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BW Fan Opinion Chronicles: BW 001 - BW 007

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by , 12th June 2011 at 02:54 AM (552 Views)
At last, I got this list done for the first seven episodes of the BW season! And now witness what fans thought of when the following episodes are aired, to get a bit of history on ideas fans had and be surprised with correct predictions, assumptions and strange ideas!

BW 1 & BW 2

● The BW season was felt to have an unpredictable vibe, with things happening just because it can happen, as in the "get up and go" style.
● Music were great.
● It helps that the non-stop action has already started from day 1.
● "Who's that Pokémon" is a surprising addition in the dub, and nostalgia was felt among the fans.
● Overall, fans got excited about the "fresh start" of the anime, believing that the season is going to be the best yet.

● The fact that Ash’s age was confirmed to still be 10 in the anime caused a lot of fan outcry. Some saw it as "proof" that his character was reset while others were just mad that seemingly, no time has passed at all since the beginning of his journey and they'd rather have his age ambiguous. Others simply did not care and believed that it was just the nature of television shows to do that.
● Ash's lack of common sense was irritable to some fans, with his excitement in catching Pokémon he sees. Some reasoned this as Ash being overwhelmed with excitement that he forgotten important details. Note that he pointed out not to throw Pokeballs to non-weakened Pokémon to May and Dawn last time.

● Pikachu's power reset was irritating to some fans, considering the reason Pikachu got disabled (Zekrom's interference). Having a hard time against Jessie's Woobat was one of the complaints, although some knew it was justified thanks to battling with Pidove earlier.
● Disappointment about Pikachu losing to Snivy was pretty heavy, especially coming off of defeating Tobias' Latios in the Sinnoh league. There were some who thought that the lost was somewhat justifiable because of Pikachu's disability due to Zekrom
● Iron Tail's new animation was an improvement.

● Iris' jungle girl motif was a new thing, with a tendency to do naturely stuff, like eating apples from trees and sleeping on a tree.
● Iris has some personality quirks that don’t remind people of previous female protagonists, like commenting that Ash is a kid.
● Iris has some humour that fans also enjoyed, like Ash throwing a ball on Iris' head thinking it's a Pokémon and Pikachu shocking Iris who was smothering him.
● Since they first met, Ash and Iris already seemed like they are already travel partners when they travelled together, and some think both of them are cute together, meaning shippers were proud.
● Even Axew was considered cute, like aforementioned tree-sleeping.

● Trip's use of camera was something new. Some think it's just an accessory, and some believed that it will add to his character.
● Trip gave people the impression that he was very arrogant and a jerk. Some do understand that he's just annoyed with Ash's exuberance.
● Fans compared Trip to Gary due to the way he acted, especially the arrogance. However, there were still some who compared him to Paul (and possibly Drew).
● Some like Trip's relaxed nature.
● Trip getting Snivy is a cool thing, though, as Snivy was the starter that a lot of people love, and Snivy's perceived arrogance seemed like a good fit to Trip.
● The idea of a rookie being Ash's new rival was an uncomfortable thought to some.
● Trip’s xenophobia (fear of foreigners) is subjected to controversy.

● Pidove's capture was less than impressive, like as if Ash was forced to get the regional bird of every generation.
● Pidove's "bow" in the end of episode 2 gave personality vibes.
● One thought that it should be Rufflet instead of Pidove.

● First day of Team Rocket trio shows that they are serious business.
● Opinions were mixed. Some think they were awesome being serious, but some think it's a bad change with reason that they lost character (Dogasu, anyone?).
● The motto segment was a dream come true for any Rocket fan.
● Part of what felt new about them are their lack of old Pokémon, and some were disappointed about this. For example, Wobbuffet's absence was felt. The prospect of new Pokémon for both of them was enough to keep things exciting, though.
● They also didn't blast off and have boss fantasies, both pretty much staples last time, so it was like a culture shock.
● They still had some shades of humour, especially Meowth (overdramatic expression when contacting Giovanni).
● One thinks that James' next Pokémon is Trubbish.
● Some don't see Team Rocket's seriousness lasting long, but some others don't want their seriousness to wear off.
● People started talking about Giovanni's more frequent appearances, considering how infrequently he was shown previously.
● Dogasu didn’t like their overly serious attitude and how Rocket-dan left their old Pokémon behind.

