pointless. Another fan thought it doesn't fit Krokorok, but didn't mind it because Team Rocket was not suitable for the job that time.
● Some: Dislike the new Stone Edge animation.
● Two: Entertained of the idea of Krokorok forming a gang over the series, starting with the Ducklett trio.
● One: Finds his earlier theory that Sandile needed the glasses to be brave to be true.
● One: Notes that Sandile using Dig to appear out of nowhere is its signature entrance.
● One: Likes the idea of an independent Pokémon (Sandile/Krokorok) training itself.
● One: Due to the Krokorok acting as Pikachu's rival, he guesses that Ash's capture of Krokorok will not happen, and instead one of his rivals will capture it so that it will battle Pikachu in an important match later on.
● One: Likes how after Sandile evolved, it sounded like it said "Well I'll be" (close to the pronunciation of its Japanese name in the original).

● PO: The Ducklett received mixed opinions. Positive ones see them as cute and very funny. Negative ones see them as jerks, cruel, evil, and annoying. Despite this, the overall consensus is that they are awesome.
● PO: Some like the Ducklett's sinister laugh. Others are annoyed by it.
● PO: The Ducklett trio is dubbed as the new Team Rocket due to their troublemaking attitude and them blasting off in a twinkle.
● Some: Hope that the Ducklett trio will reappear in a future episode.
● Few: Note that the Ducklett Trio are somewhat similar to the Disney characters Huey, Dewey and Louie in that they are both trios are ducks and cause trouble.
● One: Commented that the Ducklett are lethal for small Pokémon, knowing strong moves like Scald and Ice Beam.

BW 21

Overall: To quote a fan, "wonderful, moving and mature episode". Despite its flaws, the main plot is enjoyable, melancholic as it is.
● Most: A sad and touching episode, so much so that it brought tears to a few fans's eyes. Some appreciate this change of pace. The tone is different from the conventional Pokémon episode for being slow-paced and touching. One fan thought she was watching a different anime instead.
● PO: Generally not satisfied with the original, but have a better impression with the dub because they can understand the story better.
● Some: This episode is the first true filler of the series (previous episodes had some important detail which debunks their filler status). Some fans ascertain this episode's non-filler status because of certain elements in this episode, with the biggest proponent being Pidove's return to Ash's team. Another is the setting, Skyarrow Bridge.
● Few: The scenery in this episode is "lovely". One was surprised to learn that Skyarrow Bridge is relatively new compared to New York's bridges, and another responded that the bridge is relatively recent in the games as well.
● One: Surprised at how the Skyarrow Bridge is deserted despite its size and being the only means to Castelia.
● One: Reminded of the "nostalgia most people seem to have from Pokémon episodes past" and finds this poignant. He believes that dwelling on the past obsessively will prevent one from making new memories to cherish.

● Some: As this episode showed that the writers allowed Ash to rotate his Pokémon, they should continue this practice when Ash catches more Pokémon.
● One: Criticises Ash for attacking constantly with his Pokémon, as it isn't always the best course of action.

● Some: Ash's Pidove returning to his main lineup debunks the filler status of the episode. Two fans think that it may mean that she will be used in the upcoming Gym battle.
● Fans of Ash's Pidove: They rejoice at her return. Others who didn't like her fans' whining are relieved by this.

● Some: Glad Ash's Snivy got screen time. Some enjoys the battle between Snivy and Gothitelle.
● One: Felt Tsutarja (Snivy) didn't display her personality in this episode.

● Some: Negative opinions on Ash's Sewaddle still remain.
● One: Sewaddle is detrimental to Ash's other Pokémon's character development.
● One: Ash deciding to tell Juniper that he caught a Sewaddle in this episode as opposed to when he originally caught it was baffling.

● One: With Iris's belief in the supernatural, the writers wasted a prime opportunity to give her a role in this episode.

● Some: Opinions on Cilan being talkative got mixed opinions.
● Dogasu: Unsatisfied with the way Dent was handled. He felt that he is made as the "go-to" character, or the one to figure things out. He wishes that Dent had a characteristic that makes him stand out more.

● One: The episode truly benefits from the absence of Team Rocket.

● PO: Contested on whether Swanna is the choice of Pokémon for Jennies all over Unova. A fan finds this choice baffling because it doesn’t seem like an ideal choice for the police. Some think that the usage of this Pokémon is brilliant because of the swan’s nature. Dogasu points out that this particular Junsa may have been an exception from the others out there, like one particular Junsa that used a Perrap (Chatot) when the standard was Guardie (Growlithe).
● One: Thinks that Jenny's contribution to the plot, albeit minor, is a nice touch.

