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After 3 Months here...

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The last time I joined this community was three months ago back on July, because I think this Pokemon community's the most flexible, compared to Smogon, which I feel doesn't make room for error (and also because I am not involved in Competitive Battling), and Serebii, which I heard is more harsh overall. This one seems to have the best people and the fact that there are more than one sections to explore (games, anime, manga, etc.). The fact that there are several 1000+ post members helps solidify the fact too.

I was a relatively active poster before, but when I had reached my 1000th post, I decided to cut back on posting because I think the magic number is enough to be respected by those who sees post count as a "reputation score".

I think that's many people here are quite friendly and informative, which I like, because I generally like good manners in people. However, in my time here, I had one (warning) infraction, which I was basically devastated at, because I wasn't intentionally getting myself fired. What's even dubious is that it's release of Pokemon Black and White was one day before its expiry date.

I didn't have much to say, I must admit, but I figured I might as well just say what I want to say about this special day.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Noivern's Avatar
    ...Don't worry too much about the single infraction. It'll eventually go away. I hope that you'll stay with us till the end. That is, if it ever ends. I hope not!
  2. Ivysaur's Avatar
    SerebiiForum mods aren't harsh. They're just morons. They infract for things they shouldn't, yet they let trolls run free. It's why the community is so awful. Glad to see you came here instead.

    Anyway, one warning within three months is impressive. I couldn't do that if I tried.
  3. TM2-Megatron's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry at all about one minor warning; especially as that's all you accumulated in three months. As Life Alert says, that's below the average.
  4. Feliciano's Avatar
    One warning is practically nothing, especially for something so minor. But yes, we clearly are the best choice.
  5. winstein's Avatar
    Well, yeah, I got over that warning, and basically shrugged it off. Thanks everybody, for replying!
  6. Musashi's Avatar
    Glad you shrugged off the warning, and especially glad you like this place so much!


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