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100th blog Special! w/ Complementary "Some members in the forum I respect (and why)"

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For my 100th blog, it’s time to show more people appreciation for their time with my blogs! Due to how well-received my last “Some People I Respect (and why)” blog, and a suggestion by a couple of friends, I decided to pick another round of people and tell them how awesome they are. In my opinion, it’s easier to tell how awesome people are than to ask people to tell me how awesome I am, because I felt that asking people to give me their opinions about me is a rather egotistical thing to do. Besides, others love it when they hear how great they are, so look down this list and see if you are there (or see my last list to see if you were already mentioned).

(Those that I commented as people I respect in my last blog are also mentioned here. Why? Because these days, I don't have much room to say who I respect, as I didn't open my horizons to enough people to get familiar with more people. Also, it's to put those people in the spotlight. On a smaller note, it's because I am a bit lazy to come up with too much new content)


Initially known to me as: A Fujiko fan
Currently known to me as: One who has many parallels with Kiteretsu; You can count on him to change your username; One of the fun Administrators

Despite his username, I never saw him as “Ash Ketchum”. The first thing that caught me about this Admin was his avatar. His avatar at that time was Kiteretsu (surprisingly, he uses one now too!), which is one of Fujiko’s (the one who worked on Doraemon) works, so I saw him as an intelligent person. He even says that he likes to play around with machines! He does have the common imagery with that character, making the similarities more apparent. He’s also a very friendly person who also says something witty or funny, and that’s even better, ‘cause when things get rough, he’ll lighten things up. If you want to have a username change, he’s the one who’s the most available, although I plan to stick with my current username (thank you). By the way, this is the “Satoshi” admin, and there’s the “Kasumi” admin, but why isn’t there a “Takeshi” admin? (Get what I’m saying here?)


Initially known to me as: Unown Lord; One of those people mentioned in that one fanclub about fandom driving one insane (which I recently joined).
Currently known to me as: Professional user who investigates the deeper aspects of Pokemon, like beta versions and theories; A sharp debater

The first time I heard about this user was when there's this fanclub about "driving one insane" (the forum version, not the Social Group). Actually, I heard about this user before the club. It's just that I only get to pay attention when he is on that list. It got me interested in seeing what he did, and he looks like someone who is not someone who should be underestimated because he is a strong debater, and I think he makes a great partner for The Outrage. Well, that's not only what he does. He provides some great contributions to Bulbapedia like searching for beta information, which I don't think a normal fan will go out of the way to do. It's just that sometimes his opinions can sting because some of its points may be sharp and painful to hear. Still, knowing how calmly both he and The Outrage express them gives me the courage to debate with certain people, when normally I don’t like to do because I don’t like to start arguments.


Initially known to me as: Blitzle
Currently known to me as: A successful person in the coming; Likes to make lists

He was one of those active mods that always made sure things went well with the section he was first in charge of. Later on, he became part of the Pokémon World forum, and later the Pokémon Video Games forum. This should mean that he is a very responsible person who could hold a lot on his own plate, which is something a leader needs to have if they were to lead. I suppose this means that as a result of this, he became eligible as the leader of the Pokémon World forum. I supposed he’s “evolved”, hmm? (Get it?) I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a Super Mod anytime soon, because that’s what usually happens to those who become the head of any forum. To elaborate on his qualities, he is basically such a worthy leader, always taking initiative with things and being great with people, so I am sure he will achieve whatever grand goals he had been planning on his list. His Pokémon list is fun to read, although it’s a pity it’s not going on for the time being...


Initially known to me as: A Minccino fan
Currently known to me as: An aspiring animator; someone who appreciates animation for what it is (she made this fan club, you know!); First person to give me a detailed response in my Digimon questions blog

It’s fun to know new people every time, but if this person has a great ambition which matches with their interests, you can’t help but root for them. In her case, she loves animation and is an aspiring animator. When she gave me a good response for my Digimon blog, I instantly took a liking to her, since I rarely got the response I wanted. The big reason I like her is the fact that she appreciates the Pokémon anime for what it is, and it’s awesome that many people had the same sentiments as her, me included. That kind of optimism is much appreciated when doing the dreaded Fan Opinion Chronicles series. If there’s one thing I am surprised, it’s her huge blog count. I didn’t know she made that many blogs! Also, if you (Pikaminccino) are reading this, I am sure you will be a great animator one day!

