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BW Fan Opinion Chronicles: BW 008 - BW 013

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Alright, here's the next part of this series of articles, where there might be correct predictions, assumptions and strange ideas about the anime. Let's get on with the show!

BW 8

● The episode is perceived as filler, but Team Rocket's activities didn't make it a complete filler, as a lot had been going on with them.
● The heat-and-cool process had been done before a few times, but fans agreed that it's is great to see all Pokémon receive balanced screen time (Though Oshawott got a bit more, it didn’t matter).
● Group dynamics in Ash's group became entertaining this time, as they have some funny scenes, like Iris and Cilan competing for Ash to eat their food.
● The scenery and animation is universally agreed to be wonderful in the episode. Even Dogasu thinks so, stating that it has a movie quality to it.
● Overall, reception to this episode is mixed, but mainly enjoyable. The reasons for enjoyment include: all Pokémon get to do something, Darmanitan's plot and Team Rocket's scenes. There are some who didn't enjoy it, because of the reused plot.

● Ash's obsession for food is the best part of the episode for some.
● One person thought that Ash should have caught a Darumaka instead of Tepig.

● Pikachu being misblamed was thought as nostalgic by someone.

● Oshawott getting KO'd by two Darumaka's Flamethrowers is questionable to some fans.

● A lot of people seemed excited that Pidove was going to do something (chasing Darumaka in the streets) from the preview, as coming off of BW7 it seemed as if she would start to be used.

● To a few, Cilan's paella dish looks delicious.

● Most fans agreed that Team Rocket is impressive in this episode. One liked how "intriguing, unpredictable and finally interesting" they are.
● Some observed that Team Rocket has many contacts around Unova. One speculates this as Giovanni being serious about the mission, and another wonders how deeply involved Team Rocket is in Unova.
● Team Rocket's scenes looked like a spy move to someone. The response to this is that Team Rocket looked like they will start an all-out war with Team Plasma. Also, Team Rocket's secrecy made some curious about their grand scheme.
● Fans are wondering what the symbol in Jessie's coffee means. It could be a bridge or a gate, or it could be a word, or (according to a fan) Ghetsis' symbol. Bridge is more likely.
● Someone thinks that the dub of BW will turn them into jerks.
● At this point, some still don't like the new Team Rocket.
● Dogasu rambled on how Rocket-dan was not impressive to him. There's even an argument on this with Hellion.

● Some fans who loved Darmanitan but found the episode less spectacular believed that that Pokémon deserves a better episode focusing on the Pokémon.
● One wonders how long Zen Darmanitan held up that bell, which looked like a long time.
● One is surprised at how Zen Darmanitan is showed very early in the anime.
● One likes how Zen Darmanitan is integral to the episode's plot rather than being tacked on.
● One person loves Darumaka and Darmanitan because of this episode.
● Somebody is inspired to name Darmanitan "Quasimodo".

BW 9

● Some fans wonder if the land mass that Unova is part of will be important and can be taken seriously for future plot references.
● Fans are pleased with the interaction between Ash and his new traveling partners and look forward to the future adventures of the group.
● Overall, the episode was good, mainly because of Iris getting character development. Some loved the comedic tone of the saga so far.

● Some wish Ash got an Excadrill instead. Note that one of them believes that Ash will have less than six Pokémon in Unova in the same vein as earlier regions.
● Some feel that if Ash caught all the starters like he did in Kanto and Johto, it would ruin the flexibility of his team.
● This episode seems to be continuing the trend of Ash being viewed as a masochist by some fans because of his battle with Pikachu. A lot found it funny, but a few didn't like it. It inspired the creation of this thread: (

● Some comments on how Pikachu became fatter with a few jokes about it, perhaps a call back to the early years where he was drawn chubbier.

● There is some disappointment in regards to Snivy this episode, first for not using Attract, another for losing to Scolipede and (one stated that) Snivy didn't have matched (Japanese) voice acting in the situation.

● There are mixed opinions on Oshawott's absence. Some missed the little Sea Otter. Others felt that a break was necessary, fearing that too much of him would turn him into the next Piplup.

