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BW Fan Opinion Chronicles: BW 014 - BW 019

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by , 20th June 2011 at 04:28 PM (522 Views)
Again, we will continue exploring the fan opinions of the BW anime for any predictions, assumptions and strange ideas at that time. I have to admit that doing this is not an easy task: Not only do I compile the better ones, I have to endure the negative feedback that fans may have expressed. Still, it will be nice to hear that what I am doing is worth the effort and your time. OK, let's get on with the show!

BW 14

● Fans enjoyed Iris and Cilan's arguments in this episode where Iris believes in the paranormal while Cilan is a sceptic, as they have more focus instead of Ash. It showcases their characters a bit more. One fan views this as true interaction between characters.
● One fan liked how Ash and friends didn't merely escape from the disaster, but fight back instead.
● People are talking about the opening song of the episode, where they believe they will get a new one in the next episode.
● Some people feel that this episode could do with more action, as there is a lot of patrolling and not enough attacks.
● Overall, the episode is decent. The events that happened in the episode are found dull by a lot of fans, but the mysterious tone to them made the episode feel fresh.

● One fan wished that Ash joined in Iris and Cilan's banter.
● Another fan finds it ridiculous that Ash is destroying priceless artefacts.

● One fan finds that the scene where Iris raised her hands and looking spooky in the preview was a sign that Iris was possessed, but is disappointed that it was only her explaining something.
● One fan thought it is a shame that Iris is in the background most of the time like Brock was in the last season.
● A fan thought that Iris really has some magical ability, and if she does have that, she will be able to connect to other Pokémon besides dragons, and is guessed to be the reason she was chosen to train Axew.

● Cilan's tendency to explain away anything mystical with science received mixed reactions. Some find it funny, while others find it annoying. One fan liked how even Cilan even found his explanations ridiculous.
● Fans thought that Cilan being possessed by Yamask's mask is great. They especially like the part where masked Cilan threw fireballs at everybody.
● One fan points out another factor where Cilan is different from Brock: Cilan relies more on science, while Brock was more prone to superstition.

● Some fans are disappointed that the Rocket Trio didn't interact with Ash and friends, even more so that they weren't in the episode at all.
● Some fans thought Pierce is introduced this episode, when he made two prior appearances!

● Lenora is considered awesome by fans.
● Lenora's apron removal in the dub got mentioned. Fans argued on why this is done, mainly involving racism. Also, fans argued whether this is a paint edit or the work of the animators while they were drawing this episode for Western broadcasts, with the latter having stronger reasoning behind it.
● One fan wonders if there will be more dark-skinned major characters in the future.

● Some people find Yamask to be cute.
● One fan finds the part where Yamask attempts to pull its mask out of the glass funny. Another fan finds Yamask flying into the sky at the end of the episode funny.
● One fan is disappointed that Yamask isn't captured by the main characters, as he believes the Pokémon to have potential.
● A fan sarcastically believes that Sewaddle will be in the main cast when Yamask isn't captured because it has the "same typing and movepool"..."on the main cast".

● A fan thought it's nice to see other old Pokémon mentioned, particularly Kabutops and Dragonite. He believes that later on in the series there will be more old Pokémon referenced and appearing.  

BW 15

● The arbitrary rule of "no switching" got talked about. Some fans complain about Lenora switching Pokémon, which is seen as a cheap strategy to them. This is because a strong and important figure being able to switch makes it even harder for the trainer. It is suggested that Unova has different rules from the other regions because of her ability to switch, which is supported by a fan who points out that it's indeed one of the gym's rules. Others don't mind the switching.
● The adaptation of the game's gym puzzle in the anime received commendation by some fans, who hope that other gyms will also have their own adaptation of their puzzles.
● Dogasu is glad that the Battle Clubs have a significant purpose, which functions as a gym to train Pokémon, and Don George is the personal trainer. He hopes that the training isn't rushed next episode, although he has a feeling that it will be, due to the rematch happening in the same episode.
● Overall, the episode is decent, with the battle being the highlight.