Lord Clowncrete

Initially known to me as: Someone who is knowledgeable with competitive battling
Currently known to me as: A resourceful person when it comes to competitive battling; My opponent in my first ever online battle; An Indian programmer

Initially, he was called Rutvik with an affinity for Ferrothorn. And then, he changed his name to something with Clowncrete, which is a nickname given to Conkeldurr for its clown look and its concrete pillars. He first came to my attention when he “liked” a post where I posted my counterargument against Ghetsis-Dennis (about Stealth Rock and Fire-types), and it starts here. This accumulates to my first ever battle with him, and the battle happens to be a very good battle, which is an awesome combination! I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, but based on some VMs, I get the impression that he’s a programmer, which is a pretty cool skill to have. If you want some info about competitive battling, this guy is one of your go-to people.


Initially known to me as: Your-lile-mo-girl
Currently known to me as: Your-li’l-emo-girl (Yes, I misread the username); A very diligent and hardworking person

Perhaps from the outside, you won’t see anything special about this girl. However, her participation and activity in the forums (and possibly her attitude in real life) had been a very good sight among the mods, which made her one of the best candidates for modship. Initially, she didn’t want to take the job due to lack of time, but later on, she did, and there were much rejoice among the staff. With her being a mod, the forums she is in charge with becomes a much more orderly place (not that it wasn't orderly, mind you), so the choice of giving her the chance at the staff is indeed a splendid choice.


Initially known to me as: A Volkner and Lt. Surge fan
Currently known to me as: Peerless Electric-type fan

In terms of Electric-type fans, you just can’t beat sunyshore (or Gin, as she’s called over there), no matter how much you love Electric-types. In fact, she has the largest and certainly enviable Electric-type merchandise you have ever seen! She has everything that’s considered Electric-type, including Pokémon (yes, that includes Stunfisk) and Gym Leaders (although I can’t find anything Elesa-related yet). I got to give respect for this girl! However, that’s not the only reason I respect her. The other reason I respect her is how she would provide some info about the anime, including sketches from certain upcoming episodes (one of which reveals that Scraggy will be part of the main cast), allowing the anime section to thrive.


Initially known to me as: The new guy that enters the scene with a bang
Currently known to me as: Prolific blogs man (started a few types of blogs, including the super successful Super Effective); Jester; Emboar lover; In a relationship with Croag

When he first joined, that was the impression I got from him. Gradually, it became evident that he has the makings of a popular person: he’s funny, he is prolific with his blogs (the first instance of his success is the Unteractive (yes, it’s spelt that way) Adventure blog series. I also like how when he starts a blog series, he will complete it, and that shows some pretty good diligence. He doesn’t hesitate to make some jokes, although he probably tried to hard sometimes, so it’s easy to see why some people didn’t like that. Oh, and his blogs are essentially approved by The Outrage, which is saying something, really. That guy is a professional, so liking Karamazov’s blogs comes off as one of the best compliments that anyone could receive. Do not know if this is true, but there are hints that he is in a relationship with Croag, and that’s pretty sweet.


Initially known to me as: A Team Rocket fan
Currently known to me as: A musician with potential

In my last “Some Members in the Forum I Respect” blog, he asked me to do him when it was too late, so as promised, here’s what I have to say about him. Since I didn’t know him before, I decided to do a bit of investigation, so that I have something to write about. One thing I noticed about him is his thread about his tunes in the Media Menagerie forum. They’re not bad; it definitely has a lot of room for improvement. Still, he’s a pretty good guy. However, one thing I should mention is that, despite his name, he is not a Rocket fan. Those are his initials.