● PO: Sally is agreed to be a great CotD (Character of the Day).
● Two: Sally should have offered to take Gothitelle with her, because this particular Gothitelle is used to living like a human.
● One: The episode is an example on how the "memories of a human and a Pokémon interacting with one another are truly precious and irreplaceable".

● Some: Some of the Gothitelle scenes are creepy. However, Gothitelle is also shown to be a sympathetic character.
● Some: Due to the ambiguity of the ending, the point of Gothitelle leaving in the end, whether it is a ghost or not, and what will happen to it are left up to speculation.
● One: It's nice to see Pokémon (Gothitelle) being treated as proper characters.
● One: Sally and Gothitelle looked cute together. Some Others find their interactions and reunion emotional and adorable.

BW 22

(Note: At this point, the next episode scheduled is the two-part battle between Team Rocket and Team Plasma.)

Overall: Fans love the episode because of the teamwork between various characters (including Joy!) in handling the crisis of the day and the cute Venipede.
● Many: In the dub, they are quick to point out that the last scene that is supposed to lead to the Rocket vs Plasma two-parter is edited, due to the episodes being postponed. This is considered anticlimactic because the episode's problem is resolved off-screen and Team Rocket’s brief activities in the past episodes built up to nothing. Some predict the Rocket vs Plasma two-parter will be retconned in another episode.
● Some: Castelia City's design is underwhelming compared to its game counterpart for looking more like a generic city. One fan theorised that this is due to the number of huge cities shown in previous episodes that made it less impactful. However, few fans enjoy Castelia City for being faithful to its video game's counterpart.
● Few: A short discussion is made envisioning Misty in the Venipede riot and imagining her terror, due to her fear of bugs.
● Few: This episode reminds them of "Riding the Winds of Change".
● Two: This episode's initial ending is a worthy inception to the Rocket vs Plasma two-parter.

● Some: Ash's interactions with the first Venipede he met were enjoyable to watch.
● Few: Ash getting in the way of Pokémon attacks is irritating because the attacks are potentially life-threatening. It seems that even after traveling through five other regions he still has yet to learn this. To them, there are other ways to intercept the attack. A response says that this is a way to show that Ash is willing to risk his life for his friends. It is pointed out that if Delia (Ash's mom) knew about this, she would have a heart attack. One joked that Ash developed a resistance to those attacks.
● Few: Ash befriending the Venipede despite the others warnings of potential poisoning earns some him some respect.
● One: Whenever Ash befriends a Pokémon, it often feels like a capture is going to happen (ever since he got more than five Pokémon).

● Most: Pidove evolving is applauded. Some find it a pleasant surprise. Some thought that she had a funny look right before evolving. Two felt Mamepato (Pidove) should have had more buildup before the evolution.
● Some: Pidove is cute, especially when she was chest-thrusting and when she fell into Ash's hands. One fan finds her expressions hilarious. A couple of fans commented that she has "Big Pecks". One fan thinks the writers are mean for forcing such a cute Pokémon to evolve.
● Two: Pidove's evolution felt like it was shoehorned in.
● One: Thought of Pidove as an unnecessary capture and wondered why Pidove is suddenly getting love. The response is that some people actually like her and that it's not unheard of to root for the underdog.
● One: Disappointed that Ash's Tranquill is underutilised compared to Trip's.
● One: Sarcastically states that with Pidove's evolution comes more screen time, and a final evolution in the PokéRinger episode of this region. (Similar to Ash's Taillow and Staravia in their respective regions.)

● Some: Enjoy Iris' participation in this episode because of her inactivity in the past few episodes. A couple of them find Iris and Axew's "bro-fist" cute. One fan didn't count Iris' actions as contribution.
● One: Hopes Ash and Iris will team up in a tag battle one day.
● One: Iris should have caught a Fushide (Venipede) so that she will be relevant again.

● Few: Axew's Dragon Sneeze reminds them of Gible. Most of them think it's not as entertaining as the latter.
● One: Thought that Axew failed with Dragon Rage, but another fan argued that it didn't, because its purpose was to scare away the Venipede swarm.

● Few: Ash x Cilan shippers are overjoyed when Cilan fed Ash.

● Two: Enjoy Pansage’s creative use of Bullet Seed in handling the situation.