● Some fans are glad that Ash lost the match because it provides an opportunity for him to train and develop his Pokémon, like learning new moves and techniques. Fans are relieved that he will be training, considering his loss to Trip a few episodes earlier, and feel he should be more serious about training his Pokémon. One fan notes that losing to a Gym Leader shouldn't be the deciding factor for him to train his Pokémon.
● One fan is relieved that Ash took his losses well, demonstrating character development, unlike some other anime characters who are down and mopey about their losses.
● One fan finds it interesting how Ash loses in curbstomp style in at least one gym among the first three in a region, like Roark and Brawly. One fan responded that it might mean that he will win all the others gyms in the first try.
● Some fans debate whether Ash finding the secret passage to the Gym is luck-based or him using knowledge.
● Some fans don't like how Ash was caught off guard on Mean Look.
● One fan wishes that Ash could at least knock out one of Lenora's Pokémon.
● One fan jokes that Ash owes Lenora money because he lost the match. It garnered a bit of attention, though.
● Some fans look forward to the rematch between Ash and Lenora.

● Fans liked Oshawott, as he is humorous and cute with his numerous expressions (especially his possessed look) and being forced into battle by Ash. A couple of fans don't like Oshawott this time.
● Fans think Oshawott is commendable in battle, despite his loss.
● At this point, fans think Oshawott is handled well compared to Dawn's Piplup. One fan points out that Oshawott hadn't suffer for "being a douche", and wished Ash to discipline him already.
● Oshawott is hoped to be fully-evolved in the future.

● Fans are surprised to see how fast Tepig is knocked out by his opponent. One fan joked that Tepig being easily KO’d is the reason his previous trainer abandoned him.
● The way Tepig is being handled reminds a fan of Ash's Chimchar.
● One fan points out that Tepig's depression for losing is a result of his prior abandonment, and he may be afraid of being abandoned again.
● Some fans are callous about Tepig's loss because he isn't interesting and has little personality.
● Due to Tepig's loss, some fans believe that he needs redemption in the future with his new move.

● One fan is annoyed at the possibility of Ash's egg going to Iris, as she had not interacted with it at all.

● Due to Iris' inactivity, a fan believes she desperately needs more screen time next time. Also, Axew's continuing inactivity makes a fan repulsed to see it.

● Cilan is being praised in the episode, like his fabulousness and spinning. A fan liked that he got some screentime when he talked to Lenora.

● One fan really wants more Rocket Trio screen time. Others are not complaining considering how much of a great impression they made.
● With the Rocket Trio not listed as having voicing roles in the next episode, fans believe that they won't be showing up next episode. Dogasu finds this hilarious, and wished that Rocket-dan is written out of the show instead of derailing their characters.
● One fan points out how the Rocket Trio's voice actors had been demoted to guest stars because they didn't have to voice them every episode (like in the following episode), which to him is surreal. One points out that the Rocket Trio may appear as a non-speaking role.
● The meteorite that Rocket Trio swindled got some talk.

● There is talk about Lenora not speaking English in the original. It's generally known to be done because the show is targeted to Japanese audiences for them to understand. One fan points out that constant usage of "Engrish" (broken English Japanese style) is only reserved to fabulous characters like Dento [Cilan] and Melissa [Fantina], and another added that it makes a character seem foreign. One expects her to speak Swahili.

● Fans love Lillipup because it's cute. One fan is convinced that Ash should catch a Lillipup.
● Some who like Watchog are glad to see it in action.

BW 16

● Fans generally like Don George's training session.
● Fans like that Oshawott & Tepig both learned new moves.
● One fan predicts a recurring theme where the star of the current Gym will be participating in the next one (meaning Tepig, the star, will be in the next one).
● Overall, the episode is enjoyable, due to its pacing. The training is well-executed, but the battle has mixed reactions as some felt it was rushed while others thought the timing was good.