Initially known to me as: Ryu Shoji (he still goes by this name in some other places); admin for UEPC
Currently known to me as: A big guy; Respectful member in any Pokémon forums; A sociable and level-headed person despite his disorder

To be honest, I didn’t know he is mentally challenged (I forgot what that specific disorder is). Don’t worry about it, though, ‘cause I have too (mine’s Asperger’s, in that case). Still, it’s nice to know how well-behaved people like this are, because it gives hope to the world that people like this can be meaningful people, unlike those who use their disorder as an excuse for their crudeness and insincerity. It pleases me to know that he took part in official tournaments, because he got to meet people from around places, which I can’t (it’s not like there will be Pokémon tournaments in Malaysia, you know). Also, when I saw a real photo of him, I was surprised to see that he’s not a thin person, like I imagine many people here to be. Instead, I saw a big person, and that’s definitely cool, since I think bigness and gentleness is a splendid combo!


Initially known to me as: Another Yoshi fan; ToxicBolt shipper (Koga x Lt. Surge)
Currently known to me as: A Marvel fan (especially Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers), Stephan’s no. 1 fan; Active shipper; A cheery person

My first exposure to Yoshi-san, as far as I remember, was when CommanderPigg drew him a picture of the ToxicBolt ship. That’s one of the oddest ships I had seen, although it’s not my first (the first was Kim x Shego). So, he became instant friends with me, which is a plus and something I appreciate. Also, his cheeriness and uncontrollable fits of joy never fail to amuse me, and I am sure many people will agree. I guess when it comes to that, everyone wins (that must be why everyone loves Cilan). Also, he’s a Stephan fan, which is awesome also, because I like Stephan as well (he’s a cool big guy). Cheers!


Initially known to me as: I thought Sharpedo’s Japanese name is SharKing; A Japanese
Currently known to me as: A great competitive battler; Devin is definitely not a Japanese name; A Sharpedo fan

Since I didn’t check Japanese names very often, I thought Sharking was Sharpedo’s name, since his avatar had a Sharpedo with some Japanese kanji beneath. But after checking after a long time, I found out that it’s not (it’s Samehader). Also, he’s not Japanese, much to my surprise. Anyway, he’s a pretty cool competitive battler, and knows his stuff, so he’s suitable as a mod in the video games-related forums. Also, when someone is a fan of underrated Pokémon, it’s easier to respect them because it’s easy to notice that they are playing with their favourites rather than what is popular, and he’s one shining example. What’s new to me as of late is his fascination with Chandelure, which is something I share.


Initially known to me as: JakeSkittle; Someone who joined around the same time as me, except with a more productive post count rate
Currently known to me as: A retired Super Mod who atoned for his past behaviour

Here’s a previously popular user for you to know. One thing about this user: he was an ex-Serebii member, but he purposely banned himself because of the disorderly management at Serebii. Here he is, staying at Bulbagarden, so that’s awesome. However, he wasn’t the mature person he is now. Last time, he had quite a number of infractions that got him banned a few times, and that got him worried on whether he will become a mod. In the end, he managed to get the position, which is an indicator that he managed to prove that he could do it, as his maturity had increased. Eventually, he got the position of the Super Mod! However, when real life called out to him, he had to abandon his hard-earned position, but those of us who were around longer appreciated him. There are two things I like about him: One, he is a humble person. He didn’t like how he posted too much, so he requested Satoshi-kun to reduce his post count to be at a lower number (but that was reset). Two, he is a shining example of a problem member that manages to learn from his mistakes and become very admirable and mature, and some people should be like that. Truly a great guy...


Initially known to me as: gotpika; an eccentric member
Currently known to me as: A more approachable and mature member than before; An American Football player; Anime section regular

He is a pretty cool guy who joins an American Football team at school. When I observed his posts in past Review threads, I thought his posting style was eccentric, and I could understand why some people took a dislike on him. Basically, it’s something like Kishore, except cleaner to read. However, he is another person who atones for his past actions, as evidenced by him deleting his past uncivilised posts. Currently his content is a lot more convenient to read, and he’s definitely a cleaner and certainly a much more bearable person today as opposed to last time (not going into specifics here). I would say he’s almost perfect with this maturity, though.