● PO: As more of Trip's personality is revealed, they judged him as being more similar to Drew, not as rude/harsh as Paul and not as helpful as Gary. He is perceived to be smug, arrogant, impatient, xenophobic and a jerk as well. One thought that his orange jacket doesn't fit that attitude. Still, Trip's character continues to be viewed with mixed opinions, though most lean towards positive.
● Some: The interaction and rivalry between Ash and Trip, from conflict to cooperation, is enjoyable. There is a lot of potential in them being further developed.
● Some: When Trip was noticably surprised at Ash giving him a gesture of approval at their Tranquill teamwork, they hope that Trip's attitude towards Ash warmed up at bit.
● Some: Enjoy Trip's leadership qualities.
● Some: Trip's camera is unnecessary. Dogasu feels the same way and believes the camera will not be featured anymore because of this. A few find it amusing that the first thing Trip does during the Venipede crisis is to take a picture of them. One joked that he just took pictures to post on Facebook.
● One: Due to Trip bad-mouthing Kanto, that will be his next destination after Unova ends.

● One: Araragi (Juniper)'s decision to allow Satoshi and friends to tag along on a potentially dangerous mission is questionable. Dogasu pointed out that she allowed them to go because she knew the trio would refuse to stay behind. Some say that young kids are treated more maturely in the Pokémon world.

● Some: Burgh is still a fun character. They enjoyed seeing more personality from him. Burgh leading the Venipede out of the city in a pied piper style is amazing and to quote a fan, "eerily fitting".

● One: The writers wasted an opportunity to implement the Team Plasma plot that takes place in Castelia in the games. (Bianca having her Pokémon stolen.) However, it may be used later on, as it doesn't absolutely need to take place in Castelia City.

● Many: The Venipede are extremely cute. One couldn't take their invasion seriously because of that.
● Some: Ash should have caught the first Venipede instead of a Sewaddle because it is a generally more interesting Pokémon, and its evolutions and overall personality are more appealing. One adds that a poisonous hug could have been a running gag. Another thought that Sewaddle's evolutions don't fit Ash at all. Others are glad the capture didn't happen.
● One: The leader of the Venipede should have been one of its evolved forms.
● One: It's possible that the Venipede the gang interacted with may choose to follow Ash in the future.

BW 23

(Note: Due to a major earthquake, the Rocket vs Plasma two-parter is skipped over and Ash's third gym battle is aired in its place.)

Overall: The Gym Battle is underwhelming, and some say it’s the worst one yet. However, Team Rocket going back to white is the best part of the episode.
● Many: The Gym Battle is boring and appalling because it is repetitive, little strategy is used, unrealistic, and Protect & Dig are spammed a lot (those moves don't have the game's established drawbacks). A fan complains that the writers rely on Protect and Dig Hole (Dig) too much and calls that poor writing. Another fan complains that Satoshi's Pokémon didn't show personality, making it uninteresting. Still, some liked the battle for its merits, as interesting strategies are shown like in the battle between Pikachu and Leavanny. One fan argues that the battle is straightforward and to the point, and justifies each Pokémon’s actions in the battle. Few said that they appreciate the battle more after re-watching it.
● Dogasu: Feels that the idea of "type advantage isn't everything" is being overemphasised at this point, and believes that there should be times when Satoshi wisely used a Pokémon with a type advantage against the opposition.

● Few: Ash will use Tranquill in the next Gym Battle, despite the type disadvantage.
● Few: Question how Ash knew Swadloon knows Energy Ball after evolution. One guesses that he looked into the PokéDex for the detail.
● One: Theorised that Ash chose Sewaddle for the battle because it's the Pokémon that brought both him and Burgh together, and Burgh was inspired to create a masterpiece because of the blossoming relationship between them, and it shows during the battle. He also believes that if Ash's intention is to only win the battle for the badge instead of displaying their love of Pokémon, he wouldn't have chosen Pikachu or Sewaddle.
● One: if Ash has a Pokémon with Protect, the opponent will likely have a countermeasure to its constant use of it.

● Few: Pikachu being used is a good thing because he didn't win any major battles yet.

● Some: Tranquill being unused in the Gym Battle is a dubious decision, as Tranquill has the type advantage and lacked screen time. Dogasu believes that it would make sense for Satoshi to use Hatohboh (Tranquill), because he knew that Arti (Burgh) had a Hahakomori (Leavanny) from previous interactions with him.