● One fan wants Ash to use other Pokémon besides Tepig and Oshawott in the next gym battle as they will get focus, and possibly have training as well.
● The part where Ash and Tepig were synchronising while training on the treadmill is praised by a fan, who is disappointed to see that the idea of a trainer synchronising with their Pokémon is not done very often.
● One fan is bothered by the way Ash treated the new egg, in which he rarely checked on it.

● Fans are happy that Tepig is the "Most Valuable Pokémon", as he had won Ash the match.
● Tepig's ability to survive and overpower Herdier's Giga Impact is met by a bit of disbelief by some fans.
● One fan thought Tepig's "Ember Tornado" looks like a contest move.

● As Oshawott wasn’t good with Aqua Jet yet, it is hoped to master that move as soon as possible in a future episode. Dogasu hopes that it won't be like Fukumaru [Gible] controlling Meteoric Storm [Draco Meteor] as that would be replicating the DP season.
● Fans did not expect a double knockout between Oshawott and Watchog.

● Some fans enjoy Axew's antics.
● Some fans believe that Axew is the new Togepi due to playfulness for not enough usefulness, but some believe it is the new Torchic in that it is initially useless, but will mature and be more useful in the future.
● Those who are doubtful that Axew will achieve the goal of evolution gave their reason by comparing it to being a Pokémon Master or Top Coordinator, which is countered with the reason that evolution is much easier than becoming a Pokémon Master or Coordinator.

● The Rocket Trio's absence is felt by fans, especially because they appeared in hundreds of episodes in a row and did not appear in this one. Despite that, fans don't feel hindered by their absence. Dogasu believes the writers are purposefully making Rocket-dan as unlikeable as possible to make fans stop caring about them by the time they leave the show.
● One fan claims that the Rockets' absence is bad for fans, but another claims that they had their awesome moments and not shoehorning their appearances into every episode as done in the past is a good thing.
● The fact that Rocket Trio didn't appear in this episode is an indicator to a fan that they will leave after the BW saga.
● To a fan, the Rocket Trio's absence is justified because the writers needed time to include both the training sessions and the gym rematch.
● One fan wonders if Team Rocket will appear in the movies.

● Dogasu is relieved to know that Aloe is handled well, as she was not made as a racial stereotype. He hopes the dub can handle Aloe as good as the original.
● One fan finds it bizarre that the only dark-skinned characters are important ones such as gym leaders, and hopes that there will be a dark-skinned Character of the Day in the future.

● Fans are not sure whether Lillipup evolved between episodes or Herdier is a different Pokémon (The dub says yes).
● Some fans question Herdier being easily knocked out by Tepig.  

BW 17

● With six Pokémon in Ash's possession very early, one fan wonders how many Pokémon Ash will end up collecting in Unova.
● Some fans are surprised that Ash's egg didn’t hatch into a Sandile, as was speculated by some.
● Overall, the episode is enjoyable. The interaction between the Pokémon is well-received by fans, such as the kind between Scraggy and Ash's other Pokémon. Some fans even proclaim this to be the best episode in the series so far.

● Ash's Pokémon are almost unanimously praised by fans, as they each displayed memorable personality, like Pidove's delayed reaction and Oshawott's revenge. Tepig is the odd one out, especially because he didn't display his personality.
● Many fans praise the teamwork between Ash's Pokémon to help Scraggy fend off the Galvantula. The shot showing all of their faces plus Ash, Iris and Cilan's is great. A fan wishes that Iris and Cilan sent their Pokémon to join in the fun too. One fan finds it fitting that Ash was the only one of the group to use his Pokémon because it showed Scraggy that they are its teammates.

● Some fans think Pidove's personality resemble Ash's Starly/Staravia.

● Dogasu enjoys Mijumaru this time, and he believes that he is a better character than Hikari's Pochama. Generally, everyone enjoys Oshawott's humour.