● Fans are glad that Iris received some character development with a backstory and a clear goal in mind.
● It is revealed that Iris is not a Gym Leader. Some speculated at this point that Iris plans to become a Gym Leader.
● Iris turns out to be all bark and no bite, where her Pokémon are not that capable in battling. Some liked how Iris got what she deserved for calling Ash a kid. It is also hoped that Iris doesn’t continue the teasing because of the hypocrisy.
● Fans hope to see how Iris will develop as a character throughout the course of the series.
● There was a debate on the strengths and weaknesses (in terms of battling) of previous female companions compared to Iris. This is because some fans complained about Iris being flawed.

● Axew is redeemed in many fans' eyes for the backstory, focus, and trouble mastering Dragon Rage in this episode.
● The battle in the beginning is amusing to some, with Axew taking a huge hit from relatively weak attacks by Pansage.
● Fans see the potential of Axew's Dragon Rage, and Axew's road to mastering it.
● Someone is convinced that Axew will really evolve by the end of the saga, and become a contender. One thought that Axew will be like Grotle and Monferno, evolving to the next stage relatively late in the saga.
● Some fans thought Axew is a Gible "expy" because it is having trouble mastering Dragon Rage, similar to how Gible had trouble mastering Draco Meteor.
● Kibago being the weakest Pokémon so far reminds Dogasu (and Kasumi) of Paras.

● Excadrill is amazing in its debut. It showed some stunning actions, especially knocking out Scolipede.
● Iris' Excadrill is described to be similar to Charizard, who is essentially disobedient and didn't care for its trainer due to pride.
● One fan hopes Excadrill keeps disobeying Iris only because the disobedience will prevent further "kid" teasing.
● Excadrill is predicted to be a loner by someone and won't star much in the future.
● Some fans want to see more Excadrill action in the future, as well as character development.

● Cilan battling is a nice sight to fans, as they can see his battle skills. One fan points out that it is nice to see Iris and Cilan battling, because as was pointed out, Cilan is being a gentleman about it.

● Team Rocket is becoming further removed from the adventures of Ash and Co. This is the third episode where the two parties do not interact. Some find this change refreshing from previous seasons, and others feel that it is a major downgrade for the team. One fan argues that you could edit out all of the Rocket Trio's scenes and it would not affect the plot at all.
● The plot buildup among Team Rocket becomes more interesting, as it is an indication that it will eventually build up to a Rocket episode with a "kickass" conclusion.
● Some people thought the associate reminded them of Tobias. One fan thinks he’s cute.
● Some fans lament the loss of the more comedic Rocket Trio of days past. They felt that their serious side is already stale by this episode. On the other hand, by them having a more serious tone, Giovanni and Team Rocket as a whole have become more involved with the series again. Perhaps they will become even more prevalent than they were in Kanto, with Giovanni being bumped up to a major antagonist later on in the BW saga.
● The lack of Rocket Trio's interference got a "what if" comment by a fan, where he believes that they will probably interfere with Scolipede, causing Ash and friends to team up with it to take Team Rocket down.
● Someone is impatient about James still not having Pokémon.
● Dogasu bemoaned on how the Rocket-dan has very few lines in the episode. He also feels like this is the last region with Team Rocket in it. By TR being serious and more involved, he feels that the writers are trying to wrap up their story arc and possibly introduce new comedic villains in Gen VI.

● Scolipede's rampage was cool but threatening.
● Some thought Scolipede was somewhat funny, especially as it is knocked out into the horizon or being a horse.

BW 10

● Some fans realise that stock footage is being used a lot for attacks, and they complain about it.
● Many 1HKOs on Ash's Pokémon made the battles feel cheap and lazy.
● Some fans are looking forward to a new rival, preferably a friendly one, or a female one. Bianca and Cheren are some of the possibilities.
● Some fans take interest in the possibility of a rival group rather than a lone rival.
● Overall, reactions to the episode are mixed. Some like the battle that takes place. Generally, some parts are good, and some aren't. The battle contains both: good because of Pikachu and Snivy, bad because all the other Pokémon were soundly knocked out. Trip's portrayal also got mixed reactions.