● Oak is commented to gain weight and Juniper is commented to be a pretty hot lady.

● Oshawott gave some people the impression that it will be like Piplup: always starring in every episode and being a show off (and being a pseudo-mascot). However, some thinks Oshawott will be better than Piplup.
● Oshawott overall was pretty amusing considering how his design was considered revolting (back when the starters were revealed) the first time it was revealed.
● Oshawott was very fondly viewed, because it was cute, and how it saved the day with its shell-merang. Not only that, it showed some pretty amusing characteristics from the start, like being petrified for not being chosen, and being portrayed as a stalker after Ash left the laboratory.
● Oshawott wasn't immediately captured, which was a little disappointing to some.

● Zekrom's debut was known to be pretty epic.
● However, the temporary electric disable was disappointing to some, who thought it could make a good ongoing plot point that lasts a few episodes.  

BW 3

● The episode was perceived as filler if it wasn't for the fact that Oshawott was acquired.
● Sandbathing scene give fans Hoenn flashbacks.
● Lack of "Who's that Pokémon" in air (English) caused people to think that the feature was really only temporary.
● Overall impression of the episode was lukewarm, as the situation the characters found themselves in wasn't wholly original.

● Ash's Pidove wasn't seen immediately, which was disappointing considering its capture in the previous episode.

● Iris continues to give fans a good impression, like having passion for anything.
● The interaction between Ash and Iris where they argued about who's following who was a fun part, as with Iris saving Ash by grabbing his hand, showing great moments between both characters.
● Although, some fans were at that point eager to know why Iris wants to follow Ash.
● Some believe that Iris followed Ash due to the Zekrom incident.
● Iris pinching cheeks of cute Pokémon was perceived as a running gag at this point.
● Surprised absence of the bicycle-destroying tradition.
● Iris is being compared to Misty.

● Axew's lack of activity was pointed out. Some worries that Axew might just be a token character, but some believed that Axew will do something of significance in the future.

● Oshawott continues to impress fans with its antics, like pushing Pikachu off Ash's shoulder to sit there (suspected to be a running gag), and deflecting Pikachu's lightning on Ash.
● Oshawott was cute, especially the way it said its name and the way it begged Ash to let it follow him (and not Iris).
● At this point guesses on Oshawott's gender is guessed.
● Therefore, Oshawott's acquisition (technically Oshawott wasn't captured) was a delight to a lot of fans.
● However, there was some discussion on whether Juniper was simply allowed to give a Starter Pokémon away like that to a trainer who wasn't just starting out.
● There was also some disappointment on how quickly he received Oshawott's Poké Ball as it was right at the start of the episode.
● Some fans began to look at Oshawott as the new Chikorita/Bayleef for that.
● Oshawott dared to push Pikachu meant that it will be a contender to Pikachu.
● Fans hope Oshawott will fully evolve.
● Some worried that when Cilan joins the group, then Oshawott's virtues will be less prominent.

● Team Rocket's motto moment continues to impress fans.
● Their lack of staple moments (blasting off & silliness) was missing still, but some appreciate that direction. Others were not adjusted to it yet.
● Fans were a bit impatient that James haven't yet get a capture.
● Ash and Iris falling hurt into a trap while Team Rocket didn't get hurt was a surprising moment.
● Dogasu was a bit happy about Rocket-dan this time.

● Sandile bridge was amazing.
● Sandile with glasses reminds fans of Squirtle.
● Fans have the impression that Sandile will reappear if the end were to be hinted, and will look forward to him.
● Some fans predicted that Sandile will belong to Ash.
● However, the other side of the argument stated that Dark-types on main characters were a no-no.

● Wild Pidoves are perceived as dumb, as they sat on the rock until they are saved, and then they flew away.  

BW 4

● The first leaked character sheet reveals that it is used in this episode.
● The fact that Tepig was caught, along with the fact that the main characters apparently have no goals and Pidove still being hardly starred gave people the impression that this season will be a parallel to Kanto's season.
● Overall impression of the episode is pretty good, with significant things happening, although a flaw includes certain characters not getting focus.

● Some thought that Ash catching too many Pokémon in a short time is ridiculous or too fast.

● Some feel sorry for Pikachu, who cannot convey the message to Ash about what happened, along with him being hit by boxes.