βƹβƹ ɱɪɢηѻη & 투 애니원

Initially known to me as: Korean girls
Currently known to me as: Non-Korean guys who like Korean stuff

The former had a previous username that sounds like a Korean person (Han Ji-Wan), while the latter’s previous username is composed of a Korean band name (2NE1). In any case, their usernames are just very difficult to type on a standard keyboard, making it necessary to copy and paste them. So, why do I respect them? That’s because they are courteous and all-around approachable people I met who gets along with anyone, including me. If they were Korean, I would admire them more because it’s always cool to meet people from other races, but they’re not. Still, I think they are awesome, so that’s great, and certainly good enough for me. By the way, the former likes Korean dramas (I think) and the latter likes Korean bands (K-pop, I guess).


Initially known to me as: Odd choice for a username; An ordinary user
Currently known to me as: A Pakistani who is one of the most important people on Bulbapedia; Active seeker of any Pokémon sources

One thing that this user does often is to post new information about the upcoming episodes of the anime, like episode summaries and sometimes comics. While there are other people who could do this too, he is very quick about posting information that he becomes basically the go-to person for new anime information. This is very good because it keeps the anime section active by encouraging discussion among the people, and sometimes the news are exciting who sometimes it’s shocking. Besides that, I am amazed to know that he’s an important person in various parts of Bulbapedia, which is a shocking revelation to me, considering how his name isn’t in bold and in an increased size. Keep up the fantastic work, man.

Ranger Jack Walker

Initially known to me as: Someone called "Jack Walker" (because I was not aware he's an anime character), and definitely not an Indian
Currently known to me as: An Indian member; AdvanceShipping (Ash x May) fan; Blaziken and Sceptile fan

As you can see on his "Currently known" section, he seems to be a fan of all things Generation 3, so as far as I can tell, he is probably one who looks forward to the Generation 3 remakes. I thought of this user as interesting because of his unique username (well, at that time, usernames with three words were not commonplace, and neither is this the case currently), but never think of the user as someone I will be familiar with. It wasn't until my Type Reviews that I am surprised that he noticed me. He even want to try his hand at this with his Water-types review, so I made an effort to support whenever he made each entry just to see him get to the end. He's also an anime fan, but unlike many anime regulars here, he's not at the same pace (he's getting through the Diamond and Pearl phase). With that knowledge, I am a bit concerned about when he reaches BW, because it's also controversial as it is.

Quattro ~ Bajeena

Initially known to me as: Rusty Shacklefold (yes, the “L” is not a typo. I really thought it was like that) with that avatar of that sphinx figure from Capcom
Currently known to me as: The reason Type Reviews exist; Avid speculator and writer of article series (who rarely finishes each of them); Fun guy to have around because of his witty commentary

When he first created his Fighting-type Review, I was very much interested to see how it turned out. I love each article he did about that, but it’s too bad he’s not going to continue. It inspired me to start writing about Ghost-types, because I think it complements the Fighting-type well, considering how they are offensively the best. Another quality I like about him is how most of the things he said have that witty flavour in it that makes it easy to look forward to what he comments about anything. As such, I would say that he’s one of the best people to have around, solely because he’s such an approachable person and whatever he writes are of top quality. Pity he rarely finishes a series, so here’s hoping that when he reads this, he’s inspired to finish something! I do find it funny how he likes Palpitoad, since that Pokémon is such a funny-looking species. By the way, I didn’t know Rusty Shackleford is a character from King of the Hill. I thought that’s the user’s name!


Initially known to me as: Someone who likes bubble wraps; Croagunk fan
Currently known to me as: Brock and Croagunk fan; A fan who doesn't look highly on Cilan; A good artist and singer; dog and cat lover

It didn't occur to me that she is a Brock fan until the time when Brock was about to retire his role in the anime. Croagunk, I get, because she had a Croagunk avatar at that time (I guess? I don't remember that detail). She's also the only one I know who don't think highly about Cilan, which is actually not a bad thing, because I have to admit that Cilan felt like too much at one point. Anyway, I didn't hear her sing (I am afraid hearing a user sing, considering how people said voice acting ruins certain characters), but I heard compliments about her singing ability. What I can tell, though, is her drawing ability. I have to admit it's quite good, though. Also, I found it interesting how she likes cats and dogs, and have a few in her care. While I like people who love pets in real life, I can’t say the same for people who like the Eeveelutions.


