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3 STRIKES!!!!!

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September 6th, 1994: STRIKE 1!!!
May 21st, 2011: STRIKE 2!!!
October 21st, 2011: STRIKE 3!!!


The old man has proven to be an epic failure yet again as October 22nd has arrived with no occurrence of a rapture or anything, and soon the 23rd in the Pacific. Can't wait to hear what excused he'll have this time.

I gotta say since we're still living, is that the thing I'm most thankful for is life itself and I'm thankful for every day, every week, ever month, and every year I'm living. Though if you think about it, the world could end any random day(though HOPEFULLY not for a long time) but as long as we're still living, we should enjoy it and live it up as if you were dying. Keith Urban has said "It's all we've been given, you better start living right now, cause days go by."

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  1. Glitchipedia's Avatar
    Could this guy be charged with attempted psychological terrorism or something?
  2. TFSpock's Avatar
    Oh, that was yesterday?

    Slipped my mind completely.



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