● Oshawott demonstrated naughty qualities, like letting Pikachu handling a tougher opponent and eating all the bait for Tepig. It was a likeable quality though.
● One looked forward to see Oshawott fighting larger Pokémon.
● Oshawott is beginning to remind people of Chikorita. It is because Oshawott had been pushing Pikachu around a lot.
● Oshawott is viewed as a parallel to Piplup, for being a show-stealing Pokémon who got in the way of things.

● Pidove's still non-existent appearance is still being pointed out. (One even forgotten Pidove existed!)
● Some are convinced that Pidove will do more in the future.

● Fans are still eager to see Iris doing something new, considering how little she did so far.
● In fact, Iris didn't seem to have a main goal, which caused others to think Iris will be a sideline character.
● The fact that Iris is developing a respect to Ash was nice to see.
● Iris' tendency to pinch cute things was already starting to be viewed as a running gag.
● Also, Iris managed to not attract Pokémon got joked that Axew only joined her because of free food and transportation.
● Some believed that Iris is actually a powerful battler, who has a strong Pokémon in her possession.
● Annoyance with Iris started to begin, due to her calling Ash a kid for not knowing about the Battle Clubs, and thinking that the town was Sanyou at first.

● Tepig was depicted as cute to the fans.
● Tepig's torture and suffering got pity from fans.
● However, the backstory was not impressive to fans, considering how Charmander and Chimchar experienced a similar story. The backstory is predicted to be forgotten, though.
● The trainer that abandoned Tepig reminded people of Paul (in looks).
● Some people wanted to see who the previous trainer was in the future.

● The motto segment still manage to impress Rocket fans (particularly James holding a glass cup).
● Team Rocket continues to impress fans with their new escape method: the hang-gliders. One of the mods (now admin) loved to play "guess how they escape next time".
● Team Rocket got a funny scene, which was a relief from those who preferred their humourous side. One even likes that Team Rocket should have a balance of seriousness and humour.
● Quite a lot didn't like the serious Rockets, as they missed their mainly comedic roles.
● One believes that they will have their first focus episode on BW 20.
● Dogasu is still not happy with Rocket-dan, as he believes that Musashi and Kojirou are still out of character, and hopes that they will return to their old comedic selves in the future.

● Don George being likeable was a compliment, especially with previous notions that Don George would be a creep.
● Don George and gang crying was an amusing part (they cried because they thought they saw a rare Umbreon).
● Don George is speculated to reprise his role in the future.

BW 5

● The Gym battle's continuation to the next episode was one of the unexpected moments in the episode. However, fans are already convinced Ash will win the battle and get that badge, considering one of the preview’s hints.
● The battle showcased some impressive moments, which are Tepig exploiting Pansear's all-out offense and Panpour's more tactical approach against an Electric-type.
● Moves talked about were "Ember" and "Mud Sport". For Ember (Tepig), one thought Ash missed a syllable, but it was only because it was spoken too quickly. For Mud Sport (Panpour), it was thought to be Earthquake or Bulldoze.
● Overall, the episode was great. The characters were great (like Iris and Oshawott), especially the Striaton brothers, as is the humour, and the battles are enjoyable and meaningful. One thing that was great about the battle is that it’s not rushed. Only major complaint is Pikachu's loss.

● Ash is appealing to fans this time around.
● One of the reasons is his battling knowledge, which should be an example that Ash still has battle experience (unlike last time).
● Another reason is humour, like when he was frustrated at the table in the restaurant when he just wanted to battle, and his obliviousness to the fangirls' fancy was also funny.
● Of course, there's also his passion for battling.