● Some fans thought that Ash could have made the battle go in his favour by performing certain choices instead of the ones he made. ("If only" scenario)
● Ash and Pikachu's power down and less skill level is still a hot topic.
● Fans didn't like Ash losing to Trip again. Some fans reasoned this is due to Ash's Pokémon being inexperienced at this point.
● Some people wished Ash mentioned his past experiences to impress a few characters.
● One fan feared the possibility of Ash only getting to defeat Trip near the end of the series like Paul. Trip's status as a rookie made one fan’s desire for Ash to show his true power all the more great.
● One fan believes that Ash's rivals shouldn't be beginning trainers, because that would result in less complaining.
● Certain fans are more optimistic about the loss. One fan thought that Ash's loss means that Ash will train his Pokémon more. Tepig and Pidove in particular would probably need more focus. Some looked at the bigger picture and rather have Ash defeat Trip now rather than a future episode, because as part of character development, defeating Trip in the future will feel more rewarding.

● Some felt that Pikachu really needed to give up Volt Tackle for another move, as that move did more harm than good.
● Fans think that Pikachu vs Tranquill is an awesome battle.
● One fan thought that the way the battles are played, Pikachu will develop a rivalry with Trip's Servine.

● Snivy vs Servine is one notable battle to fans due to the use of Attract, and to some it's humorous, one of the reasons being Servine being whipped while having hearts in eyes.

● Some fans believe that Tepig will evolve early and/or learn a new attack to make up for the lack of attacks in this episode.

● Iris becoming enraged at Ash because he is a newbie is funny to some.
● One fan found it funny that Iris called Trip a kid.
● One felt that Iris isn't in the position to lecture any trainer as she's not a good trainer herself.

● Trip didn't interest fans, in both his character and his rivalry between Ash. Some fans even found him annoying, because he's unjustifiably strong. Some just didn't like Trip because they think he's just not cool. Although some liked Trip for his looks, his attitude isn't seen as notable or special yet.
● Trip's team had been interesting so far. One of the reasons being Frillish (some think Frillish is interesting). One fan looked forward to see how Ash will defeat Frillish in the future.
● Fans pointed out how Trip's team felt very strong for a beginner and had beaten Ash without all of his Pokémon. This bothers them because Trip is a beginner while Ash is a veteran trainer.
● Trip's smugness is considered annoying to a fan.
● Some fans felt that Trip will be the victor before the battle had started or ended.
● Some fans hope that Ash will defeat Trip (and one would be satisfied with a tie).
● One fan found it funny if Trip would throw a tantrum if he loses in the future.
● Some fans liked Trip. One looked forward to the day when Trip is impressed with Ash.
● Some people are OK with Trip defeating Ash because he might be constantly training his Pokémon.
● One fan believed that with his trusty camera, Trip is very observant about the moves a Pokémon used.
● One fan felt that Trip could be a mentor-type rival.
● Trip's catchphrase is believed to be "It's basic" to a fan, considering how he repeated that line a few times.
● Fans looked forward to how much more likeable and threatening Trip can be in the future.
● Some fans are optimistic about the potential of this rivalry, and will look forward to see how the rivalry unfolds.
● Some fans are comparing Trip to Paul in the episode, and are debating on whether Trip is his own character or a Paul-clone. According to a fan, "American face + Shinji - Personality = Shooti".
● Some fans still believe that Paul is the more interesting rival up to this point.
● Some fans look forward to some more differentiating factors between Trip and Paul, but few fans believed Trip is doomed to be a Paul clone.

● Fans think Super Luck is the equivalent of 1HKOs, considering how Tranquill trumped two of Ash's Pokémon in one hit each.
● As male Unfezant are poorer flyers, one fan wondered if this will be an important drawback later on.
● Frillish's Water Pulse looked deadly to a couple of fans.
● Frillish's constant use of Protect is considered a cheap strategy.
● One fan thought it is creepy when Trip told Frillish to use Hex.