Initially known to me as: Strange username; The one who took inspiration from my Type Reviews
Currently known to me as: Rich Australian feller; A great guy to have around

When he was first around, he was nothing special, but he came to me about the Type Reviews I was doing, and he liked them, and told me how it inspired him to start his own (Bug-type, which he haven’t finished yet). I suppose having my own fans is a reward for something I do well, so I just took him as a guy who admires me. One thing I also admire about him is how he is able to do all the fun stuff that I could never do, like piloting an aeroplane and travelling to different parts of Europe, like as if he’s from a wealthy family. That sort of access is certainly something a normal person could wish for. One thing that was new to me at one time was how he was in charge of two sections, which is special because not many people are like this, so I guess that means he’s a very hardworking person. As with most people in the list, he’s courteous. So, he’s one to show that despite being not famous and inactive in the beginning, it is possible to still make an impact later on.

Insanish Danish

Initially known to me as: The odd username implies that she is crazy for a certain pastry, the gender of the user is ambiguous, and is of a foreign (probably Irish) heritage.
Currently known to me as: The successor of the Shipping business (if you know what I mean); The perky and sweet one

From the “Initially know to me as” section, it implies that I have such a detailed and probably humorous description on the first impression, right? Actually, this is a translation on the feelings I have in her username. She was one of the candidates for the Staff Drive of 2011, and what surprised me was that she was assigned to be the Shipper’s Paradise, because Ranger Jack Walker told me before that nobody got chosen for that section. With that said, there had to be something special about her that made her the most worthy candidate. When Luna retired as the head of that chaotic (or so I heard) forum, she becomes the automatic successor (who else were there, anyway?), and she proved to be pretty good, so she eventually becomes a Super Mod. Those stories aside, I think she’s a sweet person, and it is a worth staff member for possessing this exuberance. That much I know of her, so I probably don’t know about any of her dark stories, if she had any. Oh, and her boyfriend’s here too, which is cool, ‘cause you don’t see many couples here in the forums.


Initially known to me as: National Geographic blogger
Currently known to me as: French member who is one of the best people in the mafia board; Courteous member

Another user who never crosses my radar until he did something that's considered a smash hit: write National Geographic blogs. No, it's not the ones where he's talking about animals, culture or habitats; it's talking about the different users in a scientist's perspective, and giving mock scientific names to users. It's definitely a novelty, so it's funny in a way because the manner of speech in which he went to talk about certain users make them sound like there's more than one of them. Anyway, he doesn't seem to continue this, but when he reveals his ability to speak French, he's now known as a French member to me. One thing that came to my radar as of late was how he managed to be one of the best players in the mafia board (I never go there, so I can’t give examples. I’m sure Hellion will be able to if you ask him), which meant he deserved to be promoted. Other than that, he seems to participate in mafias and he's a courteous Canadian.


Initially known to me as: Wolverine fan; one of the earliest members
Currently known to me as: A Marvel fan; Whenever he shows up it ought to be good

Geodude is one of those people who you will be amazed when you see when he joined the forums, since he joined very early, like Dogasu and Archaic. In fact, one couldn’t help but think of him as one of the pioneers of the forum, even though I don’t know his history. Actually, I don’t even know why he’s a Super Mod in the first place! That aside, his blogs often have something interesting to tell, which is why I think he always have something good to say whenever he shows up, like one of his blogs about children’s opinions on how to decide who to marry. Also, I find the similarities between him and Hellion very coincidental. Both are Super Mods now, have a love for Marvel and have a hint of knowing French! Adding to that, Hellion’s previous username was Wolverine, and Geodude’s previous avatar is Wolverine, and you have something I find fascinating (don’t know if you do, but there you go).