● Fans do not approve of Pikachu's power reset and loss, especially because he's defeated by a Water-type. Some still believed that Zekrom was responsible for the incident.
● Pikachu's loss being cared about and garnering strong feelings by fans is proof that Pikachu is being put in high standards by the fans that love him.
● Some old fans are already used to Pikachu losing to less powerful battlers after intense battles a few episodes prior.
● While Volt Tackle was established to be a very strong attack, it was disappointing to see Pikachu mess up the move. The move also has a huge moment of weakness to exploit as well. One thought that Pikachu needed to ditch that move.
● There were some efforts to mellow those who didn't forgive Pikachu's loss, like stating that "Even the strongest superheroes sometimes lose fights to weaker opponents". Also, one reasoned that Pikachu didn't evolve is that the writers have a reason for Pikachu to lose every now and then.
● Those who accepts Pikachu’s loss knows that it would be too obvious and overshadowing if he wins, and the fact that its loss will allow room for other Pokémon to win (and shows that Pikachu's fair game is considered a fresh start).
● Pikachu's loss is believed to be the fact that Ash insists on using the same strategy over and over again, which wasn't an effective strategy. Also, as some had pointed out, the battle proves that in the anime, strategy takes prevalence over type matchups.
● Despite the loss, one fan had faith that Pikachu will have a great victory over a strong Pokémon in the future.
● Pikachu's existence being the delight or shock of anyone in Unova who sees him is predicted to be a running gag.

● Oshawott had shown some comedic moments in the battle, like its cowardice and reaction to Pansage's attacks.
● Fans are excited to see how Oshawott will be able to beat Cilan's Pansage in the next episode.
● Oshawott's face in the face of the cliffhanger at the end was hilarious.

● Tepig's battle was cool, as its comeback was a much welcomed victory. The victory was a relief to the fans, who wasn't showing its full potential last episode.
● Tepig getting approval from Ash was also nice.

● Fans was still patient with Ash's Pidove getting screentime. One reasoned that Pidove wasn't shown in the Gym Battle was the type advantage.
● It is believed that if Pidove were to battle and lose, then there will be less complaints on Pidove losing compared to Pikachu battling and losing.

● Iris is seen as a stalker, reaching out for Ash all of a sudden in the beginning. This is especially because Iris didn't seem to have a defined goal yet, although it was previously stated that Iris merely followed to show Ash around Unova.
● It is guessed that Iris is studying Ash's battles and his Pokémon choices when Iris was looking at Ash battling in the sidelines to gauge his abilities.
● Iris is thought by someone to have been sent to go for a journey by Drayden to understand more Pokémon and Gyms before she can take over the Gym, since she was surprised to see the restaurant was a gym.
● Iris has some hilarious facial reactions.
● There are still doubts that Iris will do something of significance in the series.
● In fact, some are already wanting to see Iris battle to estimate Iris' battle experience.
● At this point, "You're such a kid" or "kodomo ne~" is already believed to be Iris' catchphrase, and opinions are mixed about it.

● Axew is pretty much dormant, so it is thought to still have no personality. Fans are still not sure if Axew is an interesting character or not.
● Axew and Togepi comparisons are being made (says its name, goes back into hair/bag, all it does).

● Cilan has a great first impression, like his eyes of amazement when he saw Pikachu. Even the fact that he was crazy about Pikachu and picked him up from Ash was impressive (because Pikachu didn't shock him). Of course, his voice acting helps.
● Cilan is believed to be a girl magnet.
● Already fans are comparing Cilan to Brock. It is debated whether Cilan is similar to Brock or is a different character altogether. In fact, some think that Cilan is Brock's replacement!
● Some still hold their judgement on Cilan until more about him is known.
● Cilan's motivation to follow Ash in the next episode piqued the curiosity of a fan, as he worked very well with his brothers.
● Cilan's already believed to be a meaningful addition to Ash's group.
● Cilan is believed to be the one to follow Ash and not the brothers because he is the leader of ther trio, and one even stated that "the last thing we need is another Water trainer on the main cast".
● Some are curious on how Iris and Cilan will interact with each other when they are in a group.
● Cilan's lack of sclera was still unsettling to some fans.
● There are a few comments on comparisons to Ouran High School Host Club characters: the cafe is reminiscent of the Host Club itself and Dento is very similar to Tamaki Suoh.

● Pansage's battling skills was worth a mention, considering how much personality Pansage exudes during battle with the moves it used. However, one fan thought Pansage still didn't have personality.
● Pansage's Solarbeam was pretty much recognised as a Kamehameha reference.

● Team Rocket was amazing to Rocket fans, despite their lack of screen time.
● Team Rocket is predicted to have a larger role in the following episode.
● Dogasu thinks that Rocket-dan's mission is very vague and poorly-defined.

● Even Chili and Cress are amazing characters, as their personality shows.
● Striaton brothers' motto performance is amazing to fans. It was also funny, especially the reaction of the girls.
● Female fans especially loved all the brothers, just as the fangirls are in the episode.
● Cress' hair-flip was a great scene.
● Cheerleaders (fans of the Striaton brothers) were pretty amazing. 