● Some: Sewaddle/Swadloon put on a great performance in battle, not to mention it's cute. It winning two matchup helps. A few fans are amazed that Swadloon is durable and strong. Still, there are some that dislike Sewaddle/Swadloon.
● Some: Losing Bug Bite for Energy Ball/Tackle is a disappointing tradeoff. This is because now Swadloon has less to distinguish it from the rest of Ash's team.
● Few: Enjoy when Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon. Some thought that it is inappropriate that Sewaddle won after one battle without prior training, but one pointed out that Sewaddle was shown to be strong enough.

● Few: Tepig is being overused as it had been in all Gym Battles so far. One is disappointed that Tepig didn't get enough screen time.
● One: Tepig will take a temporary break from future Gym Battles.

● Some: Oshawott is likeable here, like its reaction for not being chosen for the Gym Battle. One fan thought that the way Ash rejected Oshawott was cold.
● One: Thought that it was ironic that Ash sent out Pikachu when he told Oshawott to stay out due to type disadvantage, because Electric isn't effective against Grass-type like Water.

● Few: Cilan’s food talk in the dub is annoying.

● Many: Team Rocket returning to their white uniforms is well received, especially for those who had lost hope on them returning to their old selves. Few believe that the show was not as fun without their comedy. Dogasu is relieved they returned to their original selves. Fans expect them to be comedic like their old selves in future appearances (one fan expects to see the return of the Meowth balloon), and some would like their humour mixed with their competency shown in previous episodes. Still, some thought that Team Rocket should have stayed in black, as in, stay serious. Some feared that they may become incompetent and appear pointlessly again. One jokes that Team Rocket is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in terms of personality shifts.
● Many: James finally catching a Pokémon (Yamask) in Unova is a momentous occasion. Few found the interaction between James and Yamask cute. A few felt the capture was uncreative.
● Some: Giovanni's disappearance in the postponed two-parter leads to speculation on what happened to him.
● Some: This episode's motto presentation is awesome. The animators are praised by fans.
● Few: It is suspected that Team Rocket was being serious as of late because they wanted to please Giovanni (Rocket fans explain that they had always been like that). One guessed that Giovanni was the one who ordered them to wear the black uniforms.
● Few: Team Rocket's return to white is interpreted as them returning to their old ways of failing to catch Ash's Pikachu and other Pokémon, getting blasted off regularly, and generally being useless. Some consider ceasing to watch the show if this occurs.
● Few: The Rocket Trio's absence for the sake of a bigger sideplot that will pay off later works. They shouldn't be shoehorned into every episode like seasons past.
● Few: Worry that Team Rocket's dialogue will be ravaged in the dub like in DP and hope it won't happen. To their pleasant surprise, the dub is faithful to the originals.
● Dogasu: Believes the Rocket-dan changed back to white because the writers "learned their lesson", and guessed that the change was planned from the start.

● Few: Yamask will be doomed to failure for being with Team Rocket now that they became comedic again, even if it evolves into Cofagrigus later.
● Few: Wobbuffet is hoped to come back to the team to provide more comedy relief now that Team Rocket has gone back to white.
● One: Yamask won't evolve in the same vein as Mime Jr.

● Some: Burgh is dull this time around. Still, one likes how he has more character than Lenora.
● Few: Discussion on what kind of person Burgh is based on his clothes. Suggestions include flamboyant, metrosexual and hippy.
● One: Protect (said as Mamoru in Japanese) being used a lot might have been a subtle reference to Tōru Furuya (Burgh's seiyuu)'s role as Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask) in Sailor Moon.
● One: Burgh's Dwebble having the same voice as Cilan's in the dub is a disappointment.

BW 24

(Note: An episode (now BW 37) was supposed to be aired before this one, but was skipped and aired at a later date. The resulting major tsunami from the earthquake is believed to be the cause.)

Overall: This is a superb Iris-centred episode. It is chaotic (in a good way), the characters display a lot of humour, a lot of memorable interactions are shown, and the Pokémon of the day is great.
● Some: The abundance of funny faces in this episode is a nice touch.
● Two: Points out that Attract had so far been an overused move, as if the writers love the use of this move. The response is that it helps to show any Pokémon's gender. One didn't mind Emolga with the move, as she uses it differently than Snivy. One suggests that Attract is used more because of Brock's absence and his tendency to go gaga over girls. One fan even says that Attract is the new Iron Tail. Another is amazed that Attract is a very strong and dangerous move.
● Two: It's good that more female Pokémon are being confirmed and joining the team. Hopefully even more will be added in the future.
● One: The absence of rice balls and noodles is odd. Some are quick to point out that Unova is based on America, so the food shown is Western-based.
● One: The characters in the episode are interchangeable with past characters, where Iris can be replaced with the previous main girls, and Cilan as Brock because their roles are not much different.

