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Big Bad Wolf Exhibition

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by , 15th October 2011 at 04:16 AM (499 Views)
There was this event near my house in a University where they have an exhibition of books for sale. The exhibition is called Big Bad Wolf in case you didn't catch on with it yet. So I heard about it when my little sister went there last Sunday to get some books, and one of them is a Rose is Rose comic book. While I wanted to go there, I didn't get to go on Wednesday even though my parents and sister went because I overslept, so I went today instead with my little sister (she wants another trip there) and my mom.

Saturday is a weekend, so naturally it's crowded there even in the morning. It's not so bad compared to the evening where it's even more crowded. After arriving and getting the car parked, everyone who parked there needs to take a tram to that exhibition at a hall. Fortunately, there were several trams, so it didn't take long before another one comes to take the next cluster of passengers. Over at the locale, it's also a requirement to wait in line or else it will get too crowded in the hall, but since we arrived in the morning, the wait didn't take long anyway.

In that hall there were a lot of books, but a keen observer will notice something even better with the books: they are all cheap. That's right, they are cheap! An average book as far as I see is only RM 8 (2.56 US$), but there are some that are RM 10 (3.20 US$), RM 5 (1.60 US$) and RM 3 (0.96 US$), while magazines are only RM 1. As you can see, this deal is rather attractive even for foreigners, so as you can tell, there were foreigners there too, and I know this because I spotted a few. What's even better is that the books are original quality, so there are genuine Scholastic books and Tokyopop manga there too. Speaking of manga, the usual price is RM 3.

With this deal, I am naturally stoked to get as many as I can there. Amongst the books I got are a collection of "Horrible Histories" by Scholastic, containing 20 books at RM 159, which is very slightly cheaper than all 20 books bought separately. There is also a huge hanging sign above the books stating "It's a HORRIBLE shame to skip over these" or words to that effect. I also got four Culture Shock books for Tokyo, Spain, France and Britian. You know, I think I better write a list of books I got instead of saying all of them here. Let's see, shall we?

  1. Horrible Histories (20 books)
  2. Culture Shock (Tokyo, Britain, France, Spain)
  3. Jane's World (I chose this because I knew of this comic online)
  4. Earthsong (is also a webcomic)
  5. Inverloch (webcomic too)
  6. Night Head Genesis 2 (Can't find 1)
  7. Pantheon High
  8. Chibi Vampire 1 (Karin; knew this through anime)
  9. Enchanter
  10. Mu Shi Shi (Thick compilation of volumes 8, 9 and 10)
  11. Why we Want you to be Rich
  12. Postcards from Siam
  13. Living with Teenagers (Zits-related; Title not sure)

Some of them are manga, and if I knew there will be manga here, I would have asked for all of your opinions on the recommended manga to buy. So, I just bought what I think are interesting. On the way out, I met an old classmate of mine whom I haven't met for a long time (he's working there, and I presume he's studying in that university), so it's nice seeing him there. Once that's done, it's time to take the tram back to the parking lot. There were a lot of people on the way out, but that's not so much of a problem because transportation is readily available. I should tell you that the waiting line to go in simply became too long. Also, there are food to eat outside, which is no doubt businesses taking the opportunity to drum up business. I see KFC there, but on the tram, I see a lady with a Pizza Hut box, so that makes me wonder if there's pizza here (I like pizza).

It was an eventful day, that's for sure. Now if you read up to here, that's great for you. I should ask: if I asked for a manga recommendation, what would you suggest (before you suggest Pokemon, there's no Pokemon manga as far as I am concerned)?

If you want to know what books my other family members got, you may ask. I didn't say them straight away simply because I don't see a need to do that (unless asked).

Thanks for reading.

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    Horrible Histories? *internet hi-five* I like HH too, if you're talking about the books that later got turned into a TV show on CBBC.


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