● One fan finds Iris cute in her pyjamas.
● One fan pitied Iris because her Axew did more than her.
● Some fans are glad that Iris got to battle again, considering it's her second shown battle so far.
● One fan hopes to learn why Iris is well-versed in herbal medicine. A fan thought that Iris should consider becoming a breeder.
● A fan believes her to be the new Brock: "either does nothing or whips out medecine [sic]".
● One fan doesn't like Iris stopping Axew's activities, as he believes that means she would be the "spreader of boredom".

● Fans generally like Axew this time, as it is cute. To a couple of fans, Axew being happy about Iris calling it a "big brother" to the newborn Pokémon is adorable.
● Some fans like Axew's brotherly attitude and (sibling) rivalry with Scraggy.
● Fans like the battle between Axew and Scraggy. Fans hope there will be more of them, as their power level is more or less equal, giving them a chance to develop equally. One fan finds it funny that over-the-top effects are used in this battle among the baby Pokémon.
● Fans hope that the Axew & Scraggy rivalry is further built on, as it will benefit both Pokémon in terms of relationship and battling prowess in the end. Some predict that this rivalry will carry on to Ash's eighth Gym Battle assuming that Iris will be the Gym Leader. One fan hopes this rivalry won't be dropped in the future.

● Some people wonder why Cilan didn't send out his Pokémon to meet Scraggy.
● Some fans are bugged that Cilan's Pokémon are basically ignored, as they don't appear out of their Pokéballs often.

● Fans are happy that Ash got his first Dark-type (Scraggy), and are glad that Iris wasn't the one to get Scraggy, as was guessed based on the leaked sketches of BW 20.
● Fans enjoy Scraggy's addition to the team because of its funny personality and believe it will add to the entertainment value of the show greatly.
● Some fans liked how Scraggy is inexperienced in battling as soon as it hatched, unlike other Pokémon who were battle-ready, which is more realistic. One fan can relate to how hard it is to raise a newborn Pokémon, as it's hard to find anything weak enough for them to earn experience with on their own.
● Some fans speculate that Scraggy's egg being almost broken has something to do with its behaviour or will play a part in its character development.
● Some fans wish Scraggy has more and better moves considering how it showcases only two of them in this episode (Headbutt and Leer).
● One fan wonders how long it will be before Scraggy will learn a new move. The same fan thought it is cheap for the writers to not give Scraggy moves it learns before Headbutt based on the games.
● A couple of fans predict that Scraggy mastering Headbutt will eventually develop into learning Head Smash.
● Some fans see similarities between Scraggy and Ash's Treecko, who was also anti-social and hated being beaten in a fight. One fan thought that Scraggy is like Dawn's Cyndaquil, who knows how to battle after hatching.
● One fan hopes that Scraggy will show off the ability Moxie, and predicts that Scraggy will have Hi Jump Kick and Crunch/Payback.
● Due to the Scraggy egg event giving out Scraggy knowing Hi Jump Kick and Low Kick, fans predict that Scraggy will eventually learn those moves.
● One fan thought that he would have put Scraggy into a Pokéball immediately instead of waiting till the end to do it.
● Generally, fans are looking forward to Scraggy's appearances in later episodes, and one doesn't want him to be the "fall guy" of the team.

● Opinions on the Rocket scenes are mixed, with some liking them and others not caring about them.
● One fan wonders if some of the Rocket scenes were supposed to be included in the previous episode, as the previous episode didn't feature them.
● Dogasu finds the Rocket scenes jarring, as they are presented in an awkward manner, where a Rocket scene is played for a few seconds, followed by a Satoshi scene, then another Rocket scene near the end of the first half of the episode. A few other fans felt the same way.
● Some fans are thankful to see the Rocket's meteorite plot progressing and would like to see where the writers will take it.
● One fan is glad that Dr. Zager gave an explanation on the events conducted by Team Rocket in the past few episodes.
● One fan predicts that Dr. Zager will be given a German or Eastern European accent in English.
● Dogasu thinks the Rocket-dan is being vague about their plan, and one fan joked that they are actually aliens and are planning to return to their home planet.