● Some people liked the Rockets segment more than Ash vs. Trip segment.
● Rocket Trio's separation from Ash’s group feels like there are two different shows going on to some, and they didn't like that segregation. Dogasu thinks so too.
● However, the Rocket Trio's escape scene is epic, especially the 360 shot. One fan is convinced that an action movie can be made out of it and sell well.
● Pierce is found to be awesome by a fan. The fan hopes to see more of Pierce in the future.
● One fan would love to see where the Rockets' plot is going to end up. Another thinks that their own plot better have an awesome buildup.
● One fan speculates that Genesect is the main plot the Rockets are investigating.

● Don George having identical relatives all over Unova's Battle Clubs is funny to some, because it is similar to the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny families.

BW 11

● Some fans believes this episode would be a filler before it aired, where the group helps a Pokémon in need and move along. One fan commented how BW is usually making every episode non-filler so far.
● An episode focusing more on Iris and Cilan is refreshing to some.
● Fans don't mind Iris and Cilan catching less Pokémon as long as their personality and character are more fleshed out.
● A fan thought that Iris and Cilan are two halves of Brock.
● There is talk about how being hit by a rock could cause a fever (in Pansage’s case).
● There are enjoyable interactions, like between Iris and Cilan, especially one concerning helping Cilan's Pansage, as well as the interaction between Cilan and Dwebble.
● Overall, it's an enjoyable episode, especially because Cilan was the main focus and the Rocket Trio has awesome footage in their mission.

● Ash is perceived as a "moron" because he didn't help out the Dwebble battles.
● Some fans found it strange that Ash didn't start training after previous episode's loss. One speculated that it will take another loss to put Ash in the mood.

● Iris is found out to have some medical skills, giving her importance to be in the group. With Iris having skills of her own, the Ash's latest travelling group felt like a family to one. This caused some people to think of her as Brock, who has those skills too.
● A fan can see Iris getting a full team by the end of the series, which includes some unrevealed Pokémon she had.

● Fans liked that Cilan got some spotlight in this episode, with both screen time and a capture. However, one felt that as a Cilan episode, it is disappointing because the focus isn't on Cilan most of the time.
● The bonding moment between Cilan and Dwebble is enjoyable. One hopes that Cilan's fabulousness will influence Dwebble as well.
● One fan commented how it's refreshing to see Cilan prepare different meals compared to Brock who cooked stew most of the time. In this episode, he prepared potato salad.
● Some fans commented that Cilan isn't a Grass-type collector when Dwebble is captured.
● Cilan wasn't wearing his traditional garb at night at one point. A fan didn't approve of that. One fan thought of the possibility of Cilan being shirtless, but ruled it out.
● One fan hopes that Cilan goes beyond 3 Pokémon, unlike Brock last season. However, another believes that Cilan should at least develop his Pokémon more even when he didn't catch many.

● Fans didn't expect Dwebble's capture. Of course, there are others who expected the capture. Nevertheless, the capture is generally well-received.
● Dwebble shows some personality and skills that make it interesting. Comments include "badass" and "cute". It showed 5 moves in the same episode even, causing some fans to question such a possibility. A fan hopes that Dwebble will be extra caring for the group.
● Cilan catching Dwebble while saying his "catch"-phrase ("Getto da good taste") is a favourite to a couple of fans. There is even a joke where Cilan will cook his Pokémon.
● Dwebble's dark colouring compared to the game sprite caused a fan to wonder if all the Dwebbles in the episode are shinies. However, it is easily debunked because the anime sometimes colour Pokémon differently, like Toxicroak.
● Shell Smash's animation is amazing to some fans.
● More Dwebble action is expected by fans in future appearances. However, one fan wondered whether Dwebble will appear more often after its capture.