BW 6

● The gym battle is pretty satisfying to the fans. It was predictable but Oshawott made it excellent, with the intelligent use of the battlefield to turn things to its favour.
● Ending was great where the group shapes up, as Iris and Cilan are entertaining characters in their own right. As the members are believed to be a great team, the real fun should begin.
● Overall, the episode was predictable, but it had some great moments. It gave this season a starting on the right foot.

● Ash's battle strategy was crazy enough to work, but it's the crazy plans that are interesting to see. Some fans are relieved to see Ash still has the battling prowess.
● Ash’s team this season is convinced by fans to be far more entertaining that the DP trio.
● It is also believed that BW saga will have a more humorous edge rather than the more serious DP saga.

● Pikachu was adorable wearing Ash's hat (it was put on to avoid the effects of the Dream Smoke).

● Oshawott was cute, funny and awesome in the episode, and its battle tactics was excellent.
● However, some thought Oshawott is cheap for having a super-resistant shell.
● Guesses on whether Oshawott will be the next Piplup is still on hold, considering how Oshawott is in all episodes so far and got a lot of attention. Or, Oshawott might be the next Chimchar, who got great character development as the series go on.

● Iris gained more interest and familiarity among the fans.
● Iris showed some great actions as a wild girl at the end, and comments include "adorable" and "LOL". Fans loved that part, like frightening the guys and her happy cheerful run in the end.
● Some have the impression that Iris is a skilled battler, although they want to see Iris perform a real battle. One actually felt that she can carry her talk to actions, unlike Misty. A comment states that due to Nurse Joy recognising on Iris' name, she is more well-known than fans thought.
● Some wondered why Iris was reluctant to battle Ash immediately, as she was perceived to be a character who wants to prove her worth to Ash. It is speculated to be either reluctance or lack of self-confidence.
● There's more to Iris than meets the eye, so fans are eager to know what Iris' secret goal will be and episodes focusing on her.

● Axew's dream where it wants to evolve into a Haxorus was adorable and made it more likeable. The fans hope it will become a reality, and that goal isn't forgotten.
● It seemed logical to a fan that Ash will wind up challenging that Haxorus in the 8th Gym.
● There are some who will be wondering how Iris will keep Axew evolved in her hair.
● The fact that Axew is seen to be evolving debunks beliefs that it will be the next Piplup.
● However, Axew didn't battle much so far, so it is hard to say how will Axew achieve that goal.

● Cilan is fabulous to fans that it is agreed that Cilan will make for an interesting group member. Cilan's potential as a character is looked forward to.
● Cilan's fascination with Ash when he interviewed him is funny and got joked about.
● Cilan's reason for following Ash because of his closeness to his Pokémon was great.
● One wonders what a Pokémon Sommelier/Connoisseur is and how Cilan could achieve that goal by following Ash.
● One joked that Cilan's accompaniment is a perfect opportunity for him to learn how to make a lot of food fast for Ash.
● While there is a surprisingly lack of "It's Tasting time" comments, in the dub thread, it is compared with the dub translation "It's time for the battle to be served", in which fans believed that to be better than the English equivalent.

● Someone believed that Cilan's Pansage won't evolve.

● Team Rocket's motto segment still continues to be awesome to fans.
● Team Rocket's seriousness is well-received here, with their plan being well-executed, as with their getaway. One was amazed that Team Rocket decided to shot Ash, Pikachu and Fennel with beams.
● Fans felt great to see Jessie’s Woobat again.
● Some are still not used to Team Rocket being serious and no-nonsense.
● The fact that Team Plasma didn't star in any episode so far made fans think that Team Rocket was made serious as a substitute for their villainy.
● One fan wonders why Giovanni wants to lure out Team Plasma.
● Giovanni's secretary is mentioned again (because of her lack of appearances), although her real identity and background is yet-to-be-known.

● It is debated whether Team Plasma's plot will be exclusive in the movies or the anime. Arguments lean towards the anime.

● Fans think that Fennel is pretty.
● Future appearances of Fennel are expected.
● Some thought it was strange to see no Brock flirting with Fennel, especially because they are used to Brock’s flirtations.

