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Saints Row The Third

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by , 29th November 2011 at 06:13 PM (428 Views)
Okay so within 15 hours I have defeated Saints Row The Third. Kinda disappointed, though the story, the characters(ZIMOS FTW!), and the gameplay was very fun. My favorite part has gotta be this moment right her!

Okay so in the final mission Three way, after you break up the 3 fights going on between STAG and The Luchadores, you get a call from a fellow Saint, Angle De La Muerte(played by HULK HOGAN!) He tells you the Luchadores leader Killbane is leaving town and you have the chance to kill him. Right in the middle of that call, the second in command of STAG, Kia calls you up telling you STAG is gonna frame the Saints by blowing up a monument and she's kidnapped your lieutenant Shaundi as well as another member Viola DeWynter and BURT FUCKING REYNOLDS!! You have the choice to either kill Killbane, or save Shaundi.

Saving Shaundi has gotta be the most badass and epic moment of the game! You have to rush to the docks to meet another member of the Saints, Kinzie Kensington. While you're rushing to save the three and kill Kia, you have Luchadores and STAG constantly chasing after you and shooting you in their vehicles and just getting in your way. Once you get there and head to the island the monument you have to disarm 8 bombs on the statue by using a Sonic Boom, then go to save Shaundi, Viola, and Burt and kill Kia. The whole time all of this is happening, Holding Out For A Hero is playing in the background which just makes everything feel more epic.

I swear that's gotta be the most epic thing in any Saints Row game

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