● Some fans like the Galvantula, as they were awesome and cute, and showed off cool attacks like Electroweb and Electro Ball. One fan is afraid that Electroweb may not appear again.  

BW 18

● Fans find the animation of the scenery gorgeous.
● One fan finds the portrayal of the six Pokémon limit strange, where the extra Pokéball's button shone red to indicate that it can't be opened. One fan imagines that this method of only having six Pokémon would be a pain to do in the games.
● Some fans compare the effect of the seventh Pokéball between Kanto and now. In Kanto, Ash's Pokéball disappeared at the capture of his seventh Pokémon (Krabby). Either way, some fans like the new change. A fan reasoned that a different region has different rules.
● At this point, BW's tradition-breaking theme receives louder opinions by fans. Some like the fresh take in things, but some don't. In this episode's case, it's Ash having more than six Pokémon in the team. The controversy on the viability of Ash's growing Pokémon roster very early is quite heated that three moderators have to tone down this discussion at different times.
● Two fans think that BW saga will be Kanto or Johto all over again where most of the Pokémon have no personality and are just fighting tools, and believe the show is regressing. One of the fans complains that Ash catching a lot of Pokémon means that he will never see Ash's old Pokémon again and believes that the past 13 years of Ash's work was made futile because of this.
● Some fans find Unova Pokémon to be more violent in general than the wild Pokémon of past regions. This sentiment is strong enough to warrant the creation of a thread about the possibility of them being jerks.
● Overall, the episode is decent. While the focus on Sewaddle is cute, the plot was bland.

● Fans believe that Pidove has the greatest possibility of being the one rotated away. Some fans even called Pidove "Invisibird".
● Some fans wish that Ash sent his Pokémon to Professor Oak instead of Professor Juniper. One fan said that this is to make sure the old characters will not be forgotten. Also, some wonder what will happen to the Pokémon when Ash's Unova region journey ends.
● Despite Ash capturing six Pokémon already, some fans hope that Ash will capture more, while a few thought he has enough already.
● Some fans like the possibility of Ash rotating his team members, as that gives each Pokémon an equal chance to shine. They look forward to seeing how Ash can manage his current roster of seven Pokémon.
● With seven Pokémon in Ash's team early in the series, some fans are quite pessimistic about it, as it would mean that each of his Pokémon gets less screen time, focus and evolutions among them. One fan points out how it's already hard to balance the Pokémon's focus in previous journeys even with only six each, but will applaud the writers if they can pull it off. One fan finds it funny because many initially wanted Ash to get more than what he has, and there are still a number of unsatisfied fans about it.
● Those more optimistic about Ash having a larger quantity of Pokémon believe that introducing the Pokémon early allows for early character growth compared to the ones introduced late, and that Ash is allowed to switch his Pokémon between matches during the league later.
● A fan theorised that with Ash being the more active trainer and Iris and Cilan both playing a more supportive role, he will probably be allowed to have more Pokémon compared to when Dawn and May were around, because his co-stars had more active roles.
● One fan theorise that Ash having so many Pokémon means less screen time for Iris and Cilan later on.
● Two fans point out how Ash got a new Pokémon after he got Scraggy, implying that catching two Pokémon in two episodes in a row is an amazing occurrence.
● One fan wishes that all of Ash's Pokémon will reach their final evolutions, although a few fans won't see this happening within BW's time frame. They see the possibility of all of his Pokémon evolving once as being more realistic.
● Some fans are still holding up the possibility of Sunglasses Sandile's capture.

● Some fans find Iris to be fun in this episode, as she has a questionable sense of direction and her facial expressions are hilarious while navigating.
● Some fans are disappointed that both Iris and Cilan aren't featured much in this episode.