Don & Playerking

Initially known to me as: Regular anime fans
Currently known to me as: Supplier of screenshots in the “Caption the Screenshots” thread.

While there are a few people supplying screenshots, these two are the most active contributors to the thread. I like how they post new screens alternatively to get around that “3 screens per post” rule, to provide more material for the masses. This allowed other witty people to deliver their ideas, making the thread lively. Since it’s one of my favourite threads in the anime section, I respect their effort at providing the means of allowing entertainment to exist in that thread. I am sure there are a lot of people who do, considering how the amount of “likes” in that thread is staggering.


Initially known to me as: Seaking fan
Currently known to me as: A hopefully improved member; Fan of Swalot, Stunfisk, Sableye and Sharpedo

I don't exactly remember how he comes to me, but I think it was the Type Reviews under the name of Super Seaking. He had shown some true fascination to my work, which is definitely something I appreciate, because I always appreciate people who enjoyed what I typed here. He seems to be a fan of Swalot too, which is great because that Pokemon doesn't sound like one who has a lot of fans. It was too bad he was banned at one time, but looks like he’s redeemed himself and he’s staying!

To show you how much I appreciate all of you, I will release one blog entry a day for the next seven days (two tomorrow), but what’s it about isn’t going to be revealed here, so that there will be an anticipation factor each day. I hope you might enjoy the things that come.

To those who are mentioned here, if there’s something about you that I misinterpreted and mistakenly said something wrong about you, feel free to point out. Also, if you think you are a respectable member in the forums, feel free to ask me for requests, where you might have a chance to be elected and commented on for a next list (if there is) if I found reason to respect you.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I supposed he’s “evolved”, hmm? (Get it?)
    Oh God, I laughed way harder than I should have.

    Totally calling her this in the future.

    Thanks for mentioning me! I'm honestly surprised I was worth mentioning. And by the way, Croag and I aren't actually in a relationship. But we are the bestest best friends ever in the entire history of the world.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I've been horribly irregular with my Type review series. But all of my major exams are over and I'll be resuming them after a week or so.

    And I initially thought it was your-lil-elmo-girl. Yeah.

    And about adyniz, I think that Bulbagarden staff members are seperate from Bulbapedia staff members.

    And ofcourse, about you! You're a great guy. The type of guy who puts a lot of thought into what you say and post. I like that about people.
    Updated 13th May 2012 at 02:54 PM by Ranger Jack Walker
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    Well shucks, thanks winstein ^^;; You're a great guy yourself, you know!

    Also, I promise I'll finish/continue my pokemon blogs at some point, I'm just distracted or busy when I'm online these days .__.
  4. Yoshi-san's Avatar
  5. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    Awww, thank you so much! That really means a lot and I appreciate it.
  6. Ivysaur's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the kind words. ^^;; It was an honor to serve as a staff member with you and I'm very glad to know you've stuck around. Let's look forward to some more exciting speculation over in the BW2 forums, huh? :P
  7. The Power of Pika's Avatar
    That is so nice. It means a lot to me and I'll keep striving to my goal.=)

    Your an awsome person yourself.
  8. winstein's Avatar
    @Karamazov; @Yoshi-san; @Zeb; @Insanish Danish; @Ranger Jack Walker; @Pikaminccino; @Ivysaur;

    Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    Ivysaur, well, that's my favourite part about the pre-release of the games: new theories based on the new info available that make the games worth it. Thankfully they're revealed in a shorter period of time before the game's release!

    Thanks for reading.
  9. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Thanks for mentioning me buddy. I didn't know I sounded like a rich guy though, sorry if I gave off any bad impressions.

    Congrats on 100 blogs!
  10. J J M's Avatar
    Thanks, winstein! Honestly, I actually forgot about this whole thing. But you still went ahead with it. So thanks for that. ^^
  11. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    @winstein; Oh, I never noticed this until now. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me you took the time to mention and write about me. I try my best to be respectable, but things do happen often ^^;; Your blogs are always so informative and interesting to read.
  12. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    most of my debate rivals ouch.
  13. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    @winstein; Thanks for the shoutout. And congrats on the 100th blog.


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