● The obligatory Joy look-alike family is pointed out as a recurring gag. Ash forgetting this every time was a surprise to some. However, some reasoned that due to a different region, Ash didn't expect the Nurse Joys to still be the same there. It wouldn't be surprising if the same happened to Unova's Officer Jenny.

● Munna segment was believed to be filler and tacked on. However, it was good filler.
● The Dream site plot could've been expanded, according to a fan.
● One fan thought that Munna and Musharna was larger than he/she thought.
● While it was perceived filler, it wasn't known if the events that happened here will have any effect on future episodes.
● Musharna was called cute by other people, but some thought it was scary. Also, Musharna’s backstory and eyes were thought to be creepy by some.
● Dogasu safely assumes that the people that attacked Musharna will never be seen again.

BW 7

● Some pointed out how similar Ash's Unova quest to Kanto is, like an allusion to it or deja vu.
● Some fans believed that female captures in Pokémon are so rare that unless a Pokémon is deliberately shown to be a female, it is considered male.
● Eyecatches are believed to be better with Iris and Cilan's inclusion.
● Overall, opinions on the episode are mixed. Snivy made the episode interesting, but the capture plot isn't wholly original. To some, it was the worst (but not necessarily bad) episode this season.

● The gender of all of Ash's Pokémon is known! The information is short but sweet.
● Funny part was Ash being unaware Pidove is female.
● End shot of Ash with his happy Pokémon is cute.
● The episode proved people wrong that Ash gets his Pokémon without effort.
● As Ash catches a lot of Pokémon in a short time, some believe or want Ash to have more than six Pokémon in his journey and rotate them occasionally. One doubted this possibility because he believes the writers are more on the quality of the Pokémon's personality rather than the team size.

● Pidove got the spotlight in the episode, which is a treat to fans, as Pidove didn't get some action since capture.
● Due to Pidove being female, most fans were not satisfied because to them, female Unfezants (Pidove's evolution) are duller than male ones. One believed that female Unfezant's better flying ability may make a plot point in a future episode.

● Oshawott being confirmed to be male proves false to the minority who think he was a female.
● Oshawott's jumping-into-the-spotlight becomes tiring to some fans at this point.

● Tepig is commented to still not have much personality.

● Iris's facial expression on Ash's obliviousness is funny.
● Iris' tendency to criticise Ash for being a kid is starting to bug some fans, who knew there's more to Ash than the impulsive attitude he's shown that prevents him from showing his best attributes. There are hopes that Iris sees Ash's accomplishments in the future to stop the teasing.
● People believes that it's due time Iris do something significant.

● Fans are really eager to see what Axew is made of, especially because Axew’s not doing anything significant.

● Cilan's bag surprised people, because his bag seems to contain a kitchen set, which surpassed Brock's bag in terms of surrealism. (Hoi-Poi Capsules was a joke guess)
● Cilan's talent in cooking give people the impression that there must always be a chef in Ash’s party.
● Cilan's pose in the second eyecatch is funny that a made-up picture of him being in a field of sunflowers with butterflies is made.
● People still think Cilan is the new Brock. Someone even predicted Cilan will explain battle information in the future Trip battle.
● Cilan's haven't convince people that he is an interesting character in the group yet in the little time he is in the group.

● Snivy's inclusion is awesome, because it's a fan-favourite Pokémon.
● Snivy's graceful style and audacity are her awesome attributes.
● Snivy reminds some fans of a female version of Bulbasaur, Treecko or (for one) Paul.
● Snivy's capture was surprisingly doubted by some, even when the signs of it are there.
● Snivy's capture is believed to be an improvement over Turtwig's capture.
● Snivy's attitude of a loner is guessed to not trust humans (shocked to see Ash protecting Pikachu). It can be a great character development pivot.
● As Snivy was an abandoned Pokémon, some fans wanted to know more about Snivy in the future and her development, and how Ash will deal with her. An original character journey is preferred over rehashing Bulbasaur and Treecko's.
● Fans mistakenly thought that that Snivy knew Grass Pledge, but the move is actually Leaf Storm.
● Due to Snivy's knowledge of Attract, the capture is rejoiced on. It is a useful tool to determine a Pokémon's gender, and possibly reduce arguments on a Pokémon's gender in the future. Fans are interested to see the move's usage in the future. The power of Attract is talked about, as it is a very powerful that completely incapacitate the target if hit.
● Someone imagined Snivy swearing a lot in battle.