● The Rocket Trio's handling of their action-packed mission receive praise by a good amount of fans.
● Some fans wished Team Rocket was still comedic in addition to being competent as they are shown in this episode.
● While Team Rocket didn't show any signs of significance, some fans are holding out hope that the conclusion of all their actions will make those scenes feel important.
● A fan is fed up about Rocket Trio not doing much in the episode, and wishes that they didn't appear "unnecessarily" in future episodes. While there are arguments on how subjective "unnecessarily" is, that fan is still steadfast that their appearance so far for 5 episodes in a row is pointless.
● Cilan getting a Pokémon made somebody want the writers to give James a Pokémon already.
● Dogasu wondered why Sakaki didn't send Flint (Pierce) to get the data himself, and needed Rocket-dan to get it. He believes that Flint has the skills to do it, and didn't need Rocket-dan to perform it for him.

BW 12

● Some fans do not like the direction BW presented so far, with a tiny amount of character development, near filler-based plots and Team Rocket's lack of activity so far.
● Discussion about what is filler is brought up, and there is quite some tension over it. There is also some discussion whether filler is bad. The definition of filler, for most, is the same as a standalone episode where nothing in the episode will be picked up at a later time. So anything important like captures, evolutions and episode arcs make an episode non-filler.
● There is debate whether other events besides Ash obtaining the egg is relevant to the plot. A lot felt the episode is reminiscent of a filler because of its plot that followed a formula for most of the show's filler, and disliked the direction of having a couple of important plot points tacked onto an episode that is otherwise deemed as filler. A fan believes that the episode’s events build up to the important part, making them important in a way.
● There is a debate on the moral of the episode. The two sides of the argument can be boiled down to siding with the teacher and siding with the kids. For those who side with the teacher, the main reason is that she only wished for the safety and care of her students, and thus did not allow Trubbish to be in the kindergarten as it was seen as a health hazard. Giving into the children is basically spoiling them if they are taught that they can whine and get what they want. Those who side with the kids feel that the teacher’s reasoning for the prohibition isn’t justified.
● Overall, the episode is lukewarm. The characters are hard to symphatise with and the plot is relatively uninteresting. On the other hand, Trubbish being portrayed in a positive light is a good thing about the episode, as with some of the humour.

● Fans enjoy Ash's character in this episode, as he is in a responsible mood where he get both the teacher and the kindergarteners to agree on each other. In fact, fans thought that the interaction between Ash and the kids are cute.
● Some didn't like Ash for saying that he would talk some sense into the children, and then doing a complete 180 and betraying the childminder.
● One fan still believes that Ash will not be capturing anymore Pokémon after acquiring the egg.

● Fans complain that Iris is useless again. One fan even wished malice to Iris to the extent he doesn't want her achieve her goals!
● Iris avoiding the mud balls made Dogasu laugh (along with other fans), as he believes that in the future there will be physical abuse will happen to Satoshi and Dento, with Iris coming out unscathed. Someone supports this kind of abuse!
● One fan feels that Iris should be the one interacting with the kids to give her more importance.

● Some believed the egg will be another Sandile when it hatches. Some fans don't think this is true.
● Some people speculated the egg to contain Scraggy, judging from the egg's colour scheme and a leaked sketch of a future episode.
● In Scraggy’s case, some fans speculate that Iris will be its owner, like how Misty got Togepi (Ash found the egg but Togepi chose Misty to be its trainer). Some fans don't share that sentiment or don't want that to happen.
● Some fans feel that giving Iris ownership of the Pokémon in the Egg will provide her some significance.

● With Rocket Trio having little activity again, fans are beginning to get bored with them. One fan hopes that there will be a Team Rocket-based episode soon. One fan is being optimistic and states that the plot is at least moving.
● A fan theorised that Rocket Trio is used as expendables by the real higher-ups, and tricked into thinking they are important, but they are actually made to be used as a diversionary tactic from the real plan. With that, another fan thinks that they might get a wake-up call when Team Plasma appears. Another fan wants this setup to be in such a way where they found out they are being taken advantage of and team up with Ash and friends, and then they revert back to their comedic selves, so that they have proper closure at the end of the series.