● Some: Oshawott is funny, especially the part where he intercepts Emolga's Attract.
● Few: Oshawott is overused by this point. Ash's less used Pokémon should get some time to in the limelight. One even thinks that Mijumaru (Oshawott) is pointless here.
● One: While Oshawott is entertaining, it's disappointing he didn't get a moment to shine in this episode.

● Most: Iris getting an episode all to herself and being productive to the plot is a welcomed treat, because the show has been lacking in them thus far. She is also entertaining here (e.g. her jungle skills). One hopes that those qualities keep up.
● Few: Positive reaction on Iris bonding with a Pokémon (Emolga). One finds it adorable.
● Few: There has been a debate on if Iris contributed to the episode and if her development in it is significant.
● One: Says that Iris having a Pokémon that can battle is important (Axew is weak and Excadrill is disobedient), responding to those who think the capture seems forced. Due to this, another fan can't wait to see her battle.
● One: Points out how Iris used to be like Bianca where she got overexcited with cute Pokémon, but not so now. He believes it's character development.

● Some: Iris's Excadrill falling for Attract is amusing and proves that it is male, though it makes one fan unable to take him seriously anymore.
● Few: Disappointed that Excadrill still didn't do much.
● One: Emolga's Attract can be used to get Excadrill to open up to Iris.

● One: Likes the relationship Iris formed with her Axew, because even though he's still young, she didn't baby him or act motherly.

● Most: Emolga is an awesome Pokémon. She is cute, strong, funny, has an entertaining personality (being selfish and manipulative), and has amusing dynamics with other Pokémon (like Axew and Snivy) and people (Bianca and Iris). It's little wonder some are grateful that Emolga is part of the main cast.
● Few: Emolga joining the group for free food is an interesting concept, and fits the character well. One fan adds that Iris' decision to capture Emolga is also fueled by her relationship with Axew.
● Few: Glad that Emolga is a much different Pokémon from Dawn's Pachirisu.
● Few: Like how Emolga kept her Japanese voice in the dub.
● Two: Like the drawing style used with Emolga's thoughts.
● One: Emolga's moveset is awful (Hidden Power and Attract), but the moves have some merits (the former is a new animation and the latter suits the character).

● Most: Bianca's return is appriciated, as she provides a dose of comic relief, like smothering Emolga (reminiscent of Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toons for one fan) and her failure to capture her. Some say she makes the group much more interesting. A few wished they saw the skipped fishing episode because of that (See: BW 037). Some thought that she is less annoying than in BW 13, although she still grates on the nerves of others.
● Two: Pity Bianca for not getting Emolga. One jokes that if she did, she will be the perfect Pokémon breeder, possessing both a male and female Pokémon with Attract.
● Two: Wish that there is an edit to show Bianca joining the group.
● One: Disappointed that Emonga (Emolga) doesn't provide much with joining the group, as he thinks that her motivation is dull.
● One: Thinks of Bianca as a fatty, because she prefers fat food.

● Few: Enjoy the battle between Minccino and Emolga. One fan wants more battles of the like.
● One: Wonders how Emolga's Attract is stronger than Minccino's.

● Some: Enjoy the Swoobat in the episode. Few are surprised to see that Swoobat has legs!
● Two: Find the Swoobat vindictive and atrocious. One hopes that they don't wind up as the standard swarm (like Beedrill) of Unova.

● One: The three Minezumi (Patrat) in the beginning look like Rocket-dan stand-ins.

Just a thought: who wants to be informed of new entries when I have one ready? If you do, drop your request in the comments below. Say, now that I think about it, the screenshots that I took look like they can make interesting comics, so if you want, you can caption them like in "Caption the Screenshot". I hope you enjoyed reading these entries as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to: CommanderPigg, Karamazov, Grave-E & Kakuna Matata

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    @Kakuna Matata I normally aim to write at least an episode a day, but if an episode is too long, I have to extend the date. If I can get more than one episode done in a day, all the better, because to me, catching up with the current episode is the priority, since I am currently 22 episodes behind.

    If there's something that gives me small doses of joy, it's when anime regulars read this work (as of typing this, I see that Gliscor'd and 2NE1 are recent visitors).

    Thanks for reading.

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    Nice read.

    One: The absence of rice balls and noodles is odd. Some are quick to point out that Unova is based on America, so the food shown is Western-based
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