● Team Rocket didn’t appear much that one forgot that they are in the episode. In fact, someone believes that Team Rocket doesn't need to appear in every episode.
● Jessie trying to catch Snivy was a commendable effort.
● Jessie commanding Meowth to do the action was a strange part, considering how "human" Meowth is. However, Meowth getting into the action is an improvement. Also, the claw marks on a rock got a remark as well.
● Jessie catching a Pokémon caused some to question why James isn't the one doing the capture instead, as he still have no Pokémon.
● Dogasu thinks Rocket-dan is boring. He also believes that Plasma-dan appearing is being foreshadowed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to: Musashi, CommanderPigg & Iteru
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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    Wow, it must have took you a long time to write this up. Anyway, good job and I enjoyed reading it. I hope you do the chronicles for the next episodes as well. :D
  2. winstein's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsutarja
    Wow, it must have took you a long time to write this up. Anyway, good job and I enjoyed reading it. I hope you do the chronicles for the next episodes as well. :D
    You bet! I write about an episode a day, or two on Saturdays, which as you can imagine, is a long time. Also, it's great that there are people who helped me to check my material before publishing, because it makes it feel even more worth it! If you want to help, then you may ask me, but to help you must be familiar with the fan opinions of the episodes first!

    Yes, I am writing about more episodes as well, and I am now at BW 12 (Trubbish episode).

    Thanks for reading.
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    Wow, that's a lot! : P Good chronicling of that fans opinions. It's interesting to see how some of my opinions either have changed (like on Iris) or have remained the same (like on Ash capturing too many pokémon).

    The only thing I'd say is that in BW007, Snivy wasn't abandoned by her trainer, she is speculated by Dento to have abandoned her trainer.
  4. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    Aaaand, the nostalgia pours in XD Haha, the Dento craze was pretty ridiculous back in the day, it needs a reprisal! I've always wanted a chronicling of opinions like this, and I applaud your work!
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    I suggest adding a link to Ouran High School Host Club's wikipedia page for those unfamiliar with it, along with mentioning that Cilan and Tamaki are compared largely for having the same seiyu/voice actor in the Japanese version.

    Ash’s team this season is convinced by fans to be far more entertaining that the DP trio.
    This sounds oddly worded to me. Maybe "Fans are convinced that Ash and Co. this season are going to be far more entertaining than the DP trio?" Just a thought.

    Cilan is fabulous to fans that it is agreed that Cilan will make for an interesting group member. Cilan's potential as a character is looked forward to.
    Couldn't agree more! :D

    Cilan's pose in the second eyecatch is funny that a made-up picture of him being in a field of sunflowers with butterflies is made.
    There was!? Sounds lovely~ xD

    I'd like to thank you for taking the time to chronicle all of these opinions. They even revealed things I didn't know of, like the picture of Cilan skipping through a field. xD They will be great to reflect on as we get farther and farther along in Best Wishes.
  6. winstein's Avatar
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    Cilan's pose in the second eyecatch is funny that a made-up picture of him being in a field of sunflowers with butterflies is made.
    I knew I forgotten something! Here's the picture if you want to know what's it like:

    Thanks to Grave-E and Meron, this became a reality!

    Thanks for reading.
  7. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    That picture is ~*fabulous*~, just like Cilan himself. xD Thanks for including it.
  8. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    ^^That. was. brilliant <3
  9. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Woah, how opinions have changed!
  10. Sheep's Avatar
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    "The Dream site plot could've been expanded, according to a fan."

    I completely agree with this. Would've liked to see more on the topic, but... well, there are lots of things I would've liked to have seen. I'll just try to enjoy what we get and not delve too much into the "what could've been" and such, lol.

    "Some are convinced that Pidove will do more in the future."

    Here's hoping this happens any day now. Aaaany day now. <<; XDD

    You did an amazing job on this, really. It took me a while to read but I enjoyed every bit. As someone who loves reading fans' opinion on episodes/characters, I can say this was a great way to burn some free time. I hope to see you do more soon!
  11. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    That's a massive blog post, you really worked hard on it, it seems. How long did it take for you write?
  12. winstein's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotpika
    That's a massive blog post, you really worked hard on it, it seems. How long did it take for you write?
    I write about an episode a day (two on Saturdays) and it depends on how many comments there are in the review thread. BW 1 & 2, for example, takes a long time, as there are 300+ comments there! The shorter ones logically take less time to write on, and BW 8 is a great example on not taking a lot of time to write about.