● Sunglasses Sandile appears again. Some fans believe that this Sandile will be a member of Ash's team in the future.
● On the other hand, one didn't want this Sandile to be a member because he believes that there are better and more interesting Pokémon for Ash instead of it. Also, some thought Sandile appearing without being captured makes the reappearance pointless. With that in mind, examples of other reappearing but uncaptured Pokémon are brought up.
● Sandile's appearance without explanation irks a fan. One mused that Sandile believed Ash stole something from it, so it went after Ash. Some thought Sandile is after the egg Ash got from the Daycare Lady.
● Fans wonder why Sandile is being hostile, and are not happy with Sandile's character alteration. Some believed there wasn't really any character change, but more of behaviour.
● Sandile seems to have some vendetta against Pikachu. Fans are confused about this as much as the other characters in the show. One believes that this Sandile 1) is trying to steal Pikachu, 2) is jealous of Pikachu, 3) wants revenge or 4) wants to be captured.
● One fan thought if Sandile becomes a recurring character, it could team up with some other troublemaker Pokémon to torment Ash and friends.
● One fan thought Sandile is treated horribly in the episode, as others ganged up on it after it launched a single (potentially dangerous) attack.
● With Sandile blasting off with a twinkle, it is hailed as the new "Rocket Trio". It's to be believed that Sandile will be blasted off again in its (assured) reappearances like old Rocket Trio. Some fans complained that this running gag can only be performed by the original Rocket Trio.

● One fan thought that Trubbish's influence might kill the kindergarteners because of the "carcinogenic breath". However, in another comment, the same fan found the resolution of Trubbish' smell, which is stated by the teacher to train it to not breath out stench, which is a good enough reason for him.

● A fan finds the kids' plot boring, as it's another plot about misunderstanding things only to be understood later on.
● Dogasu comments on how the kindergarteners are superhuman, where they made a fort out of heavy furniture, as well as creating a pulley system. One added that the kids outran two adults with their tricycles! One reasoned that Pokémon kids are more intelligent on average.

● The Deerling still being in spring form makes a fan wonder when will there be other forms and hope that it won't be like Burmy where only one form (Leaf Cloak) is seen.  

BW 13

● Attract (move) is being talked about, like how the move isn't used all the time and how it's only used for comedy relief.
● Overall, the episode is great. It is comedic, better than last episode and Bianca is a great addition to the show.

● Some fans found Ash getting the hurt in this episode funny.
● One fan hopes that Ash will get his three "starters" fully evolved in the future.

● Fans are pleased that Pikachu got a victory. With that, one fan hope that Pikachu won't lose in the next gym battle assuming Pikachu is used.
● However, to some, the battle between Pikachu and Pignite is lacklustre.
● Some fans found it irritating that the writers seem to want to "overuse" Pikachu, as in previous seasons.

● Some fans find the part where Snivy fell for Minccino's Attract great and funny.

● Some people thought that Oshawott is disappointing and really needs to accomplish something.
● Some fans like Oshawott's shell-saber.
● One fan wondered how will Oshawott react when he lost his all-purpose shell.

● Some fans thought that Tepig should make an appearance here, with Bianca's Pignite being in this episode as well.

● Ash's egg got a cold shoulder from some fans, due to being shown in only one scene. Some fans are eager to see the egg hatch soon.

● Fan are still impatient about Iris doing something important. One fan prefers to show indifference to her.
● One fan thought that Iris is getting less and less focus as the series goes on.
● One fan proposed that a new running gag is that Ash and Cilan will receive abuse while Iris is unharmed. In this episode, a fan joked that Bianca knocked Ash and Cilan in the water to have some "alone time with Iris".

● Cilan's being shirtless pleases fans, especially female ones. One fan is perturbed by this.
● Cilan is speculated to be a character that pleases girls (bishōnen) to attract more girls to the show, which is a change to May and Dawn, who are boy-pleasers (bishoujo).
● Cilan’s actions are funny this time, like his reaction to his spoon being dirtied by Bianca.
● Cilan praised Bianca and Minccino's compatibility. Some fans thought at first it means they are compatible in marriage, but it is later discovered that it is only a metaphor.