● Opinions are mixed about Sewaddle's capture. Some feel it will make a great addition to the team because it's awesome and cute. Others find Sewaddle to be an unnecessary addition.
● Fans didn't expect Ash to catch Sewaddle, especially because it's another Grass-type (also a non-starter one), although a handful of them are not surprised because the merchandise hinted that it would happen. Some fans expected Burgh to be the one catching it. Due to Sewaddle's uniqueness, one fan looks forward to its battle skills and character development.
● Sewaddle is a fun character, as it is generally considered awesome for being cute and showing some impressive feats, like beating Pikachu and swinging from tree to tree with String Shot like Spiderman. One fan is glad that Sewaddle isn't simply Caterpie's replacement because it can actually fight.
● The scenes where Sewaddle brings Ash an apple and comes to sleep with him and Pikachu are viewed as cute.
● One fan predicts that Sewaddle will be released in the future in the same manner as Ash's Butterfree. Another fan wants it to happen.

● To a couple of fans, the Rockets are dead because they didn't make an for a second time this season. They would rather see Team Rocket relevant to the plot than to get their partial segments every episode.
● Some viewers enjoy their absence because they liked not having to see the Rockets act as a crutch to Ash's plot every time, and will not mind their continued absence as they have a big plot coming up.
● Some fans realised how well time is spent in the episode without Rocket Trio, and time wasn't wasted by their interference in favour of the episode's events. One fan feels that the conflict in this episode is not well-executed without Team Rocket.

● Burgh is fabulous to fans, from his introduction to his mannerisms.
● Burgh is referred to as Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) by some fans, as they share some similarities.
● Fans like the disco theme played when Burgh was around. Dogasu corrected them that the music is Cheren's theme.
● One fan wishes that Burgh should be Ash's travelling partner instead of Cilan.
● Another fan points out that Burgh is what Tracey should have been.

● Dogasu finds it funny that the Koromori [Woobat] here do as much in the episode as Musashi's Koromori did in all its appearances so far combined.

BW 19

● Some fans like the sparkles that appear from both Cilan and Burgundy.
● One fan finds it strange that Pokémon are allowed in the mall, and he guessed they are "house-trained". One fan believes that because Pokémon are treated like humans companions, it's not strange.
● At this point, a fan wonders whether the dub will change the title of "Sommelier", as it connotes alcoholic reference. Some don't think it will change. Some guesses for changes include "Waiter", "Critic", "Reviewer", "Steward" and "Connoisseur" (Grave-E). "Cabernet" (Burgundy's original name), a type of grape used for wine got the same guess. The discussion expands to wine usage/references in the Pokémon anime, such as Giovanni drinking it on several occasions.
● One fan points out that they fans do the same as Pokémon Connoisseurs: check the compatibility between trainers and Pokémon.
● Overall, the episode is great, because it introduces Burgundy, has Cilan getting more focus, and is overall humorous.

● All of Ash's Pokémon are praised because they showed personality, are fun to watch, and they all attacked Burgundy.
● One fan thought Ash did nothing in the episode. Another fan opposed by saying that he was the reason Cilan and Burgundy crossed paths again, which is something.

● One fan loves seeing Iris being playful in the beginning.
● Some fans wished Iris was more useful in episodes, and hope that Iris will be treated better in her own episode.
● One fan likes to see Iris refusing the Dragon Gem, because in his/her interpretation, Iris didn't want to use it as a shortcut to improve her Axew's strength and wished to train the natural way.
● Some fans find the jewelry scene pointless.
● One fan still hates Iris, and blames Iris for the uninteresting battle.