    Thanks for reading.
  13. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    I noticed, you pointed out Dogasu's opinion above all. Just curious, what inspired you to do that?
  14. winstein's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotpika
    I noticed, you pointed out Dogasu's opinion above all. Just curious, what inspired you to do that?
    When I was starting this, I thought that Dogasu's the most pronounced person about his opinions, especially about the Rockets, so I thought it will be fun to add his opinions like a sort of "running gag", which I think will be a fun addition, also because he's a pretty important person here, and because as Team Rocket was a running gag group, Dogasu should be too in a different way, considering how he likes comedic Team Rocket. As I was in progress, I also realised that he prefers Japanese names, so all of Dogasu's opinions will only have Japanese names.

    With that in mind, if people are observant about it, they will be searching for Dogasu comments in every episode! That gives them some incentive, although I am not sure if Dogasu will be commenting in every thread.

    Thanks for reading.
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    The BW season was felt to have an unpredictable vibe, with things happening just because it can happen, as in the "get up and go" style.
    I definitely disagree with this...apart from the surprising amount of Pokemon which Ash has captured, I don't really feel it's that unpredictable...Diamond and Pearl was more deserving of the "anything can happen!" moniker. There really haven't been any mold breaking episodes yet, I feel, and most of the episodes have been adequate...but that's it. In Diamond and Pearl, the amazing episode 5 (the one with Paul and the Forest of Illusion) got me hooked, and was great all around, but I don't feel that Best Wishes has had an episode of that caliber yet. Good animation, character development, humor, and an awesome battle to wrap it up...I haven't quite seen an episode like that yet.

    Music were great.
    I LOVE the Best Wishes theme song...but, apart from that, I miss the old tunes. Some of the new ones are okay...I've grown to like that cute little evolution theme beat, even if it's overused, and that Asian-style song that played during the flashback in the Elgyem episode, and of course that really cool "victory" theme that played in the Emolga episode trailer and got a nice extended version in the Cottonee episode (I'm not sure what it's called...or if it's from the games), but I don't really care for the other new tunes. The battle music is kind of lacking, especially. And I really was let down with the instrumental remix of Best doesn't have the same effect on me as the instrumentals of OK, Advance Adventure, and Ash's New Theme did. Oh, and Diamond and Pearl Team Rocket Motto Theme >>>>>> All other Team Rocket themes.

    It helps that the non-stop action has already started from day 1
    I feel the battles have been pretty sterile this time around...especially the Gym Battles. Burgh's was horrible. I blame the overuse of stock footage (it's REALLY bad this time around...Burgh's Gym is the epitome of this), and the really weird cuts in animation I've noticed...sometimes they cut off the attack and you just hear the Pokemon yelling in the background. It's...odd.

    There's also no cool battle strategy much, the best being Oshawott vs. Blitzle I'd say. It's a step down from Diamond and Pearl, definitely, and it doesn't have the whimsy of the original series either. With us getting a battle tournament in 41, though, I'm a bit optimistic.

    Even Axew was considered cute, like aforementioned tree-sleeping.
    YES! At first I wasn't in to Axew...but he's really grown on me. His "Kiba Kiba!" is damn adorable, and it's nice they didn't stretch his Dragon Sneeze joke throughout the whole series. The only problem is worrying about what they'll do with him now, but apart from that I don't find him an obnoxious cute Pokemon. It helps that, despite always being out of the ball, they can hide him in Iris' hair (although, I've noticed he does this less...not that I'm complaining)

    Trip's use of camera was something new. Some think it's just an accessory, and some believed that it will add to his character.
    Yeah...I don't really think they're playing him up as a true Pokemon photographer...he has a pretty basic camera and doesn't really strike me as anything more than a dude who likes to post pictures on Facebook.

    Trip’s xenophobia (fear of foreigners) is subjected to controversy.
    I do hope we get an explanation about this. Pallet Town really isn't that Boony-looking in the show, and, game graphics aside, Kanto is just as modern as Unova pretty much.

    More later. Nice blog though!


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