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Know of any good OC journey fics?

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by , 14th February 2013 at 11:31 PM (224 Views)
Hey I'm feeling a little bored and I'm trying to find some oc journey fics that kinda stand out to others as decent ones that you think are well written, entertaining, and have the right amount of action. Any recommendations anyone has, preferably from here or

Just a few things I'm looking for, though not everything needs to be seen in it

-I'm either looking for a Johto, Sinnoh, or Unova journey. I think those are my favorite regions in the games and the ones I enjoyed the most, though its cool if you have any good Kanto or Hoenn fics you've read and enjoyed.
-Either the journey doesn't follow a games story line or if it does, the story throws its own twists on events and still tries to differentiate from the game's storyline.
-The Pokemon are treated more like actual characters in the story and have their own personalities, as well as stories. I really enjoy it when the Pokemon interact with their trainer and others on the team.
-I'd love to read one where the main character starts with Cyndaquil, Chimchar, or Oshawott. I just feel more interested if those are used(and love it even more if they stay as Quilava, Monferno, or Dewott though its rare)
-Rather than going straight to the Elite Four after beating all eight gyms, the character participates in a league much like the anime.
-Battles in the story are very anime-esque and kinda feel like Hoenn and Sinnoh era battles in the anime.
-The story has made some progress and is either finished, or still in progress and experiences updates usually every two weeks or so.

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