● Because the episode is focused on Cilan, the fans are happy about his fabulousness, especially the girls. Fans are glad to see Cilan's personality here as well, like his cunningness. Even those who may not like him prior to this episode find him entertaining.
● Fans like Cilan's confidence concerning Burgundy's risky bet about Ash replacing all his Pokémon.
● Cilan's evil expressions are widely praised by fans. They even compared them to Light Yagami, a villain protagonist, because not only do they share similar expressions, but the same voice actor in the original versions of the shows, Mamoru Miyano. One even compares his Pansage to Ryuuk! One fan hopes to see Cilan making more evil faces in the future.
● His devious expressions give fans the impression that he has a dark side. Some fans believe that Cilan is secretly evil, which led to the creation of the "Dento is evil and will destroy us all" social group.
● Some fans are happy that Cilan went in-depth about being a Pokémon Connoisseur, and thought it's an interesting profession.
● Fans believe that Cilan wants to be an S-class Connoiseur. One fan joked that he will never achieve that goal.
● Fans praise Cilan's great battling skills, where he cleverly used Pokémon who are normally at a type disadvantage against Burgundy's Pokémon, as it is proof that Gym Leaders do not lose their credentials overtime and the fact that compatibility is more than type advantages. There are fans who are disappointed about this because the strategy of using Protect and Dig is cheap, which to them is considered "cheating".
● Some fans are not satisfied with Cilan's dominance in battle against Burgundy, because that would make his character to be too perfect. One thought that Burgundy deserves that one-sidedness.
● Some fans felt the battle could have been longer.

● As Team Rocket is still absent, some found the show more enjoyable without them always irrelevantly messing with Ash and friends. Some still miss them.

● Some fans point out Chili's third known loss so far. They believe that he got the short end of the stick and can't catch a break.

● Fans greatly praise Burgundy because she is a great character, as she was funny, eccentric and insane.
● Burgundy reminds fans of Ursula or Harley, but some fans hope that Burgundy will not be treated like Ursula.
● Fans like Burgundy's reaction to Ash's Pokémon attacking her.
● Due to Burgundy smelling and attempting to lick Snivy, fans wonder if Pokémon Connoisseurs do that regularly. Reading this makes it sound like Cilan's Japanese catchphrase "It's Tasting Time!" could actually be taken literally.
● Since Burgundy looked younger in a flashback, a fan wondered how much time had passed since meeting Cilan for the first time. A fan interprets this as a depiction of when she was more innocent.
● One fan wonders which is more evil: Burgundy's portrayal of Cilan or her in real life. The former is picked.
● A fan believes that Burgundy brings life to Cilan's character.
● Fans see Burgundy as Cilan's rival.
● Fans hope that Burgundy will be a worthy adversary to Cilan and will defeat him one day.
● Fans hope or believe that Burgundy will appear again in a future episode. However, over in the shipping department, a fan worries that she might be overhyped and just be a Character of the Day.
● Due to Burgundy getting a Tri Badge, some fans wonder whether Burgundy will be a League participant.
● One fan believes that Burgundy should be treated better than how she was in this episode.
● One fan hopes that Burgundy and Bianca meet at one point.
● Dogasu likes how Cabernet speaks random French. Other fans like it too.

● A fan winces when Pansage used Bullet Seed on Sawsbuck's rear.
● Burgundy's Sawsbuck's unknown ability is being talked about. Due to taking damage from Pansage's attacks, Chlorophyll is the educated guess.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to: Iteru, CommanderPigg, Dento & Kakuna Matata
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    So much time has passed, and Burgundy is still popular.
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    Likely because she recently debuted in the dub. Oh, and she'll appear again in the Don George eps.
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    This is definitely worth of my time, seriously, great job! I will keep reading these as long as you keep making them! Keep it up! There is one problem though. How are you going to be the taking fan opinions of the dub when the episode 21-25 still have to air? Or are you going to wait until the episodes air?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsutarja
    This is definitely worth of my time, seriously, great job! I will keep reading these as long as you keep making them! Keep it up! There is one problem though. How are you going to be the taking fan opinions of the dub when the episode 21-25 still have to air? Or are you going to wait until the episodes air?
    I will add the dub points if the list after a week had passed since the episode aired, so I actually will be adding those points even after I published. However, I will be skipping to the next part because I want to publish the next of the series where all episodes have dub points included. Meaning, the part that starts with BW 20 will be skipped in favour for the ones where the Japanese episodes will not be dubbed soon. I will work on the list, but I will not be publishing it so soon. So you can say the next part will appear later. Three entries is already good enough for now especially because they are published in a short time, don't you think?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Oh okay, thanks for the heads up! ^^


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