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Baby Animals

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Something that intrigues me for some time is how animals in their infant stage look like. They come in different names, like pups, calves and cubs, but for the sake of simplicity, I will just refer to the baby animals as baby (insert animal here). Here are some of those I found, and for the sake of originality, it will be lesser-heard animals in baby form.

Can you view the images? If not, I might change the link of the pictures so that they are viewable.

Baby Beaver

Baby Vulture

Baby Ferrets

Baby Mouse-Deer

Baby Kiwi

Baby Eel

(Looks Tynamo-like, huh?)

Baby Armadillo

Baby Prairie Dogs

Baby Hawks

Baby Anteater

Baby Echidna

Baby Binturongs

Baby Hornbills

Baby Hyraxes

Baby Flamingo

Baby Walrus

Do you find the baby animals from all kinds of paths cute? Personally, I find the sight of these animals quite adorable, even for some of the ugly ones like the vultures.

Thanks for viewing the pictures.

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Updated 2nd August 2012 at 09:18 AM by winstein



  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Awww :3

    The baby flamingos look exactly like the baby prairie dogs :3

    They're all cute in their own way XD
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Those are weird-looking flamingos.
  3. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Cutest babies:

    Here is why.
  4. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    The baby prarie dogs look no different than their adult selfs, especiailly the size.
  5. mariowie's Avatar
    ****ing cute :3
    Updated 12th November 2012 at 07:32 AM by winstein
  6. winstein's Avatar
    Sorry, everyone. The flamingoes are now fixed. Here's the pic if you haven't seen it:

    That's it for now.
  7. 捷克羅姆's Avatar
    Wow, those are adorable.
  8. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    The vultures are adorable. The flamingos look like an almost entirely different bird! The hawks are cute too.

    I never knew such a thing as the mouse deer existed! It looks more like a mouse than the adult, but wow. It's adorable. Almost as if it were some fantasy animal.

    ... and the hornbill looks pretty funny. That's the best one.
  9. Pokemon Trainer Brendan's Avatar
    Wow, look at the baby flamingo's feet! It's like it's wearing clown shoes.
  10. Owain's Avatar
    LOL'd at the baby hornbill

    Cutest one is the baby Kiwi.


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