● At this point, one speculated that Trip is the equivalent of Cheren.
● One fan hopes that Trip has enough differentiation from Paul in regards to Bianca having differentiation over Barry.

● Team Rocket's segment isn't exciting to fans this time.
● Rocket Trio's gadget reminds fans of an iPad, which got some excitement from them.

● Fans love Bianca, and find her entertaining, adorable and funny. She has great interactions with the cast. Some found Bianca's behaviour to be over-the-top.
● Fans compare Bianca to Barry due to their similarities, with the only notable differences being their genders and Bianca being messier. One fan wondered which of the two the more hyperactive one is. Some prefer Bianca over Barry. Because of similarities, fans hope Bianca will develop into her own character in time, although a Barry fan showed there are in fact differences between them already.
● Dogasu believes that Bel is a way for writers to make up for the fact that Jun was introduced very late in the DP series.
● Bianca's yellow hair led people to believe that she follows the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Despite this, this isn't a known stereotype in Japan, making it unlikely.
● One fan didn't like how Bianca got Minccino when Ash did most of the work.
● Fans believe that Bianca will become Ash's rival, making her Ash's first female rival. As Bianca collects badges, fans are glad that she is doing gyms too, and will likely be a League contestant. One fan doesn’t like how Ash's first female rival isn't the main rival.
● Some fans found Bianca to be a better rival than Trip so far.
● Fans hope that Bianca will have more future appearances.
● Some fans hope that Bianca beats Ash in a battle someday, unlike Barry and Ursula who have virtually no victories over Ash and Dawn respectively.

● Some fans liked Bianca's Pignite.
● Fans wonder if the this Pignite is the same Tepig in the lab from the first episode.
● One fan loved how Pignite mimicked Bianca's frustration.
● Fans found Pignite's Heat Crash to be hilarious or unlikeable. The method of execution was unexpected.

● Minccino is funny and cute by fans, but one fan thinks Minccino is annoying.
● Fans love Minccino's moves, like Tickle, Attract and Hyper Voice. Attract is a surprise considering it's the first male Pokémon to use it so far.
● Fans like how Minccino was caught because of his own behaviour. One fan was reminded of the way Misty acquired Psyduck.
● One fan hopes that Minccino will counterbalance Bianca's messiness.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to: Dento, CommanderPigg, Iteru & Kakuna Matata

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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Enjoyable article as always, great job! It's funny how some peoples' opinions have/haven't changed since then and I believe I was the one of the first who said Iris and Cilan feel like Brock split in half as seen by their special skills. It's a nice way to balance the two of Ash's comrades.
  2. Buzz's Avatar
    I didn't know that you were writing these! I'm going to read them from now on. They're a good recap since I haven't been watching the anime lately. Very insightful. Excellent job!
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Our opinions based on episodes 1-7 are wildly different from what we have now. The first 7 episodes had a more positive outlook, while these episodes have people being more analytical and slightly negative.
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    ^ Many people were intoxicated on that new region scent.
    ● Cilan's being shirtless pleases fans, especially female ones. One fan is perturbed by this.
  5. winstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz
    I didn't know that you were writing these! I'm going to read them from now on. They're a good recap since I haven't been watching the anime lately. Very insightful. Excellent job!
    Thanks! It means that I had achieved one of the purposes of these series of articles: to give newer fans or non-anime ones insight on what the anime fans are thinking of when the episode aired. The other purpose is to give older fans some memories about the thread. Another purpose is to have people compare their opinions on certain subjects like the characters and Pokemon.

    Thanks for reading.
  6. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    I remember BW010 to be my "turning point" when it came to Shooti...before, I was extremely disappointed in his character, and after the subs came out, my views of him completely changed to "acceptance." I'm kinda sad that the wishes I had for him back then are still the same as they are right now...since the anime hasn't really done TOO much to change him since :/

    Ah well.

    And this is the point where people realized that *gasp* there could be fillers in this "fast paced" region. Surprise, surprise :P I honestly liked was one of my favorites to be honest. *unpopular opinion*

    Nice job again!


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